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  1. I bet they don't ever want to see a juicy steak. LOL
  2. Reason why that will never happen. Is because it is all told in the bible. So no since in even wishing for the US or other countries to leave.. Just sit back with pop corn, Whiskey, bear or whatever and enjoy the show.
  3. Need I say more. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/14/parkland-high-school-shooting-at-least-17-killed-suspect-in-custody-florida-sheriff-says.html
  4. Just because you can doesn't mean you should!

    Believe it or not, that same phrase is used here in the states by a lot of people, including me at times.
  5. So whats the big deal, if it has very little effect.
  6. Nobody Understands Judgement?

    We all tend to judge people for what they do or how they look.. God says don't judge others or you will be judged yourself..forgive those who have hurt you, if you want to be forgiven yourself. I try hard each and everyday not to do the judging but sometime it slips by.
  7. Space X Car showing water bubbles in space

    Well for the flat earthers, if this is real, what is that round thing in the back ground...
  8. FACEBOOK worker: I don't use that SHIT

    Bullshit. Only people who think they are controlled are controlled.. I'm not defending Facebook.. Just because I use it to keep in touch with family and friends I know in person, doesn't mean squat.I go to 4 sites, This one Facebook, Pcmech (computers)and XDA (Phones). So that must mean I'm controlled by using them.. Please spare me the bullshit.
  9. Nothing surprise me no a days with Japan..
  10. FACEBOOK worker: I don't use that SHIT

    Nope. I can walk away and never go back.. Just like this place, it is consider social media, now grant you it does not have billions of members. But would you not consider a place like this controlling as well.. I love this site, just using it as a example..
  11. FACEBOOK worker: I don't use that SHIT

    I use facebook, but I do not let it control me.. I'm on it a lot, only out of boardom more than anything else.. I look to see what friends and family have posted.. I also get some news from well respected people.. You must not be strong minded if you let something like social media control you.. I control myself, no one else..
  12. Doesn't really matter anyway, they are going to sell us out no matter what the promised.
  13. Unexpected Surgery

    Thanks. Only limitation for a while is no Caffeine. LOL