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  1. sick of all of it

    Do not get upset but I gotta do this... First. There is no place without bugs. Bugs are everywhere. Eyes in the sky, on the street corners, in your hand and all over your house. There are even little devices that can be aimed your way to pick up all sound around you. There is nowhere to hide. What you have going for you is that there is not enough people to monitor stuff that they pick up but with the quantum computers that is not going to be a problem for long. Within the next 5 years or so. And if you have an online presence the AI already knows you. Better than you know yourself. And it is a future/past/present machine. It will pick you out as a dissent and you will be messed with. All types of new toys out there to mess with your brain and when 5G comes online, it will be all over. Just waiting on the 5G. It is rumored that we have to have the 5G because of the automatic, self driving cars. But that is only one of the functions of the 5G system. It is a control system to control everyone. And people will clamor for the coming implants that will do stuff for you. Make life easier and they will use the excuse of ID theft to talk people into it. Everyone pays willingly for the bugs. They will purchase devices that cost hundreds and even thousand of dollars. Bugs.... Cell phones, TVs, all those gadgets that make life easier. All bugs. Small quirk of the law, a warrant if needed to listen to my side of a phone call because my phone is wired into the wall on a cord, from wall to phone to headset that doesn't go far, are all on a cord. If I put it on a wireless phone that I can walk around on, no one needs a warrant to listen to my side of the conversation. Cell phones go through the air and are not private and no warrant is needed to listen to them. That's how the NSA is able to record any and all conversations, texts, pics and whatever you have on your phone. It's all disconnected and over the 'free' airwaves. Wireless, just like most people's computers. That big show the tech companies put on was just that, big show. They were fighting a losing battle because this is already settled law through the courts. Precedence has been laid down and all that jazz. And if you are within 100 miles of the border, you are in a constitution free zone anyway. Warrants would be just something they use if they want to, they do not need them there. You are a fish in a net that is fighting and will end up losing. Not saying that there are not things you can do to get out of the matrix because there are. But these methods are very labor intensive and for the young. You have to drop out but not drop out. Draw no attention to yourself and become a hermit. Other people will take you down. Today is lone wolf or very, very small groups that allow no outsiders into them. Make your little group and buy some land for a commune. Close yourself off and do not make any waves and be nice to your neighbors. Pay your taxes on the property and grow some of your own foods and can and stuff. Live simple. Check the laws in the area because you do not want some of the laws on rainwater and solar power and stuff. You can not just dig a well, do it legally. This is the way to keep them off your back. Get rid of the bugs, no tv, cell phone, most electronics, got to go old school. Paper books are nice. AI is coming. It will take over. I am not going to say that it's all doom and they will kill humanity even though I loved the sci fi show Caprica and Battlestar Galatica. Great shows. But this AI will control things and it will not have any empathy nor can it be bribed. It has no greed. Just fuzzy logic. Money is meaningless to it. Money will become digital and a UBI (universal basic income) is coming for all. There is to be two classes of people. The ones on the dole and the ones that supplement their dole with small jobs. I think crafts might make a comeback and specialty foods and other little things as people find things to do to occupy their time and boredom and to break up the sameness of everything. With computers, everything will look the same. Kindof like all the cars on the road, no matter what company, they look the same because of the wind and other factors and as these things do not change, they are all going really generic except for a few amenities in them. You are not going to drop out and live in a national forest area. Those are already taken and wired up. They will find you unless you are a ghost. Winter is coming and foodstuff and heat must be provided for and stored. These things take space and wood is smelly and anything else you use to heat with must be carried in. You will have to have quite a few places to hole up in and keep on the move. Just like the old west outlaws did. Within the next 20 years, I am guessing with the rumors I've seen around the world, the money will be digital. You will find all your money is in an account somewhere and no one spends cash anymore. They are getting rid of cash money. They will say it's to get rid of the black market profits. I would think it's why they are taking down the CIA now. They are a lot of the black money stuff running around the USA and maybe other places, running drugs and weapons, etc. Trump is taking down the gangs. I have found that when I look into all those places where those sealed warrants are, they seem to be gang related and taking down the gangs. Lower rung of the black market arrested? Most of the time, people that are asking for others to rise up and do something, are setting them up for a fall. Seems to me, that certain federal agencies look around for angry people wanting to 'do something'. Set them up. Just saying.... Don't fall for the trap. Do not think people have your best interests at heart or think like you do just because their online persona says they do. People lie and play games. You have to look people in the eyeballs. In today's world, you are a fool if you trust people easily. If you think you want to make a difference, try going into politics. Let them tear your life apart and get elected or selected. Kiss whatever ass you got to get up there with the big dogs. Become what you hate to change it all. That's what it will take if done correctly and you will find just like all the others did.... Change comes through 'force' of some type. It doesn't happen without it. Fines, confinement, death, pain, these are the ways that humans respond and make fast changes. All other changes are done through generations. Slowly, slowly, like the frog boiling, do you change the younger generation. It's why they want them in school so young. The younger the better for the indoctrination and programming. That's why each generation is so different than the last one. They are programmed for change, the change the older generation does not see a reason for and will not change unless forced to. It's all an old, old, old plan and they have not changed this plan in generations. And these plans will not be changed either. It may look like they are but that's all a big show. Got to make the 'free' and 'educated' population think they have some control over their lives. They don't. Never did. Once the modern circus of electronic devices came out, the time was short. They have been programming us with sci fi and other shows and movies for years. They can get all generations with the tv and cell phones and internet. What I found interesting is that Bill Gates and other tech guys send their kids to a very old fashioned school that does not use computers. They limit their kids time on electronic devices if they allow them on them. Why is that? Because they have discovered that these computers and smart phones are rewiring the brains of people, even the adults? Star Trek world here we come. Best people can do, because we are still on a monetary system, is spend their money on supporting or not supporting companies. You will find that some things and companies can not be avoided because they are a monopoly. Like your electric company and internet company. Only one in the area so no choices. Live in the cities, have choices. It's the best you are going to get these days. At least these days. The military can and will march on the streets if people want them to. Choices. But not choices. And how do you know you are just not being programmed to think that way anyway? If you are online and the computer is tailoring your ads to your internet habits.... I would think that the computer is also putting up other stuff that it 'thinks' you want to see and leaving out other things it 'thinks' you have no interest in. Wild world we live in these days.
