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  1. There was actually a bill that passed for installing RFID trackers in people with Alzheimer's and kids with learning problems. "For the children" has become a super easy way to push BS legislation that tramples the rights we still pretend we have.
  2. Buried in a mass grave with pig guts. file:///storage/emulated/0/Download/Pershing_meme_1.jpg
  3. I haven't cared about football since Emmett and Aikman played. Bread and circuses. Gubment cheese and the sports show.
  4. NFL protests are a Purple Revolution play

    Panera is anti concealed carry so I'll keep buying HEB coffee. The thing is you gotta buy insurance and gas. Soap toilet paper. The bad guys are gonna get your money. Police violence will not change until the settlements come out of the union coffers. American bombs aren't going to stop falling. I don't think Soros is the mastermind he gets credit for being. I think its some Rothchilde bilderberg project that will eventually fail people say Rome fell, but its still on a map. 90s USA is gone too. Keep archiving books and pulling down statues. That'll fix it.