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  1. I did find this San Diego WebCam. It shows a lot of light on the horizon, but I don't know what's normal for this WebCam http://www.catamaranresort.com/webcam
  2. Yes, most of the cams are in 10 minute intervals, looks like the Quebec one is in five minute intervals
  3. It's baffling ... I don't see anything on Twitter or the web. The Quebec one is starting to return to normal -- here are screenshots -- it's almost weirder ( again press "next" at the bottom of the picture to scroll through the different screenshots )
  4. I can tell you that the sky cam near me typically matches what I see in the sky! Also, I am not positive, but I have heard that these cameras can see in the infrared spectrum.
  5. Here are screenshots ... Click on the "Next" button to scroll through them ...
  6. And I believe this one is in Quebec ... Very strange http://www.allskycam.com/u.php?u=604
  7. Anyone in San Diego? WT#?! Is in the Sky? Check the AllSkyCam for San Diego ... I've watched these for a few years now and have seen some weird things, but nothing quite like this!! http://www.allskycam.com/u.php?u=449
  8. TOO HOT! This Is Happening To People's Houses Cookies baking in car plastic melting ink on signs melting planes can't fly
  9. I've been to one of these about a year ago in Orlando. They had touch screens for ordering -- the order took FOREVER! LOL
  10. Here's Rush Limbaugh's take on the new Ken dolls: RUSH: Now, here’s what I want to tell you. Millennials. Mattel. They make the Barbie and Ken dolls. I want to show you the new Ken dolls. They’ve got seven of them. Folks, it’s gonna make you laugh. Have you seen this, Mr. Snerdley? Well, I don’t see anybody with a rainbow suit here. They are modeling the new Ken dolls after TV anchors and other personalities. Rachel Maddow is here as a Ken doll. Don Lemon is here as a Ken doll. Anderson Cooper is here as a Ken doll. I’m now three-for-three. ... Who would buy one of these for their boys or girl? Well, that’s the point. This is what Mattel thinks they’ve got to do to sell the Ken doll. Who buys the Ken doll? Little girls, right? Parents. Mattel has made a decision here that this is the future of manhood, the way to entice young girls. You go back and look at the old Ken doll, the old Ken doll might have looked like a TV anchor at the time, but at least he was a stud, at some point. SOURCE: http://dailyrushbo.com/mattel-models-new-ken-dolls-after-tv-anchors-rachel-maddow-don-lemon-anderson-cooper/
  11. Thank you -- good vid! 👍🏻
  12. Google 666 Symbolism Homepage 6/23/2017 Published on Jun 23, 2017Google 666 homepage has 666 symbolism. All these corporations that use this are lead by Satan, the god of this world. I actually see a few more things here -- the two O's appear to be two suns or a sun and a red object with three spirals. If you go to the Google home page, you will see that the big yellow O is pulsating!!! Also, in the background you see lines spiraling like an orbital path ... We are exactly 3 months from Sept. 23, when a heavenly sign (incl. a red dragon) appears above us ... (Or I may be reading way too much into this, after all, it would have been Oskar Fischinger's 117th b-day😉)
  13. I love this testimony! I viewed this awhile back, and as I was just now scrolling through YouTube, it came up as a "recommended" video. Thus, I felt nudged to share ... From New Age To Jesus - My Testimony
  14. Maybe there is an entire solar system on its way in ‼️