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  1. Not yet, but if I do, I will reply "F- - - Y- -" Fill in the blanks. LOL
  2. None of the Alphabet agencies are for the American people, or for our country as a whole.. They all need to be disband, and a whole new agency set up the right way..
  3. JustATrucker

    Happy Fathers Day

    Too all whom are fathers here on the forum.. Naturally I had to work (nothing new). So mine was spent last night with the wife and kids, including the grandson aka "The Baby Terrorist". LOL
  4. She would not have lived long enough to even mutter those words, if she tried that shit in Texas...
  5. Hell I'm not stupid enough to pull a gun on a cop, and live to collect my retirement via tax payer money. LOL
  6. JustATrucker

    Donald Trump There is a Storm Coming

    That whole comment, was about N. Korea.. Yes things are going to happen, but not when the date setters says it will..
  7. JustATrucker

    The High Court of Britain

    That crap happens here more often than you think.. Were I live, you have 3 days to get out, or the sheriff show up and the workers put your property out on the curb outside the property's gate.
  8. Well pretty soon, people at least in the EU, won't have a reason to even turn on their computer.. Hell can you image, you go to the internet, a link pops up, and right off the bat you are in violation of the new laws, and can be put in jail for it.. Such bullshit, and one more reason, to protest, protest protest, to get it stopped.
  9. Lets get serious about this type of injustice. Lets not make it a Kim K bashing thread.. She gets more attention then I think she personally needs. Well I guess I blew that second sentence away LOL.. Seriously there are hundreds if not thousands of people in prison for life, for none violent offense. Even those for the very first time.. What is wrong with this country, when you can send someone away for life for peddling drugs, put yet you let people off who have done a lot worse.. This reminds me of a story back a few yrs ago (maybe 13) up in CT.. A young girl around 16-19 was bringing her boyfriend his backpack that he had requested. Well she gets stop by the cops, as the cops probably knew he was into drugs, probably doing surveillance. Well she has never been in trouble before with the law, and bingo gets life without parole. We don't talk about shit like this much, unless it happens to people we know and care about.. Laws needs to be revamped big time. It needs to be made to fit the crime, not one's agenda...
  10. Screw it, I have about had it with them anyway...
  11. Yup and it won't be long, before the flags of the Muslim world fly over England and the rest of Europe.. The politicians are literally committing suicide, and don't seem to even care..
  12. Well if you really want the truth.. Obama, Jarrett, and the rest of the clan, do look like Apes, from the Planet of the Apes.. And I posted just this or something like it on FaceBook.. LOL, I really don't care who I offend.. It is not like the looney left, doesn't come up with some really off the cuff comments, and get away with it.
  13. He wasn't doing anything no one else does.. Hell is wasn't really reporting on anything.. This judge, and the rest of the UK pussy politicians, care more about the Muslims, than their own citizens safety and concern.. So that argument is mute.
  14. Swamp creature of evil for sure.. He is more of a con artist, than a preacher.

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