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  1. Infowars Pushing a New Narrative!

    Indeed. Not a big challenge with current tech
  2. Cool, thanks, works everywhere now
  3. For some reason it works within the browser (Both Chrome with an rss extension and Firefox), but won't work with any standalone rss reader (On both mobile and desktop devices).
  4. I think the goal is this: The acceptance of police brutality/police state. Whites are falling for it and instinctively siding with the police against black violence. Maybe sooner or later there will also be white violence against blacks and police will defend the, so blacks will be made to obey police too? "For the greater good of both sides"... And the whole kneeling/pledge of allegiance. Boycotts are happening, but maybe that's a part of the plan too? They made idiots protesting for bullshit reasons and basically manipulated whites into thinking protests against what the country stands for is unpatriotic. So what happens when there are valid reasons for protesting/sending a message? Not only it won't happen, but more people will side with the state. There will be no resistance left. "The boy who cried wolf". In this case, it's "The boy who cried injustice".
  5. I watched it and actually thought they were BLM... Not only they were black (And there was also the "black power" element. And the one who was white was considered unworthy/inferior), but they were accusing the Federation of not being peaceful when they were the agressors for no good reason. If I was black, I would't be happy with the show either.
  6. Do you wish you didn't know?

    I think the ones who feel truly happy and like the world the way it is would never pay attention to the truth. They would totally refuse to wake up.
  7. Do you wish you didn't know?

    Nah...if i know, that means i've already been unhappy anyway, so there's been no other option.
  8. I agree with the first part, but i don't think they are going to shut down the power grid either. They need electricity and money (As a tool. And it will be gone without electricity) to control the population, so why would they make such a move?
  9. In the "Ancient aliens" documentary a good amount of it is being discussed, it's really worth watching at least the first 1-2 seasons.
  10. Yea who knows, everything's possible, could also be visions from alternative universes (Akashic knowledge?). There must be more to it, because many unrelated cultures had came up with the same or similar visions. And there' also all the unexplained tech/architecture/artefacts.
  11. Will they? I can easily imagine the frightening possibility of decent people going down quietly, without a fight.
  12. https://www.ancient-code.com/mysterious-artifacts-with-engravings-of-aliens-and-spaceships-unearthed-in-mexican-cave/ The mysterious artifacts—depicting strange beings with elongated heads, and oval-shaped eyes, as well as objects that resemble “spaceships” have been unearthed by a group of explorers in a Mexican cave. A group of explorers has discovered in a Mexican cave evidence what they boast as the best evidence of alien contact on Earth. The group of explorers recently visited the cave and explored it in detail. The cave—part of three caves actually—is located between the cities of Veracruz and Puebla. In two of the cases, researchers made unexpected discoveries including several carved stones with images that represent alien related engravings. Furthermore, the group of explorers discovered a number of golden items in another cave. Pretty interesting. I wouldn't call it "proof", because these beings may have been a work of fiction (We have all kinds of monsters in movies...why wouldn't the ancients too?), but with all the clues (And evidence of advanced tech in the past) there must be more to it.
  13. Yep, i can already see myself getting rid of it the same way i got rid of my cable TV. Pretty sure sooner or a little later that moment will come.
  14. But that's exactly what his (And any other politician/party's) supporters are doing. They always ignore what he has and what he hasn't done and blame people (who haven't ignored/forgotten it) for being too "impulsive" (I guess we need to wait until our countries are completely destroyed and only then blame the ones responsible?) when they react based on all the crap they haven't forgotten about.
  15. Yep, when greater good is got the goal (And even the opposite is), any system Will always be a disaster. Plus, it's destroying the planet for the same reasons you mentioned (Because the system is designed for maximum consumption/manufacturing, way more than it's required in an honest system where not only will we consume/manufacture less, but the results will still be better).
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