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  1. Do you need survial maunals?

    YES! I most definitely DO want them. PLEASE upload them and tell us where to download them.
  2. Let me explain WHAT you're looking at. Each item contains a long case number. SOme of them show something like: 1:17-cv-02325 TRUSTEES OF PRINCETON UNIVERSITY et al v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA et al While others show something like: 1:17-cr-00135-1 USA v. PALMER In those numbers appear the letters "cv" or "cr" cv is CIVIL . . . . a lawsuit. cr is CRIMINAL From what I see, NONE of the listed Docket numbers match ANY of the "SEALED" indictments. I may be wrong, but I haven't found any yet. There are 50 new SEALED INdictments in that court today and the Docket numbers are available HERE
  3. Devin Patrick Kelly, the alleged shooter who attacked a Baptist Church in Texas, killing 26 and wounding 20 more, was a member of ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist-Action) and was apparently "triggered" to attack conservatives by the utterly FAILED ANTIFA "uprising" yesterday, November 4. Details Here
  4. A WBCQ Radio host last night, told his listening audience that ANTIFA is not planning "protests" for this Saturday, they are, in fact, planning ARMED INSURRECTION to force from office, President Trump and Vice-President Pence. He outlines that FBI intelligence assets have infiltrated ANTIFA and confirm that in July, three leaders of ANTIFA flew from the US to Hamburg, Germany to meet with AL QAIDA and ISIS people, so as to secure information on BOMB-MAKING and the use of CHEMICAL/GAS WEAPONS! He listed the major cities where ANTIFA plans to commence these operations this Saturday, and their stated goal of NOT STOPPING UNTIL THEIR DEMANDS ARE MET. For 41 minutes, this radio show was utterly riveting with inside facts from the FBI, and historical perspective as to what we here in America are actually facing beginning Saturday. He wrapped-up the segment by telling his audience, "be prepared to SHOOT these ANTIFA people. Be prepared to SHOOT FIRST. and Be prepared to SHOOT TO KILL. Stunning stuff. Here's a link to YOUTUBE for the segment of the radio show that dealt with ANTIFA:
  5. Well . . . you could be like the people in Houston and in Florida before Hurricanes arrived and DO NOTHING . . . . but like them, when you finally figure out it's time to do something, everyone else who waited will be trying too. You'll find yourself facing empty store shelves and gas stations. Perhaps some preparations are in order.
  6. The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), which is the official, state-controlled mouthpiece of North Korea, has announced the country WILL now strike at any moment. The official news agency statement, clouded with delusions of self-defense, makes clear their intention to attack in a way which is "beyond imagination." Here is the official statement (Click image to enlarge) North Korea has already deployed at least thirty (30) missiles with Inter-Continental Range. Several of those missiles are clearly fitted with nose-cones which could contain a nuclear warhead, but worse, quite a number of others are fitted with CHEMICAL / BIOLOGICAL "aerosol" nose cones! Quiet discussions in Washington and Beijing are wondering if North Korea is contemplating actual suicide by "going out in a blaze of glory?" In fact, just TODAY, London's "Sun" newspaper is running a story about how North Korea is mass-producing Biological Weapons! CRITICAL and IMMINENT THREAT Japan’s defense minister reportedly said Monday that the threat from North Korea is both “unprecedented” and “imminent.” Itsunori Onodera pushed for “different responses” as he spoke with Defense Secretary James Mattis and South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo, The Associated Press reported. Onodera's comments came during discussions in the Philippines. “The country has steadfastly improved it nuclear and missiles capability,” Onodera said. “The threat posed by North Korea has grown to the unprecedented, critical and imminent level,” he added. The meeting between the officials comes ahead of President Trump’s trip to the region next month. North Korea in July conducted two intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) tests and said last month that it had successfully tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb that could be placed on an ICBM. North Korea's ACTUAL Capabilities: Be Afraid. Be VERY Afraid We in the United States are in GRAVE DANGER from North Korea. I cannot emphasize this enough. Based upon already demonstrated capabilities, they can literally "make good" on every one of their threats. It is a matter of life and death that you have these facts. Read the rest Here
  7. The Executive Order removes limits for recalling retired Officers to ANY military branch. Today, orders went out to RECALL 1,000 COMBAT PILOTS to the Air Force. These are people who left the service and got on with their lives. They have jobs, careers, families, maybe even own a business. Given that, today's Executive Order is a HUGE move and clearly preparing the United States for WAR. Full details including the E.O. HERE
  8. Thinking it is fine. Planning it is also fine. ANNOUNCING IT PUBLICLY was quite out of the ordinary, I think.
  9. South Korea plans a drastic shift in defense strategy that allows it to carry out pre-emptive strikes against the North and gain direct command of its forces from the US as soon as possible. The Japanese newspaper says the proposed strategic changes were contained in a South Korean Defense Ministry report submitted to the National Assembly on October 12. The report summarizes the ministry’s plan to draw up new defense strategy guidelines in December. If it goes into effect, the new strategy would permit South Korea to pre-emptively attack enemy bases at the first sign of a possible missile launch. An attack on North Korean territory would also be made as soon as Pyongyang made the first move. FULL STORY HERE
  10. The article you point to was written on 9-29. Secretary Tillerson's remark was made TODAY (9-30) as was the US State Department comment saying "No indication" North Korean officials "interested in or are ready for talks regarding denuclearization."
  11. As all of you know, for months the Trump Administration has made incredible efforts with North Korea with the hope of bringing that nation to the bargaining table over its UN-Outlawed Nuclear Weapons activities. What some of you may not know is that over the past couple weeks, the US and North Korea have engaged in "direct talks" with the hope of finding a peaceful solution to this problem. I am sorry to report that, according to my former colleagues in the US Intelligence Community, with whom I served for 15 years working with the FBI, the final 5 of those years with the Joint terrorism Task Force, all diplomatic efforts with North Korea have failed. Just moments ago, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said "I think we know where this is all going." Read more Here