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  1. Politicians and movie stars. All pedos. But I am not seeing any politician go down on sex yet. Still waiting. I guess they are going to trot out all the sexual deviants from Hollyweird first. Notice how Harv is not a pedo. He just likes young women. He is not one of the pedos. Where are the pedos? Still waiting on some pedos to show up.... As far as I'm concerned, this Harv guy is a waste of my time. He's a nothing burger. So he raped a few women. Why didn't they push it? Because money was worth more to them than their honor or anything? And I am not impressed with ole Rosie girl coming out and turning down 6 million dollars. She doesn't need it now. Why didn't she turn down all those movie/show roles that she was screwing someone for? She is a useless piece of shit just like ole Harv is. I got no pity for any of them whores out there. The only ones I pity are the kids. Adults make their own decisions and they seem to all love the money and fame and will do what it takes to get it. Major distraction and a waste of my time.
  2. Back when I was a kid in the 1970s, the doctor's did not charge a monthly fee like this service you are talking about. They only charged if you went to see them. They also did house calls. They also kept some of the more common drugs they prescribed in the doctor's office. This all changed starting with the drugs. The doctor's offices were getting broken into because they kept good dope there. So they quit keeping the dope and started writing prescriptions for medicines and you had to stop at the drug store on the way home and hope they had what you wanted. The drug stores, before then, did not stock common drugs so much as the doctor's had that covered. They stocked the drugs that the doc's patients didn't use regular. And the prescriptions you got from the hospitals. And after the human doctor's removed their meds and started writing scripts, the dopers turned to the vets and started stealing the dope at the vets offices. You went to the doctor's, most of the time you had an appointment. And the doc even had regular appointments in house calls too. If you were housebound, the doc had a day he made the rounds to see his housebound patients. You could walk in but if you did, you usually had to wait. The appointment times were really more suggestions. That's because the doc did not time his visits and some of them would run longer and some would run shorter than 30 minutes. You paid the fee and you went home. There was no fancy equipment and the doc's sent you to the hospital for x-rays. The fancy doctors that specialized were not that numerous. And you had to have a reference from your regular doctor to see one. Nothing like today where these 'specialized' docs advertise their services. Too many specialized docs because back in the day of referrals, those docs made good money. Now there are too many of them and they suck. Now there is a shortage of primary care doctors, regular all round docs. But that's ok, pretty soon, you will open an app and it will diagnose you anyway. Doctors are going the way of the dodo bird. The app is going to be cheaper than $100 a month and from what I understand, it's better at diagnosing you too. The medical industry is on it's way out. Just like the trucking industry, manufacturing, cashiers, house builders, burger makers, police and firemen. All these people are going to be redundant because of AI and robotics. Really soon too. It's a job killing future that no one will make any money at. Then we will all be equal because everything will be the same, being made by robots and all that. Robots do not have any imagination. It's going to be so boring. I am glad I won't be here for this boring, disgusting future. What are they going to do for fun? Shop? Boring. AI is even going to design your recreations. They are starting to make games now I understand. Boring. Boring, boring, boring. I hope I die before this world arrives. You are going to be bored to death in it. Dang reminds me of that movie I love, Wall-e.....
  3. We have gone totally insane. The inmates have been let out of the loony bins and they are contagious, spreading brain eating germs. They were such good actors, like most psychopaths are. They infected the young, who did not seem to have a decent immune system to fight off these parasites they picked up from the college/school's inoculation. These people are not taught how the country is governed. They do not know history. They do not know geography. They do not know civics. They do not know how to spell or use correct grammar. They do not know how to do math and can not count change back from a dollar bill. They can not read a clock with hands and can not tell the time by the sun. They do not know how to read nature's signs on weather. They do not believe in the 'rule of law'. They do not believe in loyalty to a country, person, or anything except themselves. They do not believe in tradition. They are weak minded, weak bodied, weak emotionally and very closed minded and rigid in thinking. They will break, not bend. They are pathetic, hateful, cruel, emotional, children bullies in adult bodies. They are useful/useless idiots that are doomed to failure. We are asking for the impossible. We (the people that think the USA has gone mad) can not make these little whinnying crybabies grow up. There is nothing we can tell them at this point. They are not listening and do not want to even give you a chance to speak. They want to shut you down because they think they are 1000% correct and we are old fashioned, stupid, bigoted generation that is going to die soon and it won't be soon enough for them. They are going to change the world we screwed up so badly. They do not have an answer for how to change anything. They do not even know what they want changed. They think open borders is good. They think illegals have done nothing wrong or criminal. They believe nonsense actually but that is my opinion of their beliefs. Who knows what they believe. They only want to destroy, not build anything. They have no plans, no hope, no faith, no nothing. They turn on their own extremely fast and have no loyalty to anything but the latest emotion taking over their lives at the moment. They have no past, no present, no future to think of. They have no hope. Their only emotion seems to be hate. Hate is a very powerful force with these people. They are not happy. They are miserable. They are damaged beyond fixing. We will need to incarcerate some of them as they insist on it. Sad, so sad.... For them. I don't care about them. I am over them and no longer laugh at them. They are not funny anymore. They are pitiful. Makes me sick to watch them. Pukes... This is all my opinion. And I do not think I came to this opinion emotionally. I've thought about it intellectually. I think they are too damaged and need to be isolated. Jail would do that as they continue to assault people and places. I'm for that. Rule of law.... It's what keeps us civil. You do the crime, you can do the time. It's the way it works. So the intelligent people find out what the penalties are before they act. Is it worth it to ya? Sometimes it is or was for me anyway. Sometimes ya get caught, sometimes ya walk away.
