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  1. I agree. The GLP bans are cr*p and financial rather than false flag driven, in my op.
  2. Ranulf

    A HUGE Stock Market Crash Is Coming

    People are looking in the wrong direction. We're about to go into the first sovereign debt crises since the 1930's. Those expecting a giant crash will be disappointed. What will happen though is the supply of free/cheap money dries up which will drive to the wall those unicorn or zombie corporations which will in turn cause their shares to crater. This will likely also cause shares in certain sectors to reverse, temporarily. The point is, once the sov's start going down money has to flow somewhere. Bonds will suffer contagion which leaves shares.
  3. The narrative they are building, currently adding Machete's to it, is that knives need to be banned. The new Offensive Weapons Bill shortly to be presented is looking to effectively outlaw online sales of weapons. The scary part is that the bill proposes to give the Police the power to seize weapons in your house even if you've done nothing wrong, just because you have them Currently the bill doesn't define what a "bladed weapon" is, so the speculation I've seen on collectors sites is that the government is going for a super wide definition which would include everything from knives to swords and possibly axes also. Personally I think they'll go for knives and machetes. The question is why now. Stabbings are actually simply back to their historic level even though the media would have you believe its Mad Max out there (and I live in an area that was on fire in the last London riots). So, if actual violence is only back to its previous levels then it must be something else. The obvious is further emasculating the population to allow greater control in the face of the economic collapse. The reason I think this is that it wasn't that long ago the Politicians were saying the armed police numbers needed to rise hugely, the problem they ran into was that the Police themselves didn't want it. This leaves the Elite with a problem because an unarmed Police man (ok, day stick + cs gas but still) versus a population with machetes isn't pretty, so you remove the machetes and hey presto the Elite have balanced the game again (in their favour).
  4. Inflation now but actually it's a deflationary cycle we're in. Now for the US it's slightly different because everything is priced in dollars, but if you want to see it on a smaller scale look at Europe. ECB printed money like mad, but no matter how much they've printed, and it has been a huge amount, more than the US in percentage terms, prices are falling as the credit cycle breaks. It's coming to the US, but not until the USD has gone stratospheric (as a last place of refuge) which then collapses the US.
  5. Chill out people. The USD isn't collapsing, far from it, the USD is still used in the vast vast majority of global trade. What is happening is that certain trades are being repriced, the EUR for instance, following the ECB's latest works of fiction. The USD was where everyone was parking their cash, as some currencies become more attractive, either due to the chance of rising interest rates or the chance the currency will rise following a change in central bank strategy, EURO, so the money parked in USD will move. If anything, this is the calm before the storm, by which I mean that as certain currencies collapse, EURO, GBP etc... so money will come flooding back to USD which will rise stratospherically before that rise then kills the USD in turn.
  6. yes sure. There are various bodies, Rothschilds etc... who are backing an independant Kurdistan because of mineral and oil wealth that they hope to tap into. For starters, the US training the Kurds isn't new, but with the effective collpase of the Syrian masterplan the only way for the plan to be accomplished would be to generate enough armed Kurds for them to forge their own homeland. The plan still has some massive problems, not least because Turkey is quite prepared to slam dunk the Kurds if they have the chance. They kept relatively quiet about the Kurds during the Syrian war (though there were still engagements) because Turkey was hoping to recapture part of what used to be theirs but which is now Syria. Now that's fallen apart there's no way Turkey is going to let territory slide away.
  7. The definition of super is rather lacking so my bet is this is some BS about being linked to the net and thereby having super knowledge albeit something you can get by using a keyboard, rather than something interesting, like actual super powers.
  8. Actually I'm impressed by the female officer. How many times have we seen clips of Police Officers pulling out their guns and just blasting away whenever someone does the slightest thing wrong. Here a guy is resisting arrest and she's gamely going for it pulling out nothing more than mace (once the first couple of attempts failed) good for her.
  9. This is still BS. Iron from meteorites ?!! That explanation is for the sheep. The real truth is the Oera Linda (European History brushed under the carpet) and ultimately prior civilisations.
  10. I agree we need to seperate fact from fiction but there's no way any of this was to do the threat from the Warsaw Pact, which wasn't really even around at the time of the Bird expedition. If it was the Arctic we were talking about then yes, but the Antarctic held no strategic importance in a time when rocketry was in its infancy and flight was still trans-national rather than trans-continental. Even now the Antarctic holds no strategic importance in a US-Russia or US-China clash even with all the technological advances (ignoring the Black Ops whispered programs, rumoured Space fleets etc...). So, there was no strategic reason for the expedition at the time, nor any strategic reason now to maintain troops there, which means something else is there. Personally, and as covered already by Rob, I think this ties in with super rapid climate change, which also ties in with the Electric Universe theory now gaining ground which also theorizes that massive geologic changes occur under extreme electric currents rather than the more conventional plate techtonics theory of movement (for geologic formation). If correct then Antarctica could really be a treasure trove of rapidly frozen species and possibly civilisations, maybe advanced but more likely Egyptian/Aztec/Minoan type advanced.
  11. It's more than that. They are outlawing the purchase of knives online by preventing, in law, the delivery of purchased items to a residential address. This will immediately destroy all online knife sales, including amusingly Amazon which will deliver knives to your home. However, it's much worse than that. By putting the onus on the delivery company the delivery companies will take the ultra cautious line and refuse to deliver anything with a blade to a residential address. This has already impacted a bushcraft/camping store I connect with who have stopped ordering axes and are clearing out their entire blade inventory. So, in one fell swoop anything with a blade, knife, axe, machete, anything, will become much much harder to get hold of. And the thing is its all BS. I've see the Home Office supporting docs, the HM Gov themselves (civil service in reality) admit two things :- a) they don't know the size of the online market and thus they don't know how much impact the law will have (officially, unofficially they must be aware it's going to wipe everything which is probably their real motive). b) they know the majority of knife crime is with regular kitchen knives and not outsdoors knives. The final laughable thing in the HM Gov doc, which for those of you who watched "Yes, Prime Minister" will no doubt remember, was that the doc presented two options, option 1 was ban, option 2 was do nothing, presenting the do nothing option as not really an option and thus there was really only one option for the MP's who will action it. Final thoughts, it's the civil service pushing the agenda, presenting an illusion of options to idiot politicians who then enact and pass into law.
  12. thanks Cinn, my bad, I looked, but obviously not well enough !
  13. Funnily enough, I site I rate quite highly, though their accuracy has fallen lately, said that we would be tricked by the elite seemingly being exposed and collapsing, but really it will just be a method to move us into the NWO willingly. An example given was some truth/exposure but not revealing all (tech, aliens, who has the power, true history etc....)
  14. I hope so, vid attached concerning latest developements including SA
  15. Ranulf

    From 4 Chan....... [Merged]

    ok, though that effectively means that the entire Pt 2 disclosure bit can't be disclosed even though it has the Clintons in it, several prominent members of the Bush cartel and what looks like information concerning corrupt or influenced members of US law enforcement, amongst other things... Your and Cinn's choice obviously as it's your domain, and I respect that, that's why I was asking how it could be disclosed and meet the rules.

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