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  1. He could eat corn off the cob through a picket fence.
  2. I think the haters just hate for the sake of hating..... doesn't matter, left, right, blue orange... they just hate because it's fashionable and trendy right now to claw for visible relevance to protest and hate something. The real problem is their self loathing. They hate themselves for not counting for a hill of beans, and if they all caught fire and turned to ash, not a single soul would notice or miss them, and they all know it. So they scratch, claw, b*tch and moan, protest and destroy any and everything they can to get the attention they'll never get otherwise.
  3. I think it's way easier to just take AlHole not so sharpTonofshit down instead the simplest thing to shut his ass up is just make him pay his back taxes... watch how fast he disappears....
  4. He's the biggest douchebag you've ever seen. We here in Assachusetts we're stuck with his püssy ass self for quite awhile. Blowbamacare is modeled directly after Romneycare.
  5. Holy hot under the collar batman.... The Dude is passionate for sure.
  6. Ask a holistic doctor, or find a friend that wears Birkkenstocks and ask them (grinning while I typed that, sarcasm)
  7. Free as long as "they" agree the minute they don't, you're a hater......
  8. Did you see this unbelievable front page news?

    It's not just SS running out of money, the country is running out of debt rope. i mean how much longer can this shell game go on before someone flips over the table? reason # 3,467 for all the propaganda/distractions "no no folks, look over here".. an ignorant public is an easily subdued public that's easily led to their own doom.. never get on the bus.........
  9. Welcome to the fray kimicatt... lots of good folks here, I'm sure you'll like it and find it enlightening. I sure did/do
  10. Here's a great, albeit older, article. not sure if it's been posted here before. https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/bracken-when-the-music-stops-how-americas-cities-may-explode-in-violence/
  11. What I fear will be next.

    And isn't ^^^this^^^ the intent? heard about fast and furious? heard about Benghazi? heard about uranium one? heard about Seth Rich? heard about the $$$ pilfered from Fanni/Freddi ? heard about the trillions "missing" from pentagon budgets? pretty sure I don't need to continue.... ALL this manufactured bullshit is designed to take the American publics attention, which has a span most likely not measurable in known time increments, off that which TPTB do not wish to be in the news cycle anymore...
  12. Impressive and well written post. I never would have thought to look for or into any of this stuff, but I am now...
  13. That God for the Fvcking Bumbling Idiots...... Good to know their "on the job"......
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