  2. I am seriously wondering what intelligence level these people are at? Just above a cow maybe? They do not seem to learn from the past. They do not seem to wonder, care about, think about, worry about, or anything about the future. And they live in this moment following their animal instincts instead of any type of brain logic and empathy. They seem to have all the markings of sociopaths and psychopaths. They do not care if it reverses the decision because they do not care about anything except their animal ego. Like Hillary, they can not believe they lost and they are whining about it to anyone that will listen and since they are enraged when they get into crowds of each other. They do just like rabid monkeys or sharks tasting blood while ripping a hunk of flesh off a carcass. That's how that woman reporter talked about how she was groped and raped in a crowd of rabid Muslims. Big story at the time not to long ago. They do not need to be paid. They are bored and looking for trouble. Just like most wild animals do when they are not feeding their faces and sleeping. Only if they kill themselves and others do they get paid and I heard rumors that is stopping because their money pipes are being closed down. No money means no pension for the orphans and widows. And those orphans and widows will starve anyway soon if these rumors are true. Who can ya trust in the media these days? Dilemma..... Shakeups around that part of the world. It hasn't all shaken out yet but will eventually. It's not like anything is going to change except for the mileage of the distances between Israel's government and the USA embassy. Other embassies will follow shortly. It's a done deal if Trump actually moves the embassy in the next year. He did give himself a 6 month reprieve for all the hoopla to settle down and then he will quietly move the USA embassy. Sounds like a plan. Let the retards get that aggression out now before the big move.
  3. Yep. Long time. I seem to recall the same pictures in the newspapers when Iran went nuts back in the 1970s. Nothing new under the sun huh? Just for the ones that do not remember that or were not born then. This is not new. Death to America has been chanted around the world for years.
  4. I do not see the problem. I think both governments can control their own areas from Jerusalem if that's what they want to do. Israel already controls Jerusalem. I do not see what the big deal is. Just a bunch of spoiled rotten crybabies screaming because something is not going their way. Boo hoo hoo hoo. Cry me a river. Someone needs to be taken behind the woodshed and get the crap beat out of them. Learn them some stuff that they obviously did not learn from their parents and warped culture. This is way past retarded and it's time to lock up the retards if they do not want to behave correctly in polite society. I am so tired of retards. The show is getting old and the popcorn is getting stale. I think that they need to block off all the protesters and put them in their own little camps. Lil Kimmie is looking better all the time. He seems to have the correct idea on how to deal with people you do not want to deal with. Work camps where they die along with their entire family. After all they 'love' to keep all that inbreed genes pure and all by marrying their cousins and blood relatives. Some of them will not marry outside of the family. Sickening to me that is, very taboo in my culture, which is not compatible with their culture. They are too damaged to be out in my culture's 'polite' society. They need to stay in their 'polite' culture and not come to mine where they are unhappy. I'm not going to them. They are coming to me. And war is not cutting it as a reason. If war or terror was a reason, why hasn't anyone helped the Yazidis and the white S. Africans? So that excuse isn't holding water. As far as my country messing with theirs... seems to me that is what the powerful do. Doesn't matter who they are. Whoever is in power at the moment will take advantage of it. History shows that very well. Doesn't matter what color, creed, religion, culture, sex, age, whatever anyone is, even in the entire animal kingdom, especially among mammals.... The strong ALWAYS overpower the weak. It's our natural nature and humans revert back to it very, very easily it seems. Cruel world.... After a while, you get tired of it. I'm tired of it. I have changed my mind because of all these SJWs and Muslim retards. The programming works. I no longer believe in open borders. I no longer believe 'those people' can be integrated into my society. They are too damaged by inbreeding and their cultures to fit into mine. Jerusalem is already lost to them. It belongs to and is controlled by Israel. If they want to do something about it, they need to conquer it. I do not see that happening anytime soon. So they are going to pull some crappy protesting and violence out of their asses and make everyone miserable around them because someone voiced what is already and has been for years, a true statement. It is said, "Truth hurts!" Guess as long as no one said it, it wasn't true?
