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  1. Cruz was on a SSRI

    Maybe it's time to sue the makers of the SSRI's. After all, these are known side effects. And since these side effects seem to be deadly for others beside the one taking them.... Yeah... someone ought to start suing the drug makers and FDA. After all, the FDA had to approve and accept these damages to approve the drug. Do they think the benefits outweigh the cost of the side effects? After all, 17 teens and adults dead. 15 injured, some critically, which means they may join the dead. Premeditated. Told everyone he was going to do it in a youtube posting and the FBI knew about it also when it was made a year ago. They should have at least let the school officials know about it. Or did they and the school didn't think they had to worry now that he was no longer a student? So many unanswered questions. But as SSRI's seem to be a common thread in a lot of these mass shooting. It's time to ban SSRI's.
  2. Hate Fatigue: CNN Viewership Collapses 30%

    I just watch it for comedy. It's great comedy. I am so tired of their little crocodile tears because they are definitely not having any emotional involvement going on. They have no empathy for anyone. And all these comedians are saying these days when they are being called out for their hateful, stinky diarrhea is, "I'm a comedian. I insult people. It's what I do." The standard excuse that didn't work for Griffin is not going to wash out with them either. They are comedians and insulting people is their business. Looks like they are losing business don't it? At least in the USA. I hear Griffin is doing a bang up job smashing Trump and the USA in the EU. Traitorous b*tch. Ya know.... I have a problem with people that turn on their own like these rabid things have done. If they will betray their own country, why would anyone think they would be loyal to another country? Even if they say they are because they have 'switched' loyalties. They might decide to 'switch' loyalties again huh? Traitors are not wanted by anyone but fools. That's why the 'new' regime takes out all the traitors. They know too much and they have no loyalties to anyone but themselves. They are dangerous to have around.
  3. Yes, I did see him pull that punch. He almost got her but he pulled it. Yep. Saw that.
  4. Totally unnecessary to me too. The guy was on the ground in a chokehold looked like to me, although the guy could have been protecting the other man's head too. He was contained and no longer fighting and no one was swinging any punches. The two people on top of the guy looked like they were trying to protect him from the kicking security guards to me. Not fighting him. That was so.... well... ya know OldMan.... the world around us has gone insane and as we haven't drunk that water... I'm thinking just like you. Talk about making me NOT want to go on a cruise if the cruise ship personnel is so unprofessional. I would so sue the cruise ship company for each and every one of those kicks from security. There were enough security they could have held that man down and put him in handcuffs or something. The kicks were way overboard (lol unintended/surprise pun there). That guy needs a lawyer and the cruise ship needs to pay for all those bruises from their unprofessional security thugs. Of course, who knows what happened before the filming started and this guy might also be facing charges. But I would still sue the cruise line because those kicks were unnecessary and totally out of line.
  5. Road rage. Sometimes, they are interesting especially if they are not deadly. Some of them are deadly. But this one was funny.
  6. Sperm. It's sperm. And it's on his temple. I am sure it's in other spots but I am not going to look at that thing. It makes my eyes hurt. It's kindof busy.... Just busy.... that's the best I can say. I can see someone liking that in some type of what? couch or chair? Yeah, some people have some weird taste but they probably wonder why my house is so bland so.... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And this beholder was shocked and finds it's disgusting too. I am so embarrassed that is going to hang in the Smithsonian. Dang... I watched the little speeches made before the curtains fell and the institution had already hosted both of those artists in the past and they were extremely pleased with them being the painters of the portraits. And so the curators knew what to expect. And they loved it. Wonder if they pulled a fast one over on the Obama's so people would laugh at them? I mean, they knew those things would stand out. And I guess Mrs. Obama said that she was aware that the face was not hers. It was the dress that she wanted to showcase and show as her expression of her... I don't know.. some people make no dang sense to me. Like in the future, 200 years from now, they are going to be laughing about how some woman that no one knew or saw was hanging there and the first lady at that time, wanted to show off her gown. An ugly gown at that. I am so appalled for the future generations and history. How disgusting and disrespectful.