  4. These vids crack me up. Blacks can not be racist ya know? They say so. Hmmmm, yes, I do self segregate as much as I can. I do not need the drama or stupidity shoved in my face. It really stresses me out and lowers my immune system. It's hard to keep a straight face when you are talking to people like this.
  5. So you have no loyalties except to yourself? You consider yourself a citizen of the world and not an individual country? How sad for you. Without a culture/country to claim, you belong nowhere. I may not like what my country does all the time, but I claim it. I am an American. There is somewhere I belong and a people I belong to. USA. For better or worse, she's mine and I will stand with her against all comers. I may fight with my American brothers and sisters but I expect them to stand with me against all outsiders. We are one culture and one people. Everyone can tell the American from any other country. We are so arrogant. So let me be an arrogant American. I am true blue, red and white.... I know no other country and give my loyalty to no other country. I am American. Not proud of the USA all the time, but she's mine. I stand with her if she is threatened in any way. I value loyalty. If you are not loyal to your own country, who are you loyal to? Yourself? You are not trustworthy in a foxhole. I prefer people that will watch my back as I watch theirs. I like to know I can depend on the other person in that foxhole with me. Loyalty is important... I am so old fashioned... I was told this by a Millennial recently. I have old values that the kids do not have today I was told. I am outdated... I do not think a flag defines me. I do not know about the need to shoot anyone yet. That situation has not come up lately. Not since I moved out of Dallas, TX. I haven't run into any gangstas since I left Dallas. But if I have to, I will shoot one of them and a home invader. I believe in defending myself. I do not wave around flags and guns. I am flying my flag as a footnote because it's easier for people to know where I stand with it. I am Confederate born and raised. I am not ashamed of that. Everyone recognizes it. And if anyone is trigger by it, I get a laugh out of it. After all, this is an internal fight among Americans. It's kind of like I can beat up my sibling but you can not because you are not a sibling. Us Americans will figure it out, one way or the other. Or die trying anyway.
  6. They are still hurting. It costs a lot to run all the little operations they got going on around the Middle East. And they are also the source for the Wahhabi Islam, the violent branch of Islam running around the EU and the world. They fund the mosques and build mosques all over. They have not given their populace back their allowance. They are still broke. Like everyone else, they are lying about their financials. No one is telling the truth about that stuff. When they give back the populace's allowance, I will know they are doing better. Not before. That allowance and job plan kept a lot of people happy and now that it's gone, they are having internal problems. Change is coming to Saudi and it's not going to be a smooth change. The Wahhabi either have to be taken out or appeased. And so far, they are being appeased and have been for years and years. This new King to be, he might not make it to the throne if he doesn't watch out. I would not be surprised to see him take out some of the royal family, if they come back. A whole lot of them fled the country as they feared getting killed. http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13951007000769 Saudi Arabia is not as stable as it looks. The House of Saud came to power in 1744 although it's been around longer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Saud It's not a stable country and when the old king dies, no telling what is going to happen there. Will the transition be peaceful or not? If the Wahhabis are not appeased, it will not be peaceful. I hear that this new king to be wants to take Saudi more into the world and the Wahhabis are not having it. He has to watch where he steps and that is grating I am sure. He is being pressured on both sides. To get rid of the Wahhabis and to listen to the Wahhabis, depending on who is talking to him. A lot is coming out about Saudi. They are not what they seem to be. Israel's cousins they are. Blood.... http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/israel-and-saudi-arabia-best-friends/
