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  1. Bet he was wondering why he picked that career. Wonder what he told the police when they stopped him, if they stopped him for indecent exposure.
  2. No red streaks but still very painful and red at site of wrist. Easter this happened. I am going to the doc on the 3rd. My car is broke lol Everything happens at once lol And then it will calm down for a while and then it all breaks loose again. Such is life.
  3. The USA too Turkey is not going to get it's way in this one. The Kurds will get a state in Syria and Iraq. If Turkey doesn't start treating the Kurds better, they are going to take part of Turkey too. All by themselves with arms backing by Russia and the USA. This has been promised to them for years and years. The Kurds have paid for it with blood too. Lots of blood. Bush 1 promised it to them years ago when the USA went in to protect Kuwait from Iraq. If the Kurds would rise up... They did... They died in chemical attacks by Saddam too.... Nothing was ever done....
  4. Good one. Good one. That's what usually happens when you break away from a bigger player. The bigger player takes back their stuff.
  5. Canton Trade Days??? NOOOOO.... Loved going to that when I lived in Dallas. NOOOOOO.... That place was crowded with tents and campers that would not protect you at all. And port-a-potties all over with tables, umbrellas, all that stuff scattered that people are selling... Wow... That is so, so, so bad and costly as most of these guys are not insured. We are talking about flea market dealers, artists, antiques, dishes, ohhhh I love dishes.... There will be people all over that area camping and this is really bad. Really, really bad.... Canton Trade Days???? NOOOOOOO
  6. I know that. But the way I see that is that all the other cities that the Prez's come from, and go back to, do not ask the feds to provide for it. Why is NYC special? And why is the Secret Service not the ones doing all that guarding anyway? It's the Secret Services job to protect them, not NYC cops. So why should the NYC cops be out there at all? They should not be in the protection racket like that. Is this just some way to get more money? I do not see them asking for money to guard other high profile people and stuff that happens in NYC. Just the Trumps. Sounds selective to me. I understand that this is unusual. But not really. If Trump was divorced and Melania lived in NYC and was never moving out to DC, the NYC would have to protect them because that's Trump's son. This is just for a short while and NYC is screaming about it. Frigging get a life NYC. You can not pick and chose like that. It's an all or nothing deal. You either protect the people in the city or you don't. You can not just protect some of them, some of the time. It would be more corrupt than it is now and despot at that... What is NYC PD doing? Door duty? Whatever. It's really petty of them, this little tiff they are throwing. Really, really petty of them. They are only doing it because Trump is threatening to cut off money to cities that don't follow the laws of the land. So they had to renounce their Sanctuary City junk. Boohoohoo. I do not feel sorry for them at all. Crybabies, whiners, corrupt criminals. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-03/following-ag-sessions-threat-nyc-no-longer-sanctuary-city
  7. I think they prefer the Christian one. After all, are they not considered by Cters as Satanist or Luciferian? And someone is following the bible pretty closely looks like to me. Now I know that nothing is new under the sun but still.... awful closely following those books.... Now with the quantum effect going on... I am finding that there is a lot I do not understand. Some things jump out at me. Muslims are inbred. So inbred that they have deformities and DNA damage really. And that effects their IQ level too. Blacks also, have this IQ problem. I am not saying these people are stupid or anything but according to the standard IQ requirements, they do not make the grade do they? I am going to do some musing so if y'all don't want to read this book of stuff, I understand. lol Looking at a society that you would want to keep. You would want a civil society. Look at all the experiments they have done around the world. Sorry to say it but S. Africa was one of those experiments. Modern society with a separation of people by race/color. You could say that there is a generation that lived under this system. http://www.sahistory.org.za/article/history-apartheid-south-africa And before apartheid, there was separation of the races but it was different than apartheid. They have discovered separation works. They realize that throwing such a different culture and religion in such numbers will make the populace already there force the incoming culture to adapt, by force if necessary. They will get tired of it and then a small civil war will happen. The UK had it with the IRA and who was that other group? Been awhile since I've heard of any mess going on over there between the Protestant and the Catholics anyway. Guess they called a truce eventually. Bad stuff, religious civil war. Going to happen again between Christians and Muslims there. Why can Saudi Arabia pay for mosques in other countries to the tune of millions of dollars but can not take in any refugees? They don't have the money? The Chinese, for a generation or so, had a one child policy in place. That was an interesting experiment. The