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  1. Some of those kids would have been run over by my shopping cart. I would be walking around saying, "Excuse me." While I roll right over them with my shopping cart. I am sure that they would be moving as my cart would be rolling over parts of them that are in my way. I use the carts any time I go into the store for balance. I have to have a cart. I can not walk into the store and get a couple things. It doesn't happen that way. I shop or I don't go. I make all my trips count because I don't want to go back if I forget something. It's a minimum 45 mins. for me to go roundtrip into town and get milk from the store. And that's not counting if I had to go someplace like publix. That is an hour round trip and then time in the store for me. It's not that we don't have a grocery store, we do. But our grocery store doesn't sell fresh ginger, jalapenos or anything like that. They sell meat and potatoes and nothing fancy. Yes, fresh jalapenos are fancy foodstuff around here if you want to buy them. I would ask the manager to walk around the store with me. I'm not putting up with these bullies. Matter of fact, I might call the law to clear them out. This is stupid and dangerous. If I was the manager, I would ask them to leave. If they did not, I would call the law on them. Clear them out. They can go out to the sidewalk and protest but not in my store hindering my business. That would not be allowed. And these kids would find that out if I were the manager. Stupid kids following a fool.
  2. It's already started. The whites just know the score. There are some people with 'special' privileges. They can get away with stuff but white people can not. Even defending yourself is on a white person to prove but not a person of color (POC - piece of chit) gang member. Like the black cops told you. Only killing them will work. They can not be rehabilitated because the people would not stand for what it takes to rehabilitate someone that is so mentally damaged. And I'm not talking IQ. I'm talking beliefs and culture. This is a study that was done on pigmentation or melanin. It is known that the darker the animal color, the more aggressive it is in both violence and sexual behaviors. I don't know why my links are not working but copy and paste it. The links work when my post is quoted but not in the original post. Strangeness. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191886912000840 There are links in these paragraphs if you want to go to the above link (website posted up there lol ) and see them. It's a long article but it's the paper on this study I would think. Soooo, it's not really an article per say. Ya know.... and I do wonder what it is.... the mark of Cain... I have heard all my life that the mark of Cain was his skin color. Others scoff and say not true. There are even blacks and whites, well, all colors, saying that the original Hebrews, Moses, Jesus was black. Was Jesus, Moses and the Hebrews white? Are they white today? No they are not. They do not consider themselves to be white. They are a Middle Eastern/Asian people. They are not white. Not in today's world they are not. The past.... don't know. After all, the mummies found have red hair and blue eyes don't they? Those are not black people or Asian people. And people say that the Jews are not the original Jews but Russians. I don't claim to know what kind of peoples they were back then. Why? Because if you look at the USA, what do you see? What type of people do you see? How long did it take the USA to go from red to black and white? If you did not know better and history was not recorded to a different era, would the archeologists of the future think that the red man was only in the Central and South Americas. North America to be black and white? Things change on a dime and so do the people. No one knows who lived where back then. They can take a reasonable guess. But unless they start DNAing all those dead bodies mummified in the deserts.... Who knows who was there. But I do not believe Jesus had any black at all in him. If these studies are true, Jesus was white, whiter than me too. After all, who was the first murderer according to the bible? And God marked him. Marked the man so he could be recognized from a distance. This mark would have to be huge on his body.... His skin color? I don't know. It's just guessing on my part. I wasn't alive back then so..... Snippet: 3. Human studies A first examination of whether melanin based pigmentation plays a role in human aggression and sexuality (as seen in non-human animals), is to compare people of African descent with those of European descent and observe whether darker skinned individuals average higher levels of aggression and sexuality (with violent crime the main indicator of aggression). Internationally, we found Blacks are over-represented in crime statistics relative to Whites and Asians. In Canada, a government commission found that Blacks were five times more likely to be in jail than Whites and 10 times more likely than Asians (Ontario, 1996). In Britain, the Home Office (1999) found that Blacks, who were 2% of