  5. North of Jerusalem is not Russia. Russia is to the northeast of Israel. Turkey is north of Israel. http://www.vriendenvanisrael.nl/?p=2155 Snippet: 1. EZEKIEL 38 CONFIRMS TURKEY’S LEADERSHIP ROLE From the prophecies examined in the Book of Ezekiel, we saw that Turkey was significantly emphasized. Of the eight locations that were specified in the Gog Prophecy of Ezekiel 38, five were located firmly within Turkey. Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Togormah, and Gomer are all areas that were within the boundaries of modern Turkey. The fact that Turkey was so heavily emphasized is not something to be ignored. God highlighted Turkey for a reason. However, it is important that this theory by confirmed by other passages, as well. https://hightimetoawake.com/north-quarters-refers-to-the-northern-provinces-of-turkey/ The new Turkish Caliphate? https://intpolicydigest.org/2017/06/29/erdogan-self-proclaimed-caliphate/ They are making popular shows on the tv about the Ottoman Empire greatness.... Setting the people up for something? Everything Ottoman is a fad now? People going to start decorating their houses in Ottoman theme? http://www.middleeasteye.net/columns/turkey-tv-erdogan-akp-new-found-love-all-things-ottoman-297663742
  6. White privilege.... No such thing. I have thought about this all of a few minutes and have come up with what they are stupidly calling 'white privilege'. And it's a symptom of every culture in the world. Whoever is the dominant race, culture, ethnicity in an area, that is who has the 'overt/subtle privilege (racist)' is. If you live in an African country where the dominant race is black, then there is 'black privilege' and the other colors and cultures do not do so well unless they get their money from outside that country usually. In China, the Chinese have 'yellow privilege' over the other colors/cultures. In Arab countries, brown countries, all the countries have this 'privilege'. It comes with having the most people. In my small town, it's 'who' you know. Not 'what' you know, that gets you a job. Most jobs are word of mouth because when an opening comes up, an employee wants a friend or relative to have that job. Small town life. I've seen it happen in the big metro city areas. Family and friends have connections. If there are more of them and not so many of you, who do you think is going to have it easier in that area? The dominant culture/race/family and friend network. Check out the 'good ole boy' club in your town. They are the ones to know for stuff. They got 'privilege'. Color need not apply, just will be the dominant race/culture that you see around you when you go out on the town.
  7. Was going to happen in it's time. I have a problem with those religious folks that prophecy stuff these days. I am so skeptical about it all. There have been a couple guys that proclaimed Trump was God's chosen and meant to lead the way of the USA. He is to be a great friend to Israel. And I do not know them all as I am a skeptic about all that stuff so I've listened to bits and pieces and changed the channel. They were kindof boring and drama queen-ish to me really. Putting on a show. Anyway, the world was going to come to that decision. They need Trump to do it first and take the lead and the heat and they will quietly follow behind him. Eating the dust of his wagon wheels all the way but they will come. I find it interesting how that is working out. The other world leaders scream and put on a drama queen show and then they do the same thing. Check out everyone's new 'Great Wall' to keep out migrants. Seems everyone wants in on the project now and walls are going up everywhere on the borders. The days of free travel are almost over. All it will take is one massive world wide pandemic and the borders would lock down like iron gates. Keeping them out and you in. Everyone goes through security to get to the other side. Wonder if they will put a wall up on the northern border of the USA... Be a long wall.... So I would say, once the USA moves their embassy, others will follow suit. Jerusalem is suppose to get wiped off the map one day. Why would anyone want it? Besides, this could be a nothing burger. Trump delayed it 6 months. So far it's just talk. Talk is cheap. Bush and Obama agreed Jerusalem was the capital of Israel too and talked about it. Talk. All talk so far. No action. I'll wait and see before I get too excited about this.
  8. Sick Child And Family Kicked Off Flight

    There really should not be any tolerance for sickness and the enclosed, recycled air of an airplane. This is how a deadly pandemic can spread across the globe in 24 hours. I am sure one day, as you pass through all the spy machines, one will tell you your temperature. It's already in law that if you have certain diseases you can not come into other countries. The USA one but every country has similar laws. http://immigration.findlaw.com/visas/visas-reasons-for-ineligibility.html Snippet: Health-Related Reasons A foreign national is ineligible for a U.S. visa if he or she: Has a communicable disease that poses a public health risk. Note that being positive for HIV/AIDS does not render a foreign national ineligible for a visa. Cannot show proof of vaccination against certain diseases including mumps, measles, pertussis, influenza type B, and hepatitis B. Is determined to have a physical or mental disorder that may pose, or has posed, a threat to the safety, welfare, or property of the foreign national or of others. Is determined to be an addict or abuser of illicit drugs. end snippet...... And planes are also how that pandemic plague is going to escape into the African continent. Maybe that was the plan? Send a bunch of Africans north and then send in plague to clean out the rest. After that, send back the Africans to rebuild their country's population or not rebuild it. Less for them to have to reason with when it all goes robotic and they end up like the rest of the world on the dole of UBI. I keep seeing that movie, Total Recall, with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Two classes of people.... The UBI dole and the Rich and connected. People need purpose in life. I think the AI might take over as humanity dies out. That is what society is heading towards with all the robotics and AI stuff. Soon, you will not need to go to school because your personal AI, some people have them now, called Siri or Alexa, can answer any question you have so why memorize anything? Depend on your devices to get by as it makes life easier. Might have to go watch the movie, Wall-E, today. We are turning into a Wall-E world.
  9. it's cancer......