Indians... What can you say about India? They are trying to get rid of their caste system? Not happening during my lifetime. And their lives are cheap and expendable when the big war starts as they are going to be front line. China and India will go at each other and that border region with China and Pakistan is going to be hot, hot, hot. And deadly for people.... Those little lottery shows, hunger games type stuff.... Interesting but I think, not so realistic. Then you have this little thingie showing up. Birth control pill... The kid is wanting a baby and all her friends are just trying to start families too. Young professionals, good jobs, late 20s early 30s in age. These kids started the pill usually in high school. You do not need permission from a parent to get birth control, just ask for them and they are given to ya. Teenagers with hormone problems are taking more hormones in a pill form daily.... That can not be good for them.... A side effect is... they seem to miscarriage when they try to carry a child to term. It is so bad now, that the kid told me they will not even tell anyone they are pregnant until they are over 4 months along because they have lost so many in the first 4 months due to miscarriages. And these kids are all trying to get pregnant. This is not a whim or accident. Married kids wanting to start a family and miscarrying every time. Why? What is wrong and what did these girls all do that was the same? The birth control pill or was it the GMOs they ate growing up? GMOs hit the markets big time in the early to mid 90s. These girls all live in Louisville and I would say were from Kentucky somewhere. The youngest grew up with her mom up around Plymouth, MA. The youngest kid had a problem taking birth control and she was never regular with it. More like she got them and forgot them on the dresser. lol She got pregnant accidently and carried it, no problem..... Why? GMOs are known to change DNA. China is polluted and will take years to clean up. But they will clean it up. Where are they going to put the trash? Africa? Who would you want if there were only one society left? I think that the diseases will become DNA specific. They now have DNA specific cures so yes.... the disease will be able to be cured using DNA. DNA, blood.... Blood is life, do not drink/eat the blood. The so called elite have the belief that we are living in a simulation. A cartoon. http://www.simulation-argument.com/simulation.html http://www.space.com/32543-universe-a-simulation-asimov-debate.html The bible... someone is following the bible.... and it's playing out..... I do not think they care who is left as long as they can be controlled. Anyone can be controlled except for retards. So either the Muslims branch out and breed with someone else besides their cousins or they will be culled out. It's not going to be Muslims that the elite want to be left after all is said and done. This can be seen in the fact that the new Saudi king is trying to get rid of the Wahhabis in his country and the Wahhabis are going to go down eventually. But in the meantime, they can take out a few of the surplus population. Biblically, I think the Muslims, I think they were foretold. Interesting stuff in these two links about that.... Who knew? In front of our faces.... http://www.hope-of-israel.org/beastmark.html http://www.beholdthebeast.com/islam__quran_and_666.htm I think the NWO is already here. I think Babylon will rise again from it's old homestead in Iraq and become a nation-city. I think Jerusalem will become a nation-city. Then I think the world will explode and the imposter of peace will appear. The temple was what? 30 years or more after Jesus was dead before being destroyed? God's time does not seem to match mine. When he says imminent, he means for him, not for me. Imminent seems to mean, down the road a little ways. Unexpectedly, when you have forgotten the prophecy or given up on it. Have to say, God is patient. lol
  8. And I got the wrist to prove it too. That dang cat went wild and was just digging into my wrist and back of my hand trying to rip out chunks of it. Blood flying. And on the 3rd, my girl friend has a doc's appointment so I thought I would tag along and see if that spot on my wrist is suppose to be still be swollen. The hand has gone down a lot but it just shows how swollen that knot on the side of my wrist is. Where that little bone sticks out on the side of your wrist... I've always had bony hands and wrists, long fingers. Dang cat hit bone and it still hurts but I am typing with it some now. Water, water.... that's how I get the cats to move. Water. They do not like the rain. One of my cats will eat you. Her and I go round and round. She bites or scratches me and I slap her. She will come back at you too. It's so bad that I can tell when she is going to get me now. She will look at me, glance away, put her ears back and look at me again, look away, then turn and pounce and bite or scratch me. She gets angry with me because I will not let her out. She will go to the door and hiss at me when I'm standing there and I tell her, "You better not get my foot." And she will crouch and hiss and think about it. Sometimes she jumps and sometimes she doesn't. Depends on how moody she is that day, hour, minute. lol I actually will handle her with my leather chicken gloves. Only cat I have to do that with. She is the start of all these cats too. The mommy and grandma of them all........ My most ornery cat..
