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  1. I wonder if they are hardened. If I see one, I'll take a big-ass magnet in there next time and see what happens.
  2. I couldn't bring myself to eat demonic hybrid alien politicians. Lamp posts are a better method.
  3. I doubt a razor exists that can prevail over the crotch fur of a queer nazi sasquatch.
  4. That could be it. Give it a shot.
  5. I reckon you only need one if you use the right passcode to start Suckerburg's self destruct sequence.
  6. Poor dude. But, they've had us all paying for crap we're not responsible for for a long time - including stuff like the above. Could be a good precedent if you ever find yourself dragged into kangaroo court because of dna. BBBBut your dishonor, dna means nothing as shown in such and such case.
  7. This would be a good thing if they had done their jobs properly to begin with and have high population of politicians, lawyers, and bankers with long sentences.
  8. This was a respected congressional delegation visit. You know, inspecting their bunker under the airport, picking up some weed, taking a shit on the sidewalk, looting etc.
  9. majoga

    Want some good news for a change?

    Juan's demon blood isn't adapting well to our atmosphere. They better ramp up the terrorforming and go balls-to-the-wall chemtrailing to fix this.
  10. In 2016, e-commerce accounted for 11.7% of total retail sales. Amazon accounted for 43% of that 11.7%. Even with some generous rounding of let's say 6% of total, Amazon is not the cause of the retail collapse. I'm not defending Bezos. He's a punk and should be Breitbarted. But just don't be fooled by the scapegoating going on here. They are not even in the realm of what Walmart has done to small town America - which I've witnessed first hand. The retail industry is a house of cards if it can't withstand a 6% dent. It's just a symptom of the root problems most everyone here is aware of. There is a boogeyman here, but it's not Amazon. http://marketingland.com/report-e-commerce-accounted-11-7-total-retail-sales-2016-15-6-2015-207088 http://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-accounts-for-43-of-us-online-retail-sales-2017-2
  11. Was that cop's wife in line behind Shia?
  12. Yep. This thing is nice. Been using it for a long time. Unfortunately, I've gotten too lazy of late to suss out which script to enable to allow me to see the content I want on some of these news sites. I think some of these fools don't even know how many scripts they're running, and many are not obvious what they do. I guess it's ok though because the news is so bizarre lately I don't really know what to say about it.
  13. Do you reckon squid could be trained to run congress out of the country?

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