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  1. UBI getting closer and closer. This is so fabulous. I am waiting on that UBI and it can not get here fast enough. Yes, I am. I used to think that this UBI (universal basic income) was an insane idea. Free money.... Just insane... The American public would not go for it because we had a strong work ethic. But that work ethic has flown away and the young millennials do not believe in it. And the way I see it.... The boomers were the largest generation. The generations after them were not so big. Guess it takes a war to get war babies huh? The boomers were war babies. Then the boomers had children. The millennials. And there are more millennials than boomers now and that number will continue to go up as the boomers die off. I am 55, just turned that BTW, on the 12th of this month. And I am the ass end of the boomer generation. There is a couple years after me for boomers but I really consider us ass end boomers more GenX. I relate more to GenX than I do the older boomers. And being on the cusp, I tend to relate to the later boomers and early GenX best. The children of the boomers and GenX are the spoiled brats that want everything because they got trophies just for participating and they didn't have to be good at anything to get a reward. They could suck and still get a reward. Why try that hard when everyone gets the same trophy? What a waste of effort. So I can see where these kids got this shitty attitude they have. In the meantime, they have no work ethics to speak of because they expect it to be handed to them just for showing up. Doesn't matter if they are late or anything. They still showed up and got their trophy. I have watched the ass end boomers and GenX get screwed repeatedly. The early boomers and their parents got the pensions and the great life. The later boomers and GenX will get nothing. We have been told this from right after we emerged from the womb. Nothing will be here when we get old enough so do not count on it. Get you a 401K they said. And look at how that turned out. Busted and broke 401Ks. Just like the SS funds are. So now what? I always wondered what would change. I wonder no more. There will be a change. And it will be the UBI. Along with automation, comes the UBI. I am watching the moves now and they are coming faster and faster. And at this point.... I want it. I am tired of fighting. It seems that is all I've done is fight against the system. There are so many rules and regs that if you start a business, some weirdos screaming you are racist and will put you out of business. It's not worth it anymore to deal with these pampered pets. They are very annoying. These were the last jobs around unless you are mechanically inclined and can fix stuff. Machinery and stuff if it needs it. The other stuff can all be done by computers. They even have a computer that can build a house. Faster than man can build it. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-robot-could-build-much-of-your-next-house-2016-11-01 There are going to be no jobs and it's going to be within the next 10 years. Lots of things are going to change and people are going to want it. Why? Because they are going to make us beg for it. We are going to be hurting. A world of hurt is coming our way. Why? Because people are saying, no UBI. And there has to be one. There are too many people and not enough jobs. This creates an underclass of criminals. And they do not even need humans to enforce the law. They have robots to do that too. China is putting one on the streets right now. http://www.popsci.com/china-debuts-anbot-police-robot This was told to those people that wanted $15 an hour for their labor. It's not worth that much. And now, they are being shown it's not worth a single penny. Goodbye to $15 an hour and goodbye to a single penny from them. McDonalds is just the first. Others will follow. Only one or two people will be at each store, just in case something goes wrong. And eventually, those people might not have to be there either as they go totally automatic. We are coming up on the Star Trek world extremely fast in the western countries. And the UBI will not be paid to illegals. And there will also be no jobs for illegals. There are machines that can pick tomatoes. If they can pick tomatoes, do you think they can not pick the others that are actually not as fragile as tomatoes? I know they have a sweet potato picker machine. The state of Kentucky has one that they lend out to farmers in their sweet potato growing program. No work. Just supply the land and Kentucky has a machine for that. Some study they are doing or were. I am sure they still got the machine and it's still going out to farms in Kentucky to pick sweet potatoes. So we have gotten rid of the fast food cashiers. The factory workers. The police on the street. The truck drivers and taxi drivers and all those transportation type jobs. The retail store is dying except for the second hand market stores. They have drones to deliver your orders so you do not have to go anywhere for your meds or food or clothes or anything really. Amazon drones. There are computer doctors that make better diagnoses than a human one. Already tested and ready to go. Everything is going to be automated or computerized. So.... whatcha gonna do for a job? Make your own? And? What are you going to make your own doing? And who is going to purchase your stuff anyway if no one else has a job or money? Ole Henry Ford knew the score. He paid his workers enough to buy his cars. Otherwise, he might not have sold many cars..... UBI incoming. Please get here fast. I am ready for it. I am convinced at this point that that is the end game of this financial crash. And I wish that it didn't take a financial crash for people to come to the conclusion that it will and must happen. There is not other way for prophecy to get fulfilled either. Not if there is cash around to spend. Cash must go. All this stuff is coming and nothing you do will stop it. Prophecy. Call it God or call it someone made up a playbook that they are following. Call it whatever you want to. But I see it coming to life and coming faster. Like time is speeding up somehow. Anyway, I won't go off on a philosophical or religious spew. Just what I believe.
