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  1. Well i think being a slave 8+ hours a day/5+ days a week is not a lesser problem and is part of the dumbing down agenda. Being too occupied people don't have enough time to use their brain and realize the important truths OR organize and at leeast try to make the world a better place. They don't have time to raise their own kids either, instead they are becoming easy victims of the NWO's indoctrination. But of course if the elite wants something, it can't be good for us, so yes, free money won't be a solution either. It can't be, just not before the "elite" is dealt with.
  2. GLP now banning

    Teaming up with Facebook, Google/Youtube, Twitter and the rest; and getting rid of all the remaining free thinkers/real conspiracy theorists/truthers...
  3. Or they will be offered for "free" in exchange for people's 100% obedience and their "investment" isn't meant to earn them money, but slaves.
  4. All the bad guys are really not even pretending anymore, they're just openly executing their evil agendas and he seems to be no exception... But most people there are in support of both Trump and Putin at the same time, so if they are looking for people who have endorsed Putin, but opposed Trump...well i think they don't need to worry.
  5. There's a new TV show on the same topic too... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6170874/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  6. I think he hasn't. There were too many signs even before the elections. Trump has always been one of them.
  7. Either that or the opposite is true: Maybe their agenda is so advanced they don't need to pretend or be careful anymore. Or maybe they just think so, but are wrong.
  8. I have a simple way of recognizing fake truthers/shils: If he/she's on TV or is a big deal (More or less) on the internet, than it's someone either working for them or just enjoying money (And fame). Unfortunately this keeps getting confirmed over and over. Anyone who has any power (Including having big enough audience) is up to no good.
  9. I can see it easily backfiring on them (With so many negative votes most of the videos promoting their agendas get), but on the other hand i seriously doubt they will follow their own rules and censor what they don't want to just because it's been voted down.
  10. Hmm, if your really need something and are going to buy it anyway, wouldn't it hurt them more to buy it cheaper (Online, of course, otherwise yea, i can't imagine anything worth the experience) and then let them struggle for the rest of the year?
  11. I personally believe the current system cannot be fixed and we need to go through all of the above to build a better one eventually. The only two choices are certain chaos+uncertain future vs certain, rotten to the core status quo. I'd certainly chose option 1, regardless of the consequences i will suffer. And i think TPTB think the same, hence they always do everything to make sure there are never big enough, worldwide and status-quo-threatening events.
  12. Nah we need to cancel our TV subscriptions. I did it like 10 years ago and never missed it. Of course i still watch TV shows and movies. For free, of course. I'd never pay for their blatant propaganda.
  13. Maybe that's it and they don't want to take it down, but to make it more harmful and drive people insane (even more).
  14. It's really pathetic of them to believe removing a site or two will change anything (Actually i doubt deleting everything would make a difference...people still experience it in person, they don't need the internet to tell them the obvious). There's already tons of info and criticism and their actions only show how insane they are. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=satan allah bible http://lmgtfy.com/?q=quran+violence+verses Searching in my local version of Google returns the right results even easier (I'm sure they are working to "fix" this, but like i said, makes no difference).
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