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  1. Wonder what would happen to me if I started a truly natural food company and labeled all of my products, "NJO." I would not tell anyone outright however that it stood for, non j--ish owned.
  2. Nice! Thanks for the post. I will be planting much this spring as I have all of the material for a big hoop house ready to go! Ground is frozen now, but spring commeth, no?
  3. Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils. Plato Become a philosopher? Or let me take another guess? The Pope will nuke N.Y. And JFK will come back to life to become the anti-Christ.
  4. Sovereign human... Child of God?

    I imagine that I will have a better and more lengthily reply than this from me, later. It is concerning your "shoes." But for now, I am off. Because: It is sunny and not too cold. I am trading in my shoes for cross country ski boots. Life is short Must go. But will be back later . Peace out.
  5. Sovereign human... Child of God?

    And beautiful.
  6. It is. However, throw this into the mix... http://postnewsd2.blogspot.com/2018/01/starving-cancer-to-death-by-removing.html You see, when you live out in the sticks, you only go the the grocery store but say, once every two weeks or even only once a month. You tend to only buy what you truly NEED instead of what you WANT. Kids want pepsi? Sorry, we have all the nice clean cold FREE water you can drink right at home. Want fake syrup for your pancakes? Sorry, need to use up that real half gallon we still have from last spring. No billboards bombarding us daily to drink coke, no vending machine around every corner. Boy, that nice juicy hormone infested steak looks good.... Sorry, we have to finish up all that venison that dad put in the freezer last fall. Peace!
  7. Sovereign human... Child of God? Careful... I see "punishments" coming for free thinkers and such subversive thought as this.
  8. They will "play" their role quite proficiently, rest assured.
  9. Perhaps this will help explain what you are trying to convey? Tom Hanks v.s. Mel Gibson. Both fine actors in their own right. The main difference is the roles as actors that they have either accepted or were given first shot at accepting. Some may like the roles that Tom portrays, but to others, Mel's parts may be more popular. But when thought about... Either one could have probably played the other ones role just as proficiently. Just that one got (or accepted) a particular role that the other didn't. Trumps role is certainly more popular with me personalty. But perhaps Hillary would have been just as proficient given the same role. Make any sense???
  10. Saw this comment in the zero hedge article. Holohoax Alert by Alfred Schaefer MONIKA SCHAEFER was arrested on January 3 2018 in the very heart of “Holocaust country” while attending, as an observer, the bizarre inquisition hearings against the courageous Sylvia Stolz. This “trial” was for illegal words that Sylvia Stolz had spoken at the “Anti Censorship Coalition” (AZK) in Switzerland in 2012. The twisting nonsensical accusations of the inquisition was beyond bizarre. What the snake that calls itself the “State Prosecutor” did, will be something that will amuse future generations when studying the “witch” trials of 2018. Forty-five minutes into the inquisition the “State Prosecutor” snake called for a surprise break, which was then used to arrest my courageous sister Monika. The only thing Monika did was watch quietly as the inquisition was dealing with Sylvia Stolz. These people have us under close observation and figured it was a good opportunity to demonstrate their “power” and intimidate us. Another snake masquerading as a “State Prosecutor” accompanied by three heavily armed thugs handcuffed Monika and dragged her away. When my sister protested that she is a free person from Canada and had done nothing wrong, the “State Prosecutor” snake told her, “if you wanted to stay free you should have stayed in Canada”. (Welcome to Holocaust country.) Now they have moved Monika Schaefer to the high security prison in Munich and will keep her there indefinitely. Monika is accused of making an apology to her own dear mother. The title of the video was “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust.” What has angered the Jews is the fact that this one little video has undone hundreds of millions of dollars worth of their psychological warfare that most of us had become victims of. They thought that their ridiculous “Holocaust” program was now firmly wired into our brains, and then, along comes Monika and blows it out of the water with a simple apology to her Mom. That really surprised them. This is happening at the same time that our borders are open and millions of young men from Africa and Asia are flooding into our European countries with a free pass to do whatever they want. This is something that the Jews had planned for the European countries for a very long time. In the end our cities are supposed to turn into Lagos- or Calcutta-type slums that can no longer resist Jewish hegemony. The sick perverted criminals that ordered Monika arrested are people that put a pancake on their head and nibble the foreskins off of little eight-day-old baby boys thinking that this odd behavior somehow gives them the privilege to rule the planet. These perverts are the same ones that tried to silence me a long time ago already, but have failed. Here they are: B’nai Brith Canada. To put Monika Schaefer in prison because she apologized to her Mom is making many people very angry and not helping people “like” the Jews very much. In fact, this may give Jews who want to come clean and join humanity, the opportunity to help us get Monika out of prison. So, if you are a Jew, we have many JEWdicial costs to cover, and helping Monika out of prison can be used as proof that you are a “good” Jew. Just contact me and we can work together.
  11. The End / Goodbye

    Peace, Love and Happy Trails! Thanks for the inspiration! Aloha...
  12. Remember that these folks think of us as there slaves because, well, we are. They have already disarmed their slaves over there from weapons capable of their overthrow, now why would any slave owner want their slaves to be "armed" with information that could result in their over throw (voting them out?) You might perhaps reward some of your slaves with some extra liberties when they are well behaved and have "got with the program." However when the slaves are acting uppity, perhaps it is time to restrict some liberties? Put yourself "in their shoes" so to speak and things become much clearer.
  13. Oh, I think that you will now love him (Brown) for this smart decision too. https://www.naturalnews.com/050252_SB_277_Jerry_Brown_medical_experiments.html