  7. Yes.... It's true. At least his account of how it will go down is anyway. They, the ones doing the torturing, murdering, raping and none of it done to look like they are 'making love' or anything resembling it. It's more like brutal torture and the victim is aware of the pain. And the idea is fear.... They love the fear that the victim shows and is feeling. They love the screams and begging. They love to torment them and in the end, after the victim quits responding to any stimuli, yes, the victims break.... That's the purpose of it.... And once they break, they die. They are no longer entertaining to watch when they break.... I know you have seen animals that were so mistreated that they react badly to people. Those ones that cower and pee on themselves and shake and have no life left in them to resist. Just empty dolls.... And I know this because I was shown a 'snuff' film when I was 18 as a warning. I took it to heart. I got out of the circle I was running in. It wasn't the one I wanted to hang with. I didn't know who liked those films and I couldn't take that chance that it was someone I hung with after I saw part of that film. As I was in a rich dude's house, in a decked out theatre room with a big screen for movies, and levels for the chairs and lounge chairs so everyone could see and not have to shift because someone's head was in the way. The room had to have sat around 20 people easily. And anyway, I freaked and ran as far and as fast as I could away from all that mess. I didn't need to see that. Freaked me out. I can still see it all, the girl tied to the chair, in a little room with no windows or door showing. At least 3 people as there were two on the girl and one filming. The guys were silent and she was screaming and begging. Black masks covering their heads. She wanted to know what they wanted with her. Who were they? Why was this happening to her.... They were silent and never said anything. Like a cat playing with a mouse. She was begging for them to talk to her. Tell her anything. And they.... I gotta quit. I am remembering too much that I want to forget about that time and place. Sorry. Yes, it's true and as he knows how the perps are with the masks.... that's not something everyone on the street would know. He knows someone. And as far as high political office, I hear the royals hunt humans along with other rumors. How true all that is, I don't know. But I do know that eventually, once the thrill is gone.... People will look for bigger thrills. Think of how serial killers usually start out with small animals before they kill humans. Same thing. As the thrill disappears, the brutal treatment must get worse for the same thrill. I can see the blood as the knife slashed the girl's throat and the blood.... It's not like the movies.... The movies are chump and they don't know what true fear is nor do they know what it looks like. Yes, I've been in some strange places with some people I'd just as soon forget.
  8. And this artist's little joke on people is sperm. This guy puts sperm all over his paintings I hear, although I am only seeing the one on Obama's temple area. OMG.... Yep, I thought that he would have a little 'signature' in all his paintings. I wrote in another thread about this painting, about an artist I used to hang with. She put a little mermaid in every painting and mural she did. They were hidden and it was her little joke she put in every painting. A tiny mermaid that you would never look for unless you knew one was in her paintings. She was good too. She did some murals down in Deep Ellum, in Dallas way back in the 90s. Probably painted over by now but it covered the entire outside of the bar building along with a bunch of the inside murals down there. She liked big canvass and she was paid good for it but she was a heroin junkie. Most artists that I've known that were in that class of artists that they were excellent, were some type of junkie. I didn't understand it but that's the way that ball seemed to bounce around them. Sad to see too. This girl was talented and a much better painter than the ones that did the Obama's paintings. And as this guy was known for that sperm.... makes you wonder about the Obama's now don't it? After all, they searched out these artists. My friend was not known for her mermaid. We were drunk one day and it's a long story about how she told me but needless to say, I was sworn to secrecy so all the names have been changed to hide any and all identities. We lost track of each other years ago. But it's still her secret, not mine, to tell. Sooooo.....
