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  1. Bad Barry and the Puppeteers

    Sorry about your family, did you know any of the victims of the massacre?
  2. Bad Barry and the Puppeteers

    Just because Jews were responsible for the Columbine massacres, I don't blame all Jews for that murder. Would it have been insensitive to wish Israel a happy independence day on April 21, 1999, one day after the Columbine massacre?
  3. I've been expecting this since 2007, but I see how the TARP just delayed the inevitable and made it worse. In a way, it is good if the banking system collapses, so thanks, Obama!
  4. wasn't Esau ruddy? I assume the Hebrews were a mix of all sorts, just like modern jews and egyptians, there are no black egyptians, just very dark ones. Egyptians look down on blacks, such as the nubians.
  5. Mobilization in Russian Federation

    I also ask, is he mobilizing the reserves, or is he just authorizing a law that would allow im to mobilize the reserves in a crisis?
  6. Official Thread #JadeHelm15

    Does anyone have a good one paragraph description of what they think Jade Helm is all about? I've told other people on other forums what I think it is, but haven't heard anything similar
  7. Holohoax 21 amazing facts

    The problem with these debates is that one side automatically cries out "hate crime" just for suggesting that the basic facts need to be researched. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Some people can't handle the truth. The holocaust is like a religion, if you question the basic tenets of a person's religion, that person will be hostile and turn off all rational thought. So when you are debating the facts about the holocaust, you will rarely find rational thinking people, only true believers.
  8. I've never seen this site until today, but it looks interesting, and always good to hear new voices talk conspiracy topics
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