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  1. Great Sermon Everyone Should Hear.

    Not a fan of that dude.
  2. Where have I seen this before? Love the all seeing eye shot right off the bat. 0 - 0:22 Manufactured news before it happens 1:33 - 2:14 Riots in Paris, Software released causing forced upgrades, Presidential control through sexual blackmail 2:44 - 3:40 Mass media control of world events
  3. And the people will believe it as they control the media. As the media fails and the Jewish question is raised, many more will flee to the "Holy land" as they run from persecution. Well played satan.
  4. Don't forget the Samson option, where if Israel gets invaded, they nuke the whole world. "We still remember the stench at Auschwitz, next time we'll take all of you with us" "Most European capitals are our targets" "Israel blackmails the world with the ability to bombard any country"
  5. A little know topic that makes the world spy agencies look like child's play.
  6. What do you make of the Old Testament? A product of the devil? Just curious. Jesus did cite it often.
  7. Theory. They say pleasure down there is lesser when one is circumcised. Perhaps these instructions were given to the Hebrews to stay sexual desire & keep them from sin. As Israel was once the beacon for God's plan back in the day. https://www.gci.org/law/circumcision God made a covenant with Abraham and his descendants. God said to Abram, “I am God Almighty; walk before me and be blameless.” God then explained his part of the covenant — he would be the God of Abraham’s descendants and give them the land of Canaan (Genesis 17:1-8); God then further explained Abraham’s part of the covenant (verses 10-14). “This is…the covenant you are to keep.” Every male was to be circumcised, and this physical rite was to be “the sign of the covenant” with God, and it was “an everlasting covenant.” Every male in Abraham’s household was to be circumcised immediately, and from then on every new baby boy was to be circumcised on the eighth day. Whether they were Hebrews or whether they were purchased as slaves, the males had to be circumcised. If they were not, they would be cut off; they had broken the covenant. Abraham did what God told him to do (verses 23-27; 21:4). The practice of circumcision became the defining characteristic of the Abraham-Isaac-Jacob clan. Many years later, the sons of Jacob used this custom to get revenge on Shechem (Genesis 34:14-29). They said they could cohabitate and intermarry only with people who were circumcised (verse 16).
  8. Have you ever seen an orange lemon?

    Why yes I have! http://images.gtcarlot.com/gtgallery/photo.php?id=13909830
  9. I'm turning over a new leaf.

    Welcome aboard!
  10. It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

    Yes the stigma is failing to a greater extent. I've posted about this in the last year as I follow on-line comments in general on forums and youtube. Will this lead to a mass awakening and twisted into a general hatred towards all Jews so that they return to Israel? The mass migration of Muslims to Europe has certainly caused many to flee for the Holy land. What of North American I wonder? Perhaps they will be caught in the crossfire like the rest of us as they have in world wars before. Also congratz @Walk Softly I was your 3,000th like.
  11. Stormy Daniels (going on Kimmel tonight after Trump's State of the Union) issues a new statement saying she is denying having an affair with Trump not because of a settlement but because “it never happened.” http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/01/30/porn-star-stormy-daniels-denies-affair-with-donald-trump.html And now this... Stormy (given name: Stephanie Clifford) confirms in her own words that she had sex with Donald Trump in his Lake Tahoe, NV, hotel suite in 2006 — a story that was corroborated to In Touch in 2011 by her good friend Randy Spears and supported by her ex-husband Mike Moz. Stormy also took and passed a polygraph test at the time of the interview.
  12. Newbie Here and Hard Core Trump Fan

    Welcome duder! Him and Putin and great at face value, but I fear there is more in the background. Ah well! Enjoy the show get on an avatar.
  13. He has mojo?