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  1. I need some new youtube channels

    My bad Alec Steele. Watching hot iron move is really soothing to me for some reason. Throwing wrenches on submarines pretty much wrecked my elbows and wrists so doing smithing as a daily grind is out. Current living situation doesn't lend itself to weekend hobby work either, but through the jewtube I can live vicariously. http://alecsteeleblacksmith.com
  2. Nat Soc named Cruz that mostly shot whites. Right. Zimmermann was white too right? The "facts" don't have to make sense if you repeat them enough I guess.
  3. They probably guilt and shame the kids with a moral compass until they go degenerate, or an hero like that poor porn starlet that wouldn't perform with that homo dude that likely had a disease. If you aren't not only pro gay, but anti hetero you are a bigot or something. These people have a mental health problem, and meeting them anywhere but reality is only putting the sane in poor defensive territory. Socrates had to have a drink for far less malignant contamination of young minds.
  4. It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo

    Average Joe Jews are I think forgotten branch families of the Jew (money lender, wall street banker, media manipulator, war financier). They aren't full blown Jew just Jewish. Maybe even lowercase j. If you can help it, never do business with anyone that will not have a beer or whiskey and pork ribs. With juice you loose. Gods chosen snitched on his kid and had him killed.
  5. A 13 year old can't decide to have sex, but a 5 year old can decide they have the wrong plumbing. In elementary school, on my bus, I remember 3 different pregnant girls on the route over the years k-6. You turn 12 during 6th grade. Every one of them wanted to get in that condition. Tarantino is a creepy dude with a foot fetish, but he ain't wrong. The word rape isn't the word coercion. Back in the day Rape was when someone used force to take sex against anothers will, usually beating them in the process. Then they added threatening violence. Then they added too much booze. Then they changed the ages allowed to agree. Now, if there was a time you kinda didn't feel like it that one time (Aziz) or some dude has loud flatulance (fart rape). I'm a monk. Every time I see a woman I think court cost, diseases, expensive drama. Any white male that is successful is getting a ton of bad press lately. Those (((wall street bankers))) or as I like to call them, the Jew-tang clan is pushing this right now, as a way to normalize pedo degeneracy like they did the faggotry. They already got the pedo in family guy, they'll just keep adding them to the shows on their networks until its another letter on the LGBTQRS.... Nonsense of protected mental handicap it is illegal to discriminate against.
  6. It’s a total scam called Uber

    It isn't Uber scamming people, it was a Florida driver running a scam that figured a wealthy dyke couple wouldn't notice an extra charge after going globe trotting. But ((they)) know a story about poor people driving because the fight for 15 got them less hours and now they can't afford rent isn't news worthy. Instead let's tell the tale of this poor minority lesbian couple the free market took advantage of. A union taxi ride would a probly costed 70,each way the 15 dollar trip they were charged 150 for would've been the cost of a round trip fare in a yellow cab. Again the driver ran the scam. I will use Uber, Lyft, Fasten, my sneakers, a bicycle, a bus, my thumb, friends, old roommates, family I dislike before spending any more money on a cab.
  7. It’s a total scam called Uber

    Uber and lyft were asked to leave Austin because they wouldn't comply with a bunch of regulatory ordinance bs where the city was trying to scam them, also a DWI charge and conviction nets the city 10s of thousands if not more. so either way city wins. A smaller company called Fasten stepped up and gives the drivers a much better cut. After a couple years worth of festivals, UBer and Lyft were invited back because events like SxSW and ACL were just too much traffic for that platform and people got mad, and complained with enough dollars. I still use Fasten though because the drivers loose a flat $2.50 per ride rather than 1/3 of the fare. A bunch of drivers work on multiple apps, simultaneously. The ones that do, tell me they get a better cut on the Fasten work, but out of towners all use UBer fairly exclusively. Also I have never met someone from Florida, including 9 navy years that wasn't shady. Maybe not malicious, but always trying to scam. Some had some good hustles, cash work fixing cars, building decks, painting houses, but most were stupid like trying to get warranty tire replacement or renters insurance scams. F unions, and F taxis. If they weren't such a huge rip off, the market wouldn't have provided these app options.
  8. He wants to colonize mars before the AI singularity kicks off. Also, they passed a law about asteroid mining.
  9. When is the interest extension over again? 16th right?
  10. Bitcoin @ $7,031

    Eventually we will get to a cashless, chipped society. One world, one currency. Cryptocoin is one step down that path. Plain as the nose on your face. Then the AI managed by the bankers in funny hats will get a cut of every transaction. Someone wrote this down and I read it. Could be wrong. IMF is basically propped up by dollars which are propped up by US military and oil (petrodollar), so when the dollar is phased out of value through fight for 15 and Commiefornia giving everyone in the state 6k a year and the ME starts taking yuan, gold, yen, sheep for oil, having E currencies will be a good idea, mebbe. Easy to steal imaginary ones and zeroes, also hard to access them if EMP. A massive implosion has been in progress for a long time. FDR started it when he confiscated everyone's gold, they kept it going with Nixon petrodollar, Reagan got shot after talking about fixing it, no president since have brought it up. Money is an imaginary marker to keep us all busy, so we pay no attention to the end goal. We were free, now sharecroppers and serfs, soon slaves. To what end? Dunno. I don't think once the IMF controls the globe they are going to feed the poor or anything selfless... I think they just want to feel safe, as lords or kings above us. Like the pigs to our boxer horse in animal farm.
  11. We should just buy a s-400 system for them and call it good. Hawaiian mostly dislike mainland anyway. Let the Mormons and Japanese finish buying it, they should be a territory or independent allied nation.
  12. We will probably be getting a new supreme Court Justice under this zio puppet I mean POTUS
  13. Solar city, elon musk roof replacement. Combined with a power wall unit or 5 would be nice. Made in US by H1B visa holders at the new Tesla plant. Taxpayer subsidized of course. Black Friday home depot were trying to sell estimates, but the sales Representative didn't know what a square was so I moved on. I would like to see a statement on the environmental impact of Tesla batteries, from mining the lithium to disposal, recycling, landfill half life etc. Pretty sure whale oil would be more environmentally friendly.