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  1. Please watch this. it just might change your mind. Its an interesting video to say the least.
  2. i'm curious , so i'll bite. what are the reasons that give you "hope" with mr trump? also. are you aware with his real estate dealings in new york during the 1980's are you aware of the company that he kept. and i'm sure you know that all us presidents are placed into the limelight, and not voted in , right? i'm sure you understand the power that AIPAC has when presidents are selected. i'm sure you are aware who his daughter ivanka has married. i will assume you know then that she has converted and her name is Yael now. and i will assume that since you are aware of the savior mr trump that you know his stance on israel. so since these minor details have been covered. im sure you would know how the middle east has been treated over the past 50 years. who has funded and supported many groups "terrorists" for their own personal gains......... so please give me three reasons,or as many as you want, on why you think mr trump is the savior of the usa. i'll check in later.
  3. not at all. in fact, i have always been a proponent of eugenics. so since that has been not moving as fast as originally planned. this is the next best choice, to help with the process.
  4. the video posted by OP IS THE RELEVANT VIDEO.....lol i forgot the word EVER. sorry for the confusion.
  5. on a side note. i hope all trumptards watch this.... after doing so, if you're still a trumptard. you need to be shot.
  6. over 16 years now of research,since 911 happened, and i "changed", have i come across a video that was more relevant. to anyone who cares. follow the money. the protocols. luciferianism. wise words....
  7. Breaking: State of emergency along Lake Ontario

    i live in the GTA (greater toronto area) there is no such fear around toronto. it has a massiv lake front, from lake ontario. toronto itself was built on a swamp area of lake ontario. literally built on top of water. this is just another idiotic youtube doom video. without the computer voice narrative.
  8. most likely because that haggy old c*nt use to be a former first lady. the only reason. i would have to assume. i don't think the white house did a newsweek magazine fiasco....lol
  9. Happy 4/20

    4/20 was started in the 60's by hippies it was the universal sign for lighting up a joint. at 4:20 pm in the afternoon. ask most millennial potheads today what it actually means and you'll probably get a...."duhhhh"
  10. Happy 4/20

    this !
  11. just reading one of my favorite magazines (because its free!)that i pick up at a local pc store here in my home town. so i figured i would let you other crazy conspiracy nuts have a gander at it. scary stuff..... see page 7 https://www.computerpoweruser.com/DigitalIssues/ComputerPowerUser/CP____1704__/ https://www.computerpoweruser.com/home
  12. Do you feel a Great war is coming?

    i'm speechless.
  13. Do you feel a Great war is coming?

    no no. its quite scary. area-51. cheyenne mountain , and all the other d.u.m.b.s in north america and beyond are scary as hell. the vatican alone has over 50 miles of knowledge that has never been seen by anyone who is not important. and never will be seen. even by those who think there important. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/7772052/The-Vatican-Archive-the-Popes-private-library.html but you are entitled to your opinion on that.
  14. Do you feel a Great war is coming?

    i think the majority of deaths will be starvation and the diseases that plague the earth... no nukes will be dropped. in any important areas.. why would the elite want to contaminate everything, if they plan on using it when most are gone? they have many other types of bombs and weapons of mass destruction that will be used. i can only imagine what they actually have that has not ever been reported. its a well known fact that the technology that we see today, is old military industrial complex technology, over 50-60 years ago.
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