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  1. Nope I actually heading to N. Korea.I thought I would put on my water skis and bring it to LIL Kim my self, and set it off. He will never know I was coming. LOL
  2. LOL..If they ever have a Truck Show in you town, go. You will be surprised how big some of the sleeper models are.. Some have all the comforts of home, stove, couch big screen tv.etc
  3. Well other than a big barn or garage, or even the woods. Most trailer now a days have GPS tracking.. If they want to find you bad enough they will.
  4. How about the Rockies or something. LOL As long as they can't reach us.. Plus I still think Lil Kim is full of shit.
  5. I will bring the beer, wine, liquor, chip, dip, steaks, chicken, sweet sausage, and all the other crap, someone just needs to provide the venue..
  6. So far no internet issues here in N. Texas, that I'm aware of..
  7. I fear, and other on youtube as mentioned. They think Russia, and China, will stop the US from attacking N. Korea..
  8. Lisa Haven, has said, she and most truthers are being cut by by 90%
  9. Nope, But many people have had accidents with trucks, (their fault) and collect big bucks.. Some time ago, a girl around 18 here in Texas rear ended a park truck. Because her mother was a judge, she sued and won.. Everyone sees us as a moving bank on 18 wheels.
  10. Dum Shit, I bet it was his fault anyway..LOL I see people do dump crap all the time.. Example yesterday a women passed right in from of my left bumper of the truck. She was so dam close I had to apply the brakes heavy, to avoid hitting her.. When I passed her, she was making a right hand exit, and not even looking, just facing straight..
  11. This shows us one thing.. The Russians will be against us, not with us, as some hope, in the fight against N. Korea.