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  1. NDE, Near Death Experience website. You can read the different NDE experiences that are being collected. Interesting stuff. http://www.nderf.org/ This is a better page to start from. http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/Articles/NDE General Information.htm
  2. I know they got something up there that will show you in real-time everything in your yard. I found that place once. And I had some fun checking out my house. I was on the coast of Alabama and I found this satellite site. I wanted to see my house so I looked. I watched my dog run around my yard. My MIL come to check the house out as we had a teenager living there by himself when we were gone. Small town, The boy was 17 and he stayed where he wanted. Home or one of his friends houses. His Aunt and Grandma checked on him everyday and a daily phone call and money for gas and school lunch and the kid was set up. But I was watching it all in real time. I thought it was the coolest site and I bookmarked it. I played on that site for hours, just checking out places. It was like watching a movie or playing one of those fancy games. The next day, I went to my bookmark and it 404. Said the site did not exist at all. I was shocked. I was just on it the day before. I have never been able to get back on and I've since lost the site addy. But it was an excellent satellite real-time, moving people and dogs and all. Just zone in and you can see the faces clear as a bell. I've told people about it but they do not believe me. They look at that crap that google shows and think that's good stuff. Google satellite images really suck. It's probably why I do not do google earth much at all. Sucks compared to that site I found. I am still looking for it. I am not settling for that crappy google junk. It's sucks!!!!! Sometimes, I think someone is messing with me. Just to see what I am going to do with the info. Of course, I tell everything ya know. I don't have any clearances so I do not have to shut up about stuff I see or hear. But most people do not believe me. It's ok. I had fun and that's all that counts to me. Now if they would just give me that site again, I would be in heaven. This time, I would search out other places. I want to see some gold panning sites I got in mind to go check out when I get a couple hundred $ up.
  3. AJ.... His ads were withdrawn. He was getting too big. His usefulness is over now. No one needs him creating crap. It's what he does, stir the joint up. He is a showman and he is good at it. It's why I do not watch a whole lot of him. He is a showman. Just like Trump is. Alex is a Trump supporter. How can he be the opposition if he supports the people in government? If you will notice, he was always anti. Anti-Bush, Anti-Clinton, Anti-Obama. Now he is for Trump. And the mainstream news is anti. But AJ was getting too big. He had a nicer studio and he hired some people. When he lost his ad stream, his revenue fell and he had to let some people go. It was the budget, he had no choice. He lost millions in that deal.
  4. It depends on the crime. Statute of limitations. Where the crime happened. There are a lot of variables that could let these guys skip free with no charges. After all, the object was blackmail, not criminal charges. It wasn't a sting to get jail time. It was a scheme to get blackmail goods on someone. If you do not think it's going to happen, look how long it took this guy to go down. Meet the Penn State Pres when Sandusky was coaching. A fast facts on the original case back in 2011. http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/28/us/penn-state-scandal-fast-facts/ Then you have this coming out today. http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/penn-st-athletic-director-pleads-guilty-abuse-case-46096479 Snippet: Two former Penn State administrators accused of covering up child sexual abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky pleaded guilty to reduced charges Monday, more than five years after the scandal rocked the university and led to the downfall of football coach Joe Paterno. Tim Curley, a 62-year-old former athletic director, and Gary Schultz, 67, a one-time vice president, could get up to five years in prison for misdemeanor child endangerment. No sentencing date was set. They struck a deal in which prosecutors dropped three felony charges of child endangerment and conspiracy that carried up to seven years each. Former Penn State President Graham Spanier, 68, was also charged in the scandal, and the case against him appears to be moving forward, with jury selection set for next week. His lawyers and the lead prosecutor had no comment. The three administrators handled a 2001 complaint by a graduate assistant who said he saw Sandusky, a retired member of the coaching staff, sexually abusing a boy in a team shower. They failed in their legal duty by not reporting the matter to police or child welfare authorities, prosecutors said. end snippet. And then you have Sandusky's son, arrested in Feb. 2017 for soliciting minors for naked pics and a blow job. http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/real-time/Sanduskys-son-arrested-on-child-porn-sexual-assault-charges.html This is 6 years later that these people are being convicted. They probably took 3-5 years to get them into court. And they had evidence against these guys at the time of Sandusky arrest or soon afterwards. These things take a lot longer than you would think. Give it time. They seem to be knocking them out left and right. Just not the ones that the pizzagate people are expecting. And those are going to be just users. They are not the owners or sellers. The guys in .gov would be the buyers. They are a weak link really. Not the ones you truly want if you want to stop the trade. You want to take out the dealers, not the junkies. Although, we want to take out the junkies too because they are not just affecting themselves but they are affecting others. Weirdos. I just do not see anything sexual about a child. They do not look appealing. They look like little monsters with a mouth full of teeth? Cute like a puppy or kitten? I do not understand pedos.
