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  1. Cell Phone Tower, Genocide in Action - **Video**

    Funny how the Gov. is suppose to protect us. But in fact, they want to see us gone...No vaccines or shots for me, not even a flu shot. Never had one, never will... I will let God decide how I go.
  2. I belong to a secret society, It's called the Siano secret society and it's only member is me. LOL Never understood the logic behind these clubs anyway.
  3. Cell Phone Tower, Genocide in Action - **Video**

    That looks kinda of small for a cell phone tower.. Usually the ones I have seen are at least 300ft or taller.
  4. Thry will announce, earth is actually round.
  5. f**kinstan, talks a lot of shit. But can they back it up?
  6. Who is ever singing that song, has a great voice. Even if it is all propaganda bulkshit.
  7. Any time line on when it suppose to go
  8. Man cements his own head inside a microwave

    I hope he wasn't taken any
  9. That's Ok, we are all going to disagree, about crap like this..But in the end brother/sister hood, is what this place is all about.
  10. Personally I'm not even going to let it bother me. Why? All I can do is talk, but that in the end is not going to change what is going to happen.. I will voice my opinion when I have to. but will continue to just enjoy my life to the fullest everyday, until it it time to meet my maker..
  11. I can think of about 25 million things he has done wrong..
  12. All I can say is, Go Israel. They shoot rockets at them, they respond with whatever they dem necessary to stop the threat.
  13. Ok I'm bad LOL. But now for a taste of truth.. I come here everyday, do a lot of reading and some responding. Since around 2010 I started to do a lot of videoing watching and reading on different sites. I would do this while I was at work waiting to either unload a TRL or load.. Everyday since, I have heard about us going to war with someone WWIII. Or we are being played by our government or someone else's government.. Most people here says they are prepared. You have your guns, ammo, food, gold, silver, bug out bags etc... You all claim your prepared for the worse. Well it looks like the worse might actually be coming, in the form of a war with N. Korea. Now when the shit is starting to get real, and may actually happen.. What do I hear? We do not need any war. Well why all the talk about being prepared all these yrs, if you are not ready for the real deal.. In the bible, war, rumors of war, nations rising up against nations is talked often. It is part of scripture, that has been around and spoken of for well over 2000 yrs. So we all should not be surprised, that we might actually have a war, in the not so far future.. If your not prepared, then please stop talking about it, and move on.. What you should be doing, is living your life to the fullest, because if it does happen, there is not a dam thing you, eye or anyone else can do to stop it, so why bother trying..