  2. Dang... already started. Begging for that single payer health care system. Medicaid... So.... They should love this new health care plan the Republicans put out. It is just expanding Medicaid and dropping the fine for not having any health insurance. Did these people even read the bill that they want passed? Crap... It will cost the ones that are not eligible for their state's Medicaid program pay a lot of money for insurance. This bill does nothing to reign in the cost of private medical insurance. But it will expand Medicaid to the states that do not have it now. They do not have to expand Medicaid but as .gov decided to give more money if they do.... That was Kentucky's problem with it. The feds were going to stop helping Kentucky pay for the expanded Medicaid this year or next. So the governor wants to charge a nominal fee for it. And this new bill will allow him to do that too. And the states that want to can add a work requirement to it. Of course, like everything, there are a few exceptions to the work requirements but most wouldn't have a problem with the exceptions. That biker is Antifa. He is wearing a mask/full face helmet. Antifa. At around 2:05, he comes into the picture for a couple seconds. Full face helmet. Antifa. He's just angry that they are laying down and not beating up people. So he is going to help them get upset and make them want to beat him up. It's what Antifa does. Edit: Forgot to add the video.
  3. Must have been a Clinton man. Started in '87, that would put him in the last year of Reagan, and then Bush 1. Then 8 years of Clinton, 8 years under Bush 2 and 8 years under Obama. So he became corrupt under???? That last girl was in Clinton's State Department wasn't she? And this is another State Department worker, Clinton became top dog at the State Department under Obama. He worked in the State Department when Clinton was President. Sooooo..... how long has he been a spy and how did he get his hands on classified material to hand off if he hasn't been at the State Department for around what? Around 5 years now? He is a consultant so maybe??? What was he working on and did they just set him up with a bogus project to see how he would react? Wonder if that other girl gave him up... State Department seems to be full of Chinese spies doesn't it? That's two so far.... Him and this girl... http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/03/30/state-department-official-took-tens-of-thousands-in-gifts-from-chinese-spies-beijing-espionage-fbi-justice-department/ Sooooo, who's next on the chopping block from the State Department? Looks like it's a hotbed of intrigue, spies and traitors. For decades too... Certainly under Clinton as she hasn't been gone that long yet has she? Not decades anyway. So it was on her watch. Traitor.....
  4. Especially in those concrete jungles. The concrete holds the heat in and slowly get rid of it at night. Nothing like the almost instant cooling of the rural areas that are not covered up with concrete. My house cools off fast at night when the temperatures drop. I also have a place on my property that is always cool. Always... Not a cave. If you go around the edges of my property, I follow a small creek that only runs part of the year. The rainy season. But it has small leaks from springs and so there are little areas that have pools of water always in them so they are getting fed continuously if they keep water in them. Limestone, not dirt. Anyway, you could set up a tent and live there in the summer during the hottest days and it would stay cool enough you would be wearing long sleeves and still be comfortable. Those hot flashes are killer things ya know. Do not get them as much but when I did... I spent a lot of time there cooling off sometimes. Checking out the place to see what's there. When I lived in Dallas, they would tell you not to use a fan or sit in front of one if the temperature is over 100degrees/ 37.8celcius. It will dehydrate you faster than you can hydrate. Just sit there and sweat is the thing. Drink lots of water and count on the sweating to cool off your body. Around 7 years or so now, I was on the outskirts of Dallas, little connecting town really, and took my nieces swimming and the pool was warm. Like bath water warm. Big pool but was really for short laps and kids. I couldn't stand it. Do not like swimming in icy water but I do not want to swim in bath water either. And kids... well, we know what they put in the pool don't we? Lots of people would die because they are not acclimated to the area they live in. Takes a year or two to get acclimated and people do not realize that and if they move to another area, they are really not prepared for it. The humidity in the Deep South would kill someone from the dry Southwest. And the dry Southwest takes some getting used to. Dries out your skin and you get tight and it is really different in different areas. And then you have the frigid north. Freeze in the wintertime up there if you are not used to that. No A/C, most likely no central heating either. Lots of people will freeze in the North so they will head south and west. And those climates will overwhelm them in the hotter months and they will die. Some transplants just don't make it. And if they could get their meds, there are a whole lot of meds that tell you to stay out of the sun and the hot weather. Those people will die too. Either from no meds or from the heat.
