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  1. Six Flags Over Texas will not remove Confederate flag

    Love this state!! Was so surprised when we moved here that the kids say a pledge to the Texas flag every morning, right along with the Pledge of Allegiance! I wonder if they'll try to discontinue that…
  2. It looks like a hand in the sky
  3. I had a headache so bad I had to lie down for two hours! My ear tones were very strong (esp left ear), and though the headache is mostly gone, ears are still sounding. http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/planetary-k-index
  4. This upcoming eclipse could be even more interesting 😳!! Possible X-Flare during Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 - Growing sunspot has *Delta (X-flare) Energy* Published on Aug 17, 2017August 17, 2017: The highly anticipated Total Solar Eclipse on August 21 just got even more exciting as Sunspot AR2671 now has "Delta" magnetics which is the catalysts energy that produces X-Flares....and it is turning towards Earth and will be aimed at the Earth on the 21st, during the Total Solar Eclipse. I think even the chance of something like this happening is a first ever.
  5. 6.6 Earthquake North of Ascension Island https://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/earthquake.php?id=612643 https://www.emsc-csem.org/#2
  6. DAVID BOWIE'S LAST POST BEFORE HE DIED 'GOOGLE IS ILLUMINATI ILLUMINATI IS GOOGLE ' Published on Aug 15, 2017The Event Is Coming Soon - DAVID BOWIE'S LAST POST BEFORE HE DIED 'GOOGLE IS ILLUMINATI. ILLUMINATI IS GOOGLE.' Singer David Bowie contributed on a regular basis to the website bowie. Com, posting on his official forum. The final message he posted just weeks before he tragically died, was a prophetic warning concerning humanity in a world where information is totally controlled by Google. BOWIE BELIEVED GOOGLE WANTS TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY Bowie warned that Google has been infiltrated by the elite when he described a future of society and said it was a fascist dystopia. He said that they wanted to attempt to try to enslave humanity. Bowie went on to say that the motto of Google was bullshit and that the search engine was destroying one of the most glorious of gifts that humanity had been given during the past 300 years. He said that Google is Illuminati and Illuminati are Google. Bowie said that a future that was under Google was either doing things their way or it was the highway. There was no room for free speech or for dissidents. Another message had been posted earlier on the forum from Bowie and this said that Google is the deep state and that people should forget about spies, conventional wars and such. He said that it was all about Google running the internet. Bowie said that it was a case of how they felt, what you think and what type of information they allowed people to see and what they did not allow people to see. SOURCES: http://yournewswire.com/david-bowie-google-illuminati/ http://www.disclose.tv/news/david_bowies_last_post_before_he_died_google_is_illuminati_illuminati_is_google/139995
  7. Oh what timing 🕰!! 👀
  8. The Bible is Flat-Earth

    Firstly, thank you for moving my question, and thank you for your thoughtful response! One thing I know, we are brothers/sisters in Christ 😍! When I think of many of the "scientific" lies and errors of men, I always think of God's response to Job in Job 38. I do think along the lines of Gil Broussard when it comes to a heavenly body that wreaks havoc on the earth every (approximately) 360 years that helps explain many of the seemingly inexplicable events of the Bible. However, I do not agree with all of his biblical interpretations ... Would love to hear more about "I believe the planet x/red dragon works on a biblical enclosed model." ... But maybe that's a whole other thread! LOL I truly believe none of us has the entire truth, but each of us gather truths as we seek out knowledge.
  9. Could be! The planets that may be visible are: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Venus SOURCE: http://www.nakedeyeplanets.com/usa-eclipse-2017.htm Currently, Jupiter is in the constellation Virgo. If you know about Revelation 12, then you'll know that the red dragon is waiting to devour the man child – Jupiter -- that has been in the womb of Virgo for just about nine months! Perhaps the "red dragon" will be visible… Time will tell ... EXCITING TIMES!!!
  10. 3 days of darkness strangeness!

    I don't want to derail the thread, but wanted to know how FE's explain the shadow moving backward on the steps -- Hezekiah's time? (I'm not convinced of FE … Although I don't have all the answers and keep an open mind!)
  11. Black Hawk Down Off Coast of Hawaii, Search and Rescue Operation for Missing Soldiers Another helicopter incident ... Published on Aug 16, 2017Responders are searching for five missing crewmen after receiving a report of a downed U.S. Army helicopter off the coast of Hawaii, the U.S. Coast Guard said today. The search was reported late-Tuesday night local time, about 2 miles west of Kaena Point, the westernmost tip of land on the island of Oahu. Lt. Colonel Curtis Kellogg, a spokesman for the 25th Infantry Division, said two helicopters were taking part in a nighttime training mission off the shore of Kaena Point Tuesday night and, at 9:30 p.m., the second helicopter lost visual and radio contact with the first one. The helicopter was reported down and a search-and-rescue mission was launched immediately, Kellogg said. Learn More: https://www.yahoo.com/gma/5-missing-report-downed-army-helicopter-off-hawaii-133003782--abc-news-topstories.html
  12. 3 days of darkness strangeness!

    Interesting! The Bible does suggest that the Earth slowed in rotation (and possibly stopped) -- evidenced by Joshua's Long Day, and the shadow on the steps moving backwards by 10 steps in the time of Hezekiah!!
  13. This happened on our Earth 14-15 August 2017

    Yes, we are! All doubt about this has left my mind ... It's sad but fascinating at the same time!
  14. The Earth is showing signs that we are not in normal times (happening daily now) ... Devastating!! This happened on our Earth 14-15 August 2017
  15. A little more info ... (not sure why I find this so intriguing, but I do! 😉) University of Rhode Island oceanography professors suggested the object might be a seafloor mount for an acoustic Doppler current profiler, which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers uses to monitor currents and sediment flow during dredging projects. "So, this could be a derelict acoustic Doppler current profiler seafloor mount but how did it get to the very shallow surf zone on East Beach, and when?" Brockmann told The Westerly Sun. He said experts confirmed there have not been any recent dredging projects in the area. SOURCE: https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2017/08/14/Mysterious-metal-object-off-Rhode-Island-beach-to-be-removed/1361502721069/
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