  7. They are all villains. There are no degrees of villains. There are villains you will put up with and villains you will not. The degree someone/something is a villain depends on who you are asking. The superlative adjectives are very subjective when describing villains. This argument does not hold water with me. Why? Because that is like saying that some of the illegals in the USA are not all illegal criminals because they do not rape or murder someone. After all, stealing someone's social security number for a job is not as bad a crime as murder. And if you ask a whole lot of people that think these illegals are such 'good people only here for a job and to raise their family'. Which is a crock of shit to me as I'm one of the ones they run out of business. As far as I'm concerned, they are all major criminals and should be deported. And if you ask the one who is trying to fix the problems that this 'minor' illegal alien criminal has stolen from, they will tell you it's not such a 'minor' thing for them. It's huge and the one that stole their ID is not a minor criminal at all. They are a felon. So the degrees are very subjective and depend on who is adding them. Bolivia and Borneo... They buy and sell weapons. They do not have to make the guns. As far as main stream warmongering people or nations go.... I do not know any of those people in any country. If you want to talk about the populace, there are no main stream warmongering people. If you want to talk about a nation's .gov, all of them are. It a matter of what they want and force seems to be the way they get it. Doesn't matter what country it is. And the .gov puts down the populace if they disagree. I see this happening in a lot of places. As far as the common man making weapons. He does. He makes whatever he can, with what materials he has available. It's why gun banning laws do not work. Only the populace that follows the law doesn't make weapons. The criminals, which are in every society, do not care about the laws and make weapons or buy them from someone. It's supply and demand. If they do not get them from the USA, they will get them from China or Russia. Maybe India or N. Korea. Maybe Japan, maybe the EU countries. People in general are violent and if you doubt this, wait until there is no law around you. Without the law making people equal, the strong would run over the weak. And they will even run over weak and corrupt governments. Look at Mexico for an example of this. There is no mainstream war mongering country. It's money. Business. https://nacla.org/article/small-arms-trade-latin-america How convenient for you to have a boogeyman to be scared of. I am guessing that the USA wanted the Ukrainian oil? The Europeans had nothing to do with it? Russia had nothing to do with it? Which country is pushing homosexuality on the rest of the globe? The EU and other countries do not have any gays? Last time I looked, the EU was more open and out of the closet than the USA. Only the Islamic countries, which throw gays off tall buildings don't have any gays out of the closet. And I doubt the USA started the gay thing. Much less spread it like a disease around the world. Which country is ruining global finance with a fiat money system? All of them. Which country harbors and helps the Khazarian Mafia? All of them. Are you saying that the USA, singlehandedly, controls everything? If we do, I have no idea why we owe any country anything. We'll just take what we want and leave you high and dry. We are so powerful, we stand alone and can beat up the entire world. You give a whole lot of power to the USA and you are insulting all the other countries by calling them weak and powerless and fools. Nice to know the USA is the master and the rest of the countries are our slaves. Hmmmm. Puts a new spin on things. Do not know why we don't just stomp Lil' Kim a new butthole along with Iran and Syria and Pakistan. With all our power, we should be able to put those countries out of their misery real easily. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks about it? We are the powerful USA and do not need any one's approval according to you. You might not want to tell the rest of the world that. They might get upset with you.
  8. And this is why I avoid that place. If I go there, it's casinos only. It's all that town is good for now. Gambling. The last time I knew any kids in that school system, they were in the 'special' part. There is a school there for problem kids. It's for the kids that can not behave in regular school. It's been a while and the schools are not that good there. You do not move there for the schools. They suck. If you want to live there, gambling is the only thing there. It's taken over the place. He's totally a Satanist. He admits it. He translates old books and sells the translations. He reviews occult books and recommends them. He is an occultist. Your gut is correct about this guy if it's telling you he is an occultist on the dark side.