  9. Looks like he is hiding a sixth finger really. I mean if you look at it, the finger starts way to high up on the hand. Looks really off and weird. I had a friend that was an artist and she painted beautiful canvas and those huge murals you see on the sides of buildings. She painted some of them down in Deep Ellum in Dallas, way back in the day. Inside and outside murals. She was good! Anyway, we were drunk on day and she was painting a huge canvas of a ocean scene for a client and she told me to look for the mermaid. Come to find out, she painted a little mermaid in every painting she painted. It was her little joke on people because she hid it and you had to really, really look at the picture to find it. She blended in that mermaid so people never really noticed it but one was in every one of her paintings. She laughed about that. But it was really sad too. She seemed to want someone to notice that little mermaid but no one ever did because it was like a hidden object that wasn't suppose to be in the mural. Cowboy murals do not have mermaids but hers did. Tiny mermaids that were her signature and she knew where each one was in her paintings too. So look at the painting and see if something is hidden in the leaves. It might be made of the leaves so you want to look for images that are hidden. Like this stuff on this forum I found. But hers were more hidden. These paintings are excellent though and it's what I'm talking about. She used the surround stuff to make her little mermaids in all her paintings but they were not mermaid paintings. I put on my glasses to see if anything is hidden in the leaves. Haven't found anything yet though. https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=145249521 I thought Michelle was happy to be black. I mean she throws it in your face so much, you can not talk to her without her mentioning she is black. So why did she want to be painted as grey? She is grey in that picture and not even a human color. Check out her painting and the reports of people that were there, said that she is grey. Not black. Obama, on the other hand, is his correct color. He looks black, just like he wants to look now, but didn't want to look when he first got elected and was airbrushed to be lighter all the time. But Michelle's painting is horrible with all that grey skin. These paintings were not suppose to be modern art. They were suppose to be stately, as close as possible to reflecting their images for future generations. They look like they are 1960s free love, free sex, free, free, free, as they roll around in their VW van, barefoot and stinking because they live in the van. With flowers in their hair. This is so tacky. Just like them. So I think these paintings are perfect. They will show future generations that at one time, the citizens went crazy and elected a weirdo. But like the free love and sex of the 1960s, the STDs got in the way and we learnt why sleeping around with any ole thing was not really a good thing. Might make you die at an early age too. When AIDS/HIV first hit, it was a death sentence. And now, the diseases they could cure back then, have mutated and can not be cured anymore. So no matter which way you go, free love and sex are very, very risky business. Even with a wrapper. I, personally, can not believe they went this far. But they did. Guess they made their point. They think the USA is a joke. I get it. Tasteless. Really tasteless.
  10. Bad move. While I do not think President and Mrs. Trump would be insulted not to be issued an invite, I think it's in bad form for them to invite Obama and his wife. It would be different if they invited an ambassador to the USA to the wedding but Obama is not an ambassador to the USA. And if they did that in an official capacity, they would also have to invite the other countries to send ambassadors. Is the Queen getting senile or something? She seems to be losing control of her grandson. I do not give this marriage very long anyway. As an American, just like Megan, I find, that I am not impressed with her. And you can call me a snob if you want to but she is not good enough to represent royalty and if she is what England has to offer, I am very, very, very disappointed. Megan has no class at all. I don't either but I am not marrying into a highly visible, political, country's ambassador for life, etc. family like she is. These guy's job is good will ambassadors isn't it? They are falling down a little on the job aren't they? I do not follow the royals. Never did. Don't really care about them at all. Not my royals. But if I was British, I would be so upset at this thing Harry is marrying. I would be so disappointed. He needs to make her his mistress but not a wife. And I will tell you why I think this. She stuck her tongue out at me. Yes, she did. I saw it. She stuck her tongue out at the cameras and made a face while she was parading through the streets with the royal family in some parade thingie. I thought that was so very low class of her to do that. And so unbecoming. And just so.... ok, it's petty. I know it. But that right there did it for me. I do not want to see that woman's tongue and I think it's either nasty, like MIley Cyrus's tongue, or she was being a childish brat. And she is 36 years old or something like that, over 35 anyway. That should not be happening in an over 35 year old woman. She should have learnt a long time ago that sticking your tongue out at someone was bad manners. She's uncouth. WTH??? She is just so uncouth and low class.... She is disgusting, so she wanted Obama to be at her disgusting wedding. I get it. The entire wedding is as disgusting and against the grain and good manners and class as they can make it. So this does not surprise me that they disregarded the excellent advice they were given. After all, who cares if the USA gets insulted by a royal that will never be king and his low class wife. I hear that she is going to make an excellent replacement for Fergie and her little 'moods'. Good luck is all I can say to them. Hope they are happy. I hope they are not embarrassed to much and I hope that they do not create an international incident/scandal like they are trying so very hard to do. I wish them the best if that's what they want. And I am not insulted they invited the Obamas and not the Trumps. I understand that they like the Obamas as friends. So they are just inviting friends to their wedding. Nothing political about it. Or so they say.