the general population, made up 15% of the prison population. In the US, Taylor and Whitney (1999) analyzed the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics and National Crime Victimization Surveys from the US Department of Justice and found that since record keeping began at the turn of the century and throughout the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, African Americans engaged in proportionately more acts of violence than other groups. Since victims’ surveys tell a similar story, the differences in arrest statistics cannot just be attributed to police prejudice. Lynn (2002) reviewed the literature on psychopathy in childhood and adolescence and found that Blacks averaged the highest rates including diagnosis with childhood conduct disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), being suspended or excluded from school, scoring low on tests of moral understanding, failing to live up to financial obligations such as paying back student loans, poor work commitment, recklessness (e.g., having traffic accidents), maintaining monogamous relationships, being responsible parents, engaging in domestic violence, and needing hospitalization for injuries sustained through altercations. Rushton and Whitney (2002) analyzed the 1993–1996 INTERPOL Yearbooks and found that across 100 countries, the rate of murder, rape, and serious assault is four times higher in African and Caribbean countries than elsewhere in the world. In violent crimes per 100,000 people, the rate for African countries was 149; for European, 42; and for Asian, 35. These results are similar to those carried out on other data sets from INTEROL and the United Nations. They show the Black overrepresentation in violent crime to be a worldwide phenomenon. In regard to sexual behavior, differences between Blacks and Whites also support the pigmentation hypothesis. In an early international survey, Ford and Beach (1951) asked married couples how often they had sex each week. Pacific Islanders and Native Americans said from 1 to 4 times, US Whites answered 2–4 times, while Africans said 3 to over 10 times. Later surveys confirmed and extended these findings. Rushton and Bogaert (1987), Rushton and Bogaert (1988) examined 41 items from the Kinsey data and found that Blacks not only had a higher rate of intercourse at an earlier age and with more partners, but also had more orgasms per act of coitus, spent more time thinking about sex, and had lower levels of sex guilt. Black females became pregnant more quickly indicated by speed of pregnancy after demobilization. Race predicted sexual behavior better than did socioeconomic status. Kinsey’s Black sample was college educated (from 1938 to 1963) and came from a middle class background (parentally intact, with high educational level) while one of the White samples was non-college educated and were lower on the same parental indices. Mixed-race (Black–White) adolescents reported an intermediate number of sexual partners compared to the two parental populations, even after controlling for socio-economic status (Rowe, 2002). The World Health Organization found the average intercourse per week for married couples in their twenties was, for American Blacks, 5; for American Whites, 4; and for the Japanese and Chinese in Asia, 2.5 (see Rushton, 2000, for a review of these studies). National surveys from Britain and the United States produce similar findings. A Los Angeles study found that the age of first sexual activity in high school students was 14.4 years for Blacks, 16.4 years for East Asians, with Whites in the middle. The percentage of students who were sexually active was 32% for East Asians and 81% for Blacks, with Whites again between the other two. In another study, White Americans reported more sex guilt than Black Americans and that sex had a weakening effect. Blacks said they had casual intercourse more and felt less concern about it than Whites. African descended people are over-represented in rates of sexually transmitted diseases [STDs] such as syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, and HIV/AIDS (US Centers for Disease Control, 2009). Of the more than one million people living in the US with HIV/AIDS in 2007, almost half (46%) were Black. The Black–White difference in HIV/AIDS is found worldwide with high levels in sub-Saharan Africa, for example, Botswana (24.8%), South Africa (17.8%), Zambia (14.6%) and Zimbabwe (14.3%) (CIA World Factbook, 2010). The Black Caribbean is also disproportionately represented, despite limited recent contact between Africa and the Caribbean Islands. In the Caribbean, the rates approximate as high as they were in sub-Saharan Africa 20 years ago, for example, the Bahamas (3.1%), Haiti (1.9%), and Jamaica (1.7%). To slow the spread of HIV/AIDS, public health agencies give out free condoms. Condom size can affect comfort level and so whether one is used. Thus these agencies take note of penis size. The World Health Organization Guidelines specify a 49-mm-width condom for Asia, a 52-mm-width for North America and Europe, and a 53-mm-width for Africa. China is now making its own condoms – 49 mm.
