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  1. Never allow the camel to stick even its nose in your tent, not once. For if you do, it won’t be long before the camel is sleeping your tent and you’re outside in the sand. So NO, this is a shitty idea, on all levels. If there’s abusive parents, there’s a system to deal with that, albeit a broken system (a topic for another thread). There is no loophole, this is called incremental encroachment and it leads to total loss of rights. Plain and simple.
  2. I hadn’t heard of this proposed law, thanks for the tip....
  3. I only rode one once. To dangerous for me, barely made it..
  4. Ooo.... that Hz. had too, couldn’t help it.. LOL
  5. 1964-1979 ONLY

  6. Apparently, that’s the detail I’ve missed.
  7. “Voices” have been telling me to win the lottery for decades, apparently I’m a shitty listener when it comes to the details...
  8. Now those are some geometrically correct shrubs..... Even Disney would be jealous.
  9. Cruz was on a SSRI

    Or when you’re “handler” says you no longer need them and “hey, all those school kids hate you.. yea, those kids over there, all of them”
  10. Cruz was on a SSRI

    I called this in another thread. It’s the same damn thing every time. SSRI’s to the rescue!!! They should be called murder/suicide pills. F/k those things.
  11. Now, there’s a man after my own heart... The real fun begins @3600
  12. Hate Fatigue: CNN Viewership Collapses 30%

    Down 30%..... From what? Whats their total vewiership now, 12 people? Who the hell even turns that trash on anymore? News... there’s no more “news”, there’s only psy-op mindf**k bullshit masquerading as “news”... I won’t miss any of them when they’re gone.
  13. Speaking from his rectum isn’t an art he’s mastered yet, he tends to garble a bit. More time with hillary will cure this, she, being the Master.
  14. Can't push a narrative if the narrative is interrupted. And we can't have that now, can we?