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  1. I may even turn the tv back on to watch that show... popcorn and everything
  2. Heh! Didn't even notice... good thing it wasn't some 2222 thing huh? 😳 oh crap...... 11+11 is 22 !! Im screwed. LOL
  3. That's because Michael went full flash dance at the last bend...
  4. And did ole maxipad have her running shoes on again and go full sprint? I bet she did. Such a clam.. Hopefully the awakened one can awaken others to this loons madness and drivel
  5. When do we stop calling them anything but what they are, Invaders.. This entire movement is nothing short of a soft invasion waiting to go hot. When the mass roundups and wholesale slaughters start, where will the cameras be then...?
  6. This guys mouth is like the trailer at a rodeo, if it's open, there's a better chance than not that bullshit is gonna flow from it.
  7. Wow... Horrified and sorry to hear that happened, one folks as well as you.. Such a simple mistake with such deadly consequences. Five in-service and one civilian killed for lack of proper application of training of the simplest and easiest thing to do, just connect two wires. smh..... what a waste of lives and you're lucky you weren't killed also. sorry I can't give a "like" to your post. Not when six people died.
  8. "Intense ground flash fire" Sounds about right.
  9. But but but..... Its "a dry heat" says everyone silly enough to stay..... #noeffinway..
  10. And who'd a thunk THIS would happen?....... Oh wait.... yea smh
  11. That was the chick at the ticket counter..... Working, always working, for snacks... Last time they set her free she raided a Doritos factory and people had to scatter