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  1. Is requiring voter ID a form of oppression?

    Coming from a country that requires ID to vote, i fail to understand how it could ever be considered suppression? As luckyBolt pointed out, even a simple 1-time-use access key would work if the citizen has no ID. Or should something that carries so much weight (and blood) be left to the honour system? Good luck with that!
  2. Just teach him to look every man in the eye and talk to them all the same way.
  3. Surely this is only racist if you think black kids look like monkeys? And surely the only people that will complain are the ones who already have that thought in their head, I mean otherwise why give a f**k? Which means that whoever complained about the racism, is the racist. That made my head spin a little
  4. i guess they need to keep it in the spotlight in case anything happens. So it gets tweeted every now and again.
  5. Its the old one. It matches last year's one perfectly in size.
  6. For Shep or Cinn

    Sorry, i was being a little facetious. Its just quite annoying when a certain user consistently comes out with full on racist statements, which are subsequently deleted. And the cycle continues.
  7. Off-Topic Repository

    Amen to that.. I perfectly happy to let you keep spouting off racist, ignorant and bigoted BS, for all to see.
  8. For Shep or Cinn

    That's a shame. I hate to see censorship, especially when it comes to bigots. I prefer when they're allowed to exercise their 1st amendment rights in full view.
  9. For Shep or Cinn

    Why censor the racism? Why not let all see the user for what they are?
  10. Here is a graphic explaining the different bully breeds and their respective standards. Please educate yourself and stop passing of BS to others, when it's obvious that you have no clue what you're talking about. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/31/75/2b/31752bdb22b8cb7f0e7b856e46064fc4.jpg The dogs you've linked to are American Bullys, only called pit bulls by 1 single registry - The UKC (they even mention it on their site). They are not the Pit Bull standard nor are they recognized outside of that registry, as pit bulls. Here is the Pit bull standard and the b*tch is a grand champion, so if you want to argue conformation standards i thought we'd start with the best example - https://i.pinimg.com/474x/78/fa/83/78fa830b95d7ae0c3291be131a2e4fef--pit-bull-tattoo-rednose-pitbull.jpg
  11. Its not just the US though, so i feel there is something far more insidious at play. Where i am they are demonized just as much. However we dont have an issue with gangs of other race at all. We have an issue with white teenagers thinking they're gangters. I feel the maligning of Pit bulls is akin to gun control. In experienced hands they can be a weapon, in inexperienced hands they most definitely are a weapon. If there are large elements of your government that want to take your guns, you can bet those people also want to take the other weapons you keep.. and they include Pit bulls in that category. It's not for no reason that since Trump took office, more states have been repealing the huge amount of breed bans that came in under the Dems. I'm not saying that was down to Trump, more a shift in public ideas about what 'freedom' should be.
  12. Unfortunately this proves the problem with the media, dog fighting & pit bulls. When I talk about the fighting dogs, only 2 breeds have ever been used in America and Europe. The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) and its English/Irish predecessor, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. These have been closely bred over the generations into a few known bloodlines (Irish family reds being one of the most famous). I can guarantee you that you could not buy one of these 'fighting bred dogs'. If someone offered you one, you either know some very serious people or its a fake pedigree (of which there are MANY!) They are bred by very serious people and there is a lot more money in the breeding than the fighting. After 15 years of being involved with the legal end of working these dogs i'm now only at the point where i could get one if i wanted. However I have no need for dog bred from fighting lines, I work my dogs in athletics and through the years pit bull & staffordshire athletic lines have appeared, suiting my needs more than a lunatic that wants to eat other dogs. So I'll get to my long winded point... The dogs on the street that are 'fighting dogs' are no more than badly bred pit bulls (and by that i mean not selectively bred not necessarily physical problems, although that can be a problem too) and most are not even Pit bulls. Anything over 60lbs is very unlikely to be a Pit bull and most likely has some sort of guarding breed mixed into it (such as Mastiff). The dogs are put in positions of fear by their 'owners' and their 'fight or flight' response kicks in. Any dog will do this in a high anxiety situation, Pit bulls just do it harder. Now I dont agree with the real, refereed dog fights either. I think its vile... But i can tell you one thing for sure, these men are business men and with a 5 X winner champion dog, the last thing they want is the dog injured. A mojor difference between these dogs and the street dogs is that they are not fighting through fear, they are working just like any other breed. We cannot blame them for their instinct, just as we cannot blame a Collie for trying to herd or a Rothie for hating strangers. If bred to a work standard, they live to do that work. Unfortunately for Pit bulls, this plays into dangerous hands. However, very few organised (or 'proper' for want of a better word) fights result in deaths (although injuries are obviously going to happen) and the stories of fighters killing their dogs are very much exaggerated. Believe it or not, Michael Vick was despised by the dog fighting crowd.. which is about as low as a person can get. The problem is that because the street fights are visible and because dog fighting/pit bulls sell copy, the media then lies to the public about what dog fighting is and what pit bulls are. The public believes this and associates Pit bulls with what they see on crack corner. I dont blame the public for this but like everything else fed to us through the media, there is a bottom line involved. They are not altruistically giving us information that we need to get by in this world.. they are selling copy. And to sell copy it seems they need to associate the name 'Pit bull' with being a monster. Now dont get me wrong, i dont think that all this means there is no problem and it should be ignored. Currently our organisation (Ireland's Pit Bull Terrier Association) is lobbying for stricter criteria to own these types of dogs. IE at least 36 hours training with a competency test at the end plus various other things. Anyway, if you've read this far hopefully you'll stop to think about the next 'pit bull attack' you read about in the paper. If they lie to you about politics to sell copy, why would something as simple as dogs be any different?
  13. I would if i needed it for the right reasons, I most definitely would. Not under normal city living conditions though. The issue is that j-mack (or whoever) selling crack on the corner has no natural need for a pit bull. And i can guarantee that his pit bull (most likely a mutt of various breeds) is never worked as these dogs should be. Its the same as people keeping a Husky breed in the city. They deserve a slap if they arent out hard-walking at least 2 hours a day.
  14. 1. Because every moron on the street corner is now 'breeding' them and making cash from them. Resulting in litters being bred for colour and size instead of temperment and health. When you stop breeding for temperment/health, you start seeing problem dogs. If you dont cull them and continue to breed them, you're breeding killers. and 2. The shows were infiltrated with middle aged women who introduced other traits to make them more docile (APBT to Amstaff for example). Outsourcing traits from other breeds is asking for psychological problems, especially when introduced to too tightly bred lines. Sorry ladies but it's true. To get a good healthy and stable dog now you have to know the right people within working circles.