    Morning y'all..... Yesterday, they biop'ed the lungs. I guess his lungs are tumor filled and they want to see what type of cancer is in the lymphs and lungs. So I guess next week, we go to Louisville to see the lung doc and get the news about that and see the cancer doc. It's a process I did not go through when I had cancer. When I had cancer, I took a pap smear. Came back clear as a bell. But the doc talked me into a cancer test when she took the pap and the cancer test came back positive. The very next day, I was in surgery taking out one ovary and the uterus. I would not let them take both ovaries because the doc said one was clear and I was a dingbat and said, "God gave it to me, I wanta keep it." How stupid I was at the time but it's past now. I have been getting twinges in that area the last year or so and like the hubby, I've been ignoring it. I am thinking about going to the doc and it will turn out to be nothing just like I thought. So I refused chemo completely and took a few rounds of radiation but I quit that too. Felt like it was burning me and when I told the doc, he did not believe me so I quit going to him and his burning treatments after a few of them. If he did not believe me when I told him it felt like I was burnt, I figured he didn't know what he was doing anyway. God would take care of me. Yes.... I depend on God a whole lot although most people do not seem to realize that about me.... But it was an in and out surgery basically. Nothing like what most people seem to do. I treated it like it was the common cold and just a small blip in my life that gave me a scar. Got lots of scars, another doesn't seem to matter.... But he is not following my pattern. I do not know how it's going to go from here.... We have been passing the flu back and forth and I think that is why he was running a fever. And the docs still do not know why he was running a fever but I can tell them it was probably the flu we keep handing back and forth. No more kisses for him for a couple weeks. I was in bed sleeping for 3 days a couple days ago. Headache, body hurt, fever and chills. Nasty stuff. Told hubby that we have no immune systems anymore because we haven't had the flu in years and years since we started avoiding going out in public much. Maybe we caught it from the hospitals. They are germ factories and I've slept in at least 2 of them in the week before Thanksgiving. These immunology (DNA) drugs will help if his body does not attack his liver and kidneys. But they will not cure him. They might put him in remission for a time or they might kill him. I think the immunology drugs is what took out his mom. Attacked her liver. But I am not a doc and I am guessing about that from what I've read and she was part of the experiment whereas Keith will not be an experiment because these things have been FDA approved for bladder, lung and skin cancers that I know of. I haven't done much research on them really. Just a touch. I haven't been online in the last week much. Sick as a dog and I have a lot to do around here. Today, I am giving away my poor outside dog. I can not keep her from the insulation and she will die this winter if I keep her. A friend is going to take her as his dog is getting old and he wants a new one and Loretta is a real sweetie pie and I will miss her. I found my male Baby Tigger on the side of the road yesterday and I have to bury him today. He was almost a year old and so now I only have 3 of a litter of 6 left out of around 18 or so born last winter..... I guess I will end up losing all my outside cats after Loretta is no longer here to bark at the critters.... I need a huge puppy to raise up with the cats. Huge. Siberian husky or an Australian cur dog like I had before they died. My brother in law and wife are moving next to us but they do not have the money for electric and stuff so they will be moving in with us. The old man doesn't realize it as he is gotten strange. He is wishy-washy and depending on the pain med they give him, he gets mean. Picks fights, does idiotic stuff, so far, they haven't looked at his brain but I am starting to wonder if maybe he doesn't have a tumor there too. He's turned into... well he's different... Tells me I am wrong on everything, doesn't matter what it is. I am wrong. So when I tell him that he is calling me a liar, he says he isn't doing that. But nothing I say is correct or true. Don't know about y'all but someone that I think tells me wrong all the time or what they say is not true... that's a liar to me. I don't know.... Maybe I'm just oversensitive because he has been doing this since before his Mom died last year and I am so tired of fighting him... I was moving next door because of it and his cats when he got diagnosed. I love him to death but could not live with him anymore because of how mean he's gotten. He's not physical, it's his mouth and I gave up on my house. I have never liked living in a cluttered mess. I like wide open spaces and minimal furnishings although you could never tell that by looking at my house now. I love dishes and cookbooks. Those are what usually clutters my place. Books and different, pretty dishes. Girly huh? If only my Mom knew that she would have quit buying me all those unicorns and other girly stuff to try and make me be girly. The family is not happy with my new roomies because he is the black sheep and it's a long story that no one tells me what it is. So maybe I will hear all about it now. Who knows. Not too worried about it. Not like I would miss most of this junk if it disappeared. When the hubby dies, I will get rid of most of this junk anyway. I am thinking about setting up a couple of my little sheds as tiny houses after the hubby dies. Might even move into one myself and rent out the trailers for cash. Hate to do that as it would break up my little solitude but it would bring in some cash. And by default, I can get the renters to help me with my trees and yard and stuff. Maybe even talk them into making my chicken yard bigger. Be a fun place for kids really although kids would be the last people I would want to live around. Why? Germ factories. My brain is working now that I am over the shock of all this.... Or at least, they can not say anything more to me that I do not think will shock me anymore. Of course, we have not seen the cancer doc and will not until next week or so they say. Today, I give away my dog because winter is here and it will turn very cold today. My Loretta does not have hair on half her body right now and I can not bring her inside. I have been delaying taking her off because I do love my little Loretta. She is not as big as I wanted but she probably weighs around 35lbs/16k. If I could just keep her hair on her... Yellow insulation is stuck to her skin... she has to go today unfortunately. And when the rain stops, I have to bury my Baby Tigger boy... He was such a sweetie pie. Would come up and rub on you and wanted to be petted on. Would cuddle with you and why is it all my sweetie cats go missing or get run over. This is the second cat I found on the road and buried. The others just disappeared, no bodies found. My cat food bill has gone down. I had around 20 cats this spring. Now I have 11. I guess I will end up losing all the ones outside when Loretta leaves them. Not like I know how I'm going to feed them when Keith dies anyway. I've never taken a piss test for a job. And I won't pass one now. I smoke pot. I'm thinking about putting in a huge garden this year if I can get help with it. Sell me some produce on the farmer's markets. Be camping out in my garden because of the critters if I do. They will eat up a garden faster than you can say, "Boo!". Not like there isn't gardens and fields all around me for them but those mono-gardens