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  1. Martin

    If you vote, you're a Sheeple

    The way i see it...the ones who vote are the ones who are desensitized - to evil/corruption/deception. They've seen it from all parties and all politicians and yet they keep voting for them, thinking it's perfectly acceptable as long they vote for the "lesser evil".
  2. Martin

    GLP Going Down The Shitter??? PIC

    Not sure, haven't tried any proxies recently, they are not worth the efforts.
  3. Martin

    GLP Going Down The Shitter??? PIC

    They just banned both my home and my mobile isp and i don't post there. I guess there's another mass banning it place. Maybe it has something to do with the new EU regulations?
  4. This. Their obsession si unhealthy. There is nothing wrong with being a gay or a flat earther, but when you let that define you, and you want everyone else to convert to your belief, that's a problem. Just like muslims and (anti-)liberals. They are actually missing the point completely. It does not matter whether the Earth is flat or not. Nasa lies, the governments are against us, "educations system" lies and brainwashes us. That's what's important and the shape of the Earth makes no difference. Flat earthers believe they are not fooled by the propaganda, but it's the opposite. Their obsession is part of the plan and they have fallen for the trap. I know some good posters have left in the past because of all the FE obsession and i hope some of them will be back. BTW it's funny grav herself created a FE club and yet she doesn't want it to be used and call it censorship. It was to be expected that the club will stay empty, because most flath earthers seek attention and recognition. Grav's huge thread (NOT in the club) apparently wasn't enough either...
  5. Martin

    Name An Unpopular Belief You Have

    If god exists, it's either a malevolent entity or not all-powerful and has no authority over Earth. Religious people love to blame us or Satan (If it exists, then maybe it's the same entity?) for our twisted ways and our suffering, but it's not just us. The fact that animals are made to eat each other (They also perform incest, baby killing, rape and all kinds of actions considered sins when it comes to humans) is very telling to me. Our world is dark/evil at its core, but this thought is too frightening for most people so they chose to delude themselves. Just like they do with politicians and political parties.
  6. Martin

    Pointing Out The Obvious

    And why did he deserve better numbers? Just because he was a "libertarian"? And Hillary was supposed to be a "democrat", too... You people keep making the same mistake, believing in the voting process and believing in political figures. I come from a country with more than 2 major parties. Guess what? Same shit. They are all part of the chess game against you. You can't fix a completely rotten system (With completely rotten players behind it) with its own tools. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/why-you-shouldnt-vote-for-libertarian-nominee-gary-johnson-w435712
  7. Martin

    Your Smart Phone Probably Has GLONASS

    I don't think gps satellites are capable of revealing your identity (If anyone relies solely on the satellites and doesn't have any other means to track you), but who knows. Either way, i'd be more worried about american agencies' spying.
  8. Or better yet, he should try to explain how the fire from WTC1 and WTC2 magically got building 7 demolished too. https://wakeup-world.com/2016/09/11/what-really-happened-to-world-trade-centre-building-7-on-september-11-2011/
  9. Martin

    Free Speech On the Generally Angry Board (GAB)

    Wouldn't surprise me. http://www.jewish-languages.org/jewish-english-lexicon/words/176
  10. Nothing forced can make a kid (Or an adult) enjoy it, it can only make them hate it for no other reason then being forced to do it. If she can't convince her kids how good it it, they either she's a bad parent or her kids just don't yet have what it takes to enjoy it. Either way she should leave them alone.
  11. Exactly. They can try to censor all they want, but they are only revealing their true colors further. Damned if they censor and damned if they don't. So what's the third option? Get rid of all these sites/services, seemingly "for our own protection", of course.
  12. Yep. I'm much more concerned with censorship and spoiling our way to interact with each other. And it seems that's exactly what they are trying to divert the attention from
  13. They may have decided to burn it, after all. Remember Soros's speech? https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jan/25/george-soros-facebook-and-google-are-a-menace-to-society I can't see good guys behind the attack on Facebook. Hope I'm wrong.
  14. So, many people are asking "Why now" and for a good reason. It's not like the lack of privacy on Facebook and the likes hasn't been known for years. After all, Zuckerberg thought users are "dumb f**ks", so why are "they" focusing on that now? And even more importantly, why ever? After all, data mining is what they need these sites for...or used to. What if all that data is revealing undesired trends? What if all the propaganda and censorship don't work quite well (anymore)? Maybe they've decided the benefits of spying through social media can't overcome the "risks" involving people communicating easily with one another, learning the truth (Despite all the censorship) and organizing. Maybe it's just me, but i believe the planned demise of Facebook and the shutting down of Craigslist's "personals" section is connected and many more will follow. I've always wanted Facebook to fail, but now i think the post-Facebook reality will be even worse and what Facebook took from us won't be coming back. I think not only we won't be having better social interactions online, but over time our options will only get more limited, or so they believe, i think (Maybe they're late and won't be able to achieve that?).
  15. Yep. It's like the CLOUD act which is designed to "protect" people by restricting their ability to meet in real life and pushing them further into all kinds of negative actions, ruining their own and/or other people's lives. Every "protection" these days is designed the same way. It's like cops shooting someone who threatens a suicide. All these "solutions" further boost the problem they are supposed to "fix".

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