  5. Some states used to have blood tests before they would allow you to get married. Not sure what they were looking for but they could make it mandatory that if you want to use the 'official' marriage stuff, eg. taxes, inheritance, etc. Gays wanted to be recognized because of it. And Muslims also want all the money they can get. Being married has some perks you do not get when you just live with someone. You used to have to pay for this blood test and I would think the DNA test would be cheap now-a-days. They are only looking for one thing, how close are you related so... should be a breeze huh? And it's illegal to marry your cousin in the USA. Found a site. Come to find out.... In the states I have lived over 15 years in each, Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, it is illegal. In the states I have lived in less than or around a year, California and Tennessee... cousin marriages are legal. So it is state specific as to whether it's allowed in the USA. That's gross anyway. First cousin? Gross!!! https://www.cousincouples.com/?page=states
  6. Quote from article: "That is still under investigation. We do believe he has left the country. We have information to indicate that. As far as his affiliation with other groups, that is being investigated, we do have cooperation with federal authorities on that," said NYSP Major James Barnes. According to officials, Abdullah was sent to the Broome County Jail to wait for arraignment. end quote..... So is he in jail? Left the country? What? They have lost him or what? Sounds like a plan to me. But they should have used two different articles and not put all it all in the same article. And in the paragraph leading to the one that contradicts it? No copywriter on that website? Sucks at their job. So confusing... Did they or did they not arrest this man? Is he in jail or not? Did they or did they not just pull this outta their butts? Are there terrorists here? Of course there are. How else could they set up some freak for a terror attack. They need a bust to divert the public's attention back to these armed terrorists? As it's not widely reported on, they just trying to scare New York state or something? I hate it when the same article contradicts itself. Really I do....
  7. After reading all that mess... Nothing to that thing. It's not changing much. It's getting rid of the fines and penalties for not having medical insurance. It's getting rid of the tax credits and the cost sharing plan that some people are getting cheaper medical insurance on. It's putting more people into the Medicaid programs. It is encouraging states to implement or keep their expanded Medicaid. It is making it harder for the state to just withdraw from Medicaid expansion if they already have it or implement it. It is also giving the states some leeway in whether or not they want to charge a small fee, like Kentucky's governor is talking about. Medicare does it so they do not care if the states do it too. And they are suggesting that maybe, a work requirement for it in some age brackets. But not necessary, just a suggestion if they want to. And it repealed section 1402 of, I am including a link, page 102 on my puter but it's not counting pages it didn't look like because when I went down a page it didn't change so.... Look up section 1402. https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/PLAW-111publ148/pdf/PLAW-111publ148.pdf This is a big pdf. 908 pages. And on page 423, it gives the funding found there to opioid epidemic going on in the country. And it expands the one payer health system, Medicaid. There ya have it. A nothing burger really. Insurance can still rape you but now you are not going to get a tax refund/credit or any help with the costs. And people will scream but the young and healthy will drop out. No fine? No participation. And as a whole lot of the young and healthy are going to be under the poverty level or 133% of it, they will be put on Medicaid and will have to find a job or volunteer or something that their state requires, if it's required of them. This will do a lot towards making people scream at the insurance companies and demand .gov steps in and punishes these greedy health system vultures and the one payer system will be born. Voluntary at first but down the road a few years, it will be just another thing, like having a social security number to work legally in the USA. You will get it at birth. Just like the UBI. Coming to a neighborhood near you real soon. This thing is kindof simple and if anyone's against it up there on the hill.... They haven't read it really or they are not in touch with reality and how automation and anyway, they need to look towards the future and this is the path chosen. Sci fi has been writing about it for years. The sticking point might be because the tax credit and cost sharing is being repealed. But I really did not see anything spectacular about this plain jane, simple expansion of Medicaid.
