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  1. omnidirectional

    Windows 10 and its totality of surveillance

    i;ve been a technical software/hardware engineer for 35 years in the industry. i can tell you with certainty that windows 10 does no more spying than windows 7. you could translate that to windows 7 is just the same as windows 10 in terms of being able to spy on you. i can also tell you this. the public is unaware that encryption is pointless. you don't need to decypher any key when you control what's random.
  2. it would have to be the owners of antartica. no specific countries laws apply there.
  3. omnidirectional

    So i cut out all soft drinks | 3 months in!

    i think you will find it is favorable to also ditch the tea and coffee for the same sugar and caffeine and fluoride reasons.
  4. omnidirectional

    Comedian GLP

    that would be awesome. without censorship.
  5. omnidirectional

    Comedian GLP

    comedian sucks ass

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