of corn, beans, pumpkins one field grew this year, and other stuff just aren't the same as my variety gardens. Guess they get tired of eating the same things like we do and want some squashes, watermelons, peppers, broccoli is their favorite, cabbages and stuff. They prefer variety it seems. Especially the dang rabbits. Rabbits are a garden menace. Cute but will destroy your garden in a night. Eat the watermelons when they are fist size along with the vines down to the ground. Dogs do not deter them either. Had good dogs and they didn't help. Life is so interesting I gotta say.... Things change.... As I get older, I find the changes harder. I do not know why that is. It would seem like as many changes I've gone through, I would be used to change. I was when I was younger. Now I just feel old. So old... and I'm not that old according to most people. Gotta be a kid to see me as old I guess.... Always said I wanted to be like my Grandma. She lost her hubby and lived by herself, gardening, canning and selling quilts. But I didn't think I would lose my hubby because he is 4 years younger than me. Life has a way of slapping you in the face. Keith wants to go to California or somewhere to get some legal pot. He wants a go-fund me page but I'm not going to do that. I know that people do that but I'm not. I do not need people to fund him a trip to smoke. It's legal in Nevada and they have cheap flights, gambling flights to there or I will rent a car for a couple weeks. I want to go see my Grandson in Texas anyway. And bring back some seeds. Hard to do on a plane although it can be done as I've taken a quarter ounce from Vancouver, Canada to the USA on a plane. Wasn't that hard to do really. Yes, I was crazy but I wasn't throwing away my smoke just because I was getting on a plane. And I ended up arguing with the USA border patrol to get my parents back into the states. They were told their military IDs would work and when we got up there, border patrol wanted birth certificates. They accepted mine for my parents because Mississippi puts or put in 1962, you parent's names, birthdates and citizenship on them. Yes, I threw a fit at the border patrol with pot on me arguing with them to let us back into the country. Fearless back then. Anyway, I will figure out how to get him to a legal pot state. No go fund me page. If he insists, that's ok. I will put it up for him but I'm not telling anyone about it. Embarrassing to me it is really. I haven't begged for money since I was a teenager and I do not want to start that. God will find a way if he wants it to happen. Besides, I would like to go to Reno myself. I do like that 'crack' video poker machine that calls my name when I get by a casino. Won't be this year. Maybe next year. Now I am not sure how I will bury him. Got the plot but not the funeral home but I'm not worried about that until it happens. Will look at that when it comes along, not planning for it. The boy may live, hopefully another 5 years. I am hoping so anyway. Will know more next week I guess... They did say his both his lungs are filled with tumors. Inside and out of the lungs. That's why we almost lost him after they took out his bladder and why his oxygen would not stabilize. He's riddled with cancer. Lymphs, lungs, and they haven't checked his brain. His bladder and prostate are gone and they were loaded down with tumors. He's riddled.... Even the new miracle drugs will just prolong his life. He signed up for pain management yesterday. At least those drugs are not going to cost what the street drugs cost. Guess he will go out of this world a junkie. Can not say anything about that as I am told cancer is very painful. Horrible to watch someone die with it I am told. My MIL was in pain when she died. She was ready to die. I am selfish and did not want her to die. Just like now. I am being very selfish in wanting him to live at all costs. Even pain but I do understand how pain can make you give up and want to die. That I do understand very well......... I am going to set up some appointments to check out the slight pain in my gut I've been ignoring for a while now. It's not bad, just twinges but I still have an ovary and I haven't gone back to the docs after my cancer. Do not like those guys so I avoid them too. But my family does not need to lose both of us due to not seeing a doctor. Guess I need to step up my game and bite that bullet. I have lynch which is a cancer marker that makes cancer a certain thing or so they say. Besides, those stupid machines in the drug store keep telling me my blood pressure is off their charts. I need to get that checked out. Then I'm hitting the herbal forum we got and check it out for controlling it by food instead of drugs. I do not like taking pills. Horrible things. Life is interesting guys. Take time to enjoy it because you do not know what is going to happen tomorrow. And it's very easy to get comfortable in your life and to forget how to get joy out of it. You do not realize how important something is until it is no longer there. Take each day as it comes. Get offline some and enjoy the sun. Read a book. Or go canoeing. I have been living online for a few years and I have found in the last few weeks that being online all the time is not the same as 'living'. I remember life before the computers. Winter is coming. I hope it snows. The snow looks like glittering diamonds. The dew on a frozen morning looks like a field of diamonds sparkling in the sunlight. The fireflies in the spring to autumn look like little twinkling stars above the grass... The whip-o-will sings all night in the spring to autumn months along with the frogs chorus... Little things... Little things are important.... Hug your family and tell them you love them.... Things happen and regrets can not be taken back.... But God has my back... God loves us and things happen for a reason. Some of the reasons will never be understood by us, not here. My neighbor just lost her Mom. Her family is fighting. Death brings out the best and the worst in people. Especially if they think they will get something from the dead person. It's really sad. I remember losing my parents. I still miss them terribly. They've been gone over 7 years now.... I think I will cook up some meat for Loretta before I take her to her new home..... I will see her again but she is used to running and will be living in town. No more running around as she is destined to be a housedog now. Maybe I'll try to bring her inside and get her well and see if I can not block her off from the insulation. I might do that instead. I do love my animals and they are good animals. My sister loves those wiener dogs. Said she would give me one if I wanted to raise them and sell them. I might just do that. God will make a way. He always does..... Weiner dogs.... They are cute. Wonder how my old chiwawas will like a new puppy or two one day. My siblings will set me up. They promised Mom to look out for me before she died. I might take them up on it.... My sis wants to raise and sell wiener dogs and she will set me up too when she gets a puppy. As I don't believe in puppy mills, I might just get me one male and 3 females so they won't have babies over once a year. Hard on them to have babies twice a year. I had an Aunt that raised and sold Siamese cats and Pomeranian dogs and shelties or miniature collies. She made decent money back in the 70s. I got the room to raise dogs or cats. It's an idea.... And I love animals.... Might even see about getting me a milk calf when Keith dies. I've never bottle fed a calf. Might be fun to have a pet cow or two. Of course, I am getting them for meat so I could not get too attached to them. Can you see me with a few cows because I couldn't kill and eat them? That would be my luck.
