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  1. You misunderstood. My apologies for failing in clarity of purpose. I'M not "gerding for a response" those clowns are. Any response is the wrong one, so the legacy, failed, media can crow on and on about "violent pro-Trump" no doubt, "militants". Wait for it.
  2. And anyone is surprised? Seriously? paid opposition folks, they'll always come, they'll always do ^^^^this^^^^ Gerding for a response, any response.
  3. I'm a 60's kid and I remember quite well playing cowboys and Indians. I suspect the next time I play it'll be cowboys and jihadis. Pretty sure their not gonna like how I play
  4. While I agree with your sentiment, I won't be showing them anything. I'm not interested in the vile pushback and violence. Thats never ended well and I know I'm more helpful on the outside
  5. Maybe I'll go full joker makeup and buy a Lakers jersey then. I'll bet this'll be fun LOOK KIDS!!!! It's scare the shit out of a liberal snowflake day!!!
  6. Liberal f**king dumb, and that's an extra special kinda dumb.
  7. 👍🏻Nice use of "Orkin man". LOL👍🏻
  8. 65 days folks. It's only been 65 days. This shithouse mess has taken decades to make, might I suggest we ask ourselves, "is meaningful, visible change, really possible with the entrenched institutional corruption machine in place by anyone, let alone ONE MAN, IN 65 days?" Excluding the sitting POTUS, the last Four Presidents have been globalist plants, working toward one singular goal. Regan was who he was, I think he started out with the right was cowed by gunshot. Carter was a hot mess, Ford, don't even.. Nixon, the leader of the band of sleezebags for his era, Johnson, damn near just as bad. I'd like to think the las decent democrat was Kennedy, he had his pluses, he recognized the shadow deep state for what it was and gave them a poke, only to pay the price. Then there's Eisenhower, also, recognized the shadow deep state and I'd bet his heart attack was right on schedule for saying so. So having said all that, what can anyone, ANYONE, really, truly, expect from ONE MAN... Everyone seems pretty reasonable. Rant /0
  9. I think this may be an oversimplification of the actual problem. "People" like me, still do "get into their cars and drive to a store to shop" here's the part that's missing. With the amount of information available at the fingertips, 99% of people don't go "shopping" (looking, browsing, pondering) anymore, that's been all done before they set foot in the store they drove to. People don't go shopping, they go Buying now, they drive to the store to BUY things that they already know they want, and exactly specifically what. It's when they arrive and find out "I'm sorry, that's out of stock but I can order it for you" that sours the experience. Companies like Sears, run by corporate suit wearing dinosaurs, just don't/won't get it. People quickly caught on to the fact they "can order it" themselves if their going to have to wait, why drive and waste time, waste gas, and cause aggravation when they can avoid all that and just do it from home. Thats my personal, dozens of times, experience. I think the companies experiencing retail, brick and mortar, difficulties, can blame themselves for not recognizing that change was afoot and embracing it before it bulldozed them into the dustbin of retail failure through willful ignorance.
  10. Ever been IN a StarSucks? The entire place is full of brainwashed whackjobs, totally sold on this PC BULLSHIT. I walked in one, once. Ordered a large coffee black, was instantly corrected in my chosen verbiage by some counter help flunkie ******** and looked at him and offered up my most friendly version of "you sir, can kindly Phuk yourself with a hammer" walked out and have never been back. Have no idea what their coffee tastes like and never will.
  11. I would suggest Howie learn to fluidly say, "and would you like frys with that?"
  12. He picked the wrong theme to tout. Now the Board of Directors and investors have seen the fruits of his leadership wither and begin to die. How'd that that work out for ya there, Howie? Sorry pal, this ride don't have reverse, hold on, as we say in Boston, next drop is a pissah
  13. Then it's time we conspire. To stop using anything google, anything they own. And spread the word far and wide, on this site, sites like this, everywhere and to anyone that'll listen. Time to turn "theory" into fact and fact into lost revenue. Time to give these assholes the one thing they understand, a colon punch, strait through the wallet. I for one, as well as my entire family stopped using anything google almost a year ago. google has made us all lazy, and we've forgotten how to find things. Re-teach yourself how to search and ditch those chumps. Edit: I'm not kidding one damn bit folks. If you like this site, sites like this, and like being able to find new and different info than just the bullshit metered and filtered propaganda, I suggest it's high time we formed our own army. I've taught my kids from the time they were able to understand words, "you only get pushed around until you push back." what say you? Lay down and take it? Type stuff and bïtch about it? Or take the initiative and DO something.