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  1. Maybe no snow and mud everywhere because the blast melted all the snow?? Just a thought in regards to the timeline
  2. I did as well and will let others know. Mother should be charged to the max for fabricating false allegations.
  3. Lol, thats a very probable speculation right there
  4. 'S---hole' projected onto Trump hotel

    Well that wouldnt be any fun, who would they pick on then?
  5. I agree, people will believe what they choose to believe regardless of proof and explanation. Like you said if he says he is wrong and earth is round the flat earthers will call him crazy while the round earthers praise him and vice versa. So yeah it is a waste of time unless one sees for himself and even at that some will still not believe thier own eyes. I am still curious as to the outcome of his venture, but will his answer suit my beliefs or anyone elses?
  6. 'S---hole' projected onto Trump hotel

    Ahhh the bleeding heart liberals, a fine example of “your brain on drugs”
  7. If the government knows the earth is flat would they allow the launch or will Mr. Hughes simply not return to Earth to tell his story? What will Mr.Hughes say if the Earth is round ?? Interesting event , time for popcorn on this one.
  8. Oprah-rah-rah for pres - rah-rah

    I feel bad for my southern niegbours especially if that waste of skin biatch were to actually run. Would choose Hillary over her. Something about Orca( best name for her i ever heard) that i just cant trust. A definate wolf in sheeps clothing if i ever saw one. But i dont believe for a minute the American people would vote her in. Next thing you know Crusty the clown and Homer Simpson will be running.
  9. We have condo boards here and they are total power hungry morons. Would never buy a place that you cant even paint your walls without permission, it just seems its not your property even though you paid for it( not to mention the stupid condo fees that go along with it). They say the fees are for maintenance of the property LMFAO yeah right. Lawns not kept and parking lots full of snow or potholes. Buy an actual house, its cheaper in the end and its actually yours.
  10. Off-Topic Repository

    Odd i made a reply to this post and saw it posted now its gone??? Whats up with that?? Not like it was a vulgar post eiher