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  1. Someone needs to take this false god out and free those people, this maniac needs to have 0 power over anything.
  2. This Sling & Stone

    What if the power grid went down for a year?

    Oh nice, I'm glad your liking it I always recommend that book, my second fav after the Bible . You're making me wanna read it again! haha
  3. Good, no one should lay down their arms for any man. That's when tyranny starts its rampage.
  4. This Sling & Stone

    What if the power grid went down for a year?

    Nice, I'm glad you're liking it I loved it, It definitely keeps you entertained and thinking about that scenario. The small town and community is def what would happen and is important. There would def be a mass exodus of the cities. Having land with reusable resources and like minded people would be of great benefit!
  5. The global warming agenda is not what it seems. It's a global agenda for power, not the earth. Summer skiing and snowboarding in Vermont, record low temps in Taiwan, heaviest May snowfall in New Hampshire, record snow and rain in Lake Tahoe CA, and the list goes on and on. It's a Agenda 21 scheme. How can we trust any of the weather as normal with all the geoengineering going on? Don't believe known liars! If you do, I'd love to hear why. I put this video together on the current events that show global warming is not going on. All links to the not so global warming weather we are seeing can be found at this link. http://strangesounds.org/2017/06/unusual-rains-and-record-snowfall-continues-as-cosmic-rays-increase-video.html
  6. This Sling & Stone

    Remote Viewing June 2017: Farsight Predictions

    For me any of that new age stuff is a deception IMO, takes away from the truth. If these people were meant to be prophets they would be prophets, a false prophet who makes even one false prediction can never be trusted. To me however they get it it is by a force of deception thats workings are of an evil nature.
  7. This Sling & Stone

    Remote Viewing June 2017: Farsight Predictions

    They're wrong because they get their info from lying, deceiving spirits.
  8. Probably the religion of peace spreading love again, do we even really need to speculate? When's the last time it hasn't been that or a false flag...
  9. Thats a disgusting map. First off that land is God's, God created us and we have the right to live where we want. The slow build up from the days of people being aloud to just live where they want and not having to buy land. Then Gov comes in and starts buying it up and they slowly do so until we get to the point we are at now, where people have to pay to live somewhere, you can just go build a house out in the woods and be fine, its illegal! Thats ridiculous, and unjust. People should be aloud to go live where they want and if they live there a certain amount of time they own the land, like the homestead law that was in place when Alaska first became a state. Lots of people still wouldn't do it cause they wouldn't be near a Starbucks and wouldn't be able to even survive so land would get gobbled up anyways, its cause THEY don't want us to be self sufficient. Luckily people are still doing it thought the means we have to now and just having to pay there way to self-sufficiency, but it def sucks to do that and isn't cheap or easy. I've often wondered the same thing about Stephen Hawking, is there any footage of him actually doing math or coming up with his theories or is it just published and said its by him, and how do we know it's him talking? He never even moves and just words keep coming out. I feel bad for the guy, but how do we know it's even him and his mind speaking. Definitely bizarre times, luckily ALL people are believing what's spoon feed to them, like us on this forum. Even if we are wrong about some things, it's a beautiful thing to not accept what is suppose to be accepted and to question things because there is a different possible outcome. Isn't that what scientists claim is beautiful too? Just not when we do it against them. Again, bizarre times indeed.
  10. This Sling & Stone

    Prayer request for my brother

    Lifting him up to our Lord
  11. This Sling & Stone

    So what is your dream gun to own.

    Dems would still want regulations
  12. I wonder if the people who believe these lies have ever flown in a plane or driven cross country. There's A LOT of open, uninhabited land.
  13. This Sling & Stone

    So what is your dream gun to own.

    Barret 50. Cal would be an absolute dream. The Barret MRAD would also make me VERY happy!
  14. This Sling & Stone

    "I will not forgive or forget" - Assange speaks

    He did say at 1:07 "it is not something I can forgive, it is not something I can forget" But not the exact title, no biggie

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