  10. it's cancer......

    Well, they transferred him back to Louisville around 6pm. I do not know for how long. The docs still do not know why he is running a fever. So they shipped him off to his surgeons. He needed those staples out anyway. Tomorrow they are going to biop the stuff in his lungs to see if it's cancer or maybe pneumonia. They seem to know that he has bladder cancer and it's in the lymphs according to the CAT scans. His lungs have stuff/tumors in them and the docs in Louisville want to know what it is exactly. I will be heading that way tomorrow. Needed to get my girl friend to keep my animals. I hope they kick him out again in a day or so. Those chairs are not comfortable to sleep on. I really feel for the people that are taller than 5ft/1.5m. I do not fit on them much less someone that is around 6ft/2m. His son has been researching the newer bio meds that kick up the immune system. They do have the side effect of, on some people, the immune system seems to also attack the liver and kill it. So it's a damn if you do and a damn if you don't thing. Luck of the draw I guess. He still has to talk to the cancer doctor and they are still dealing with his guts. One thing at a time seems to be the way they work. Frustrating really. Those docs are trying I guess but they sure are unsure about a whole lot of things. They have run the same tests over and over. What are they looking for? I would not think anything's changed in the last two weeks or so. His ambulance that took him to Louisville got in an accident after they got off the interstate in downtown Louisville. No one was hurt, just a fender bender. I laughed... crap... his luck sucks ya know. But they decided to give us a discount on the ride of only $115 for the trip. Fender bender free and all that jazz. I was like, "What? Not free?" Fender bender was free. Dang I tell y'all... Life sometimes just does not go your way for nothing. And sometimes, you just can not help but to laugh about it. I wonder what the ride cost if $115 is the discount price. Tank of gas, 2 EMTs, probably a 6 hour round trip because of the rain and accident. I will get the story tomorrow about that. Going to bed now.
  11. it's cancer......

    Well, waking up from my second night in the small hospital just south of us. Keith could not get control of the pain and so we went to a GP and Keith has a massive kidney infection. I canceled his aftercare appointment in Louisville because we were in the hospital yesterday. Waiting on the doc so I can go home and take care of the animals. My neighbor's Mom died and they have been in Pikeville for the last few days. I am taking care of her animals too. I have also found someone to take my Loretta, my outside dog. I can not keep the fur on her but I have figured out it's insulation she is burrowing into. Messing up my insulation under my house. Dang dog. But she is a sweetie and if I do not find a place for her, she will not survive the winter with patches of hair gone. The guy I am giving her to will put her inside and she will not be an outside dog anymore. She will love that, so much more attention will be given to her. So I will just have the hubby's cats and my two little chiwawas to worry about. So I still do not know what they are going to do about the cancer. I am making appointments for next week because I hope Keith is out of the hospital by then. At least I can go home daily here. That will not be possible in Louisville. But Louisville is where he will go for cancer treatments. The nurse mentioned Hospice today. Are they crazy? He's not ready for Hospice. I refuse to accept that. A home nurse to help out one or twice and that's all we need. Not weekly or anything, just to help with that bag he is wearing now. That thing is something else but I know I can figure out how to order supplies myself. Don't need a nurse at all at home if you ask me. But no one seems to be asking me, they just say it's going to happen. Yesterday, I guess they were going to take his staples out as it's been two weeks. So I am hoping they can get him in Monday and I am hoping he is home by then. So we still know nothing. And I understand bladder cancer is very aggressive. I don't know.... I am putting my hope in God. It's all we have now really. I really want him to die at the house if he is going to die. Not in a hospital....... Petting his cats and watching his little tv.... I really want him to stay around but that is not going to happen I guess.... I need a cigarette.... I feel so selfish wanting him to stay with me... I could not work in a hospital... All the sadness and grief in them.... But sometimes joy too... The doc just came in. Keith has tumors in his lungs. They are not giving me any hope. I refuse to accept this. I do.... Going to have a cigarette...