  3. sybdragon

    Is This the Worst Judge in America

    Another 'special' person.
  4. What I find so interesting in all this crap is that for years and years, we were told that the world was overpopulating and we needed to not have so many kids or the world they live in would be shit and full of shortages of food and stuff because of the overpopulation. Now they are saying that because we didn't have that many kids, our society needs some new blood because we need more bodies. Why do we need more bodies? Isn't the world becoming overpopulated or what? None of this makes sense to me and I think it's all BS. I think for some reason, they want to destroy the whites. After the whites are taken out, they will take out the Chinese won't they? After all, the Chinese actually enacted a one child policy because their population was growing so much. So why are we taking in violent, dumbass idiots? To replace the population we could replace ourselves? Only take around what? 18 years or so to raise a kid to be an adult. We got the time to do that. These idiots coming into our countries are raising kids. Why do they want their kids and not ours? Why do they want a stupid as hell, inbred population? I don't get it..... The only thing that makes sense is if they want people that would be content with a chump UBI (universal basic income) and doesn't want to work. If people are too intelligent, they will get bored. The machines might get destroyed. But look at the people they are bringing in. They destroy stuff. So how are they going to get those people to quit destroying stuff? Build robot cops? China has already got them and they are deploying those things. Interesting world incoming.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4966604/Robotic-POLICE-hit-streets-Beijing.html
  5. sybdragon

    I just saw the strangest thing ever...

    They are drafting. https://auto.howstuffworks.com/auto-racing/nascar/nascar-basics/nascar-drafting.htm That does sound strange but the distance can be deceiving. They were probably not on the same line but a little above or below the other planes. The military does this in the air shows. I doubt that they do it for kicks. Maybe they were practicing for some show or military drills for battle. Although, I don't know why they would fly like that in battle. Too easy to take out. Commercial or private planes would not do this. So this has to be some type of military stuff going on. Are you sure they are not drones? If they are not drones or military, those airplanes might have been smugglers. Smugglers would fly low to stay under the radars.
  6. These animals are going to starve if they are not controlled. @snowball Unfortunately, when the wild population numbers get so high, they have to kill some of them off. You do not hear about these poor animals that have become problems. Let's talk about the bear. In some places where bears live, you have to have bear containers for the bears because they will eat the garbage and not forage for food. They become so dependent on the garbage feeding, they will starve if they don't have access to it. Bears are also territorial. They mark their stomping grounds and warn the other bears to not enter. Bears are like humans, they 'own' their real estate. So as more and more bears are born, they spread out and eventually, they will escape their little allotted areas and become problems to humans and the humans will put them down like a sick dog. If you will take note in the latest cougar attacks..... They all mention that the cougar was skinny and looked hungry, underweight. Know why that is? Because there is not enough prey/food for them all to eat and some are starving now. In desperation they are attacking humans. We don't see this because it's hidden in the forest and we can not see through the trees. I am a big animal lover. I do not really like this but I do not know the facts of it. The polar bears are dying and it's not man doing it. This is a good article you might like. Even the nature dudes know that in some places the polar bear will not survive without man's help in feeding them. As things change, which they always do, species die out, move areas, etc. It's a time of change and I expect some extinctions to happen. Man has overpopulated the place they say. If true, man will also follow the animals and starve because there will be too many humans for the food produced. It's a natural cycle. Also, the polar bears in some regions will either have to be moved/relocated or they will have to be put down. If they are coming down into the villages eating the dogs, they will hunt down that bear and kill it. So making this a state thing instead of a national thing is a GREAT thing!!! Alaska knows how many bears, whales, seals, whatever they have and they know the situation on the ground with those animals. They are up close and personal. https://blog.nature.org/science/2013/12/03/what-science-polar-bear/ I do not like bait hunting. I think that sucks. Unfair, totally unfair. But a lot of people do it to the deer if their state allows it. Kentucky allows it. Mississippi does not. Those are the only two states I know about on hunting deer like that. Texas is in a class of it's own and has special hunting