  9. Soros.... the man behind the body image machines in the airports. And I am sure he has other devices that will blackmail you. They are not going to touch the man that will take them all down with him. It's how things are done. Blackmail and money. Nothing else. Soros will tell you. He is just part of the plan and it's all planned out. They are not going to take out one of their own. Besides, he is wanted in his home country. Why isn't he being extradited there? Hungary is taking Soros on. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-01-10/trump-s-win-prompts-hungarian-call-for-crackdown-on-soros-groups I am sure that they are doing a lot of things and sharing that info with Trump. It's part of his cleaning out the swamp? https://bnp.org.uk/israel-well-call-soros-hungarian-benefits/ Snippet: Soros, an 86-year-old Hungarian-born Jew, has been singled out by Hungarian Prime Minster Viktor Orbán (among other Eastern European leaders and on an International Arrest Warrant issued by Russia) as the biggest investor in the invasion of Europe by millions of Muslims and Sub-Saharan Africans to destabilise the continent and break down her nation states. end snippet..... So Israel, Hungary, Russia, lots of countries he is not going to be able to go to now. And his name is mud there. Here's a good article on Soros and how it's coming to an end for him. He is tied in with the Clintons and we have seen them fall. They only have the useless/ful idiots that need to be taken care of and I guess we will end up putting them into prison. They are too damaged and they seem to want to go to prison as they do not want to follow the laws of the land. They are going to find out, like most felons, that life is not the same after you get a felony on your record. It blocks you from a whole lot of career opportunities. This is a really good article. Trump and Soros are on opposite sides. Soros and the Clintons/Obama are on the same side. These things will take time to all work out. The spider web is huge and taking out all the little baby spiders without them escaping is going to be a major chore and will take a few years probably. Will not happen overnight. We didn't get this way overnight. Rule of thumb when you look at something..... How long did it take to get that way? Expect it to take that long or longer to repair it. That does seem to be the case in most things. Fixing screw-ups take a long time. First you have to find the broken piece among the unbroken parts. Sometimes, it's hidden so deep that you throw that entire part away and get a new part. Easier sometimes to start over with new instead of repairing the old. And people do not like change. https://philosophyofmetrics.com/the-take-down-of-george-soros-has-begun/
  10. Nope. There are many aggressors. They each blame the other for it. They all have a line in the sand they dare each other to cross. Reminds me of little kids playing games and taunting each other. The teams have taken the field. The tension is high for tonight's game and the fans have been waiting for weeks for tonight's game. The teams are getting ready to take their positions on the field. The batters are warming up and it's game time. Batter up. They are leading off with Anderson at bat. He takes a swing and misses. The crowd is chattering, "hey batter, batter, hey batter batter, swing!" They are really getting into it. Anderson hits a foul ball. Ball again and he walks. The next batter comes up and it's Shelton, a left handed batter. The pitcher is winding up and there it goes. A fast ball right down the middle and it's strike one for Shelton. There is that famous curve ball of Cooper's and Shelton swings and misses. Strike two. Anderson is just waiting to steal second base as he watches Shelton. Strike three and Shelton is out. Bells is going up to bat next. Etc. The USA is not the aggressor in some of this stuff. As far as N. Korea goes. The USA and N. Korea are technically at war. What do you expect out of war enemies that you are at war with? This is a strange war because the bullets are not flying just words. I like this war a whole lot better than the era of bullets. Words are just words and do not kill people. Let them duke it out in the twitter arena. As long as it stays there, it's all good. And I do not think it's N. Korea that we are going to war with. I still do not think N. Korea will get any action from the USA. At this time, I am sure they are trying to find a way to bow out of it all gracefully while saving face on both sides. That is the problem. They both must save face with their own populace although it doesn't matter to me if the USA comes out stinking. We come out stinking in all wars as war is hell on everyone. So if there is some stink and it doesn't smell like blood... even cow and pig feces would smell better than blood. Now if you want to talk Iran.... N. Korea is just a way to get to Iran. It all points back to Iran. Even Syria pointed back to Iran. The Kurds point back to Iran. It's all about Iran. I am not sure why yet as I do not have all the dots yet. I must look into Iran more. But it's Iran that the USA wants. China and Iran. These other countries are just side games. China and Iran. Where is Russia in all this? Trump wants Russia and historically, Russia has ended up on the USA's side. They may not start out that way but it seems to end up that way historically. Not so with China or Iran. The Saudi's point back to Iran. Why Iran? I think biblical because... well, it's my bias. I am sure there are other reasons. I do not know how true these articles are. Iran in the Bible.... http://www.farsinet.com/iranbibl/iranbible1.html http://daniel11truth.com/end-time-signs-final-empire.htm I find it interesting that people are saying Trump is the new "Cyrus". Cyrus was the King of Persia, or Iran as we call it today. http://www.farsinet.com/cyrus/index.html