  8. The plan as I see it... Kentucky expanded Medicaid and has years of data to back it up. There is a new Republican Governor that wants to scale back Medicaid and charge the people on it. If you are 100% of poverty, no monthly bill. If you are above 100% and below 133% of poverty, you will get a monthly bill of $6-10, depending on where you are on this sliding scale of poverty. Medicare used to be like Medicaid. Totally free. Medicaid is mostly free although there are a few things that want a small co-pay. Some of the fancier drugs and such. I don't know, I've never paid for any, antibiotics are free. But I did get a paper that I read that said that so I know that they do charge for some drugs. Medicare has been an experiment. Medicaid was left alone basically. The poor and disabled and seniors, Medicaid is what pays for all those nursing or senior care facilities. Medicare pays for the doctors and meds and tests but Medicaid is what pays for the room and board. It's why you will die broke if you go into a nursing home. They will take everything you have to pay for it. Then after you have no assets left, they will put you on Medicaid as being a poor, poverty person. And do not think you will sell your assets and get on it. Nope. If those assets have a paper trail, which all major assets do. Your car, home, insurances, bank accounts and 401Ks, etc. All have a paper trail. And they will not allow you to just party it up and spend it fast either. They will allot you so much for living expenses and you will wait until they think you should have spent that money. If you are broke during this time, sucks for you. That's the way it's done. So instead of making Medicaid the money experiment, that was put on Medicare. After all, if you are on Medicare, you are probably on Social Security too. You can not get on Medicare without it. And you will have a little money according to the feds because they sent you a monthly check. They even take out your medical insurance coverage before depositing it in your bank. They get their money for Medicare first. And now, you have co-pays too. but this is not on a sliding scale. They are the same for everyone. In the 1970s... this was not Medicare. This was private insurance and most did not have private health insurance because you could afford to pay cash to go see the doctor and to have a baby and other regular doctor/hospital stuff. Not anymore. Too many useless and unnecessary tests that people demand or the doctors are doing to scam more money because of??? Lots of reasons are given so... Lawsuits, law, blah, blah. Now this experiment has proven that Social Security people, for the most part, can make these payments. They get a UBI (universal basic income) don't they? So these experiments are all coming to an end and the end game is going to be a UBI and a blend of Medicare and Medicaid. All the dominoes are lining up and getting ready to fall. Little more data on the UBI and then it's the ole, 'how do I sell this to the populace?'. And you are seeing how they are going to sell it to you if you are watching this stuff. I know some will not be because there is too much to watch. This is one of the areas I watch in a way. Curious to see what is going to replace Social Security for my generation.. Something will. The boomer generation is going to get the changes and I am the ass end of the boomers, start of GenX. Hubby is GenX, he's 4 years younger than me. The plan is coming along nicely. Raise health care prices so that people have to get insurance just to go to the doctor's for the sniffles, much less an appendicitis. And raise these prices so that health care is outrageous. Then after they buy all these gadgets because they are getting so much money, take them down a peg and get them used to paperwork and taking less money from Medicaid and Medicare and put more people on those programs. Do you think they did not know that the boomers were coming and fixing to all get on those programs and they would start costing them lots of money? They've talked about this generation for years and how big it was. They were expecting it and making plans. Spoiled boomers. Things were different when I was growing up. Lots different. And the boomers are the ones that started to pay for their Medicare like it was private insurance. Boomers are good for experimenting on. Lots of them. You can afford to kill off a lot of them too, with not much loss in test subjects. Cannon fodder anyway. It's all the boomers were, cannon fodder. GenX followed but they were as much cannon fodder as the boomers were. No Vietnam for GenX. Other small engagements abounded but GenX wasn't drafted for them. They volunteered. And so did all the generations after them. Anyway, I believe the end game is a UBI and a one payer system of health care. All this stuff they are doing and passing is not suppose to be comfortable for us. It's suppose to make us look more towards a single payer system. Is it working on you yet? If not, just hang out, most people will be so screwed by the health laws that they will beg for a single payer system. And everyone will cheer when it arrives. Just like they will for the UBI eventually. It's all coming. Jobs are on the way out and UBI is on the way in.... Right on time.... And for the ones that want to know if Trump will bring this all to pass... I am starting to think... Trump was put into place to bring in the UBI. Yes.... I think so. He was a fan of Nixon's. He even hung a letter Nixon wrote him that told him, he would be a good president. I think Trump has thought about that for years... He framed the letter and Nixon retired in disgrace didn't he? But Trump... still framed that letter and it's hanging in the Oval Office today. Nixon was for a UBI. He championed it too. Trump is very, very aware of the UBI. That was a pet project of Nixon's. Just like Trump was. I know y'all thought he was running as a Republican because of something... Nixon was a Republican... Trump, well, ya know, good enough for Nixon, good enough for Trump.
