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    Usually when it's stated like that, it means total. So there are 190 active KKK groups. The total membership is between 5000 and 8000 if you combine all the groups together. The Clan has never been that big for each chapter to have 5000 members. The chapters had??? maybe 100-200, maybe 500 members in a group? I don't know. But they were not huge clubs. These are little local thingies. The clan is very, very small these days. There are other white groups that do not call themselves the clan. But the clan is dinky these days.

    The guys with the masks are there. They can not attack the ones they are suppose to be with. I bet they are so disappointed. They wanted to kick some butt because it's allow and they think they are bad. What do you do when the other side doesn't show up to the fight? In my entire life, I have known 2 people in the KKK. Back in the mid 1970s. A couple of the kids in my neighborhood. We all laughed at them. One of them was raised in the Clan as his Dad had all types of literature and stuff. He was active back then. But I haven't seen or heard about the clan until I moved to Meridian, MS for a year or so. And there is was old stories. Come to find out, I knew someone related to the old man they arrested for the murders that Mississippi was famous for. And they were still proud of it too. I thought the Clan died out years ago. I mean really? The clan? White sheets? I am so out of touch. And now the protesters are protesting the police and sheriff. They hate everyone.
  3. Like. Pssst... I am out of likes dang it.
  4. That's why we need to prepare. There will be people out there that will lose their jobs and everything. They are the front lines. The front lines always gets messed up. Look at the war on the police that is being waged. And going to a protest should not leave your children, parents or whomever behind since you got killed at the protest. They need to call it what it really is. They need to say they are not going to protest. They are going to war against the other people that are there. After all, when you show up with bats, feces and pee and chemical bottles, helmets, shields and do not bother to get a permit.... You are really a rogue outfit and outlaws. You are in the bad element. And you came to the protest to hurt and maim people. To war against them. They are definitely not protesting against them. That's not how you protest something. This is the sign of last resort. Violence... It's what is suppose to happen when all else fails. So what does this say about the state of the union? I would have been at a protest to protest them removing history. I would be there for any history they want to remove if I lived in the town. Doesn't really matter which history either. History is history and can not be changed. The good, the bad, the ugly. It's all we got to work with. It should not be forgotten. Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. I can not believe these people are this stupid. I thought a lot of them were in college... college makes you stupid these days I guess.. This is a highly educated class of people? I thought Heather only graduated from high school. So these are not educated fools? I would say they are useful idiots. They are acting the part.
  5. @BunBun I see God's hand all over this. The sun and moon is for signs... This eclipse cutting the USA apart. The great divide. It's very appropriate really. The country seems to be splitting into half. If you ask me, time is running very short. Very short indeed. You will hear rumors of war. Abomination in the holy place... Wouldn't the holy place be your DNA? This same DNA that they are tampering with to turn us into freaks? I mean... seems to me. God in the old days, before Jerusalem, did not have temples and such buildings. He told all the ancients to put up stones. Pile them up and do not let a tool touch them. Natural only. Altars of natural stones. No cutting and molding. No special ornaments, no adornments... Markings of natural stuff. Nothing manmade. So why does he need a temple to put in a holy place? Why is the holy place not inside of his people, his flock? His mark.... He left us the holy ghost to help us, wisdom... or so I've always thought. The days of Noah are here again. This is all history. Proof is being found and it's coming out. God is being removed from everywhere. Yet Baphomet is being put up everywhere. Or Shiva... Or the moon of Allah... The great delusion is upon us. The bible has gone around the world to be accepted or rejected. China even accepted it for a while. Then they cracked down. But there for a while, crosses were seen by the populace and Jesus churches were accepted. There is so much that points to this being like the Days of Noah. So while you see stuff in a Christian light... I do too. I see prophecy that could not be understood by my grandmothers opening up now. I see the new prosperity gospel. What a joke they are. Ole Joel is gonna take them people to hell with him. He has never read the book of Job. Neither has he read where Jesus says, As they do to me, they will also do to you. I mean... come on... God wants you to be rich because of what?? Because you think you deserve it??? Since when does what you or I or anyone think matter to God??? It just amazes me the way they are testing God. Really? And they are going there. Laughing all the way to Angel of Darkness's bank and mansion and plane. Wow.... I ain't never.... I was not a very religious person when I was younger. I did grow up in the church and read the bible a lot but that's because it was the only book I had sometimes. So I had favorite stories. I loved Ruth when I was younger. I could read that book over and over and over. Loyalty... Then I played around with other religions as a teenager and gave it up by the time I was in my 20s. Only lately have I returned to my very early roots. Something called and I went with it.... I am watching it unfold now... Interesting stuff. I tell people that religion is the best conspiracy theory around. And it is. So much to research and so much chaff to wade through to get to the truth. Or what an individual wants to believe as we are all going to believe what sounds reasonable to us and disbelieve what sounds outlandish. I see prophecy here. But hey, I am not a religious scholar or anything. It's just my understanding. Sometimes, I freak on it too. Not today though. Today I am angry they want to erase history. But I love hearing anything you have to say about this in a religious context. I am always up for learning something.
  6. The teeth are not the same. At 3:49 in the above video. Going to the Alex link, playing vid. At 3:48 https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ynKOVkQNjQxR The bottom teeth are not the same. It almost looks like the guy in your video is wearing something on his bottom teeth but not his top. The teeth are not the same. The top teeth are not the same either and you can tell that these are those guy's teeth.
  7. And that is why you will not be allowed to sit on the sidelines. It's getting insane.... Totally insane.... From what I read, the victim was not nice herself. You do not call someone trashy like that. You ignore them and move on. But she lowered herself to the attacker's level. The attacker took offense and came out swinging instead of doing the correct thing. Ignore it. Both were wrong but the attacker was more in the wrong. Your right to free speech stops before your fist hits my nose... A little history on the phrase. History is a good thing. This is a holdover from Prohibition times. Both pro and anti prohibition used it to make their point about personal liberty. http://quoteinvestigator.com/2011/10/15/liberty-fist-nose/ How interesting that this is taught around kindergarten or used to be. That's what? 4-5 year olds? And this adult clerk did not know this? She was trashy with no manners. The victim was rude also. She should have just turned around and walked out. Dropped the toy and left. But she had to open that mouth. So she got it punched. It's just so.... wow... just wow.... Snippet: In 1896 in Philadelphia the preacher Robert F. Y. Pierce used the phrase while discussing liberty [RPPI]: He illustrated the idea of personal liberty by the man who thought he had liberty to strike another man in the nose. That other sent the offender to jail to teach him that “your liberty ends where my nose begins.” In 1902 the adage was mentioned by the Walter B. Hill, Chancellor of the University of Georgia at a meeting of the National Educational Association. It was also published by Hill in a periodical aimed at educators of young children called Kindergarten Magazine [WHNE] [WHKM]: Children learn at an early age the principle of the limitation of individual liberty. It can usually be fixed in the mind by the epigrammatic statement, “My right to swing my arm ends where your nose begins.”
  8. The Alamo is slated for destruction

    Maybe they are thinking since the 'browns' lost??? They can not rewrite history to say that the USA stole it from Mexico if they have something to remind them that it was fought over and blood was shed for it. AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! So frustrated at this point. The stupidity... It burns... Just burns......
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