  5. Not getting them things. Just not. I do not think they are worth it. I've been a commodity and an experiment in medical surgery. I don't like it. You are at the doctors regular like so they can check up on you. And they want to show you off. Like you are a dog in a dog show. They act like you are not human as they talk over you, about you, and ignore you, all while talking about how proud they are of themselves. I am not playing that game again. I didn't have a choice the first time. My parents made that decision for me. It was a good decision actually. But the aftercare, I hated a whole lot. And to this day, I do not go to doctors if I am not dying or in so much pain that I can not take it anymore. Edit: I was three years old when I had experimental surgery to correct a club foot. For a long time, I would curse you if you watched me walk. I did not like anyone watching me walk. It took a long time to get over that.
  6. LOL Mindzen. Like you, I am not so sure Trump was going to do much with Obamacare. I know it seems like it now but it's not that big of a deal in the future. Meet IBM's Dr. Watson. https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertglatter/2016/10/13/doctors-beat-online-symptom-checkers-new-study-finds/3/#555c5f8c4c2d This article is from 2013. http://io9.gizmodo.com/5983991/computers-are-better-at-diagnosing-and-treating-patients-than-doctors Snippet: The researchers also noticed a significant disparity in cost. Doctors charge about $497 per unit of outcome change, whereas the computer cost only $189 for the same measure. end snippet. I watched a vid where Trump was saying that he is surprised that people actually believed everything he said on the campaign trail. Everyone lies to get 's'elected. LOL I thought to myself, you are so in for a surprise Trump. Your fans think you are a god and will do everything you promised and they are fickle fans too. Will turn on you on a dime. See what they did to the Dixie Chicks when ole Shrub was in office? I just love this song.... I think everyone is entitled to an opinion. What they did to these girls was really stupid if you ask me. And here I thought those people believed in the First Amendment. Freedom of speech my ass.
  7. Not to long ago this clicked with me. The UBI is coming and has been planned out for a while now. The world is going to war to get rid of some people. It's the easiest way really. And it will be civilians that die. Besides it's the last great push before the UBI. Things are moving fast so they have to keep us distracted. War does that nicely. Gives you something and someplace to focus your attention doesn't it? This society junk is just that. With a machine that can diagnose you better than the human doctor, the medical field will also be automated except for a few things. Laser surgery and all that. If I can set up a shape to be cut out on a saw and how deep I want it cut and all that, they can do the same with the human body. Computers will do medical stuff except for the caring part. That will be humans. Someone has to empty bedpans and stuff. And war brings changes. Big changes that people accept much better than they do when they are sitting around doing nothing. This war will bring in a new world order. Or a new one according to us peons but not for the ones in the know. It will be business as usual. The fact is, we already have a world government. They make laws. Laws we follow. Laws our country doesn't break. An example of that law that is why pot will not be legal in the USA. It will be de-criminalized but not legal. International law, which trumps national law, which trumps state law, which trumps country law, which trumps city law. So looking at this pyramid, you see International law at the top which everyone actually follows. It's not a treaty. It's a law..... So we are already on a one world government. And they allow all this crap you see happening. It's gamed years in advance and they just push us peons to implement it as needed. You can say they brain wash the public into it with the propaganda. And none of the propaganda is a mistake nor is it going to quit. It's the way they push us into what they want. And we are so easy too... Dang it's all a game. It's all planned out. Nothing is a mistake. Nothing is as you see it. Nothing is real. This is a game. A big game. And the rest of this stuff is distraction to keep us occupied so we don't get in the way of the plan. We are just watching the moves.
