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  1. Just Jo

    Fun thread-BBQ sauce

    Ketchup for fries, meatloaf and burgers....
  2. Just Jo

    Fun thread-BBQ sauce

    Love sweet baby rays but have never tried to spice it up...have to next time and honey makes everything better...
  3. Just Jo

    Fun thread-BBQ sauce

    Just a good size pork butt and then covered it with root beer...used most of a 2 litre....let cook all day and then add some bbq sauce after you pull it...
  4. Just Jo

    Fun thread-BBQ sauce

    I’ve used root beer for pulled pork in crock pot...not too bad...
  5. Just Jo

    Fun thread-BBQ sauce

    Just got done grilling some chicken and friend gave me a bottle of Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce out of Cincinnati...awesome sauce. What are some of fellow COP’ers favorite?
  6. Smoke has cleared....jittery over reactions anytime trump does anything...media always portrays as the beginning of the end...wonder how much media moguls made from this sell off this morning?
  7. Just Jo

    Well, the UK is a goner folks.

    Good points...very difficult to keep all 3 in check...
  8. Just Jo

    Well, the UK is a goner folks.

    I am still trying to decide who we are supposed to revolt against.
  9. Just Jo

    Well, the UK is a goner folks.

    I like bosoms
  10. Just Jo

    Well, the UK is a goner folks.

    Ok Sir William Wallace, When your revolt starts, be sure to let us know......
  11. Hope I right and you are wrong...like my job and like to eat and take of family...and no I don’t have 100g bmw...have a 200k plus, mile ford though...
  12. Once the smoke clears...it will be normal day for the market.... No doom for you....
  13. Just Jo

    Happy Birthday Army!!!! 243 years old!!!

    Birth of the US Army Army Birthdays. The U.S. Army was founded on 14 June 1775, when the Continental Congress authorized enlistment of expert riflemen to serve the United Colonies for one year. For more on the history of the U.S. Army birthday, click here: the Army birthday. Since 1775 Congress has also prescribed the organization and structure of the Army. wikipedia...and internet don’t lie... so happy bday Army
  14. I have heard of Jefferson bible...I believe to say he “created” a bible is wrong. He cut and pasted scripture that had meaning to him....I know Smithsonian says created, I do same with our church bulletin where a verse just stands out...cut it out put in wallet.... never seen mason bible...

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