  11. That can describe any and all big countries. Russia, USA, EU, China, every country sells war junk. It's profitable. And so they do it. It's not just a USA thingie. You can not pick one country out of all of them and claim it's the big villain in the play when they are all doing the same thing. And in the comments, someone said he is threatening free trade with S. Korea. Why do we have free trade with S. Korea? Why do we have free trade with any country? That is really stupid and it's totally destroyed the USA. I say get rid of all the free trade agreements. They are not worth it to me. And they do nothing for the USA except drag us down. Before we had free trade agreements, the USA had good jobs and good wages. Then Reagan screwed up and gave amnesty to illegals. Trump better not do that. It didn't work last time. And I doubt that Congress will be able to pass anything. After all, they are all screaming now that they want amnesty for all the illegals in the country. That is definitely not going to happen. And if they keep it up, no one will be for DACA anymore. They are turning off people left and right. We do not need to add more criminal elements to the society and these people are all criminals that are here illegally. Illegal makes them criminal automatically. No questions asked nor needed. It's a done deal already. I would say that in a free trade situation, what we buy from your country needs to be a zero sum game. We buy $100 of stuff from you and you have to buy $100 of stuff from us. If you don't need it, you can always trade it off with someone else. But you will buy $100 from us if we buy $100 from you. It's the only way free trade will work without a huge deficient. China needs to be done this way too. And then you have this strangler of peace. Really? So how many times has the USA gone it alone without the other's countries approval? It wasn't Iraq nor is it N. Korea. There is always some other country along with the USA that is strangling this so called peace that the world has never ever seen. This is all BS and part of the propaganda they feed their own people. It's hard to tell your people that the UN and all it's little countries are against you because that dilutes the message and the boogeyman. So the USA has become the world's boogeyman and it's not true. All these other people pointing fingers at the USA need to step back and take a look at their own country's policies. They are not innocent in all this war mongering and they are also not free of guilt. But hey, blame the USA. Whatcha gonna do when the USA steps back from it all? I'm not saying it's going to be worse or better. I don't know. But I wish the USA would pull back and crawl into it's shell for a few years. Let the world get on without it. I am tired of spilling blood for people that do not want appreciate it nor want it and for big corporations and banks. And I wish these people would stay in their own countries and not come to mine. I am tired of multiculturalism. It doesn't work. Strangler of peace and war merchant???? Better look to your own backyards before you scream about me cleaning up mine. N. Korea also sells weapons to war monger with. They are hypocrites. Tired of hypocrites. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jul/18/history-north-korea-arms-dealing
  12. A park bench.... Hmmmm..... that's an honor? Really? This park bench look like De Niro? It's just a regular bench with a plague or something? Wonder if someone is telling him something. After all, if I buy a park bench for people to sit on it's going to be in a graveyard. Why a graveyard? Because I think graveyards need them. I love graveyards and reading the gravestones. Imagining what their life was like. And they sell benches for graves. Beautiful benches as gravestones. I want one. Not that I would see it but I have been thinking about buying myself one to put in my yard until I die and then they can use it as a gravestone. https://gravelyspeaking.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/img_37884.jpg How sad that he thinks he is going to stop someone from sitting on a public bench. These people are really starting to look sad to me. I no longer find them hilarious and I have been trying to. Since I've come home from the grandbaby, god I have been sick as a dog. To occupy myself as I'm miserable, dang kids make me physically ill with their germs. I smell like Watkins menthol camphor as I can not breathe without it and waiting for it to break up the chest congestion, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough. But I have been trying to entertain myself and I find that these types of people, like De Niro and his friends, are poison. So damaged that they are toxic. I would think De Niro raped a few girls in his time too. I am sure his good buddy Harv wasn't all alone in his sexual exploits. But that crowd expects that nasty stuff to go on and they approve of it and protect it. Hollyweird. Makes ya want to puke. Throw out the tv. Crap, I can not even get into any show anymore. I wonder if I am watching pedos and get sick over it. How disgusting that entire crew is to me. And he thinks anyone cares about what he thinks? Why do these people have any fans left? Where's the bench to the children that are victims of these sick pedos? Where's the bench to the regular people that need a place to rest their feet after a long day? Where's the bench in the shade for someone to sit and watch the birds? Feed the ducks? Why did De Niro get a bench? What's he done so special? Being an actor is not special. It's only been in the last few decades that actors and actresses were thought well of. Before that, they were all known to be whores and sluts. This looks like it might be an interesting read if anyone is interested in some history. https://www.amazon.com/Actresses-Whores-Society-Kirsten-Pullen/dp/0521541026 