  8. I saw the world go global. It looks global because it is. Multiculturalism was a failure but globalism was not. The people can not live together if their cultures are to far apart, like Islam and Christians. The Jewish faith seems to have more in common with their cousins, the Islamic Arabs. And they can not live together it doesn't look like. This game the globalists are playing is for us peons. God, I hate it when my puter just erases what I just wrote. ARRRRRRGGGGG!!!!!! I write books ya know and all gone. ARRRRRRGGGG!!!! Will start over. Dang it. Good thing I remember what I wrote huh?
  9. Me too. I hate them guys. They always hurt me. Poking me and ya know.... No other stranger ever asks me to undress for them... It's just so demeaning to me to spread your legs.. I do not know if other women think like that as no one seems to have this problem but me. I have been to a gyno, 3 times in my lifetime. And that is not counting the times I went right after cancer. I think I went 3 times to see my cancer doc and she did the procedure too. So 6 times total in my life and I am 54. They want me to do this yearly or bi-yearly or something and I just don't like them docs feeling up my boobs like that. And I just find it very invasive. And male docs??? I just don't like 'em. Do not like them strangers getting so personal with me. It ain't none of their business. I'm like you. I have broken fingers and toes and just let them heal by themselves. Just glue wounds together, superglue is wonderful, less painful than stitches and I can do that myself. And pills, WTF???? Are they for real??? Look at the size of those things... I have a problem swallowing pills too. Me and the medical field just do not get along. You will notice I tend to use herbs and essential oils because... well, I can drink them. And I like them better. I do not get the side effects with herbs that pharms give me. And I do not like to pay to make myself sick. It's why I don't drink anymore. I ain't paying for that!!!
  10. BTW, do y'all get those little letters telling you that you are old and are suppose to be getting checkups and flu shots and go see your doc immediately as you are overdue. "We have seen that it is time for your annual checkup. It's very important you go to your checkups. Blah, blah, blah." And do they bribe you to go to them? I don't know what this insurance company is offering but the last one would give me a $50/46.30Euro gift card if I would go get a mammogram. Needless to say, I did not get the $50. I am not going to go get my boobs squashed. I ain't doing that stuff. Call me a big baby. Besides, why they want me to do that so bad? Huh? Why? What is in it for them to give me $50 to get squash my boobs? Sadistic much? I am not doing that. I do not do stuff that they are bribing me on. They want something and I ain't giving it to them. Call me paranoid because I am. VERY PARANOID!!!!!! Who are them people and why they want me to take a shot that makes everyone I know get it, gets sick? Huh? I ain't playing that crap. NO!!! Did I mention I was paranoid?
  11. I would say Trump wants this deal to fail. From what I've seen on it and I haven't read the articles because I really do not care about this subject much. And because I think it's all a big scam anyway. When I go to the doc and I get charged $40/37Euro as a co-pay and when I get the insurance statement, it states that the insurance company only paid $3-5/2.78-4.63euro..... I get very pissed off. What the hell am I paying for insurance for? They don't pay a dang thing as I seem to be paying for it all. The same with any of the medical charges I get. I seem to pay for it all and the insurance company is just a middleman that is threatening me if I do not want to pay their blood money to them. And the blood money comes from everyone involved in the medical field too. Insurance is a big bully and mafia don that controls the peons. The entire system needs to be torn down and started over from scratch if you ask me. And the USA needs to train more GP (general practitioners). I think .gov should pick up the tab for these docs too. If they did that, we might have docs that you can understand and that don't treat you like shit. The Indians have a caste system and the doc act like you are dirt and the bottom rung of their caste system. I will not go to an India doctor. I will travel a long ways to avoid them. I will not use them as I do not like their attitudes. You could say, I demand and expect a lot of respect. If I do not get it, you do not get it from me either. And I have been known to tell people exactly what I think of them and I really do not care where I tell you that at. Just wherever we are that you pissed me off at. I have a bad temper that I have learnt to control but..... sometimes... it gets away from me. Like when I am disrespected. So far all this medical mess has done is disrespect me. Edit: To be clear, I paid cash before Obamacare put me on Medicaid. The hubby is on Medicare and Medicare sucks. It's his insurance I am talking about. When he was put on Medicare, his monthly medical bill tripled. His pills also doubled in price. So Medicare has been a disaster for my budget. I feel for you guys on the commercial stuff. Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. We can grow tobacco in the USA but we can not sell it. And you can only grow it for personal use. Tobacco is grown around me. But the farmers are getting out of it. They say with the quotas taken away around 2004-5, it's not profitable to grow anymore. You get sick from working in the fields too long. You will OD on nicotine. Makes you sick as a dog. Puking and all that stuff. I will not work in a field because of it. And I smoke cigarettes too. You could just throw a few seeds out in the wild and see what happens. If no one grows it, no one will know what it is to rip off or to tell anyone about it either. Try it, the seeds are tiny. You will have to start the seeds in one of those little pots that you plant with your seedling if you want to do it the easy way. If it's illegal for you to order, get someone in the USA you trust to order them and send them to you in a care package. Personal stuff the seeds will not be labeled and you can always have your friend label them something else that they are sending you from their garden. Make sure the seeds look alike what you are claiming. But I doubt that anyone would think you are smuggling in tobacco seeds. lol Of course, some things they don't let in, especially seeds, plants, bugs. Here in the USA, California will stop you at their border and take your living plants, fruits, veggies from you. They don't allow certain things in their state. Between USA states too. Just like you were going into Mexico but you don't have to show ID. Just let them look in your car for contraband. It's more invasive to me really.
  13. Here in the USA, it is legal to grow Somniferum poppies if you want to. You can not grow them to use as an opiate but you can grow them for flowers, those big balls/pods they produce as a dried art thingie, and for culinary reasons. You can, you can. You can order the seeds but if you are smart, you do not buy them from people that are selling you opium flowers. LOL You go to a regular flower magazine and check out the flowers. You make sure it says, somniferum, and you buy them. You can get China white and others. Did y'all think that they named the street stuff for the flower? It looks like they did some of it. LOL I am allergic to the opiates so it is strange that I know this info. I came across it in Eroid's Vault one day a long time ago. People will grow these poppies and they will make a tea out of the pods. The problem is the pods are never the same strength. So people OD drinking the same amount they drank yesterday. It's risky. You really have to be a junkie to try this or someone that knows what they are doing. I do not suggest it. It's just one of those interesting things I came across. I thought in a SHTF situation, some pods might be nice to have around. If they are so bad off that they would drink this risky stuff, then they are near death anyway. BTW, bread seed poppies, come from a Somniferum poppy. It's why you test positive for opium if you eat them. You can grow your own too. Edit: It has to be the papaver somniferum. Not the California poppy. CA poppy is not an opiate. For the herbalists, SHTF info. Pain killer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papaver_somniferum
  14. So the earth is not flat? I can go into space on the Enterprise? You can confirm this? Curious Trekkie wants to know.... Having never been to space to check it out and all ya know.... Spill the beans, spill the beans!!!!
  15. Not gonna bite on this fad. I think that our days are numbered so it doesn't matter too much what they do. Besides... I kindof got grossed out on a video yesterday. I was watching a vid about mind control and came to post it and it was already posted but I watched that thing. I was impressed. I knew that those damn voices were real. Sometimes it's not like they are talking to me. It's almost like they forgot they had the mic on and they are just Bs'ing. Talking about stupid crap. Like the radio does. Yes, it seems every so often, in certain places, I can pick up radio stations. It doesn't happen often and it's usually the radio station I am tuned into and when I turn it on, that's the one I was listening to in my head without being on. It's really eerie but hey, not like it hurts me so I just go on. Don't say anything because people look at you like you are two headed when you do. I read some studies about how your hair is an antenna. It picks ups on frequencies and is actually one of your senses that no one uses. Everyone seems to cut their hair. Even people with long hair will trim it every so often. Not me. I got split ends. I don't cut my hair. I just let it go. Ain't wasting my money on a haircut. I am cheap. Anyway, there has been studies done that say that these antenna on the ends of your hair take 2 years to grow and become able to pick up the 'vibes'/frequencies. Two (2) years. https://www.davidwolfe.com/hair-is-an-extension-of-the-nervous-system-native-americans-keep-hair-long/ This is the video in the article. Chief tells you why you don't cut your hair.