  12. And they eat their own. A suggested link took me to this article. https://www.thecollegefix.com/post/30436/ Snippets: In one of the larger workshops, one of the students raised a question about why the only issues being discussed were those involving anti-blackness, prompting an African-American student to respond that black students are the most oppressed, to which a Muslim student made a comment about her people being bombed in the Middle East, according to Alvarez. This exchange, and others like it, resulted in the cancellation of several sessions on the second day of the conference, Alvarez said. Above all, conference participants each wanted to focus on their own particular minority issue, she said. The conference typically ends with a demonstration and protest in the community surrounding the school where it takes place, however Alvarez said that this year students felt conflicted about participating. “Students of other minority groups felt less inclined to protest for the causes of ‘Fighting anti-blackness’ and ‘Black Lives Matter,’” Alvarez said. “They did not think that these issues applied to them and therefore had no reason to protest for them.” end snippet..... The left's utopia of minorities is not working out for them is it? Makes me wonder how the revolution is going. The 'safe spaces' are not so safe for people of color anymore. I guess they will go back to calling themselves, blacks, browns, latino, Asian or whatever. No one cares about the blacks that can not be bothered to care about themselves. Other minorities do not seem to be so..... understanding of the black problems either? Just those lefty whites and blacks? That will not end well because the blacks are already turning on the whites. Stupidity in action. And to think their 'safe' spaces are not that safe from other 'peoples of color'. Revolution in the leftist ranks and getting worse. Soon they will be fighting each other for crumbs. Where are the white nationalists? That's right, they were not invited and hateful people have to hate on someone. Fight, fight, fight..... Someone gonna get sued because someone's wittle feelings were hurt? Where's the KKK and skinheads when you need them? Lefties gonna hate on someone and that someone is 'people of color'. Makes me wonder if they hate themselves. I want to be a green and blue frog. Is there a category for that? Green and blue froggie... Love those frogs... Green. They are discriminating against green and blue. They have a white, black, brown, tan, yellow, and red colored people but where are the green and blue? Discrimination I tell y'all.
  13. Envy.... I know that feeling very well unfortunately.... I am one of those just scraping by. Doing better than some and worse than others. I am eligible for more of the dole than I collect. And it would probably be easier if I went after it all but then.... I got some pride. Not much but some and if I can make it without handouts I do not go get them. The real people that are hurting are those that make just enough to not be eligible for any of the dole and that do not make enough to cover what they need to cover in bills. The poor sign their kids up for the angel trees, which is where they put a child's name on the tree and people pick the name off and buy that child a Christmas gift. Or they go to different charities and the charity will give them a gift or two for each child. Some of the gifts are nice. This time of the year, people used to be polite, happy and charitable. They do not seem that way anymore. I'm not sure who to blame as it's been a slow creep. I actually blame those ugly Cabbage Patch dolls. Those ugly things started all the fighting. They were popular and the parents would beat on people to get one of those ugly dolls. Christmas has gone to hell from there. Since black Friday is not as popular these days.... I mean they stomp on people and kill them getting to a stupid tv. I hope Christmas goes back to being the polite, happy time it used to be. Something I've discovered as I've gotten older. There will always be poor people. There will always be rich people. Some of it is the luck of birth, some earn their fortunes. But there will always be someone richer or poorer than me. And they are no more content or happy than anyone else is. Happiness comes from inside of you. Money does not make you happy. I feel sorry for anyone that is not happy with their life. Money is not something I envy anymore, although that ugly green head will rear up sometimes. I just remind myself that their life's are nowhere near perfect either. And people with money always seem to be worried they are going to lose it all. Pre-nups and all that legal stuff before they do anything. I would hate to live that way, wondering if someone likes me because of my money or because of me. Robin Williams killed himself. Lots of rich people kill themselves. All their money and possessions do not make these people happy. Poor people kill themselves too but most people do not question if a poor man kills himself. They always wonder about the rich man that kills himself. They do not understand that the person had money and possessions but those things... everyone wants money and possessions, did not stop the loneliness and pain of depression. Money does not make you happy. It complicates things. The more you possess, the more you have to watch out for. Own property? Think that's so much better than renting? It is but not in all ways. You have to start watching your butt if you own your own property. That's because once a land owner, you are considered prime suing material. No one sues a poor man because they won't get anything from him as he has nothing. But a property owner has property they can sell to pay for a lawsuit according to the courts. It's why most people buy insurance for their property. So they do not get sued and lose it all. A pool or a dog.... Those are sue happy items. Even a fall down your porch stairs will get you sued. And you had nothing to do with it, your stairs are perfect but some clumsy idiot falls on them. Life is much simpler if you do not own much. But I do recommend that everyone buys a homestead. When you get old and retired, the property taxes go way down and it's cheaper to live with your bills if you own property. Do not go full boat and get an expensive place you are not going to utilize much of. Those McMansions are too much for retired people really as they do not need all that space. And taxes are only exempt up to a certain amount and you pay taxes if your property is over that amount. You want to cut those bills when you are retired. Stay simple and I'm not talking about one of those micro houses. A nice little 2 or 3 bedroom house with a couple bathrooms if you want them is enough to live well in. Little guest room for the grandkids. I look at all the lawsuits brought against Trump over his lifetime. Corporations has slush funds for lawsuits. No one thinks anything about suing a rich man or corporation. I do not envy the rich their problems at all. I am glad I do not have their problems. Just my little problems of not having enough gas or being short until the check arrives. I've got food, water, heat and shelter. The shelter could use some work but at least I have an inside toilet. I know people that still use an outhouse. Mighty cold in those outhouses in the wintertime. Some by choice but some because they have no choice. Do not look at what you do not have. Look at what you have and be grateful for it. If you wish after what you can not have because how many of us can have Trump's money? You will be unhappy. The White House is done very tastefully and it's America's showcase to the world. I see people complaining about Mrs. Trump's wardrobe cost. I tell them to jump off the boat and drown. That lady was already spending that type of money on her clothes before she became Flotus. Why should she change because she is Flotus? She has the cash to purchase her own clothes and doesn't need taxpayers money to do it. I am very pleased she is so classy and beautiful and represents me well. She knows how to dress unlike me, who will wear jeans to everything and embarrass the nation. Guess I am old fashioned. I think the POTUS and FLOTUS are suppose to have class and taste. After all, the USA was a pretty rough country with rough people in it to settle it and wrestle it from the Native Americans. Got to be tough, not fancy, to make it out in the wilds of the USA. To grow your own food and tame the land. This is recent history so..... I would not make it in 'polite' society. I got a big mouth that sprouts what I think and I embarrass people. Don't mean to but if you do not ask, you do not know. You can always tell me to mind my own business but I am still gonna ask if I want to know something. All you can do is tell me no, or answer my question. I accept both answers and don't push. Merry Christmas y'all..... I wish for everyone to be content with their life and to find true happiness this year. I wish for people to be polite to each other. I wish for peace.
