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  1. Israel's Supreme Court banned the army from using human shields in October 2005. Since then, DCI had documented 15 breaches of that ban in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Horton said. this has happened however how many Muslims countries have banned the use of human shields? Don’t think anybody is naive enough to believe things like this don’t happen, but Muslims are good at using human shields. Ask Bin Laden
  2. Why do I have feeling scans will come back “inconclusive”
  3. You've been gone????....I was wondering why haven't been getting many notifications back......just jackin' with ya....
  4. sure it's not the cigar (turd) shaped Planet Killer from the original Star Trek
  5. this is all beyond me....once ya'll figure it out, can you post a nice easily understood explanation?
  6. How about next they do an article on how much alcohol, weed, coke and other various pharmaceuticals congress consumes in the course of a work day.....or even some the media execs?
  7. Although I may have different viewpoints on here than most, Rob is just trying to stir it up and thump his/her chest. Needing some kind of self satisfaction.
  8. I like conspiracy theories, doesn’t mean I have to agree with all of them. And I question those I am not sure of...no, I am not at the doctorate level... and I know who you are and what u are about as well....
  9. Round and round, round and round.... I was thinking along same lines as you...but after what you put, glad I didn’t try cause it wouldn’t have been as funny as yours...
  10. So, when you are wrong in what you post and you know it - does it still hurt to post it?
  11. If Turkey says its true and the US denied, must be true. Not like Muslims to lie or anything.
  12. I believe you have a misunderstanding of what the Jerusalem Embassy Act is.
  13. Oh my, for once I agree with you!
  14. I imagine King David is dancing on golden streets tonight.