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  1. http://i.imgur.com/sXL746E.jpg
  2. or fisherladies on the board? just wanted to show of one of my catches today on the ice...lol had a few more just a bit smaller than this tank.
  3. do some research into the matter and get back to us. once all the camps were rebuilt in 1947, by the russians, then the allies and the german people were allowed to see the "atrocities" go on, go look. i'll be waiting with bated breath. they heard rumors of death in the camps , because there were deaths. starvation and typhus were the root causes of those deaths. sure there were some rogue soldiers doing shit to the prisoners. under heinrich himmler and reinhard heydrich. it was all unbeknownst to hitler and others. have you seen what some of the us soldiers have done to there prisoners? what russians have done with there prisoners? what england has done with there prisoners? what china has done with there prisoners.... etc etc..... we can go on and on about prisoners of war, all through out history. but the nazi's were worse? lol that's absurd. society can only go on and on about the terrible concentration camps in poland? jesus christ already....wake up.
  4. i'm afraid to say it, but i think its only a matter of time before some nutter gives trump a piece of lead that he doesn't need...... its looking that way more and more as each day passes.
  5. the best part of this web site. besides the mods,ukshep and cinnamon. there is no ladyjanesmith, chip, or a foolish comedian. with their merry band of dolts following them... trinity free is an obvious plus, as well
  6. perhaps the video is a parody of this?
  7. i think it would look much different. i agree with the globalist banking cartel bit. war is profitable. the nazi regime had many other sources of funding from sympathetic usa corporations. ford motors. gm motors. heinz. to name a few that come to mind. they also had some major funding coming from wall street. but...... once the banking cartel seen what hitler and the germans did at dunkirk. keeping the option for peace open to the UK. i personally believe that they knew that they had to do something to change the course of the war. he was seriously going to threaten their agenda. keep in mind that germany was separate from the global banking cartel during this time. hence why they became a powerhouse. super power. with the worlds greatest fighting force. pearl harbor happened about 1 year later, thus bringing in the usa to help battle them. the rest is history.
  8. your attitude and response tells me that you're in your 20's 100% i'm sorry i cannot continue on with you. its bad enough trying to deal with my own age group on this matter. good luck ! thank you also for your input on my thread. continue on if you like......
  9. you do know that the russian built all those camps in 1947, right.... have you watched the videos i provided? have you done research..
  10. on a side note. if you don't mind.. may i ask your age? before we continue. and yes, it matters to me.
  11. i destroy your argument with ...MEDIEVAL TIMES. many more all through out history , as well. were they nazi's?
  12. i'll leave you be with this great quote. so true in todays world that we all live in. think about it very carefully. its not rocket science. i believe you get jail time in over 7 european countries today, if not more, for questioning the holocaust. aipac and the jdl/adl completely run north america today. aipac in the usa jdl/adl in canada. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” ― Voltaire