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  1. No less spraying here, fyi. I'd like to know what all that science money is going for instead. Ehh, guess we'll know in 50 years, if anyone cares by then
  2. Perhaps they're spraying a new test there and no one paid attention to the schedule
  3. Bellamy

    Dental death march...

    I'm in need of both upper and lowers here soon. If I was in your situation, I'd just go for it and hope for good luck. But, I'm a guy whose destined to be here more years than he wants and would love a quick trip out on lala juice.
  4. https://youtu.be/iCMEMuJFLR8 so many lives lost for intelligence
  5. Bellamy

    The Real Reason There Was a Golden Age of TV

    Ever heard of flicker rate? It can certainly work alone.
  6. Used to take in orally in my twenties. May or may not have helped my immune system. Recently, I got the nasal spray to help with severe sinus infection. Only got the 50 ppm and didn't do full dose because that's just too much garbage running down my throat. It worked VERY well. Within 24 hours, I felt 90% better. I never seem to take it as long as I should but it always seems to help anything ear, nose, and throat related. Aside from just plain sore throat.
  7. I'm getting bad gateway on that link now
  8. Bellamy

    Teacher Rebellion Battleground : Kentucky

    We've had some schools around here that have had to shut down because too many teachers are in Frankfort protesting. I hear the ones that are open are alternating days where some protest one day and teach the next so others can go.
  9. Man, what a monster. That would've been good eating for a week.
  10. I dunno, man. The brainwashing there is so deep, I don't think 80% can come out of it
  11. I like the concept of the light phone but I can't understand paying $200 or more for a minimalist phone. I won't even pay $100 for a smart phone. I haven't looked much but there are still flip phones out there up for sale.
  12. Like we only get here in the smokey mountain region. Diffuser with peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary. I've been sinus draining all day, bad enough to spit every min. And I feel it starting to an ear infection. On my second four hour of this mix and sinus drainage has stopped. Ear still aching. Diffuser is best thing my crazy microwave sister ever suggested
  13. Does no one know what Haarp does???
  14. Bellamy

    Severe Weather Night Just Started

    It just sits and spins. Think we'll get a little snow?? I feel ya'll in the east tomorrow! https://radar.weather.gov/radar.php?rid=jkl&product=N0R&overlay=11101111&loop=no
  15. Bellamy

    Severe Weather Night Just Started

    2200 here and due for up to 5 inches before dawn. Just started freezing rain about 15 mins ago. I was in short sleeves around lunch time today.

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