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  1. Water expands when it's freezes. Water also expands again when it's boiling (steam). Cold does not exist, there is only a lack of heat.
  2. It's all about the $$$! Just like the global warming scam. "We need money for measures against CO2 pollution" - Climate tax "We need money to explore Mars and stuff" - Space exploration tax They always comes up with new "legitimate" taxes so they can steal our hard earned money. These space taxes and climate taxes never gives us anything back in return, only fills up the pocket of a few people, some all-knowing experts that's a part of the "elite". It's the same with warfare and everything else. $$$$$$$$ So much terrorism - NEED CASH!! Pretty obvious if you ask me, cash is king.
  3. Absolutely! Although I wouldn't regard myself as a flat-earther I find the theory interesting, mostly because of all that fakery from NASA.
  4. Gaius Marius

    Time travel - Fact or fiction?

    Didn't watch the video as I'm on a bad line now, so this will maybe be a little off-topic, but: a couple of months ago I had a dream. In my dream I realized it was late July this year and then the dream went lucid, I figured I had to check who won the UEFA Champions League, I could't remember which team Real Madrid met in the finals, but Real Madrid won 2-0. If Real wins the final 2-0, 3. June I'm pretty sure I actually was in the future in that dream. Haha Real Madrid have a 3-0 lead before the return match against Atletico Madrid tomorrow, so they are basically in the final already. Going to bet big money on that result! (although I hope Juventus gets to the final and beats Real, Gianluigi Buffon deserves a Champions League trophy!)
  5. Gaius Marius

    How are you doing?

    I think so as well! Remember you had a tough time some time ago, glad to hear things are a little better now! All this madness in the world is probably created to brake down our mind and souls, stay strong bro! May the force be with you
  6. Gaius Marius

    How are you doing?

    Absolutely! 6 out of 7 days last week here were hot and sunny, pretty unstable weather in Norway so I took the whole week off work and enjoyed the weather! Nothing beats a cold beer in the sun!
  7. Gaius Marius

    Prayer request for my brother

    Only had it for 30-45 minutes before I changed, was in case someone would reverse image search my profile picture on facebook and get this page up! Thank you!
  8. Gaius Marius

    Prayer request for my brother

    I first changed to a real picture of me, then changed my mind and got this. The sweater in my avatar is called "Mariusgenser" in Norwegian, or "Marius sweater", so I thought that would fit me (Yes, my name is Marius)
  9. This thread is one of the things that made me come and stay here, feel kinda sad that grav left us. Just wanted to say that. @Rothbard - asked you a couple of months ago about the star trails at the northern and southern hemisphere, do you have any answers for me now? I want to believe.
  10. Gaius Marius

    Prediction: Mini Ice Age Begins ~2019

    Never heard about that. Do you think the pole changes have something to do with the alleged molten core of the earth? I would think the centrifugal force of the earth would change the balance of where everything inside is located, and if there suddenly is more molten stones and metal in one place, the poles would change.
  11. Gaius Marius

    Prediction: Mini Ice Age Begins ~2019

    Planet X? I don't believe in that, I just think the earth is constantly changing by it's own machinery. If anything, I guess the moon is giving that pull. But in reality I don't know anything, this is just my thoughts
  12. Gaius Marius

    Prediction: Mini Ice Age Begins ~2019

    I don't think it will be a flip, but a change, probably changing as we speak.
  13. Gaius Marius

    Prediction: Mini Ice Age Begins ~2019

    More CO2 will be good for the photosynthesis CO2 being doom is the biggest scam in our lifetime.
  14. Gaius Marius

    Prayer request for my brother

    I will. One love!
  15. Gaius Marius

    How are you doing?

    In the wake of all the negativity in the world - how are you doing? Been a while since last time I hang out here, and although I wouldn't say I get a negative vibe of this page now, it's somehow a different temperature here now than since last time I was here. Is something bothering you? I will start with myself; I was really low down a couple of weeks ago, to much stressful news and theories I filled myself with, I was constantly filled with fear and anxiety, so had to take a break, disconnect from everything. Something like a reset, I reminded myself of the "law of attraction", and things started to cooling down. I now look on the future with a brighter vision. I guess what I'm trying to say is; don't feed the negativity, it will eat you up. And don't get me wrong - not saying we should focus only on the positive things... But changes start within yourself Peace!

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