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  1. My father had two, brain tumors. One was tiny and on the brain stem.. When he went for surgery to remove the one that was not going to kill him.. The tiny one blew up like a balloon when he was opened up.. Sad to say, that is what took his life.. Maybe MCcain will fair better, as he is a elitist anyway, and they will move mountains to save his sorry ass.
  2. You have a problem with illegal immigrants going to their home country. I suggest you turn over your whole pay check to keep on supporting them
  3. The CIA will just divert money from its other programs not controlled by the government. To continue with the funding of the rebels. This is not over by a long shot.
  4. At some point in time, the people of France, Germany, etc will have to take matters into their own hand, if they want to survive the Muslim assault.. This guy in France, could lead a resistance if he care as much about France and the people he claims to want to protect.
  5. How many has Shia's funded? Probably more than anyone wants to admit.
  6. I think the answer to your questions are 99 Virgins... So yes they don't care if their people burn, hell they want them Virgins.
  7. McCain, has been brain dead for yrs, nothing new there. I don't think the surgery will help fix what he no longer has.
  8. Only place to be, especially when you are in a hospital room wearing those stupid gowns.
  9. Well the way things are going now. We could end up the same way here.
  10. They said that about the Kennedy assassination, I don't buy it.
  11. Trump Has Failed Us

    Let me guess. The person who made this video was promised 2 cookies if Trump won.. So since he did not get two after the election, that means Trump has failed us..
  12. How can they tell who is on the phone, or computer? Hell my grandson uses my wife's phone and he is only 6. And sometimes he uses his mothers. His Xbox right now he is under my username.. Good luck with that stupid fukking law..
  13. The only thing Info Wars can be accused of, is living rent free in the heads of the left liberal loons..
  14. Well looks like I down loading them now.. Can't wait to see what all the fuss is about. LOL
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