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  1. Cygnus

    SCOTUS Strikes Down Federal Gambling Law

    Now we need the online poker ban overturned.
  2. His story is BS. At least from the tone there it doesn't sound like the dog is in trouble. My first thought, especially with it being a pitbull, was that they were going to put him down over it. I hate seeing anything happen to an animal over its owner's stupidity.
  3. This is something that we should all be worrying about. Google has overrun classrooms with free software to ensure kids grow up loving and trusting Google. https://theoutline.com/post/4436/google-classroom-education-free-software-children-school-tech?zd=1&zi=pfue3gwy
  4. It seems to me like it leads to people seeing directly behind them is clear and they back out not checking what's coming up the lane. It seems like more and more I see people backing out right in front of me when they should have waited for me to go by. Since I drive a small car what I want isn't a rear facing camera but rear corner cams that let me see down the row and around the massive SUVs that are usually parked on each side of me. I hate backing out blind to what's coming.
  5. I just got a new job so I had been reading up on the subject. I don't really smoke but I had been in Vegas where it's legal the week before so I had to get my ducks in a row. The test can actually show it in your system for much longer then 30 days, like 45-90 if your a heavy user. On the flip side, it only took me 3 days to clear my system naturally. The test doesn't actually test for THC but a by product of it. The reason it shows up for so long is that fat absorbs it and then it gets release as the fat is burned. So the clearance time depends on how much your use, your body fat makeup, your current diet, etc. Not eating fried and fatty foods helps it clear sooner as well as lower body fat. Hopefully employers are coming around on the issue like a few people have alluded to in this thread. I ended up being surprised with my new job. They didn't test at all for it and this is a white collar, 6 figure job. I'm really surprised that even if they didn't care about pot that they didn't run the test for hard drugs.
  6. I'm having a hard time believing that a city can ban soldering. Do you have a source on it? I haven't been able to find anything through google. I believe though the part about EE students at the university. I can totally see that claiming safety from the soldering iron and they're going to get lead poisoning or some nonsense like that. As someone with a CS degree and had plenty of EE classes for it, this is mind-blowing. I don't know how you could get an EE degree without knowing it. That's a basic, basic skill. Like if the journalism department didn't allow pens to be used. Talk about setting your students up to fail. I wouldn't hire an EE that couldn't do it. You have to prototype your hardware. There's no getting around that.
  7. It's not a 12:1 ration but water is one of the few liquids that expands when it freezes. This is why you have to use antifreeze in your car can't use pure water for cooling. The difference in water volume from solid to liquid isn't why we would get coastal flooding if the caps melt. The flooding comes from the large about of ice that's frozen above sea level (look at the pictures of Antarctica) melting and running down into the oceans. That will cause the rise. I'm starting to think that that is actually the cause of all of the ancient flood stories from around the world and stories like Atlantis. What I've been pondering is that we're not the first version of humanity and that there were advanced ancient civilizations over 15k years ago that were responsible for building most of the large ancient sites that don't know how they were constructed. Things like the sphinx and pyramids are much older then we think. Those civilizations had costal cities and island settlements which would be underwater today but the land was exposed then. We know the ocean levels were much lower then due to the last ice age. We also know that were was a couple very fast rises in sea level about 14k and 11k years ago. So what if there was a cataclysmic event that happened about 14k years ago, something like an asteroid hit or super caldera eruption, that caused a rapid melting of the ice sheets and wiped out most of the population. The rapid melting could have caused massive flooding, especially with those low level cities of old. With most of the population gone and their civilization wiped out, the survivors then passed down stories of the flood, destruction of Atlantis, etc. down through the generations. They became the basis for our current lore.
  8. That's MIT. Good to see they're resisting. I'm talking at the high school and grammar school levels. In many places they're using technology over fundamentals at a young age. You really expect me to be able to figure out there were 36 ducks flying by.
  9. +1 It's scary how dumbed down the subjects are getting. Before long it's going to be hard to get qualified people in many fields due to it. I'm a software engineer that produces the tech and I agree that it needs to be limited. Not just phones and tablets but also basic calculators. I'm sick of hearing the argument that kids don't need to know how to do something because they'll always have some form of calculator. I'm towards the end of gen x and calculators/tech/new gen text books (Harvard calculus) started appearing towards the end of high school and when I was in collage. Being in engineering, I saw a difference between my class and the classes just a year or two behind. There was a clear difference between the students based on what math system they learned in when they took the other engineering classes.. People forget that a big reason for math isn't to teach how to add 2 plus 2. It's to teach you how to think through a problem and critical thinking. If you can't figure out in 2x + 3 = 11 that x is 4 how are you going to put the pieces together the information to figure out if the earth is flat, round, or a rhombus? We need people to think through the problems on both sides. Not just follow the person who makes the most persuasive youtube video.
  10. I don't think you would have grounds for it. By agreeing to Facebook's TOC and using the platform you transfer the rights of everything you post to Facebook and they can do with it what they like. That's their business model and how they make money. Your data is their product, not the website you use. I hope people I know finally start listening to me about this. I warned everyone I know for years that that's what they were doing and almost nobody listened. They didn't believe what I was telling them is true even though it's in the realm of what I do. Some are starting to wake up but it's scary how many still don't get it.
  11. Cygnus

    Autism caused by THC deficiency

    Since I'm aspie, does this mean that I have a legit reason to be smoking pot?
  12. Amazon has been charging tax in mosts states for awhile now. They've opened distribution centers all over and have to charge in any state they operate in. They only charge though on items they sell. Third party retailers, even if Amazon distributes for them, still don't charge sales tax. So keep an eye on buying options when your order off of Amazon. For many items you can buy through a retailer that's distributed by Amazon so that you still get Prime shipping and no sales tax. It's a nice little loophole.
  13. Heads up if you are looking for a VPN, I wouldn't trust this site's "Best VPN List". Look elsewhere for recommendations. thebestvpn.com recommendations look very suspect to me. 3 of their top 10 are on the list of services that keep logs. That's ridiculous. If a VPN keeps logs they should automatically be put below the companies that don't.
  14. Might almost be time to buy. You know they're going to have it bounce back after all of this is out of the limelight.
  15. Check out this twitter thread on some of the data that Google and Facebook keep on you. They have more on you then you probably suspect. There's good reason to not stay signed into your accounts. Android makes it a bit difficult to do though. https://twitter.com/iamdylancurran/status/977559925680467968

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