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  1. Interesting………… Weird, but still interesting..
  2. Automan63

    Stop punishing boys for being boys.

    Exactly BE the change you seek. That which you hold dear, you must hold tight, even if it cost you everything. Even your life. To surrender one thin millimeter is still to surrender and die, even if only in spirit. (They come for that first) If you have boys, make them MEN, and unabashedly proud to be so. Those that don’t appreciate real men will only appreciate their value when they need a real man. As I mentioned in another post a short time back, I’m done being quiet. https://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/topic/58611-so-i-have-a-confession-to-make/ That which is under assault for the purpose of being taken, I will not loosen my grip on, not even through bloodied, battered, or amputated fingers.. Remain strong, get involved, be the change. No one else is going to do it, just you, just me, just us together.
  3. Automan63

    Stop punishing boys for being boys.

    The Marxist agenda demands the destruction of the nucleus family and the destruction of the nucleus family begins with the destruction of men, before they even bud. Right on target, just as they said they would.
  4. Automan63

    Pro 2A Rally Saturday

    Wish I could give ten likes brother..
  5. Automan63

    Pro 2A Rally Saturday

    This!! Is how you DO something... It’s this, or we fight and die, and doubters mark my words, the fighting and dying will happen. Soap Box, Ballot Box, or Cartrige Box. Those are the choices. The American experiment began when the soap box failed. If you love your Bill Of Rights, then GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DEFEND IT from those that would take it from you. If you stay home, you have zero ability to b*tch about another damn thing. Nothing. You and every freedom loving American you know MUST show up and be seen and heard. You’re here, at COP, because you know somethings wrong. For the most part, you know many of the things that ARE wrong. Getting educated here is wonderful, change comes from that education, but the change is manual. YOU ARE THE CHANGE. YOU must educate others and YOU must manually institute that change. Educate, Motivate and Participate. Or sit home, b*tch and masturbate. ”Be there or be a commie”…… Willingly or not, it won’t matter.
  6. Automan63

    And so it begins- Surrender your guns

    Deerfield. 5 First they came for my neighbor because he remained silent and refused to implicate himself I said nothing because they didn’t ask me any questions. 4 Then they came for another neighbor and invaded his home for search and seizure without warrant I said nothing because they didn’t invade my house. 3 Then they quartered troops in another neighbors house against his will and without consent I said nothing because they did not garrison troops in my house 2 Then they came and stripped another neighbor of his weapons because they’re “scary looking” I said nothing because I don’t have those weapons. 1 Then they came for me for saying something on YouTube they didn’t like And there was no one left to speak for me…………… Then I watched in horror as they shot my neighbors in a shallow pit and realized my time to speak up was past.
  7. Nothing. I look for and need, nothing.
  8. Steadiness of aim and distance is all I require. “The birthplace of independence” is dead at the hands of the communist totalitarians. Maura Healy is a disgrace to the office of Attorney General, her oath, and every other soul living in not only Massachusetts but these, United States. She and her ilk are domestic enemies of the peacable that just simply want to be left alone.
  9. Automan63

    Simple Hard Evidence - Disproves Flat Earth

    I’ve decided I have my thoughts, they are known, this is an amusing distraction but nothing more to me.
  10. Automan63

    YouTube Shooter was CGI

    Which? This 🤪?
  11. Automan63

    So, I have a confession to make.

    Welcome back to the fray. The dialog here and ideas that come from said dialog ARE the change you seek (Pun there?🤣) WE are the change. It begins with the mindful leading the mindless out of the darkness and back into the light of reason. THAT is why I will no longer remain silent No more. I’m part of the problem, part of the solution, or just plain in the way. Theres only one I’ll be. Carry on
  12. Automan63

    This is mesmerizing me....

    That pudgy chick off to the left, she’s a greedy one.... keeps taking all the cake n shit..... Skinny kid doing all the lifting and flipping didn’t get even a slice..
  13. Automan63

    YouTube Shooter was CGI

    Oh my 🤪