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  1. LawyersGuns&Money

    Member Introductions!

    Only a handful behind you, but feeling younger this year.! I think it has to do with successfully rejecting these vampire politicians and their fifth column types. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
  2. LawyersGuns&Money

    Member Introductions!

    I am showing my age a bit, LOL. Here's a somewhat younger artist that I just learned about. Country sound with a horn section makes me weak in the knees. And the lyrics are spot on.
  3. LawyersGuns&Money

    Member Introductions!

    Warren FTW. I never got to see him live, but I got turned onto his music while following a band called Widespread Panic. They cover this song occasionally. "The Panic", BTW, out of Athens, Georgia has been a touchstone for me. They are what some call a jam band. Southern rock. I was born in Alabama!
  4. LawyersGuns&Money

    Member Introductions!

    Thanks for the hospitality.
  5. LawyersGuns&Money

    Member Introductions!

    Wanted to say hi to all. Short term lurker here. I really appreciate the community you have here and hope to contribute. I feel myself becoming radicalized by all the MSM fakery and need to find a some folks to help temper and direct my alarm. Not trying to stir anything up, just want to bounce ideas and ask questions and post some, too :) I live in a flyover state and have been on a personal strike against the State since GWB days, when I started paying attention. Presently, I am an RN refusing to work for a medical cartel that colludes with the DEA, and prays to the priesthood of the CDC, pushing vaccine voodoo/mysticism. My first Red Pill was this Kay Griggs Talks video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03nwLOHt2wQ A Toast To Disclosure!

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