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  1. https://twitchy.com/sarahd-313035/2018/02/22/unbelievable-broward-county-sheriffs-latest-confession-sets-blood-boiling-video/ this is unbelievable...
  2. Good guy with a gun will definitely shorten the length of time a shooter will be active..
  3. Trump Calls For Arming Teachers!

    Not sure I am getting your meaning...I am 100% behind 2A...what does your comment have to do with protecting our schools?
  4. Trump Calls For Arming Teachers!

    I agree on the trained security patrolling the school but also can see that a teacher be armed....well trained also...
  5. Trump Calls For Arming Teachers!

    By your logic nobody in a stressful situation should have CCW...
  6. How can anybody know how or what they would do after...you can’t even say for certainty.,,questioning this father forgetting where he just buried his teenage daughter is going over board in my opinion... didnt say I wouldn’t remember where, but the name of the cemetery is different
  7. an emotional father, in an emotional setting....give the man some respect....I can't name the cemeteries outside of my town...
  8. Maybe the sewage will flood their tunnels..
  9. My wife has worked with people who hear voices....and it’s not somebody on the outside telling them...it is mental illness...
  10. And you think MIC is only ones who would want this?
  11. Both the age limit and the "bump stock" are knee jerk reactions....I hope neither come to pass....don't own a bump stock so won't effect me, but don't want to see things being "chipped away" either....the FBI failed with the Florida shooting, laws are in place and somebody just didn't do their job....Legal drinking age is 21, I never seemed to have much trouble finding alcohol when I was in school...