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  1. That was my recollection also. But it was a blonde that got slugged.
  2. He made Maddow cry. That is all. I detect some Kool-Aid on the premises...
  3. Gawdaful muzak. They need some soul up in that b*tch. We could probably turn them with airdrops of Aretha Franklin cds, beer, and ribeyes.
  4. Hokey Pokey to commence any time now.
  5. Funny how so many accusations of this type are are hurled about by war-painted mutts. Doubt anyone with as much to lose as Hannity would risk it over that dog.
  6. I've had rolling blackouts ever since Spectrum bought out Time Warner.
  7. When you just have to see goat f**king done properly...
  8. That flick is like a family tree for me lol.
  9. They are S.O.L. If they can't change a light bulb, surely an air filter is way beyond them.
  10. Captain Kirk will fist-beat them to a bloody pulp, force them to watch as he screws their wives, and transport them into a Bieber concert of Shatner style covers.
  11. Gotta give them credit for that weird science that turned raisins into virgins.