Snippet: The categories of "whore" and "actress" have overlapped over centuries. Actresses are assumed to be sexually available and promiscuous, and prostitutes are assumed to perform for their clients. Employing historical biographies as well as interviews with contemporary sex workers, this book compares actresses and prostitutes from Nell Gwynne to Mae West. Ranging from the seventeenth century to the present, Kirsten Pullen offers many new insights to theater historians and scholars of cultural, social and gender studies. "In her riveting study of the interplay between the two professions, Kirsten Pullen places actresses and whores firmly on the ever-present stage of society - and reminds us that it is not only prostitutes we remain ambivalent about, but theatre and film workers, too." Fiona Shaw, New Statesman end snippets........... So far, all I've seen are people that laugh off the sexual games of Hollyweird. Act like you got some nerve to even mention it as it's their due to screw whatever and whoever they want, when they want. So messed up. If I want entertainment like that, I guess I am going back to the local theatre to watch the plays. As far as I know, none of them are sexual deviants. I guess the snowflakes/SJW/crybabies have no problem with sexual predators and their friends. They have a problem with real heroes like Robert E. Lee and Jefferson and Columbus. But not rapists, child molesting perverts, liars, sl*t actors/actresses, murderers.... I would ask who raised these kids but as I got an SJW myself that can not be reasoned with.... Hears nothing that doesn't fit with his little ideal world view... He wasn't like this until he went to college. As he is going for a master's right now.... He thinks he is so intelligent and I am so stupid, just like his Dad does.... I am tired of it... Being sick hasn't helped.... Disgusting... Just frigging disgusting.... I'm not sitting on that bench. Might catch a disease from all the Hollyweird sluts. I seem to remember a rumor going around about how some actor gave a whole bunch of actresses herpes or some sexual disease. They were all naming names. Lots of people sleeping with everyone else. It's the culture out there. And they are trying to protect it too aren't they? Someone needs to slap De Niro to the ground. Disgusting piece of shit that he is. A shit stain. They are giving a bench to a shit stain. What are they going to do next? Fill a pool with piss and say it's sterile? I see that all over in that urine therapy stuff. I ain't drinking it but if that's your thing.... Smells and I can not get past the thought of it. The only way would be if I was in the middle of the desert with no water for days and days and I could barely pee much less smell it.
  13. Really makes me sick... Then I saw where his wife is leaving him and she will, of course, get awarded all the martial assets because he cheated on her. After she walks away with all the marriage goods, he can be sued by his victims. As all his wealth belongs to his ex-wife that did no wrong, the victims receive nothing from his now bankrupt estate. This would not be that hard to do because I understand most rich people with money, have trust funds, corporations, and other vehicles they use to safeguard their funds. So they are making a move to safeguard their wealth. After it's all said and done and he is sued and a few years down the road, he will move on down the road with his riches that his ex-wife protected by divorcing him. It's a sham. A real shame and I hope they claw back any and all assets to what he owned when said crime was committed. His ex-wife knew. She jumped awful fast and ran out the door like a pure blood race dog chasing that little rabbit round the track.
  14. Boy Scouts to Begin Admitting Girls

    I was a brownie on up to a Junior Girl Scout. It's not the same if they add the boys. We had sewing badges and other household, housewife things. We had badges on other things but I would think that some of the badges were gender related. Seems like a lot of them were. But there were also wood craft, camping, swimming, all types of other badges that boys probably had. Learned to use a compass and had to purchase my own compass for our camping trips. We sold cookies and paid dues and went camping with the money. We sewed bags to hang our dishes out to dry, carved a hole in the soap for a rope so it wouldn't wash away down the river when we bathed in it. No boys allowed. I did know that the girl scouts seemed to be dying. Not too many kids are interested in it these days. I learned some sign language in my Jr. girl scout troop. We had a deaf girl and we learned to sign so we could all communicate with her. It taught me a lot of stuff. I'm sad to see it failing as it was a great organization in the 70s when I was in it. They can still go camping I guess when they are smaller. I do not know if I would want to take teens camping. Might be too much temptation. They seem to learn younger and younger these days. I didn't really like censorship when I was younger... But now that I'm older, I can see where I would censor my kid's tv and internet. Too much, too early. They need to be kids first, they will grow up to soon and they will have a very long time as an adult. But only a very short time as the happy go lucky, innocent child.... I did figure this was going to happen one day. The membership is falling off the cliff. Parents do not put their kids in the scouts much anymore. They are doing other things I guess. Busy world these days. