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  1. Right. I hate to see him make any money from his book(s). He should not profit from his lies and leaks, then turn around and write a book(s).
  2. Let's learn from this. Having a gun can save lives.
  3. They won't report on that. Just that kids got shot.
  4. Where is Lorena Bobbitt?
  5. Look at the Hebrew lettering on a can on a Monster energy drink. It is 666 in Hebrew. https://goo.gl/images/919QOV https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.dailydot.com/unclick/monster-energy-satan/ I gave up Monster drinks. Don't want to unleash "the Beast."
  6. Problem is, most ppl have no idea what is happening to them. They believe what MSM tells them and cannot conceive that anyone would want to harm them with fluoride water, SV-40 virus (cancer causing) in polio, GMO food, wars, etc. If you try to tell them, they think you are leading them astray and question everything you tell them even if it is related to nutrition. That is the problem.
  7. We have been told to pray for our enemies. Pray for them because it will help you, especially if you continue to pray for them. Try it.
  8. Think of it as frogs being in water, but the water gets warmer and warmer, slowly until .....
  9. It is also the example it sets for others who do the same.
  10. Unless he committed financial fraud or stole something from the gvt, he will probably get a pension.