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  1. Ironic Destiny


    Ive been looking at the sky at lot more frequently. Trying to see the things that could set us free. Hear the whispers in the trees, get the secrets from the moon. Feel the life from the sun, the call from the loon. Sit amoungst the grass as it stretches out high. Notice the breeze from the wings of a butterfly. These are the things people look past, as their lives are spinning around so fast. Alas, I know that we'd all feel better, if only we'd notice the dews when they glitter. If only we'd touch the grass with our feet, and the sand and the mud and the rocks and the creek. When the world is turning and you cant keep up, i beg you to notice the flight of the dove. Just stop for a second, hear the crickets sing and see the wise worlds the stillness can bring. Remember the toils that we choose to take, do not in itself a true life make. For we are a thing that is part of this Earth, from the ants to the birds and the sky up above. Connect if you will, you will not regret, the feeling of life that you must not forget.
  2. Ugh been so cold for weeks! Currently sitting at -32c with the windchill... Would be a great time to hibernate!
  3. Ironic Destiny

    I Have Felt Dark Bliss

    It's a choice and it sums up free will. We are all entitled to it and TPTW know it, but it doesn't mean they cant influenece our choices. We all have the potential good or evil. Make your choice and stand firm in it. I was thinking last month about the feeling that is gotten from being bad... It is a rush and can be exciting.. But in the end not worth it! Want a rush? Jump outta plane!
  4. Ironic Destiny

    Am I an Anomaly!

    I see what you're saying. Quick to guess meaning on my part, ill try understand more thoroughly in the future! Can be the problem with interacting through text. I never wanted to feel different either! Now id rather be because i dont want to be like the majority! Thanks for the welcome 😊 i am always here though... Just a chronic lurker 😣
  5. Ironic Destiny

    I Have Felt Dark Bliss

    The trouble with finding a priest is finding one who is not just as messed up as others or worse, working for the wrong team!
  6. Oh I see now, my apologies! It is terrifying to think of, but hopefully we all have our armour on.. I just feel bad for those who dont. We all need to be here, despite blood ties or not. Glad you are still fighting ☺
  7. Ironic Destiny

    I Have Felt Dark Bliss

    Probably knowing that is a way to get at you. The way i have always dealt with dreams is to ride them out, see where they go and recognise that it is not my waking reality. Try your best to lucid dream and be an active participant. When something happens in a dream that i dont like, i can rewind to see if i can create a better outcome and choose the actions i make. My mom was taight when young to "change the channel" so she puts on bugs bunny instead lol Just thought it might be helpful but perhaps you can normally do this
  8. Seeker22, are we even awake if we have never thought for a moment about ending it all? Who really wants to inhabit a planet controlled by evil bastards that ruin everything they touch? Im sure most of us have seen a dark day too many and contemplated giving up... However, expressing it can help us see the light and get support. We need to know we arent alone in our suffering... Because that is what we must endure until the very end unfortunately... Contemplating suicide does not make one evil or unworthy. I just pray that anyone who has that thought finds the light inside and does not follow through!
  9. Ironic Destiny

    Am I an Anomaly!

    First, i know for a fact that life is not an anomoly. I don't know or pretend to know all the reasons and ways in which at least this planet came to be, however, when looking at the fine details we can clearly see it has purpose and is not accidental. Secondly, the reason i wanted to respond in the first place, is the special remark. Reading all this nobody and anomaly stuff brought up the question in my mind, how many of us have been deemed special or different in our lives? Then bam, you mention it... All my life I have been told I'm special. Not just in the regular parental, "boost their self esteem", way. In fact, there has been plenty of times it has done more harm than good to my ego... Parents, family, teachers, coworkers, strangerz... I've heard it from many different angles and expressed in different ways. They made me feel like i needed to do something, that i had a purpose... But what is it, why?! Why me... And then it developed into i need to save the world.. Which then develops into but how could i? And i am not worthy? I eventually came to the conclusion that by changing small things and touching lives around me, i could enact good on a small scale, which i have accepted as good enough for now. I could go farther into this but i suppose you dont really need to know my whole story and really my point is... How many of you that found this place and stay... Have been told this or felt this?! I think it is relevant, but if not, sorry for derailing haha
  10. There was an episode of Black Mirror on Netflix.. S3 e2 i think. Where the gaming company was testing their VR. Spoiler alert: killed the guy. Watching that episode i felt sick and i knew it to be true. That show can actually be scary, I tell ya. I always wanted VR, but I am glad I have been shown the light before it arrives!!
  11. Never trusted that guy... Was happy to have alternative thoughts be accessible, but just never could stomach the guy. Really wouldnt surprise me if it was true...
  12. Ironic Destiny

    Warning: Illuminati Everywhere!

    Yeah agree with that.. Rose my suspicions with the influx of strains and availability of weed... Along with the celebs all promoting it so hardcore. Most think its ao great and im all like but whhhy??
  13. Ironic Destiny

    Maybe off topic?

    I've been thinking... I have noticed that it seems as if as time goes there are many more awake than before. The problem i have is that i dont see them. No one talks about it? Maybe its because i am visiting the wrong environments? I always feel like saying how it is but i dont. Im shy to begin with and have never been great at sharing personal details to people, so i often hesitate to state the unpopular opinions.. But then i wonder, if i did would i find more people who agree or think about these things too? Or would i open someones mind?? Do you guys openly talk about the things you know? Or are you guarded about divulging information? Should i be more blunt?!
  14. Ironic Destiny

    Warning: Illuminati Everywhere!

    I agree with you about them being everywhere.. Absolutely! But i do have to disagee about getting back to the things that matter part.. We can know all we want that they are all around us, but what does it change? Im leary of people of course, which we all should be, but not to point of paranoia! That is nother way they win! If we find ourselves too distracted by the evil, or the threat of evil in the world, we may forget to see the good! The best way to combat this problem is to not care! I dont care that they are all around because looking for them all the time is too distracting! And what are they going to do to me? My heart is in the right place and i completly believe that my higher power is greater than theirs! I may suffer at their hands someday, but ya know its only temporary.. They can toil and trouble all they want, they have but a short time left... More thoughts needed but im done typing for now lol
  15. People will say it aint gunna happen... Just the same thing they say all the time... Until it does happen... Which is inevitable so who is really to say when and not this time? Besides the earth is prime for lots of change now, much different atmosphere than we have had before. So who can really say? **add** I would definitely not want to be livin in Cali, jus sayin!

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