lodges and lands they fence the game in so I think it's a canned hunt and I'm totally against those. But it's big business in Texas, real big. I remember when you could not hunt alligator. There were not many alligators around. Then one day, they were everywhere. So they started allowing small amounts to be taken yearly. Now those dang alligators have expanded their territories, like bears, they are territorial, into Memphis, Tennessee. Ever swam in a river with alligators? I have when I was a kid and teenager. I know better now. Or should I say, I've turned into a chickenshit these days. Back when I was a kid, there weren't this many alligators around. Now they are everywhere. Freak me out. Dang teeth. They are all teeth. Don't go into the water. Teeth live there. Bears were protected in Kentucky but now they allow a few of them to be hunted. When the population becomes so big, they have to control it. People do not seem to realize this. All they see is Bambi. But if someone doesn't control the deer, they will starve and become diseased and you can see it now if you want to look for it. We have taken out the predators, the bears and big cats so there is nothing to hunt them but man to control them. They will breed themselves silly and not think anything about it. But the deer do not eat your cattle, dogs, children.... The bears do. So the bears are contained in an area and you kill off the excess that move out of it. It's why they have doe seasons now. Used to, it was only the bucks they would allow hunted. Now they allow you to get both. The species thrives and will continue to thrive if man hunts it to control the numbers. If not.... the species will die out. Man must control them because man surrounds them and will not allow them to hurt man. This will not affect any poaching that goes on. That's still going to go on. But maybe there will be more people in the areas to report on the poaching if they are allowed to hunt something. You say bad, bad until it's your 5 year old the bear is dragging. https://www.wral.com/news/national_world/national/video/17552585/ I did not hear anything about that bear being sick. Crickets only.... so that bear was not sick. He was hungry. He had to have been to snatch that kid. They are opportunists. For some reason, I am hearing a lot of predator class attacks on humans. This means that the animals are coming out of their areas. They are hungry or over populated for the area. What are you going to do with this population that wants to live among humans and eat them? Search how many people think you can take a selfie with a wild bear. Lots of idiots out there...
  7. I had some cousins that had to go to the black school when our town desegregated. Their grades went down and they fought every day with the blacks. Blacks always starting it. My Hubby talks about the same experience. When my school was desegregated, I still went to a mostly white school. I was in 7th grade. I remember what it was like back then. Mississippi was in the middle of it all. Our school was shut down a few times because of race riot rumors too. Free day off from school. It would not surprise me to learn that some of the guys started some of the rumors just so the school would give us the day off. Lately in Louisville, the blacks patients are rude. Very rude to any white that tries to talk to them. Some are not but as most of them are extremely rude to me and act like they are royalty and can push you around if you are white.... That's not happening to me. I ignore their little barbs and do what I want. They do not want to get pushy in the hospital. They just glare and talk loudly like it's gonna make a difference. It's not. And unfortunately for them, I consider my van a weapon. I will run your butt over. Don't get in front of my vehicle. I ain't the one you want to do that too. Don't bother asking them what floor they are going to on the elevator. They will just reach over you rudely and push their own buttons. They got no manners and are totally classless. Stupidity in action. They can not win this fight. Louisville has also taken in the Somalians. Yes, they have. The kid's girlfriend works with one of these resettle groups there. They won't let me talk to her about it. I think the entire situation stinks to high heaven myself. And why I don't bother thinking about going to that town shopping like I used to. I will buy stuff online I want. I do not appreciate getting spit on and harassed, much less beat up because I'm white..... It's sad too. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/tag/louisville-ky/ Snippet: By the way, Louisville is a preferred resettlement site for the federal government. And, Kentucky is a Wilson-Fish state which means that Kentucky elected officials at the local and state level have no say in any of this—it is all done with federal contractors like Kentucky Refugee Ministries. Two links in above article below. Link for the 'preferred resettlement site': https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2014/12/23/list-of-orr-preferred-communities-has-some-additions/ Link for the 'Wilson-Fish': https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2014/05/27/what-you-need-to-know-about-wilson-fish/
