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  1. I'm not a religious. I grew up in Catholic Ireland so i despise the Church and have no belief in a god as such. But f**k me, this kid is the anti-christ! You just watch.
  2. To be honest we really hated you lot up until Stuttgart '88... After that everything was good again
  3. On a more serious note the Independent Newspapers Group is run by fella called Denis O'Brien, who owns Digicell and was up to his elbows in Haiti, alongside the Clinton foundation.
  4. I'm Irish. I didnt find it very funny but I wasn't offended. People need to not be worrying about offense so much. For instance the Brits are a bunch of potato thieving morons, who cant hold their alcohol and are ruled by inbred Germans... You dont see @Ukshep being offended, do you?
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/Solving41818/
  6. My issue would be with the small number of nondenominational schools trying to implement it. That is a very slippery slope. The 150 Muslim faith schools are entitled to make whatever rules they chose.
  7. There are about 24,000+ schools in the UK, so 150 of them is 0.6% of total UK schools. Given a 2% population, that sounds about right.
  8. Off-Topic Repository

    Amen to that.. I perfectly happy to let you keep spouting off racist, ignorant and bigoted BS, for all to see.
  9. Well... We have a planet maybe entering our system that we can see.. but its being ignored. Trump will possibly be shot, if not he's probably a zionist.. or not. Pizzagate is real but the MSM choose to focus on a singular pizza shop to deflect the bigger picture. Kids getting raped? Who cares.. Weird creepy Pizza shop guy gets dragged into it, turns into the biggest global fake news agenda. And kids are still getting raped :( Seeing all this stuff just makes me want to stay in work and do longer hours. Its what i know, i dont really know the outside world anymore. But then the sun will come back in the spring time and life will be different again :)
  10. It will be a break for my mind, i've been holed up in the studio 16 hrs a day since the 26th. COP is sitting open on my laptop all day, a few conspiracies a day reminds me that im better off not being out in the world :)
  11. cheers shep, christmas wouldnt be the same without the DW special. Looking forward to it tomorrow when i get a day off :)