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  1. Congress passed this turd so they could get out on recess...until April....
  2. They can override veto...but then it on them completely
  3. Border wall funding for Lebanon, Jordan Egypt in this bill...hardly any for southern border
  4. I am saying he should not have signed this...to throw this in with Kissinger and Israel is wrong...I am losing faith in Trump and am ready for 2020 that is for sure..
  5. For flippin’ #%$& sake...I have no idea what that has to do with Trump...he didn’t write bill...that part is on the swamp...him signing this turd is on him tho...
  6. Sweet......hope it all works out for you....would love to be able to do same, maybe after kids are out of college...
  7. YOUTUBE Bans Firearm How-To Videos (merged)

    Thanks. I like the DIY stuff on YouTube especially related to building firearms..so if they are going to take them down, I need alternatives...
  8. For those who are all getting bent out of shape over this, at least he didn't add "so cut the infidel's head off" to the end of this. John 8:7
  9. YOUTUBE Bans Firearm How-To Videos (merged)

    What are alternatives to YouTube?
  10. 25 minute confession.....I'd say he did it
  11. Nope...it was pretty stupid... everybody knows the weather is controlled by the subterranean ice dwellers of Antarctica..
  12. wow, that's harsh....makes them lower than CNN....but I agree completely....be right there with RT
  13. I wouldn't say what he said was anti-Semitic - stupid, but not anti-Semitic.......