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  1. This thread is one of the things that made me come and stay here, feel kinda sad that grav left us. Just wanted to say that. @Rothbard - asked you a couple of months ago about the star trails at the northern and southern hemisphere, do you have any answers for me now? I want to believe.
  2. A flat earth is simpler than a globe... So I guess the truth=flat
  3. I know very well who James May is as I've watched plenty of Top Gear. IMO is he only an actor. How do you know that? This started with you using May as some kind of proof because he didn't seem dishonest? He is an actor. Sandra Bullock is an actor. Gravity is just as good proof of anything as the video with James May is.
  4. I actually never thought about the faked moon landing that way, but you most certainly have some good arguments. I buy what you're saying. It has to be a co-operation, if not they would be revealed by now. Good video ass well, watched it last night and got stuck looking through some of your other uploads on youtube (subscribed now and I will watch more) About the atmosphere and how it magically stick to the ground like the spokes on a wheel, it is a point that is constantly being mentioned by flat earthers, and it seems that because nobody can explain the magic force of the alleged gravity it can't be that way. But if gravity exist, the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull would't have any problems fighting the spin of the globe. I do not actually have any problems thinking that this is possible, although I can't explain how that's work and I will probably not ever be able to give a good reasoning for that, as I'm not too fond of school and dropped out after junior high. The same argument can be used on weather balloons as well, and regarding the speed it has to gain/loose I guess that relative and it really doesn't loose/gain speed at all as the force of gravity holds it in place irregardless of the height. Maybe the bus example is bad.. But let's change it a little, if you take away the chassis of the bus, so it's only a big floor with 4 wheels, if I jumped when it was accelerating I would not land where I started, but if we where driving at the constant speed of 1 mp/h when I jumped I'm pretty sure I would land on the same place. I used a much lover speed now because of the wind resistance, but the theory is the same, as long as the mass have momentum in the same direction I would no longer be affected by the speed of the floor on 4 wheels and if I choose to walk on the floor against the direction the floor is moving it would feel the same as walking in the same direction of the movement of the floor. In the end of the day I think the only reason why we cant measure the movement is because we don't understand gravity at all. Either that, or the earth is flat. Nah, didn't feel attacked, you seem like a nice and smart fella and I appreciate that you take your time to answer me. It's sad that to hear about your father and family. I'm in kinda the same boat as you.. Was stupid enough to comment on one of my friends post on facebook, he posted the flat earth "adele - hello" cover (to make fun of it)... So now all my friends (and even people I don't know) think I'm a stupid moron, and that made me feel really stupid. Not interested in being a laughing stock for their entertainment, so now I'm starting to reevaluate the entire flat earth theory and make myself believe in the globe again.. lol
  5. I guess that's also the reason why it's not possible to measure the movement of earth with a gyroscope? Because of the constant speed.
  6. The fake moon landing was simple, they wanted to beat the Russian's. The continuous fakery of the ISS can be explained by the simple fact that NASA doesn't want to loose their funding. But, where does all that money go? Thing are most defiantly not what they seem, and I guess that's why we are all here, to find some kind of truth. One of the arguments from us flat earthers is why we couldn't just take a helicopter, go up in the air and wait for our destination to get under our feet. A simple explanation for that is that the alleged rotational speed of earth is constant, and therefor every object is kinda glued to it. If it was constantly accelerating I guess it would be different. If I jump inside a bus when it is accelerating I would land on a different place, if I jump inside a bus at the constant speed of 60 mph I would land on the same place..
  7. Okei.. As mentioned a few post back in this thread there is still the issue with stars.. The only "real" proof I've seen of flat earth is the lack of pictures/proof of the curvature and that big frozen lakes are flat many miles across. In the end of the day most of this FE stuff is just theories. I started to get really convinced we lived on a flat plane, but I'm not so sure anymore. Yes we can measure the lack of curvature over many miles, but does that really prove anything? If gravity bend's light I guess that can make a sphere appear flat for the viewer.
  8. The moon landing where fake, no doubt about that. I just ignore the name calling as I got pretty used to that from different forums and Facebook discussions. He had a very good point about how much manpower UN would need to keep people away from exploring the ice wall/Antarctica.
  9. Maybe been posted before, he have some good point's.
  10. You have a good point there, sir. Doesn't seem to be a good explanation for that.
  11. Gonna watch this after the FA Cup match! City under 0-1 now against Huddersfield! :D
  12. I just sent them an email, I will post their reply when/if I get something.
  13. I believe they were murdered as well. But, if we look away from all the land that are entirely off limits, would't it be enough proof if one of "us" was allowed to time-lapse the 24 hour sun? Cause that wouldn't be possible on a flat earth, right? Guess I have to contact the Troll Research station and check if there are any possibilities for a trip there in November/December only to document the 24 hour sun.