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  1. I believe this too. Many people believe the "elite" are planning depopulation or some other doom. Well i think their strongest weapon is the status quo - it's worse than actual doom and they are doing everything in their power to prevent any major "events" from happening.b "They" are the system. So by voting you already legitimize them. You can't vote out the deep state (Whether it's the US or another country). There is no 2-party system in my country and there's no difference - the evil is always in full control. You believe you're doing something, but that's exactly the way their manipulation works. They want to pacify people with the voting process and prevent them from demanding (And making) a real change.
  2. Well maybe, but if you're a billionaire, Netanyahu backer and Clinton's friend, i can't imagine being a good person even before getting elected. Actually I can't imagine a good person running as either republican or democrat. If you're truly an outsider and a good person, you just won't can't make such compromises. And that's why i don't buy all the "He's been threatened" (Besides, there's always a way to go against them, at lest if you're a public person like him. The can't just make you or your family dissapear, at least not if you publicly call them out on their malicious intentions) or "he's been influenced" (If he's been influenced by evil forces, then that has happened long before the elections) theories.
  3. And the fact that he ran as a Republican was also ignored by everyone. Two completely rotten parties and yet people actually believed a genuine candidate would have anything to do with any of them (And not just a republican candidate, but a billionaire and Clintons' friend)? It makes zero sense, yes, but most people can't handle the truth (Because they'll have to admit something must be done and that "something" won't be as innocent and easy as voting) and that's why they replace it with fairytales. On the other hand a genuine candidate with no money and no connections would have zero chance anyway so it's always a lose-lose situation for the people (And the country).
  4. Yep... But no, "he's an outsider" and "playing 89345346D chess" (Oh he is playing chess indeed, it's just not against "the swamp"). I believe modern world's biggest problem is the way people excuse evil all the time and don't get mad, but instead keep rationalizing and waiting for more and more proofs (And even if the proof is enough and they recognize the evil, they just take it as completely normal). Their moral compasses are completely broken (With a few exceptions here and there, but these people are such a tiny minority sadly they don't matter).
  5. Yea if he was anti-Israel, he would have been "neutralized" - he's powerful enough to pose a serious thread and not powerful enough to avoid being destroyed (Financially or physically) by Israel.
  6. Well aren't you doing just that? I don't see any valid reason to believe the air strikes did no harm. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/syria-us-air-strike-latest-bashar-al-assad-claims-children-killed-chemical-weapons-latest-a7671946.html Sure i don't believe Assad either, but that's not the point. Do you honestly believe anyone could bomb a country without any risk of casualties? Even if by chance there are no casualties, the risk remains and that means anyone who ordered the strikes is evil. Unless he has a vary good reason for that (To avoid even more deaths if he doesn't interfere. But that's not the case here, at least not if he only did it to "troll" the globalists). Also, what if Assad was indeed warned, but not by Trump or anyone loyal to him?
  7. This is beyond ridiculous, how can they just sellectivel shut down the power grid here and there, yet cause no long-term damage to the power grid OR consumer electronics in the area, including cars.
  8. And in the UK too http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/719537/Theresa-May-EU-laws-Great-Repeal-Bill-Brexit-betrayal-EU-referendum-fishing In the end, nothing ever changes, even when it seems it does. They are all part of the cabal.
  9. Yep. It's not like Kim has military bases all over the world. Or overthrowing/selecting governments all over the world. Or funding propaganda outlets all over the world. He's dangerous to his own people and maybe South Korea at worse. Trump and those behind him are not just threatening the whole world, but actually messing with it. Putin/Russia too, but they are not nearly as influential as The deep state/Soros/Trump and the rest.
  10. Yea saw it, just decided some additional info might help. I was suspecting it could be the browser too.
  11. He didn't have a mask regarding Israel, people just chosed to turn a blind eye and put a mast on him themselves
  12. Actually it seems to have dissapeared, i can't find it either