  8. Louisville is bad. The blacks are disgusting and nasty in that town. If you do not cross the street when you see one walking towards you, you are a DAMN FOOL!!!!! It's so bad in downtown Louisville that some companies/corporations down there have taken to having security walk the people to their cars in their own private parking garages. The blacks hang in groups as they are chickenshits. They used to run from the cops but they don't anymore. They are getting very brave and are starting to face down the cops. I expect a showdown one day if it keeps getting worse there. All hell's gonna break loose there if the rumors I've heard about the place are true. I don't know why. I know nothing about it but that this type of thing is very, very common in Louisville. Blacks in groups beating up whites. Very common I hear. The downtown restaurants are probably losing money because people are not walking out of their jobs to go to them for lunch these days. People walk in groups. The blacks will spit on you. They will threaten you. They will hurt you. They have attitude problems in Louisville. So this is NOT a shock to me. Might be to people that have not been paying attention. But I pay attention when I'm on the streets. I've lived on the mean streets of the USA, homeless and a runaway. So I know all about what it feels like to be an illegal alien in the USA and not be able to do anything because I wasn't legal. ALL about it. It's why I have no pity at all for illegals and what they say they put up with. Go back to your country if you don't like it. I had to wait for a few years to turn 18 but the illegals can be easily fixed. Just jump that border like you did before and no problemo. If you come to Kentucky, Louisville is where all the action is. I haven't heard a peek out of Lexington or Bowling Green. There's only those 3 cities in Kentucky. The other towns do not have these problems. Not saying you won't get jumped in the rest of Kentucky, but it won't be because you are white and they are black. This is common in Louisville. Don't come to Louisville and expect it to be all whiskey and Kentucky derby pie. It ain't. It's why one of my kids conceal carry. The other is an SJW and well.... thinks he won't get hurt because he is 'on their side'. I got to Louisville at least once if not twice and sometimes more a month these days. Downtown. Everyone, no matter what color, in the hospital is very sweet and nice. But not outside the hospital. Outside the hospital, I smoke so I go outside a lot, it's a different story. Back a few years ago, I guess around 10 or so now, I had cancer and went to the same hospital. I smoked then too. Went out on the grounds and all talked to people outside. Everyone was talkative and would talk to ya. A lot of people would bum a cigarette. It wasn't that bad a place. No problems in the parking garages or the streets. No one spitting on you and telling you they were coming for you. No problems but a few weirdos. Then one day, it flipped. I read about how some blacks were getting violent and being stupid and I told the kids to watch for it. Of course, I was accused of being racist and all that. Times had changed and it wasn't like when I was a kid and everyone was racist and in the KKK. Things were better now. They all got along and didn't see color like us racists did. And I was not to ever talk to them about race again because I was just being racist and totally unreasonable and living in the past during segregation. I laughed.... Now one's a believer, the other's still an SJW. Why is it that people think that segregation was so horrible? I'm not saying it didn't have bad things but it seems like there is still bad things around. So bad things don't go away, they just change into something else or they stay the same but they are still here. I am not saying segregation was good. I don't know because all I know of it are the stories from people that lived it, and history. It really is fascinating if you go looking for ALL the stories and not cherry pick them. Here's one that tells how the black community died when they desegregated the schools and closed down the black schools. Bussed the black students to the suppose to be better white schools. And destroyed the black community they were bussed out of. Some won and some lost that game on both sides of the color divide. But no one wants to talk about that. They want to talk about skin color and appearances instead of the problems in the communities and why they have them. Lots of chips on shoulders out there. Not all the blacks and whites fought for the right to mix and mingle. But they got what they wanted. The consequences of their victory devastated some of the black community's lives. Once the stores and schools closed down, what was left in the neighborhoods? Whites were not going to put in stores because they already had stores or whatever. They didn't see the need or the profit there. The blacks that had stores on those streets could not compete with the white stores their black neighbors were flocking to. Forbidden fruit and all that. The whites were not flocking to fill the void left by the blacks shopping in white stores. So they went out of business. It was a vicious cycle. I would think that