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  1. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar as well.
  2. Also, we may have no choice as far as vaccines and other health issues go in the future. National Security .... lol
  3. They will do ANYTHING to make themselves richer and more powerful.
  4. When they stop and think of it though, there is a lot if good going on in their lives. Just have to be grateful for what you have, whatever little it may be (not just material things). We take so much for granted.
  5. I won't either. What they "give" you may be worse than the flu. For example, polio vaccine: Simian virus 40 (SV40), a contaminant in Sabin polio vaccine preparations that were used between 1955 and 1963, has also been implicated as a possible trigger for myeloma.
  6. I would avoid all restaurants, buffets, and freshly prepared food and prepare food myself after thoroughly washing fruits and veggies and wash your hands the minute you get home, each time you are out. You probably do these things anyway. When using a public bathroom, use the paper towel to open the bathroom door, not your bare hand and when using the elevator, push it with your knuckle instead of your finger.
  7. .... a plague type pandemic is overdue, but if you quarantine yourself and don't touch mail and other surfaces that have been handled and wear a face mask, you will have an advantage. Pandemics spread quickly and people can be exposed BEFORE it is know that it has spread.
  8. Fvck no--no sex male dolls. Yeah, old men want 40 and younger woman because "older" women don't turn them on. Ok, they get the 30 something that takes them for all they have. I hear this about older men frequently and know a few who passed up older, beautiful women for the chase of younger women.
  9. Morning Gratitude

    Enjoying the nice breeze and balmy temperature. Grateful to be alive.
  10. Yeah, the world is really corrupt. The longer I live, the more corruption I see. i have given up trying to get friends to see the truth--they turn against me. It is sad that after 9/11, more minds were not opened. But, more people than ever are awake. If Trump doesn't deliver--you will see more people who will be willing to reject the system and take things into their own hands. No all US citizens are pussies!
  11. I like hearing Ukshep's views and Cinn, too. Balance is good. Challenging my thinking is good. Differing views are all good since we may have missed something. We all have something to contribute.
  12. The one good thing that I hope people are finally seeing is that government is not your friend and does not have your best interest at heart. More people than ever go not trust government. We need to cut ties with war loving nations.
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