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  1. Do you reckon squid could be trained to run congress out of the country?
  2. Dennis Rodman's plane jettisoned his stash of dildos on the way home.
  3. U.S. detector only has one setting. So what are Russians doing in there?
  4. No worries. Barry welcomes anal probes.
  5. I didn't know they've already moved their headquarters. Oh wait. Oops...
  6. I just pulled a bunch of irruminati out of my cat's litter box.
  7. There will be egregious farting all day long.
  8. Barry Soetoro is gonna come home and reorganize.
  9. Yay global warming! Saves bundles on jet fuel. Hope it keeps up to cause TSA layoffs.
  10. Oh, a toxic turd complaining about the provider of his existence. Time for a cleanse...
  11. That earthquake in Ky must have been dahpooh tripping over his sensationalism. We do occasionally have one, so it's not unheard of. Anyway, I didn't feel anything.
  12. I dunno. Have you read any legislation lately? Doesn't seem like congress can formulate an actual paragraph. Would probably go something like this: Article VII. Amendment I. Strike all text and replace with "Keep yo mouf shut and behave as you told or they put they boot in yo ass". The end.