S. Africa would have also gone this route but there.... the blacks outnumber the whites unlike in the USA where whites outnumber the blacks. Well, not in some areas but basically, the numbers are opposite of each other I would imagine. This racial divide has not bothered me in years and years. In the 1980s, I thought the races were getting along just fine until a few years ago. Then the blacks decided to freak out. Again. Now they want to go back to segregation. They just are not happy with anything. Something is wrong with their mentality and I'm not talking IQ. Their society needs to change. And they are the perfect ones to make the changes. I have no suggestions, ideas, theology or anything to give them. Don't come back at me and say anything. I am not getting involved. I will defend myself. I believe a dead man tells no tales and well, I only want my side of the tale heard don't I? I think they ought to shut down the park. Demolish it actually. Just shutting it down does nothing because it's not like it will get ignored by the creeps. It won't. Just won't be repaired and will be graffiti and nasty looking in a short while. Get rid of it. And they wonder why they can not have nice things.. Does anybody think that they knew that de-segregation would devastate the black communities like it did? All by design? After all, from a whole lot of stories I've read/heard, the poor blacks and whites got along fine. They worked together in the fields and they related as they were both in the same boat economically. They went to different schools, churches and such but that was normal and expected really back then. They didn't know any better. Now they know better.... Is it better? Can someone explain why the so called 'college educated' blacks in white schools want to re-segregate? Aren't these the same ones that wanted to de-segregate way back in the day? What do they want? They seem very wishy-washy don't they?
  9. They sure haven't. Makes me wonder if they didn't want to censor the USA sites. After all, you would think that the bigger sites would be all up in arms about having to fork over this bribe money. But crickets is all I've heard. Just crickets.... 🦗
  10. Yeah, when that come up, I was like wha??? Ok. I scrolled to the bottom and hit, let me in!
  11. Don't feel so stupid. It was the first I heard of it yesterday? day before? Some new EU law that is affecting the entire web. Especially if you live in the EU. They have become the new China in censorship. Only they want to be bribed while China just doesn't put up with it at all. So if you bribe the EU, they will allow web traffic to your site. If not, they are gonna block your site from all their IPs in the EU. There is a couple threads on it. Just put in the search box gdpr and they will come up. We can be stupid together. You ain't the lone duck now.
  12. I have 5 emails already. I have decided that it's too much work to keep an email. I tried the keeping one for personal stuff. It stays so empty, I forget about it and lose it. The 5 I have, well 3 of them I've had since the first year I've been online. One is my Mom's and she's dead but I keep it because I used to clean it out for her when she went places and my Mom loved to travel. It's where I get my gypsy blood from. Then I have one for the hubby as he's not good with opening his either. 30 days for most of them is all. One states 2 months. So.... I have opened other accounts but I forget about them. These 5 are enough to remember. I've cleaned them out before and unsubbed from everything. But they still get clogged up eventually. So now, if someone emails me, they have to call and tell me to go look for it. Otherwise, it gets deleted once a month. I suck at emails, phone calls, generally staying in touch with people. You want to talk to me, you come to COP and you will find me here. Daily if I'm online. Otherwise, well, call me. If I'm home, I will talk on the house phone to ya. I don't skype or anything. I am pretty old fashioned really. Old tech.
  13. I see it as a bad practice too. I hate all those robo calls and emails. It's why I just use the emails as dumping grounds and don't read any of them. I read my emails here but I know that these are 'for' me and not just some random person trying to get my attention with junk I am not interested in. Very happy you feel this way. Me too.
  14. Wales is part of the UK isn't it? Hmmmmm… So what is the difference in Welsh, Irish, Scots, Brits? Hair color? It's been so long since I have heard of Wales that I forgot it existed. Wow... Sorry Shep. My bad there. I will no longer think of you as British. You are Welsh. It's different. You are not English. Gotcha. Good thing too. The English are like the Germans. Ugly. Squat. Nothing like the Irish who are cute. I do not think I have English in me. I have Scots/Irish, French and Choctaw that I know of. Good looking people I know. I ain't conceited. I am convinced. Hey, I was good looking until I turned into an old hag with no teeth. I hate, hate, hate dentures. So ya know how it goes. Hate them so don't wear them.So much for popcorn. I eat raisins and chocolate now instead. Goes good with Barq's rootbeer. 🍩

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