  9. http://www.immunize.org/askexperts/experts_mmr.asp Lots of info on that vaccine here, the pro vac/med stuff. People born before 1957 are not required nor did they take this vaccine. They are considered to have the measles immunity already because there was no vaccine before that date and they are presumed to have had measles. Or at least to have been exposed to it to develop the antibodies for it. They even admit that vaccines cause outbreaks. That vaccine is now the MMR and you can not get it unmixed it seems in the USA. You can in Canada I hear, someone said that about their kids once on a board somewhere..... Ordered it because it wasn't available in the USA. So if true for 1/3 of this vaccine????? snippet: From 2000 through 2012 an average of 1,135 mumps cases (range:229 to 6,584) were reported annually in the United States. Large outbreaks occurred in 2006 (6,584 cases) and in 2009 and 2010 (approximately 3,500 cases). Outbreaks occurred primarily among previously vaccinated persons in densely populated settings (colleges and religious communities). A provisional total of 438 mumps cases were reported in 2013.
  10. Now that you put it that way..... I fell out on that. lol cat farm... So true, so true. These are the hubby's cats. We do not give away family. Come to find out, these are the first cats the hubby has ever had. He did not know he liked cats. He doesn't like them, he LOVES THEM, NAMES THEM, KNOWS EACH ONE. lol I just have to take care of them. lol I am waiting and hoping he eventually wants to give some away but not yet he hasn't. I have 20 cats, no wait, 24 cats now with more on the way. How am I gonna feed all these cats? The hubby thinks these cats will feed themselves and he won't touch the budget unless it's to blow it. Cat farm. I am going to start using that. Thanks. Excellent, just excellent.
  11. Checking out the map and what's red.... Black? I am sure some of it is but that distribution looks like where the illegals hang to me. http://cis.org/Immigration-Maps/Growth-Immigrant-Population-Counties-1990-2014 Edit: Yes, I know blacks do a lot of murders. But they can not account for these numbers of murders. They just can not. They kill more blacks than any other race. But the other races also kill their own more than other races/ethnicities. So who was murdered will tell you who is doing a lot of these things if you go with the murderer, 50% if not 75% of the time, preying on his own people....
  12. Wow. My father-in-law had Alzheimer's. Once he told me he was Jesus and I was going to hell. That's when I told the family, he has to be committed. Right now, as soon as possible. He was going to hurt someone and he was dangerous at that point. He was serious as all get out too. He was Jesus. Scary stuff really. People do a lot of things due to beliefs. Bad, cruel, evil things too.....
  13. Me and old Tucker.... I remember when he was a young'un... Just starting out. He was so young and got the job by contacts, not experience or anything. Just by who he knew. For years I dismissed the dude because of that. He was 'special'. lol Old Tucker has grown up and so have I. lol I like Tucker too. Took me a while, years. But he has put in his time now so.... And he has withstood all the mess thrown at him throughout the years, especially his younger years when he was just starting out. He was not well liked back then. Too young and privileged. . Good for Tucker. He deserves it for all years he put up with the people.
  14. I'm not so sure that the USA is the one that needs to go down. The USA populace is pretty sheepish. You would think they would want to take out the problems. But I guess they are aren't they? They are pushing radical Muslims into the EU and this is going to cause the lower classes to revolt and fight among themselves. Be easier to get rid of people that way and safer for the environment. But they are using diseases. I found it interesting that they released some GMO skeeters to combat Chunga and then they had a Chunga outbreak where the skeeters were released. So these GMO skeeters did not work as we were told they did. They lied again... Disease and war is coming in 2025 I think. AIDS is rampant in Africa isn't it? So rampant that they think having sex with infants cures it.