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  1. Just Jo

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    MS13? I will admit I don't know a lot about them other than what is reported on news or I read about which isn't a lot. I know they have grown and spread out and are pretty brutal, but them, why? Don't see an endgame for them....unless it is power and control?
  2. Just Jo

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    I doubt it will be because of guns. Maybe race? But my opinion, with what is going on in California with rural communities tired of the city folk having all the power at the ballot box...it will be more of an elitist against the everyday layperson...religion, race won’t matter...
  3. I heard that Hillary was seen with miner hat and pick axe close by but I am sure she had good reason
  4. yes, I am sure it was US tax dollars that helped Iran purchase the missiles launched at Israel.....thanks Barack
  5. Just Jo

    Dead Palestinian martyr has a nose itch

    Best Monty Python voice....”I’m not dead.” “I feel better.”
  6. Just Jo

    What have we gained from America fighting Wars?

    I’ll leave this thread...but go into a Legion or VFW and let them know how ashamed you are...
  7. Just Jo

    What have we gained from America fighting Wars?

    You weren’t after debate...you wanted to stir the pot...yes we have opinions, and free speech because of what? What our military has fought for.
  8. Just Jo

    What have we gained from America fighting Wars?

    No...blowing our military that kind of crap is....I am a SAL and have much respect for our military...he got the reaction he was after...
  9. Just Jo

    What have we gained from America fighting Wars?

    Thank you for your service and I am pretty certain you still able to catch a one way flight to Russia.
  10. Rouhani spoke live on Iranian state television. He says he will be sending Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to countries remaining in the accord. He says, “I have ordered Iran’s atomic organization that whenever it is needed, we will start enriching uranium more than before.” He says Iran would start this “in the next weeks.” They can restart this quickly shows they didn’t disband/dissolve their program at all..
  11. It wasn’t long ago most on here were saying he was launching on Guam and US was invading...
  12. I support Israel but I do agree, we do not need to fight Israel’s war...I believe they can handle themselves...but I also believe as soon as Iran can, they will nuke Israel...I hope that a deal can be reached where neither country starts popping off missiles...who would have thought 6 months ago Kim would have crossed the DMZ on anything other than a tank?

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