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  15. I see this NFL junk as more of the race war they are pushing. After all, the true racists that I am seeing online are black and brown or as they want to be called, people of color. Not saying there are not any white racists but I did not see them and still don't. I see people becoming racist due to the ''people of color's'" racism. And it's not that they are becoming racist, they just want to avoid the "people of color's" racism. They are tired of it. These people do not have anything to complain about really. Just like the little pussy hat movement. They don't have a platform or a leg to stand on. They are disgusting creatures that are posing as humans. I see this more as a racial thing. The BLM crowd, like Antifa, was allowed to run wild for a while. People were screaming about them but nothing was done. Now, they are both being put on the terrorist watch lists as terrorist groups. But before BLM, which is not classified like Antifa is, was mentioned as starting to be classified as a hate, terror group, these football players started their crap. They thought that it would drum up some more support from their white fans. They must have whites on their side or they will not succeed in the USA. Why you ask? Because whites are still over half of the populace. But my generation, the first one that was de-segregated with blacks, seemed to get along when we were in our 20s and 30s. I had no problems and only ran into racism a few times. I truly thought that race was something that was being put aside. Look at all the interracial couples out in the world. When I was a kid, that didn't happen. You were shunned if you mixed race. Even Mahammad Ali said that. Black birds do not fly after blue birds. They stick with their own color. But somewhere in the 90s, I noticed a lot of mixed couples. How can that be if people are so racist? Do these people not realize how hard it's going to be on their mixed children? Look at Obama, the mixed child or suppose to be mixed child. And that football player, Kaepernick. Both mixed. Are they torn between their two races or what? I do not think it was to drum up nationalistic pride. It turned into that but I do not think it was planned that way. The BLM people saw that they were losing. All their stuff was being drowned out by other "people of color" stuff. Like the illegals DACA. The shutting down of free speech. The removal of history and statues. They were being drowned out and forgotten. After all, the Dallas killing at the BLM thingie kindof soured the rest of the populace on them. They were calling for a war on the cops. And then some cops went down. Didn't look good. Bad form. I watched BLM shut down some Antifa in Dallas during the protest of the statue there. After that BLM went their own way and Antifa and them split ways. Enemies now. Then I watched some Antifa turn on a white guy. I am sure this wasn't the first white person they turned on either. Soon Antifa will just be "people of color". And BLM has always, from the start, not wanted any other color but black at their little get togethers. I remember right after Trump got elected, there was some woman protest. Suppose to be all women but when the white women showed up, they were told to get to the back so they would know how that felt. Like these people there had actually experienced that themselves. They didn't. They were too young to go through that themselves but they expected others to. And they told the pro lifers not to bother coming because they would not fit in with the other women there. And I noticed the little women's thingie has gone the way of the dodo bird. I don't see any big pink pussy marches anymore. That fractured into little pieces and broke all up. Just like Humpty Dumpty. The "people of color" are not protesting the police. They are protesting deporting illegals and free speech. But then you have BLM. The big Race war of BLM. I would think that some of the leaders of BLM thought this was a great idea to have the famous and beloved football players take up their cause. After all, if you looked around, there were people screaming about how Kaepernick was screwed and people protested over a team not hiring him. And there was a little noise about how he was being discriminated against and all that because he started wearing an afro showing off his blackness instead of his whiteness half. So I am sure BLM thought that these same people would also get behind the football players that were protesting the same thing. Kaepernick was protesting a thug that deserved to get shot but I am digressing here. But that did not happen. The football fans did not want him and the teams did not hire him because of that little overlooked fact. So Kaepernick is now useless as a washed up athlete. Soon forgotten. And so will these players that ruined football. There are too many that will never go back to watching football and not only that, they will never watch an other sport that blacks dominate in. They will watch and spend their money on only white, Asian, Hispanic any other color, flavor or race than black. So now one of the ways blacks got out of the ghetto is closing down fast. I do not think the NFL will survive this. To fall in one year from first place to last place is an awful big and hard fall. Might have taken them 2 years as Kaepernick did this last year and the ratings started falling. Basketball is going to follow it. I think that the blacks thought they were being swallowed up and getting lost in all the noise. Lots going on. They wanted to be at the front of the line. And as football had fans. They thought that the fans would sympathize with the players and they would get some support. But Trump turned the narrative around. I went with it. Why? Because they are protesting the police. Look... I never have gotten along to well with the police myself. Me and them.... well, I avoid them and hope they avoid me too. I do not look upon them as my friend. I look at them as a necessary evil. Just like I look at all authority positions. Without them, things would be a whole lot worse than what they are not. Right now, I