  11. I know that I always scream deport, deport, deport but..... some of these kids are good kids that just need a chance. But there is nothing to that but to follow the law. I do not see why some of the DACA kids, that are doing well and can prove it, that will be able to support themselves and their families when all it said and done, can not get citizenship. Just like the legal immigrants have to do. I do not think they should be fast tracked into citizenship. I think they should have to do everything a legal immigrant has to do and then some. I also think that need to pay a huge fine of say, $25,000 each, over the course of 10 years for their public schooling here. Yes, I know it costs more than that but that's around $225-250 a month for 10 years if they add interest costs and fees to it. That's not a lot of money and if you ask the legal immigrants, they pay out the butt too. So this is not asking a lot out of them, only a small fine because they were illegal and they did break the law didn't they? There must be some punishment for that because these are not little kids, these are all adults that know better now. They can not use the excuse they were innocent back then and get away with it. We don't allow that for citizen criminals, not going to allow it for illegal ones either. I would also make them visit and live in their home country for at least a year before they can apply for citizenship. So they will have to go back and in a year's time, they can use that special paper that says they are DACA to get back in. Why a year? Because that will allow them to settle in and see if they like it. They might like it better there but as they don't remember it, they don't know if they do or not. So send them there and see if they like it. They might find they are better educated or something and can make a good living there. After all, what about all those expats that move to their country? Why did they move there? In Mexico, there are USA enclaves that Americans live in. I would think an American Mexican would fit right into the neighborhood and recognize some things too. And as an added bonus, they can buy their own property but the USA citizens can not. That would be a good business to get into huh? Renting out to American or other expats in your home country? Especially if you speak English or any other languages besides Spanish. The tourist industry wants you. I think that these kids can not just jump the line of people that want to immigrant to the USA. But I also think some of them are Americanized or USAized. Some of them integrated very well but some of them did not. So to make it fair, they must pay a fine and consider their time in their home country as a vacation or jail time, however they want to. But they must do this to be fair to other immigrants that do it the correct, legal way. I also think that the tactic of making me feel sorry for you because it's splitting up families is not going to work on some of us and just makes us more angry about the entire situation. I do not see anyone screaming about the break up of families due to the prison/justice system or the foster care system. No one cares if those kids are ripped from their biological parent nor do they care about how that child is supported if one parent just walks out the door and doesn't pay child support for his/her kids either and never comes back. So that just makes it look like you think you are better than some people and you are not. You are actually lower in status because at least these people are citizens of this country. So why do they think they should be treated better than the citizens of the country they reside in? That just pisses me off really. Go home. Deport, deport, deport.
  12. They gonna get pimples wearing all that cake makeup. Got to cover them up with more makeup. Big ole red spot sticking out with a yellow center. Gross looking and right between your eyes or on your chin and the viewer can not help but see it and zoom in on it. That's all we will see, pimply faced reporters because they can not wear makeup in the cold. Might be good for them and clear up their skin. Last time I looked over there at their skin products, they all contain bleach. To 'whiten' the skin. And everyone over there uses the bleach to lighten up their skin I understand. All their skin products have a whitening agent in them. Here's an American Asian's blog post on it. It's interesting. Comments and all. https://lanivcox.com/2016/06/10/whats-up-with-asians-obsession-with-white-skin/ Asians are very racist though. Very racist and the lighter your skin, the better it is for you in society over there. And people do not realize it but Mexico has the same attitude that the Asians and India Indians, about darker skinned people. This is a good article on their obsession with it. http://business.inquirer.net/215898/yes-asia-is-obsessed-with-white-skin Ask the American blacks if Hispanics are racist. I've heard many American blacks say that and complain that when the Hispanics move into their neighborhoods, it ruins the neighborhood. Just like the whites did when the blacks moved into their neighborhoods way back right after desegregation. So like the whites before them, the blacks move out of the neighborhood when lots of Hispanics move into it. How come no one sees the hypocrisy in this? I find it to be hilarious