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  1. It looks kick ass, you should check it out if it is only an hour and a half away.. Can you camp near there?
  2. Might not happen, as he has been bitching about the zionists for years?? I think that they would have killed him already if they wanted him dead??
  3. But it still feels good to be HOME.... Safe in good ol Michigan!!
  4. I will get you good! On April Fools day! Peace and Love!!!
  5. When you realize ....

    Gotta just LOVE LIFE sometimes, am I so wrong my dear brother... Peace, Love and Cheers to you!!!!!
  6. When you realize ....

    Really nice! Thanks, As I know a few guitarists who will be all over that. Already know the drums I will play.... Life is short and sweet OR..... Not Peace!
  7. When you realize ....

    Chicken dinner for you too my friend!
  8. When you realize ....

    Amen! Thank you brother! Sounds about what I was trying to convey.. But with less words. Describes me , or is the best advice for me , wrapped up in one. Peace! .
  9. When you realize ....

    Well for one thing..... Kickass! But if I may be so humble as to expound.... Later.... perhaps when my head is in a better space... ( not so buzzed space) (( It IS my Friday night))
  10. When you realize ....

    Soooo much easier, when you figure out that there is only two choices.. But one chose is usually more difficult than the other, but can become like second nature over time. Almost easy... Without the easy part.
  11. When you realize ....

    Perhaps... When one can take an honest look at one's own flaws..... Only then, can one make a change For the GOOD
  12. When you realize ....

    Six sentences of truth in my book.
  13. that you hate hypocrites, but try to be a person that is honest with himself first, and understands that we are All hypocrites too (oneself included.) just another step in growth? or the rantings of a mad truth seeker? Or buzzed again? YOU decide... Press G``` for Growth Press M...... for Mad Press B ***** for buzzed Peace and Love?