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  1. I dont see an issue with this post. I think its funny so why the fuss?
  2. Good call shep keeps the site clean
  3. I feel the same way. You go to a mall these days and english is not the common language.
  4. Maybe thats hillarys double?? Find it odd the old snake wouldbe out and unprotected like that, just sayin.
  5. Well if and when Trump gets rid of all the illegal immigrants there wont be many left who will vote for her. Accept defeat and move on ya ol hag, nothing for you to see here.
  6. Yup thats because they all running from the US to Canada now. They are running from Trump to Trudeau( gag choke puke) and his open ( hoping soon to be broken) arms. I agree with Trumps poilicy on immugration but dont care for the side effects.
  7. How do people in positions of "upholding" the law get away with breaking the law?? All the mayors and law officials supporting these sanctuary cities should be charged. I dont get it. Why have laws if you can break them and get away with it so blatantly.
  8. Now that would make just too much sense, and wouldn't give them time to plan some other BS. Maybe they will blame Trudeau this time
  9. No man knows the time if his coming not even the angels in heaven, so why worry about it or try to predict it. Believe in my name and you shall be saved, so again why worry about it.
  10. I thought society was blaming the rapist but it falls on deaf ears. The rapists are , in the govts eyes, being picked on and they are the victims. Perhaps I misunderstood what your saying CM but the worlds govts are not on our side anymore, they promote and encourage this crap saying we are the problem cuz we dont tolerate the immigrants nor understand them. I dunno but I am sick of hearing about this crap that those pigs do and get away with. Rant over
  11. What a sick POS I would love to see society just kill all those useless fuks and take back what is ours by force since governments have no spine and are blind to everything.
  12. A lot more "merry christmas" being heard here and a lot less of the political BS "happy holidays"
  13. Ewww, he almost makes hillary look good and we all know you cant drink enuf to make that skank pretty. When you kick the bucket billy boy i personally hope you do not rest in peace.
  14. Sounds like the recount is off http://globalnews.ca/news/3113613/michigan-recount-effectively-over-after-judge-lifts-order-that-had-allowed-it/
  15. Those two clowns didnt learn anything from the recent election i guess. These "stars" need to realize that the people dont give a flying f••k what they say and thier opinions are of no more value than the guy down the street. Politicians think that hanging out with hollywood gives them the upper hand with people but it doesnt. Just ask hillary.