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  1. The destruction of the world, and rise of the anti christ delayed again. Thank you England.
  2. I hope she does exactly what she says, and doesn't get rail road, by members of parliament, who disagree with her..
  3. The French, like the Pope, should keep their nose out of what the US decides to do with our Embassy.. If Trump wants to move it, so be it.. I see end times brewing every single day..
  4. Hell, they said Ok would get hit hard.. Of Friday morning, before I left the house for work, the Weather Channel, said Ok city was very icy... I had a argument with my manager about going out in it.. I went out anyway, and to my surprise the roads were pretty dry.. Same thing for Saturday, pretty dry, not a disaster like the reported in the (fake) news. Last Friday was worse. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vtkg9xqe3438i1a/15825862_1579691532046591_3626785285913992239_n.jpg?dl=0
  5. I took that Friday off just to watch all the chaos..
  6. WoW could be those, who are happy Obama is leaving. Or he has something to tell the public, and this is how they shut him up.
  7. I on gab.ai same user name as here.
  8. That dam link gets me nothing but a Time Warner cable survey. I can't win for loosing..LOL
  9. Everytime I try to click on that link the page opens then goes to a dam ad. Each time I go back, it will not let me... fuc king ads.
  10. DA ***** will nots halfs to worries da much, whens she gets in jails.. Hers roomates will be fuc king plenty of cracks whores, while she is aways..LOL
  11. She knew she was loosing. She hoped by acting sick. The sheeple would have sympathy and elect her. Well hillary, how did that work out. Lol.
  12. Graham is a turd,and turds you flush down the toilet. He like McCain , both need a public flushing down the D.C toilet.
  13. Can't say it enough. Trump has done more for Americans jobs, then Obama did. He isn't even in the WH yet.
  14. I hear he is moving just down the street from the WH.. So instead of wasting tax payer money for the move.. He and the rest of his clan, should just strap their stuff on their backs, and move themselves. Kinda like they did back in the day in Africa. LOL