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  1. He says he's aware that it may lead to his arrest or murder, which only lends more credibility to his story. It's up to local authorities to pursue it at this point. This is one of the news casts mentioned . They refused to name names because of legal implications as stated at the end of the segment. There is a legal battle behind the scenes to have the radio broadcast pulled down, save it while you can, I'll bet this all gets swept under the rug. And since Mr Haynes is the only surviving person involved in all of this , we know what's next.
  2. Most of us have known what went down , but I'm left speechless after hearing the detailed confession. Listen to the interview he gave on a radio show on the 16th, he names both Bill and Hillary , as well as the other involved parties. Still trying to find the rest of the interview. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5407479/amp/Billy-Jack-Haynes-says-witnessed-1987-Arkansas-murders.html?
  3. Remember this one ? https://www.space.com/19855-shoemaker-levy-9.html
  4. I think there's a good possibility they're trying to bait NK. Trying to get kimmie to strike the base is Guam. Trump seems to be the boss at laying traps. China's already said they would jump in if we struck first. That's the only reason we haven't yet.
  5. It's likely that it's an act of terrorism unfortunately. Kinda like the people spraying acid on others in the uk. Not sure what they're using though.
  6. Mayon Volcano Phillipines Erupting Live 8:37PM ET

    Good live feed, thanks. It's still pretty active. Local sources are saying a mega eruption is a real possibility. Over 36,000 villagers have evacuated to safety. The whole ring of fire is more active than normal right now.
  7. This is feasible to me. This world is but an illusion. That's why I will never believe in et. Did you know that most flat earthers believe in aliens, how does that work? The things we will see in the future have earthly origins. Genetic manipulation will account for the otherworldly creatures. Thing is, I smell it coming a mile away. The military has been researching genetics in the hopes of breeding a super soldier. Half man half beasts. We're at the point now where technology can explain any miracle. Any type of craft or weapon, Teleporters , replicators , whatever just aren't going to impress me much. Did you know that we are the center of the universe? Seriously. Even main stream physicists can't argue with the data. That's why they spent a decade trying to make a better way of testing the results they go previously. But guess what? We're still the center of the universe. http://www.reach-unlimited.com/p/1039043492/planck-satellite-data-confirm-earth-may-be-the-center-of-universe
  8. Lol , bump that shat!
  9. What if FISA memo is suppose to come out?

    Im sorry, i have to disagree with you Shep. You may not remember that Jeb Bush was supposed to be the Republican nominee. It was supposed to be Clinton vs Bush. Everything you're saying is true. They have been operating a 1 party system under the illusion of a 2 party system for decades now. Trump was not supposed to win. He's met resistance at every step. Think about it. Every step of the way. They have done everything to bring him down , and may yet succeed. Masons are a real threat , Zionists are a real threat. They are embedded in every faction of government, institutions, media, entertainment , they are everywhere. But you are wrong about Trump. Jesus said that you will know them by their fruits. Trump does not double speak. He says what he means and sticks to his guns. Now don't misunderstand me. Trump is no messiah. In the end he will fail. We needed leader like him long ago. The tentacles are too deep. There is no way out of this mess. The people are not going to wake up and overthrow the government, because what would happen if you were even remotely successful ? Here comes the U.N. to murder you and your family. We all have 1 choice left to make. It doesn't matter what continent your on, or where your ancestors came from. It was written before we were born. I don't preach , I'm not an orthodox Christian. Im a truther. And everything I've been told my entire life is coming to fruition. The answers are within , there is only one savior of mankind. For man is wicked and corrupt in his ways.
  10. What if FISA memo is suppose to come out?

    Exactly, and not just within our borders. They have been actively working to overthrow other governments since the 60s .
  11. That would make a good thread , you should start a new post with that.
  12. Hmm , that's interesting. 🤔
  13. The depth is wrong. Here's a link to usgs that explains that. Basically their instruments aren't perfect and after everything's analyzed they will update it. https://www.usgs.gov/faqs/what-does-it-mean-earthquake-occurred-a-depth-0-km-how-can-earthquake-have-a-negative-depth?qt-news_science_products=7#qt-news_science_products