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  1. Guy looks like a Jewish/Pervert Shrek. so poor Angie got cornered while Shrek snapped his pickle... Gross..

    Someone/something HAD to be sacrificed for the sake of changing the news cycle. Vegas and all the other shit NEEDS to be back burnered, pronto. May as well sacrifice a sleezebag that’s disgustingly wealthy, he obviously doesn’t/won’t care.
  3. well..... I guess it *could* be seen that way if they were to be sent with anger or hate, but things needn’t be that way. Some folks just need a sudden bag of dicks to brighten their otherwise boring day at work
  4. Now THIS, this is some fun. Send some to that special someone that desperately needs them. https://shipabagofdicks.com/collections/all/products/bag-of-dicks. (Real web site)
  5. Then my prayers you shall have. I wish you all success in your endeavor.
  6. To @DRUMZ, my hats off to you brother. Your optimism is encouraging. Maybe it’ll cut through my cynicism
  7. I guess it’s the correlation between “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself” and “Hard Core Conspircy” just struck me as funny as shit. Seems fitting in this day and age, plenty of people couldn’t give a flying shit about anyone but themselves. hard core conspircy seems about right Or, maybe it’s just the perpetual cynic in me
  8. Am I the only one that laughed his balls off that @Cinnamonput this in “Hard Core Conspiracy”? Maybe it’s just me
  9. Question- where is all the video footage?

    Oh there’s footage, but, strangely, 18 minutes seems to be missing.
  10. Info Drop, MegaAnon Discussion

    They mostly come out at night.........mostly
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