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  1. Off-Topic Repository

    I see. Even less than 12 then. Works for me. Save me time not re-articulating future conversations about which an ignorant comment was made by one who never read said conversation.
  2. Off-Topic Repository

    What are you, 12? Find someone else to argue with.
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    Unpublished proof you say? You mean like Barry Soetoro's actual birth certificate?
  4. My theory is that someone saw Mrs. Soetoro's ass and mistook it for a planet. One day she tripped and fell, and thus the earth was flattened.
  5. Ah yes. Sorry. Was looking at article on another site. That doesn't usually move between sites for me. Thanks.
  6. Menu across top is gone. Now it's in dropdown in top right.
  7. What happened to menus? Something I did?
  8. Member Introductions!

    Hi y'all. I just happened upon this place in a posted list over on Gab of new social type sites to migrate to for staying free and uncensored. Found it just in time too as I just got hit with yet another GLP shakedown ban. Those things are so annoying. I seldom ever posted over there because it seems like every time I did, it would trigger one of those bans - I mean just for a mundane comment because I don't get involved in drama and BS on the interwebs. I have better stuff to do, and I mainly went there to check breaking stuff as they were good at that, even if there was much BS to filter through. Anyway, I stopped posting because of that, but still got periodically banned and eventually figured out that they were shakedowns. Can't believe they are pulling this crap at this point in time with everything that is going on. So, I'm glad to have found this place as it seems, from what I can tell, you guys are good at the breaking stuff also with much less BS (if any) to filter through. Also, I recognize a few names from old school GLP. That must explain why it went to crap over there. Thanks and catch ya around the boards.