  14. I thought it was gorgeous. Over the top? Naw... It was perfect. We are suppose to be a rich country. Our Potus and Flotus did an excellent job at showcasing Christmas. It's going to be nice for the White House tours that people go on. Christmas is the biggest holiday and one where the Americans save money to spend at this time. Some people plan for it all year. Not me, it's another day to me but some people really get into it. And I like those people. They put up lights and decorations and it's all so gorgeous. Neighborhoods have contests to see who decorates the best. There are even lists of neighborhoods that go all out with outside decorations so you can cruise the streets and look at all the decorations. Costly decorations on some of them. I would think the White House has some decorations already they can use. They probably didn't have to buy much but the trees if they are real trees. Besides, Potus and Flotus are rich enough that they could decorate it any way they want to and still not hurt their pocketbook. Trump is not taking the presidential salary. Now if we could get those other rich ex-presidents off the dole... They don't need it and I think it's horrible of them to take it. No other job gets that. Even in the .gov. Why are they not in the civil service retirement? It's where they should be anyway. https://www.benefits.gov/benefits/benefit-details/4593
  15. That son of a b*tch is admitting that quantum computers are creating the Mandela effect or Quantum effect. DAYUM!!!! Never thought they would admit it. I knew it was those dang quantum computers and the LHCs or Particle Colliders that seem to be all around the world. China is going to build a huge one or so they are saying. Will they? There are some people questioning whether that is a good idea. And now, Europe wants to build one bigger than China's. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-21/europe-is-designing-a-new-particle-collider-to-take-on-china They are in competition to destroy everything you believed was true. That damn Mandela has died 3 frigging times. Yes, that sounds insane doesn't it? It's not. It's why it's called the mandela effect. Some freak because they think a witch started it. No, she did not. She noticed it and was brave enough to point it out to people. As a witch, I would say she was used to people looking at her like she was insane so putting out another weirdo thingie would not have been hard for her. Unlike normal people that do not want to be called insane. I like the name Quantum effect. Physics... confusing stuff really and I only studied it enough to know what they are talking about. These particle colliders take molecules and smash them. Quarks. There are 6 different quarks that they know of in molecules and I am not going to break it all down as it took me awhile to understand it so if you've never seen this stuff, it will not make sense. So smash things to quarks and quarks react. The big deal about this change is that all these quarks are connected. What happens to one, happens to them all, at the same time, no matter where they are in time and space. They could be in the past or present or future and they would change. It's like you broke a teacup with a certain rose pattern. And when you broke that teacup, all the teacups that matched it also broke. Say this pattern has been on teacups for hundreds of years. Before you were born and after you die, all the teacups, at the instant you broke your teacup will all break. Changes the history, the present time and the future. And I did say it was insane so if this sounds nutty.... it is. When they change these quarks, which make up our existence and everything's existence in the past, things change. History is changed. Some remember a different past. And there are too many unrelated people that remember the same thing for it to be nonsense. We can not all have the same faulty memory although you will hear that. Lots of people calling the mandela effect insane. When I checked into it, it did not have so many people talking about it. Now you have to wade through a lot of junk to get some good info. They are opening up the different dimensions and allowing things into our existence. Changing stuff. This is a video I am listening to now. Look at all the particle colliders around the world. http://www-elsa.physik.uni-bonn.de/accelerator_list.html An excellent scientist's blog that knows what they are doing and is researching the guinea pigs that pick up on it, IMO. It's just me and I know it, she has excellent information. But for some reason.... I do not trust her... I feel like she is a 'watcher' and collecting data to see if people 'see' the changes. She just doesn't hit me as someone doing this for the quantum effected people but for someone else behind the scenes... https://cynthiasuelarson.wordpress.com/ She does have some excellent info on the quantum effect. Worth checking her out. The god Shiva that sits outside of CERN. http://www.hinduwebsite.com/hinduism/siva.asp This girl's channel is all about the quantum effect. She is not a scientist, she is one of the quantum effected that investigates it and she does a great job of it from the vids I've seen of hers. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy4AhtKfYNZ5HDX6lqS_Jsw CERN has a quantum computer. With quantum computers, there is not encryption they can not break. There is not more safety in encryption because every country that could afford these quantum computers has one. USA, Russia, China, ect. They all got one or they are ordering one. There is nothing hid that will stay hidden. Quantum computers open up the online world and no one can escape it. Total control as everything is online. Peoples entire lives are online..... The possibilities are endless for control of the masses..... Facebook admitted that they programmed their site to be addicting. Just like heroin is.