  9. I'm around a quarter through it and I agree. So far it doesn't look that bad. And they are going to expand Medicaid for some and drop off some people looks like. Creeping toward that one payer health system slowly but surely. They are going to put people on Medicaid if they make 133% or less, got to look at the family chart to see how much that is it says. You can do the math yourself if it's just you. Or if you know what the 'poverty' number is for your family size. We are at around 118% of poverty at my house. Long ways from 133% seems like it. That's good because I do not go to the doctors unless I am dying. Got to be dying or it's not worth it to go. They always poke and jab and stab and do stuff to me that hurts. It's amazing. They act like they can not feel it at all too. I sure do but they don't feel nothing obviously. Jab, jab, poke, poke, prick, prick... I am going to have to finish it before I give a final opinion but so far..... sounds pretty good. It takes away the mandates for the IRS fines for not having insurance and looks like it back dates them. Will you be getting a refund? Doesn't say that so I am sure you will not... But if you wanted to be a butt and not pay that fine a few years, it would be wiped out. Not sure if they would wipe out the penalties and such but it should. That's usually how the law works. If you ask me... This is another bill, they will make into law, that slowly creeps us towards a one payer system like the rest of the socialist world has. Obama's law made it optional if the state wanted to expand Medicaid. Then the experiment started. It's been a while now and the data is in. Medicaid works. So they one payer system will work. Now they have to sell it. Another bad health care law or two ought to do that. With Obama's law, the health insurance companies have been consolidating. They walked into a state and you have lots to chose from. Slowly but surely, the insurance companies have withdrawn from the states until they are in only a few chosen states for them. And the people have lost their chose of insurance companies because it's a monopoly now. Only one insurance provider in that area. And we all know how monopolies raise prices because there is no competition. Competition is good but not too much or everyone suffers and you don't want to little or they will collude on prices and balance. We need a balance.... Soooo... If the federal or state or local or whoever, tries to force a company to sell in their marketplace, that is not a 'free' market. It's a fixed one. So they can not threaten or really force a company to stay in their state and sell a product can they? And the state already has a medical program. It's called Medicaid. The feds have one and it's called Medicare. Already set up and working for millions of people. So these programs would be very easy to expand into a one payer system. Now they need the doctors and such to accept what they are willing to pay. Medicaid and Medicare don't pay a lot I hear. But neither does private insurance companies. I get a damn bill and it says that I owe $40 and the insurance company paid $1. The total bill comes to $40. What the hell is Medicare pay for? They still send you bills because Medicare doesn't pay shit. Medicaid is the one that is excellent insurance. Excellent. I have Medicaid. The hubby has Medicare. His insurance sucks. The difference is... Medicaid has no co-pay. Medicare has a $20-$40 co-pay per visit depending on the type of doc you are seeing. Medicaid medicines are free or not more than $6? I think, definitely not more than $10 a script and if you are paying for it, it's a special drug. Medicare costs me for every script until I hit a limit and then they pay for it all but the limit is only reached in like Dec. And the hubby takes a lot of pills. And until this year, I had a $100 co-pay or whatever that had to be paid in Jan. along with the cost of his scripts. Medicaid is free for me. Medicare costs me $100 a month plus co-pays of $120 for docs and $25 for meds for the hubby. I really don't know much about either system because I don't really use mine. I went to the doc twice for my cat bite. I am thinking.... Last time I went to the doc was??? Crap... hmmmm... a few years ago? Long time ago. I had cancer then. I went once the year after for a pap and quit doing that. And it's been??? I don't know, around 7 years now since I had cancer... Crap, who knows. Long time ago now. And NO, NO, NO, I am not going to see the doc anytime soon. I know I am suppose to go in for tests and all that now but hey... ain't doing it OK? Not. doing. it. grumble, grumble, dang pests and their 'you need to go get' blah, blah, blah.. grumble, grumble... Obama's law messed up some stuff. This law is probably suppose to mess up the other half of it. Demolish the health insurance companies until there are only one or two left to chose from that can set the price. Are we there now? Almost I think as there