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  1. Give everyone the ability to have a gun, otherwise will get worse. Country can’t run functionality. Useless shits.
  2. I want to be close to the chaos, it would be exciting. But not this frickin close lol.
  3. Two more days and I go back to mid Oregon away from Santa Monica... Get me the f**k out of here...
  4. These assholes know good and well that mixing culture this fast is f**king destructive.
  5. It amazes me that women think she likes women. She clearly takes advantage of them more than Trump ever has.
  6. He's stubborn. He won't listen. Says it's another one of my "conspiracy BS" Can learn the hard way. It's funny people think conspiracy theorists are crazy even when right...
  7. My family member is going on a honeymoon to there and I keep warning him...
  8. No it wasn't on this site. It was on voat.co. Not offended, just give credit where it's due. Because #metoo, has been around for a while so quite the coincidence to see that meme and suddenly this post. https://www.voat.co/v/funny/2537767
  9. Saw this meme a couple of days ago.. Nice try on being original
  10. When are those pussies going to stand up? They're just letting their selves get raped just like their women from migrants.
  11. Shiftyze

    4.6 EQ - Southern California...

    This would happen to me when I’m in San Diego visiting family. Starting to miss my safe state Oregon..
  12. Yes that’s like if we were to serve a pig shaped dessert because we know what pisses you off.
  13. Her, Obama and Kerry have been traveling like crazy trying to stir shit up. She’s killing herself by moving around so much. She is mentally deranged. If she couldn’t have America she’s trying to make it so nobody can. Just roll over and die, you don’t help anyone. Can’t even help herself. Really vile woman.

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