myself. After all, the blacks complained that the whites were moving out of the area when they moved in and it changed the area. Really? Blacks do not want a diverse neighborhood unless it's with whites? How come everyone wants to live with the white man, look more white and yet hate on white people and try to exterminate them? As most of the world's people are a darker hue than whites, and far more numerous, why is the white race the one that everyone is jealous of? Yes, all these things smack of jealousy to me, IMO. And not only that, the whites are just taking advantage of the pedestal the other colors are giving them. After all, you should hear the darker skinned people rip on the lighter skinned people and vice versa of supposedly the same color as them. http://theconversation.com/study-reveals-racial-inequality-in-mexico-disproving-its-race-blind-rhetoric-87661 Snippet: A second critique of racism in Mexico is that yes, it exists, but it is not as bad as in other places in the region, like Brazil or the United States. Our study runs contrary to that argument. Among nations surveyed in the Americas Barometer, Mexico ranks fourth in terms of the negative impact of skin-tone on an individual’s wealth, behind Bolivia, Uruguay and Ecuador. On the relationship between race and lower levels of education, Mexico moves up one spot to trail only Ecuador and Trinidad and Tobago. Indeed, the sole place in the Americas where people of color seem to fare worse overall than in Mexico is Ecuador, where Americas Barometer data shows that having dark skin reduces educational achievement by one year more than it does in Mexico. This is in stark contrast to countries like Chile and Costa Rica, where race appears to have only a minor impact on wealth and education. Our analysis unambiguously disprove the notion that Mexico is somehow so mixed race – so mestizo – as to be race-blind. Quite to the contrary: Racism is a severe social challenge that people in society and government would do well to take more seriously. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/20/light-girls-skin-bleaching-phenomenon_n_6503630.html Snippet: While you won’t find many products in the U.S. that blatantly promise to bleach or whiten skin, Dr. Hunter says they are commonplace in other parts of the world. “They’re popular throughout many African countries, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Middle East, India, Philippines, Japan — broadly,” she says. Some women are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve a lighter complexion. “What’s also terrifying is that we’ve yet to see a product that makes you look lighter and look good, and human,” says columnist Jamilah Lemieux. “And that people are willing to walk around looking like aliens — like some ghastly creature from a Steven Spielberg movie … they prefer that over their God-given color,” she says in disbelief. end snippet.... Sorry, I digressed but when I see makeup talked about in the Asian countries, all I remember is a teacher's blog over there where she was lamenting about the skin products and how they ALL contained bleach. She had to get her friends in the USA to send her all her skin products because she couldn't find ANY without some bleaching agent in it. Stuck with me for some reason. I've always thought I looked better with a tan myself. I could not use those bleaching creams and such. Imagine how white they are going to get if they stay there and use Asian products. They are gonna glow in the dark be so white.
  13. That's a hell of a butt plug he has up in there. He's gonna need a suppository and maybe some Ex-lax to soften it up. I would not want to be around him when that toxic, rotten stuff comes out. It's gonna stink, stink, stink. Might not be able to get the smell out of the place it's gonna stink so bad.
  14. So Sarah doesn't mind being a cannibal. Lots of people have been cannibal. They get some type of brain disease from eating humans too. It's a prion disease, like 'mad cow' disease. I think it looks the same if you look at pictures of them but I am digressing. I eat beef and all because I think the damage has already been done when I was younger. Back before they put in some new rules and regs. And I am not so sure that those new rules and regs actually help because I've not seen them personally and am still hearing horror stories about cows. They do not take downer cows anymore, the cow must be standing on it's own two feet. So it's not like the butcher houses are not taking in sick cows, because they are. They are just taking them in before they get to the point of being so sick that they can not stand. They are not testing every single cow for a prion disease. I am also of the opinion that Alzheimer is 'mad cow' disease and that the people picked it up back in the 1970s or 80s. I don't remember when they changed the law to quit taking downer cows but it was around those decades anyway I think. Alzheimer is a prion disease and prion diseases are all related to each other. Interesting stuff really. Dang sorry, I got off on a pet peeve of mine. Don't want Alzheimer's. *shudders with horror* I am pro life. I wasn't always pro life. Then I found some articles about abortion. I am pro life all the way. These articles are the workers in the abortion industry telling you what it's like. It's graphic so beware of that fact. Gross