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  1. Guarding missiles sucks. Yep, still there... 6hrs later... Yep, still there.... 6 months later.... Yep, still there.... I can see how letting things go melty might be a fun diversion to a mindnumbing, tedious reality.
  2. When they end up in a retirement home and no one will visit, or drive them anywhere, or fix all the house fixtures and crap appliances that constantly break, when they can't anymore, they may regret this decision. Both parties seem like they are sociopaths to me. I lived with my mom for a few years after I got out of the service. Stalker ex step dad. She took trips all the time and needed someone to walk her dog and collect the mail, mow, take out the trash while she's gone. When she was there it seemed like every week, I needed to repair leaky toilets, fix washing machine, replace light fixtures and bulbs in 14 foot ceilings, fix the furnace on the side of the AC in the attic, dig up some chunk of the sprinkler system, replace the water heater... work that I'm sure a retired woman in her 60s could do, or hire done but for free and no worn down body to recover. About once a month she still calls with some kind of food bribe to get me to be free labor. She's going on a 3 month trip to Spain in a couple months and wants me to drop my lease and move back. Anyway, I've been the dude in my 30s living with mom, its way easier to just pay rent elsewhere. My current roommate doesn't clean anything (floors, dishes, counters, toilets, sinks, shower) ever or do any yard work ever, still easier than old lady with ocd that I'm beginning to figure out has always viewed men as disposable beasts of burden. So yeah mebbe this dude is a lazy slob NEET or mebbe the parents are sociopaths that failed to raise a child to be independent but burning bridges with family is always a bad call. Unless you are filthy rich I guess.
  3. The powers that be are gonna stay that way serf. Were the pamphlets in Swedish language only? They have an unemployed army collecting funds, but I don't know how much Swedish they read, or mebbe they are just trying to kill off all the white people, faster.
  4. Someone once told me " it's not waterboarding, if you use diesel. " I still think that ones funny.
  5. Being critical of Israel is hate that could get you jail time. Ask the dude with the pug. Also guitar doc, nice to see you again.
  6. Danno512

    Breaking: Rockets fired in Golan Heights

    Genie oil headed by Cheney found oil in Golan heights, in like 2013 so the Jews are trying to landgrab. They will lie and try to justify, but they are just greedy thieves.
  7. Danno512

    Breaking: Rockets fired in Golan Heights

    I don't see a problem with Iranian missiles falling on Syrian soil. I do see a problem with believing that is Jew dirt.
  8. Baptists mostly don't shave their wives heads, or beat them with sticks, or honor kill their daughters.
  9. In my experience, kind women who embody the fruits of the spirit, don't sport black eyes. Spiteful banshee abusive alcoholic or druggie drama queen bipolar attention whores do. I'm sure there's an exception or two, but every time I've seen a chick get hit, she had it coming. With mebbe one exception, where she got too drunk and passed out and the kid got into fire ants, and she drove to hospital, drunk. Not cool. But not worth a punch.
  10. Why wouldn't you pray for them? Oh because we live in a society that says man vs woman violence is the worst thing ever? Guess what feminism is branded as, yep equality. So if a weak dude(t) puts hands on me, (s)he should a known better. Equal. "Stay with your spouse, things said before strangers ( abuse claims in court ) can't be unsaid and things said before god and family ( marriage vows ) shouldn't be backed out of " because this message is MSM evil, there are no smart dudes that are going to get married. The juice ain't worth the squeeze. No one gets married, less kids, lower population for debt based economy. Gotta bring in some migrants. Migrants don't snitch on spouses mostly. Some do. Dunno the answer. Do unto others is my best guess.
  11. Genie oil, Cheney's Halliburton part2, found oil in Golan Heights. Do you really think this is about Iranian missiles? Its another Jew oil land grab justified only after spilling some brown skinned folks red stuff. New omnibus bill The defense bill includes $705.8 million for Israeli cooperative programs. A separate State and Foreign Operations bill includes $9 billion in base and OCO funding for international security assistance, with $3.1 billion for Israel, $1.3 billion for Egypt and $1.5 billion for Jordan. https://www.militarytimes.com/congress/2018/03/22/congress-races-to-pass-13t-defense-friendly-omnibus-and-avoid-shutdown/ Genie oil and gas. Please Google or other search it as well. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/middle_east/is-there-really-more-oil-in-the-golan-heights-than-is-saudi-arabia/
  12. Fire alarm I guess https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/perth-airport-reopens-after-hundreds-evacuated-over-fire-alarm-20180508-p4ze24.html
  13. I'm pretty sure Turkey is where Mossad, I mean ISIS is hanging out these days, and they need those Russian props to scatter about for inspectors and cameras and stuff. Der ruskies did it, see?!

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