is a new one here in KY on the Medicaid list this last year when I had to chose which insurance company was going to do my Medicaid. I had a choice of 3? I know there was two because I changed my provider. This one will give me a free eye exam AND free glasses if I want them. I wear bifocals too. Ain't had glasses in years because I broke the last ones and lost my extra pair. I have looked everywhere for them. Still thinking about it though. Got all year to go so.. Do I or don't I? Free guys, totally free.. Wonder if I will like the glass selection? My last glasses I bought and paid an extra 20 to upgrade the frames to ones I liked better than the ones with the original deal. That was a 40 because I had to do it for both. Oh well, it's not on my driver's license I need glasses and I've worn them since 6th grade. Not bifocals but can not see far away. My eyesight is better these days far away but it sure sucks up close. Rambling dang it. Sorry, got longer than I thought it would. Going to read the rest of that long boring book.
  10. Botulism is a lie. This boy was deprived of oxygen and for a long time too. Maybe multiple times? But he was deprived of oxygen somehow. That is what caused his brain to die. And once it hit a threshold of death, the death of the brain could not be stopped. It just deteriorated until there was nothing there. This might not have been the fault of the authorities. It could have been the inmates themselves that did this to that guy. We do not know where he was kept or anything. I am sure N. Korea did not want to create an incident with this boy. If they had wanted to hide him, they could have just killed the boy and sent back a totally dead, not breathing body. I think someone OD'ed this boy. He was not going to recover and he was going to deteriorate until he died anyway. He was not responsive to anything. And personally.... I think the boy waited until he got home before he let go, no drugs or help needed. I think the boy just died when he got home. I think he was waiting to get home first.... Somewhere in his brain was the idea that he just wanted to go home.... And maybe that's what I want him to think... Bury that boy where his parents can go sit at his gravesite.... My cousin just died in a head on collision.... He was 48 years old. I do not understand how all my cousins are dying before me. I do not understand it... Only the good die young? I ain't been a good person sometimes.... This was one of my songs when I was younger. My sister was the 'good' kid.
  11. That's nice that the police do not want to do anything. If I were a trucker.... I would stop trucking. I would get a campaign going to pull a general strike. Stop the trucks. Stop the supplies. Stop the foodstuff, toilet paper, cigarettes and alcohol and people will freak out. They are going to really freak when the meds stop coming into the country to treat people with. I guess they make drugs in every city? Wait, they can pull food outta their asses right? After all, shit comes out of their asses and it's just processed food right? Processed through your body but hey processed is processed. New saying about processed foodstuff? Let them eat shit, although cake mix is now a processed food product isn't it? So eat shit cake. Guaranteed to be chocolate, in color anyway. This needs to stop and the easiest way to do this is for the vans or trucks to go on strike and not deliver to any area where migrants are. If that is the roads into and out of the UK and other countries... Set yourselves up and stop. And to tell you how much .gov does not want you to quit.... A few articles on what a strike will do for those that are not aware of how much stuff is driven around to get to where you are.... And we wonder why they want to make truckers obsolete huh? Self driving trucks do not go on strike and quit running. Those interstates are going to be 5G highways. http://www.mintpressnews.com/group-of-truckers-propose-strike-to-shut-down-america/169523/ Snippet: If the October 2013 strike does go on as planned, the ATA report says the halt in trucking goods across the nation could lead to “significant shortages” everywhere, especially for perishable items. Since the effect a trucker strike could have on the U.S. not only has the potential to be inconvenient for the daily lives of Americans, it also has the potential to wreak havoc on the U.S. economy. In the report, the ATA reported that there are seven key consumer industries that are largely dependent on truckers hauling goods: the food industry, health care, transportation, waste removal, retail, manufacturing, and banking and finance. In a situation where all commercial trucks stopped running, in the first 24 hours alone, the ATA said delivery of medical supplies to affected areas would cease, causing hospitals to run out of supplies such as syringes and catheters. Radiopharmaceuticals would also deteriorate and become unusable. Gas stations would run out