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  1. Oh... well I bet you would have to pay the capital gain on the Bitcoin "investment" once you transfer it over to currency to buy the house. But if privet sale, and owner accepts bitcoin then I am not sure. Just pay sales (on the house) tax I guess.
  2. Agree. Bad move. I think that had he gone and said something, Fox would have had some kind of sudden "technical difficulties."
  3. Depends on how much wrinkles and how much fat. Because I would take all wrinkled up over Mac tuck. Or little bit of fat over all wrinkled.
  4. Fair enough. But really, put yourself in his shoes.
  5. Must of got the come to Jesus talk from deep state Zionist mafia. They don't fool around. Poor guy had to make a choice--- Wife---Kids? These people have been known to burn wife's and kids alive and make you watch a video of it before they torture and kill you.
  6. Sweet! That area where they are playing is a gem on the planet. Was looking for a spot to go backpacking. Long drive, but was up near there last summer and was way worth the drive! Just might go.
  7. What planet am I on again?????? Where am I? Who am I? Am I dreaming again?
  8. I would go see them for sure. Will look to see if they are coming to mi. this summer. I love live music!
  9. Past 10 here where I am at. Can't watch. can you keep us updated. Thank you!
  10. Was it a carrot or a cucumber? I don't believe that I typed that.. Sorry, sorry joking kidding sorry. Sorry mods!
  11. Hey, I want in on that shit!! Don't bogey or n-----r lip it though.
  12. I usually have to give a shit about something enough to tempt me to click. So.... sorry.
  13. I wouldn't know??? I have never clicked on any of the other ones.
  14. Just watched this. Kind of reminds me of a clown band. Definitely some high energy. They from New Orleans?
  15. Why Yes... Yes, it is.