really. And so is Ms. Sarah's statement. But then, she says lots of gross things. Some articles if you think abortion is so good. Might as well know what you are fighting for. I tell people to read up on it when they are pro abortion. Read the stories of the people that were there and saw it all go down. When they have visited the other side, come back and we'll discuss it. Till then, they are just going on ideology and ideology is nice in writing but hell in the real world. Just ask the ones that followed that ideology to it's deadly end and see how that ideology was false and they did not know what they wished for. Sometimes, it's best if dreams do not come true. Sometimes, unanswered prayers are the answer you seek.... http://www.teenbreaks.com/abortion/abortiondoctors.cfm https://www.humanlifereview.com/the-ex-abortionists-why-they-quit/ http://www.lifenews.com/2013/01/21/former-abrotion-clinic-workers-tell-the-real-truth-about-abortion/ https://www3.nd.edu/~areimers/Abortion.htm
  15. Rose's bad juju

    I look at that girl and I wonder what made her so bitter..... You got to get over some stuff and she wasn't really hurt physically. She was mentally screwed with but if she is still holding on to that.... I don't know what to tell her. And before anyone says I don't know what I am talking about.... I have been raped. Multiply times. It comes with living on the streets and being a teenage runaway in my cases. That stuff happens. You get over it or you get very bitter. I reported the first one. I was laughed at. I was told I 'deserved' it. (State of Florida) And.... nothing was done. No sympathy given either. So I didn't bother reporting the others. Why? So I could be laughed at again and told it was all my fault again? No way. I would deal with it myself and I did. Just like all the other rape victims did back in the 1970s. It was very, very, very hard to get someone into court back then and I am sure the 1980s wasn't much different. I do not think that these Hollywood 'rapes' and 'misconduct' was all that. I am sorry but I do not think those girls were raped. I think they had sex and regretted it later. I think it was known that to get into certain circles, you were going to put out or you were not going to be there. I think these women knew this and consented to this arena and all it's nasty habits. I think they are crying foul now because it's getting them attention. Old, ugly hags do not get casting calls. That's a known fact and the women have bitched about it for years. After all, the old, ugly men get parts and so it's a sexist thing according to them. They are such victims. Poor wittle darlin's are just mentally challenged since they lost their cute faces. They can not handle the lack of adoration that they used to have. Crap, I watched that show, Charmed, loved it but not enough to watch the series again like I do Star Trek series. Yep, I'm a trekkie, not a witch/magic freak. And I would not recognize Ms. Rose on the streets because she looks so different now. I am calling the difference, ugly face. I think the rape/sexual assault may have effected some of them to WANT more sex and actively pursue it and some of them to HATE sex. There doesn't seem to be an in between for rape/sexual assault victims. It's one or the other. As a prude myself.... I ain't playing with ya, DO NOT TOUCH ME!!!! I feel sorry for these girls. But I also think they should be taken with a big ole grain of salt. I think most of this stuff was consensual and the girl's held their noses and did what they thought they had to, to get the role they wanted in the movie or show. I think these girls used their bodies as sex toys and they are now regretting it. Now all these ole, ugly, forgotten hags want sympathy? I want to know why they didn't run as soon as they found out what that industry wanted from them. You are not going to tell me that those girls did not know what was happening. I do not hear any of them saying they were given a 'mickey' or a 'date rape' drug or they were so doped up they woke up wondering why their pants were around their ankles. Nope, all these girls were conscious and awake and knew what was happening to them. They can describe it in detail. I would not doubt some of them told their friends about the nasty time they had as they were trying not to vomit because they screwed someone they thought was gross. Prostitutes do it all the time. They were paid well weren't they? They still hung around with their rapists. They didn't run away in fear or revulsion did they? Nope, they did the film right there with their rapists. I would not have done that. So here it is, years down the road and the statute of limitations have run out. How convenient for the rapists and his 'victims'. The rapists are rich and are not going to get into any legal problems. Just social ones. I think this entire thing is to offset the pedo stuff and I think that the women that are doing this are very selfish. If they really wanted to make a difference, they should open their mouths on the pedo crap but I am not hearing anything about that. All I'm hearing about is some mentally challenged, whining crybabies that are demanding attention they do not deserve while others, who have a real problem, are left in the dust and dark. Shame on these whores and sl*ts. They knew what they were getting into and did nothing.