of fuel, manufacturers would likely develop component shortages and U.S. mail and other package delivery services would cease. https://www.quora.com/What-would-happen-if-all-truck-drivers-in-America-went-on-strike This would solve this problem for the truckers. All it would take is a week or so and those freeways would be guarded by guns. Or the military would be doing all the trucking. That military is going to get overextended real soon. Especially when they hit the streets and hit the streets they will if this mess keeps up. After all, it might not be a planned strike but if everyone refuses to use a certain road and that is the only road into a place.... I would refuse to go where the migrants are pulling stuff like this. Just fire me. You are not paying me enough to fight those assholes. And as I am not allowed to shot them when they come close to my vehicle... I wouldn't drive there. They can get one of those migrants to drive the truck and fight off other migrants as they take his paycheck in fines for 'allowing' those freaks in his truck. I do not work for nothing. And this job is getting expensive to keep for some lorry drivers. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/662791/illegal-immigrants-lory-driver-fined-5-million-smuggling-Calais http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/518050/Calais-illegal-immigrant-Channel-crossing-protest-fines http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-26/frances-highways-descend-chaos-lawlessness
  12. Time to pick sides. That's what it looks like to me. Fighting's for the young and they look ripe for a fight. Let them go at it. See who comes out on top. No matter what, people are going to get caught in the middle of it. What some do not understand is that some people have already been living in a war zone. Daily shooting and people dying is not a new thing to some people in certain neighborhoods. And well..... nothing is done. The people there live with it. And the protest thugs getting killed doing thuggish stuff. They do not protest the innocent victims that die in the crossfire.. Antifa in the USA has picked a side. Let's see how far they are willing to go. There are not enough Muslims in the USA to really cause a divide. The USA divide will not be a religious one. It will be ideology with a slight touch racism added in. But it will not be a racial war. There will be all colors on all sides of this. Just like the War between the States. Brother against brother. Here in the USA, it's going to be hard to tell who is the enemy as they will be all mixed up and no one is wearing an armband proclaiming which side they are on. Going to be a mess. Watch your backs. Anyone could be the backstabbers....
  13. Myrtle Beach is a big tourist area. The locals, if they are like me, hate this time of the year when the out-of-towners come to town to show their asses. The town would be loaded with people from out of town and out of state. It's a big tourist place on the east side of the USA. I would say that this is not gang related. Just hot heads. And guns are normal. Pulling them out is normal. This is normal. It used to not be normal but it is now. And going to get worse. The wild, wild west days are back. I expect it to get worse before it gets better. After a while, everyone will be packing so no one will try anything because they know that they will get shot back at. Just like in the wild west days. I expect life to get really cheap. Not like it's not cheap now but I expect it to get cheaper. Move out of the cities and into small towns. Small towns will not be exempt but there are not as many weirdos running around shooting up the places either. Population ratios and all that math stuff.
  14. I would definitely try the poke. I love poke. I eat it like candy and just pick it when it's ripe and eat a handful or so. It's never done anything to me. I didn't know it was bad because I only eat a few of them at a time. They are good but not as good as a blackberry. So... I just ate them because I tend to walk around the woods eating stuff. lol I learned to do that as a kid and I always try the berries. Just one to see but if it doesn't do anything to me, I try more of them. I am adventurous like that. I do not recommend it. I was a lucky kid really. lol Looks good, smells good, you can eat it. lol BTW, that is not true. You can not just eat it because it looks and smells good but as a kid, I didn't know that. I was a dumb kid. lol What poke does is it kicks up your immune system so it is in high gear. I have found a link where she talks about using poke for lyme. http://www.susunweed.com/herbal_ezine/September05/healingwise.htm And I love this woman. She loves poke too. Some links and you will have to scroll down the page to find at least on of these articles on poke. But get you some poke. It will cure you. http://www.susunweed.com/herbal_ezine/May08/wisewoman.htm http://www.herbshealing.com/Weed_letter_June02.htm