like how peaceful it is. I like that I can open my windows and sleep. I like that I can walk down the street and not worry about someone killing, mugging, etc. me. Yes, I know these things happen but without the law, these things would be so commonplace... You would be amazed at the places without the law. Those places tend to be "might makes right." Not what is morally, ethically or anything right, just pure physical strength. Those places suck if you are not one of the strong ones. The law is what keeps the weak and the strong equal... someone has to enforce the law. The blacks don't get treated any worse than I do when I got arrested either. We all got the same treatment. Same search. Bend over and cough. Same outfit, same cells, same everything. Orange. Ugly, ugly orange. The left had the mental cases so worked up about Trump being a racist, sexist, bigot, every mean, nasty word you can think of. These people acted like he was going to care about their little bitty shit stains of humanity and stomp on them. When has that happened in their lifetimes? Oh that's right... Never. They are mentally ill, paranoid, schizo, megalomaniacs. They really need to be committed or put down as dangerous to society. They surely should not be allowed to pass on those genes and should not be allowed to reproduce children. Back in the day, these people would be sterilized whether they wanted it or not. I don't think this was to raise nationalistic pride. I think it was unintentional. I do not think the owners thought it would go this way. You can find out if you look and see how the stocks played out. Who shorted or sold right before all this went down? Las Vegas had some interesting stock sales right before this shooting mess. I think they kept trying to make it come back to the BLM thingie and nothing worked. People are tired of hearing racist crap. The word has no meaning anymore. It's been tossed around so much that it's meaningless. This has not made people fly flags and stuff that I've seen. Other things have. But not this little NFL thingie. After all, this is an internal fight, not against another flag. It's all the same flag. I am flying my flag at the bottom and I am sure some are offended by it. Oh well, can not please all the people, all the time. So ya got to please yourself and I am. Most of the people are upset that they consider it entertainment and they pay well for it. They do not want politics in their entertainment. Hollyweird, fake news, protests based on lies and racism and criminal illegals as if you are here illegally, that makes you an automatic law breaker and criminal, now sports. What's next? I would think, like me, they are tired of it. These people come off as spoiled brats. They make more money than most of their fans. They are not oppressed and neither are the blacks in the cities protesting the cops. Back when all these laws they are screaming about now were enacted, it was blacks that were screaming then to enact them because they were dying. Well, they are still dying. Nothing's changed for them. Why is that? Because it's the black culture that is at fault. Not anyone else. It's not whites, Asians, Hispanics, any flavor or color but black that is killing blacks in their own neighborhoods. They are the only ones that can stop that. But they refuse to and want to blame others. It will not end well for them. Just like it's not ending well for the NFL. Blatant hypocrisy is not how to get people to agree with you about something. Hypocrites are not well liked. Why would the government want to break an excellent distraction up? They don't. The NFL was a great distraction that keep a whole lot of the masses docile and they could slip things in while everyone was watching the Super Bowl. If they were going to break it, they would be trying to replace it and they are not. Why? The same with Hollyweird. If they are trying to get rid of the distraction... Why? What are they replacing it with? These were the two biggest distractions of the USA. Now cable is dying but people are just watching shows in a different way. The studios are still needed, just not cable tv to view them. So why destroy the studios and people of them? Where are the replacements to keep the masses distracted? They would want these distractions in war time to distract people from the war. Where are the new distractions to keep people from looking towards .gov now that they have nothing to distract them? Why would .gov want that? Football was the nationalistic sport of the USA. It was totally an American sport. Everyone knows we are weird. We use a standard measurement instead of a metric one. We call football a weird game that the football is carried around in our hands. We call the rest of the world's 'football' game, soccer. Why soccer? It's kicked around and I can see why it's named 'football'. But we already have a game called football. American's pastime. Why would they want to get rid of the so called "American pastime" to promote nationalism. If anything, there was already a huge military presence at the games. Just start to show the show before the games if they didn't already. They could have used the platform. It pulled in millions of people to watch those stupid games. I don't like football. Never have. But now... that huge, captive audience is gone. It was the biggest audience for stuff. Why would they want to break that up? They could have done this in a way to keep it going. This ruining the NFL is a one shot deal. Ruined and done. No going back. Huge captive audience gone. Opportunity lost. We are talking restaurants, bars/clubs/pubs, hotels, truck stops, all types of public places that played these games no longer playing them. All switching to other channels that are different from each other and catering to their area or clientele.
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