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  1. I don't give CNN that much credit. Some people don't like Trump's style, that he isn't big on minorities, that he bullies, etc. They pick on these defects and refuse to look at the good that he has done: cut back regulations, appears good for business, and appears to want to help Christians and lower taxes. They have all or nothing thinking. He is all bad.
  2. 24/7 attacking Trump and what the they don't know they make up. The only ones that like CNN are the Dems and they don't care that the news is fake, as long as it goes against Trump.
  3. Mods please merge threads. Thanks. This is the video she wants to go viral: http://www.veritaslive.com/06-26-2017/americanpravdacnn.html
  4. The wise realize that what helps one, helps all and what hurts one, hurts all, and that material things are not their gods. They don't use people nor do they let people use them. These people are the truly happy ones as they are content with their lives and they think for themselves.
  5. The mentality I see from most people is IT IS ALL ABOUT ME AND WHAT I CAN GET FROM YOU and anyone else and unless the issue affects me directly, I could give a damn less about it, unless of course I could benefit from it. This selfish attitude has a lot to do with why the US is in so much trouble overall.
  6. I would not believe what NASA says about aliens or anything else without verifying it with other independent sources.
  7. To get into a position of great power and keep it, you have to be sociopath or psychopath to qualify for the position.
  8. 100 billion dollar subsidy for insurance companies. http://www.cbpp.org/blog/house-republican-plan-needs-100-billion-fund-to-maintain-individual-insurance-market The CBO says the Senate GOP healthcare bill would leave 22 million more without insurance. The Congressional Budget Office on Monday released its analysis for the Senate Republican healthcare bill on Monday, projecting significant coverage losses if the legislation were to become law. The CBO projected that 22 million fewer people would have coverage under the bill in 2026, named the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), than under the current healthcare system. This is also slightly below the CBO's projection that 23 million fewer people would have coverage under the House GOP's American Health Care Act (AHCA). http://www.businessinsider.com/cbo-score-senate-republican-healthcare-bill-trumpcare-2017-6
  9. Pack some toys (with batteries) along with the mags and just smile at them when they pull you over to go over your things.
  10. What is needed more than ever is leadership that has not surrendered to corruption. If corruption continues, it won't matter whether it's the left or right, globalism or nationalism, the leaders will lead the country further down the hell hole.
  11. Even if airlines reduce prices, they have crossed the point where people are deciding that it is just not worth the hassle to fly.
  12. CNN still talking about Russia. In fact, tomorrow they're hosting the show called, the Russian connection. http://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2017/06/21/exp-cnn-creative-marketing-the-russian-connection.cnn CNN just can't let go of the Russian narrative.