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  1. D.I.Y.Car Maintenance Myths!

    *puts this one in the memory bucket for future use*
  2. Well..... ‘I fully expect Trump to collude with him and steal the election for him. I mean tit for tat, no?
  3. Said it before, I’ll say it again place the gubmint in charge of the desert and in five years there will be a shortage of sand and a national emergency. Never. Depend on. Or. Trust. ANY. Government. For. Anything.....ever
  4. Oh no. That second one.. my eyes....
  5. What I find interesting is I too operate in the realm of 22. I quite enjoy it, I hope to one day show “them” at about 2200 I leave to you to discern my hobby
  6. noticed that right away... jumped off the screen at me. What weird games they play..
  7. Another...... No thumb.... Total waste of time and energy, why even bother... I’m disappointed in myself for even reading this whole thread, slow stroke, no joy. Maybe go smack a hornets nest with a wooden spoon, if it’s attention you want, there, doing that, you’re sure to get some that’s fitting.
  8. Life, finds a way....
  9. Vaccines, suspended metal adjuvants, and 5G. Ive been yelling this to anyone that’ll listen. The fvckers want to fry us all, from inside..... NO vaccines for me, mine, or anyone I can convince. The ones that don’t listen, I hope their end is quick, for their sake.
  10. D.I.Y.Car Maintenance Myths!

    And Scotch, don’t mess with good Scotch....... ‘Just sayin ‘
  11. Never mind U.S. Law

    Didn’t watch the vid, only read your comments. She has an excuse because this issue hasn’t directly rained shit down on her life and the lives of her family. They always change their tune when that happens.
  12. D.I.Y.Car Maintenance Myths!

    After a 42 year career in the automobile repair business, I agree with all but one detail. Especially if you’re a bit of a do it yourselfer. While it’s true that most modern vehicles do not require an oil change in the 25-3000 mile range (especially synthetic) it seriously costs jack squat to change the filter only every 3000 or so. Oil viscosity does not “break down”, engine oil gets dirty and contaminated with condensation and loose carbon particles. So if you’re a bit of a do it yourselfer and don’t mind just a little effort, change the oil filter about every 2500 miles if you’re a typical city driver. Top off the oil with fresh and move on. If the manual says oil and filter every 5000, now you can go 7500 without a full change. Been doing it for my customers and family for decades, never, ever, one problem. For the perceived cost break, always use a genuine OEM oil filter. You’ll find the difference in money not worth discussing. And if you’re really really curious what the differences are, I’m sure you can find pictorial evidence of cut open oil filter brands on the net somewhere. I did my own comparison years back and had a rack of five cut open to show my customers the difference in filter media in terms of filter area contained within. They bought OEM every single time. One exception, Diesel vehicles. Follow those manuals to the letter, that’s a horse of a different color altogether. Just my professional opinion. Happy motoring 😎✌🏻
  13. This should bode well at The Hague, should the balls to arrest them all ever be mustered (doubtful though)
  14. Trash only continues to have relevance if one continually opens the bin once it’s been disposed of. Do yourself a favor (if you haven’t already) and cut the cord (cable tv). You’ll wonder why you hadn’t sooner.