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  1. Would love to see that happen. But we all know by now. This will be news for about a month. Then like always nothing will happen.
  2. Their probing for that missing 2nd shooter.. They want to see if he took refugee in his brain. LOL
  3. Trump declares war on the constitution

    Well you need to bring that up to them.. But right now, they are home laughing at all the fools who believes, who buy into half of this crap being hammered into the minds of the weak and feckless.
  4. Trump declares war on the constitution

    Again, nothing is going to happen to our 1st or 2nd amendments. We here this every election or every time there is a shooting.. Politicians are just talking out their ass like always...
  5. North Korea is not going to do squat.. He has been saying crazy shit like this for years.
  6. Trump declares war on the constitution

    Pure bullshit.. Trump is only pulling NBC chain, boy some people will believe anything that is written...
  7. The whole fake narrative is bulls.hit
  8. Not even going to entertain this with a response.
  9. Well with all the natural resources we have here. We need to stop buying from Saudi Arabia and others period.
  10. It’s Over for Sears Canada

    I just got done spending $68 on a water inlet valve for my Sears Kenmore washer.. Hell the Sears part store wanted $75 and it needed to be ordered.. Hell went to the Appliance Parts Depot I have used for the last 2 yrs, in stock and in my hand. I have rebuilt this machine from the ground up, as I do not want to spend money on the newer models. Their is to much fancy crap, that come with them.. All I want my machine to do is wash cloths. I do not need digital temp displays or even for the dam thing to talk to me, just wash.. One service guy I talk to once, said, as long as you have a direct drive machine and their are plenty of parts around, keep fixing it yourself. Do not was your time or money on the new stuff..
  11. Burglars target Las Vegas shooter's Reno home

    Well with all those guns he had, and were well advertised by the MSM.. Maybe some decided to see if some were still around and wanted one for a souvenir.
  12. If you (not you, but people in general) would look, it is already a policy in their rule book.. If I remember right, each player is suppose to stand, look at the flag, helmet in left hand.. If they do not do those steps, it can lead to fines, suspensions or even kicked out of the league all together. The NFL is full of over paid cry babies, who need to be knocked down a few pegs (or millions).
  13. Hacked Plans?

    Name sounds familiar? Problem sounds familiar.
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