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  1. DAVE632

    What a lovely wedding

  2. MAYOR SADICKY has it covered. He's placing 45gallon drums around the shitty .... errrr .. city so people can toss their butter knives away before somebuddy else gets stabbed. TRUE. Also claims he and muzlums have nothing to do with muzlum violence.
  3. cnn ran the story ... ONCE and it probably took no more than 2 minutes on it and then it gives them the RIGHT to honestly say that "we covered that story."
  4. 630% INCREASE in viral shedding of A flu virus when the person has had the FLU SHOT. Also this years flu shot is 100% INeffective they are STILL recommending everybody get the flu shot. WTF?? https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-01-30-flu-vaccine-bombshell-630-more-aerosolized-flu-virus-particles-emitted-by-people-who-received-flu-shots-flu-vaccines-actually-spread-the-flu.html
  5. NONsense. It has been fluctuating from a few hundred a day to around $2,000. Whenever it goes down within a day or two it is back up over where it was and climbing again. Every retard making claims that it is a bout to "carsh" needs to do a bit more research. It is starting to get TOO BIG for individuals and even some gvmnts to manipulate like they do with gold and dollars. Crypto markets are now worth over $400BILLION and climbing. It is 8:15 /17th Dec 2017 and BIT has dropped around $600 from $19,000 + earlier.
  6. Jan. 28th 1700 as recorded by the Japanese 6,000 miles away across the Pacific where it produced the same size/power Tsunami as the 9.1 Daichi quake 150 miles off shore. Think about that.
  7. This is a new one. A sitting Canadian MP acknowledging that we are on NATIVE LAND. Here's a news bulletin. WE AIN'T GOING BACK so get over it, FOOOL!!! Watch moneau's face. If he could send many of these uppity tax payers to RE-EDUCATION CAMPS on BAFFIN Island they would all BE THERE ALREADY. HOW DARE the challenge his views and the way our DEAR LEADER is trashing the country. http://www.bnn.ca/morneau-feels-the-heat-over-tax-plan-at-town-hall-1.871141
  8. Ever hear of NERO FIDDLING while ROME BURNED? Ya. Like that. Democrats are NOT a new phenomenon. Remember the mayor/gov of LA when Katrina was headed for their useless asses. Bush signed all the necessary papers to mobilize the Guard and other rescue agencies and the democrats blocked it ... and blocked it ... and blocked it until it was too late and then cried to the media and cnn and others FRIED Bush for being racist and not helping NOLA at all.
  9. TRUE STORY??? I haven't been able to validate this. If true the AH who ordered this needs to be gutted slowly and left for the crows to eat. http://www.usarmy4life.com/dozens-bomb-sniffing-dogs-killed-american-security-company-kuwait-contract-oil-firm-ended/ https://shariaunveiled.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/u-s-government-contractor-exposed-eastern-securities-of-kuwait-implicated-in-bomb-sniffing-canine-massacre
  10. The 1st problem I have with this is the indictments have NOTHING to do with the b*tch, her emails, the DNC screwin Bernie, the murders of Seth and half a dozen others who went against the DNC or the Clintons, Secondly I have a nasty feeling that they are under ENORMOUS PRESSURE NOT to open the can of worms that will lead to the Clintons. As such they will do their best to indict a few underlings who will take the fall for stuff their BOSSES TOLD THEM TO DO and their bossess will get off scott free. I do NOT think we should allow these fake investigations, fake indictments etc etc to persecute these scapegoats and let those who we all know are involved and guilty as hell to get off ... untouched just because they have all those BLACKMAIL files on DC elites!!!!
  11. I see many marching armed with AR-15's and shotguns etc etc. A situation that begs EXTREME caution on both sides. If the city comes down on them in any kind of UnConstitutional way it could get REALLY REALLY ugly ... fast. ALT RIGHT SHUT DOWN EVEN WITH A PERMIT. BLM GETS A FREE PASS https://www.periscope.tv/FaithGoldy/1yNGamRYYAgGj?
  12. REMEMBER TPTB brought in HUNDREDS of busses for the A-Holes to protest the Trump election and all the pundits waxed eloquent on their 1st Amendment "rights"?? NOW, the gov of VA is warning everybody to stay away and inferring that their WILL BE violence. Double standards always piss me off!!
  13. I know Trump has been a "street fighter" all his life ... meaning he knows dirty deeds when he sees them but GAAAWDAM it would be nice to see SOME indication that he knows he's getting "couped" by these pricks. Mueller a MOST of the prosecutors on his posse know they could lose their law licence for using their power as special prosecutors in light of their political position (clinton supporters all of them) and associations with the clintons, Russia and the clinton foundation. Obviously they don't care or know that right now at least they are UNtouchable. Come ON Donald. Just wink at us or something just to let us know that YOU know and that any day now you and the few loyal to you in DOJ / FBI are gonna smack their pee pees so hard they'll all be applying for gender change !!!
  14. The b*tch has dirt on EVERYBODY in DC. She has made it clear that if she goes down she will take half of DC with her! To go after her seeking FULL disclosure of all her crimes would take a move by Trump more reminiscent of the PUTIN PURGE when he came back into power against many who didn't want him back. Doable but the evidence would have to be SO overwhelmingly evident and provable even cnn would have no choice but to turn on their co-hots lest they be criminally implicated as well ... as they should be.
  15. Anybody know what GLP was posting that got them nuked? It looks like a sustained attack. They come up for a bit and then ... just more rubble. They may be a competing site and that banning thing is dumb dumb dumb but whatever they were posting to get them attacked like that means WE ALL have the SAME ENEMY. BTW what is LOP ??

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