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  1. The Official Nibiru Thread

    Something I found interesting is if you click the picture I submitted and zoom in PX or the object seen appears to look like its winged as described. Also I read recently that from our eyes perspective objects coming toward us appear blue while objects going away from us appear red. Idk if there is any truth to that, but it does help support connecting the dots.
  2. The Official Nibiru Thread

    @grav My pleasure :) Jupiter and Venus are visible now in my Western sky beginning at Sunset as two bright stars. I can't currently see Orion as it rises at sunrise and situated North. I won't be able to see it until Autumn.
  3. The Official Nibiru Thread

    http://s4.postimg.org/4f79md6rh/image.jpg Hi I am new here but not new to the articles and information around the Internet of Planet X / Nibiru. I have something that may or may not perk your interest on this topic, but I want to note that first this isn't a fabricated story but rather my story. I've always been interested in science especially Space...but why not it's the most interesting topic of the unknown which always has you gazing up in wonderment right? The reason I decided to share this story is because my Mom is assuredly convinced that people need to hear it. It's not a real amazing story or one of me meeting aliens, talking to Jesus or being summoned as a prophet of God. So the good news is I'm not here to preach, testify or judge anyone as I am no better than anyone else, I'm just a guy from Texas. On that note Jade Helm has begun and we all wonder why such an expansive military operation...I love conspiracy theories by default, but I really believe there has got to be a reason why? Why or what is the purpose of Jade Helm? Is it a beginning of martial law, a preparation for a supervolcano, economic collapse or an unknown rather a hidden object hurdling towards our planet? I have tried to debunk every possible connection and although I am not 100% positive somehow my conclusion always comes back with connected dots. So what is this not so interesting story? First I want to make it clear I don't know what I captured on my cell phone camera...I'm no expert. In fact it was completely accidental that I even found something of interest. This image was not photoshopped, doctored, layered, drawn or propagated in any fashion other than me looking up and thinking the moon looks cool tonight...snap. No flash just me pointing and shooting up at the moon. It was taken on November 17, 2013 at roughly midnight (give or take). I sat on my back porch and just gazed at the passing clouds which were in a light cloudy fashion. The clouds passing gave a nice appeal to the moon so I figured I want to grab a picture. I was facing Southwest where looking up in that direction you could see Orion. At this time I was not intending to see the image I saw once I went to review the shot I had just taken. What is that I immediately thought, looking...studying this object adjacent from the moon. Is it just a glare I thought and I looked up again I can't see anything?? I squinted my eyes at the light of the moon to try and make it glare to see if maybe it's just reflection off of the passing clouds. Nothing worked...I took another picture and made sure to steady my hand and get the clearest shot possible. Eureka!!!! Much clearer! Damn that looks like a planet I thought now...I put it on my computer and studied it, kept it on my phone and studied it still believed to be a planet...? What planet or what is that? Looks like a blue purple ball?!?! After recent research and not really thinking about this photo over the last few years I decided to get more insight. My mom once again is convinced it's Planet X! Apparently I really didn't know this until last week Orion is in the Southwest night sky...I've read Planet X resides in the same area as Orion or within Orion? I don't know if that's accurate though? To honor my mothers wishes she asked me to send it out to people. She insists I share it! You be the judge...maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Your thoughts are welcome. I wasn't sure if I could make a new thread so my apologies with the journalistic approach.
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