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  1. When I read this, it struck me as being so much truer than what it even appears to be on the surface! Thank you, Uncle Thanky, for sharing this!!!
  2. My understanding of curvature is not left or right, but rather up / down. If you look straight out at the horizon on a sphere, you *should* be able to measure curvature by the amount a point out in the distance disappears because of the curvature of that sphere. Hope that makes sense.
  3. Not only Osiris ... but OSIRIS-REX ... this is important. Then let's include the following names too ... Atlas Bennu Juno And let's not forget the names of the planets as well, even though not all of them are explicitly mentioned in the article... Mars Mercury Venus Pluto Saturn Jupiter Neptune ALL of these jumped out at me when I read the original posted article.
  4. Totally agree with you, and why I am praying God's hedge of protection around her.
  5. I have no doubt it was something you were taught; I have heard the theory taught before myself. To a certain extent, I believe there is at least *some* truth in the theory. The problem is, I haven't found any concrete biblical references to support it. The crux of the matter is, however, that we are taught many things as if they are in the Bible when in truth, they are not. I've had to 'unlearn' *SO* many things that I was taught 'as gospel', and I'm *still* finding things. The one thing that *does* come to mind is that the antichrist *will* imitate a death and resurrection. I *expect* that it will be a three day ordeal, like Jesus', but again, I don't know of any biblical evidence to support that. If somebody can point me to anything, I am willing to look into it, for sure.
  6. I don't know of any Scripture which references the antichrist's age. Do you have a reference? [NOT being argumentative ... I study eschatology [end-times prophecy], and am just looking for additional material that I may have missed.] Thanks!
  7. Vegans are a lot like Flat Earthers!

    This made me chuckle out loud ... that doesn't happen often ... THANK YOU!
  8. Jesus would be deemed mentally ill?

    It does so because it's extremely necessary and true. What we refuse to let go of will be the very thing that ensnares / traps us later on when all the shaking and upheaval really get going.
  9. Fig Tree Generation...

    Hrrrmmm ... I *think* I just got some Godly insight when I read this phrase ... going to pray on this some more. This is the second time in this thread that God has brought my attention to a specific phrase being used. Thanks for your input, Maxxie!
  10. Fig Tree Generation...

    I totally believe this is extremely likely. Another theme that keeps coming up about NY is that *many* people, including a friend of mine, has had dreams about a HUGE tsunami totally wiping out the entire east coast ... as in HUNDREDS of miles inland.
  11. Fig Tree Generation...

    I have prayed this verse often over the past several years! It's a truly awesome verse when one *really* takes the time to think about what it means.
  12. Thanks for sharing this video. I learned something about the MKUltra programming I didn't know / appreciate before - the purple programming / triggering. As soon as I heard that, I thought about this "purple revolution' being pushed by Soros et al. Now I'm going to start praying that God reverses this programming / triggering mechanism ... that it will not be permitted to do what it was intended to do. Thanks!!!
  13. Statue of Freedom

    The ONLY stand that will have any benefit come out of it is by standing IN CHRIST ALONE. Everything else will be destroyed ... even the current heavens and earth will be destroyed by fire and new ones will come down from heaven. If you put your 'faith' in anything / anyone else, you will be sorely disappointed and brought down along with them.
  14. Statue of Freedom

    Yes, this rabbit hole is very deep; very eye opening for sure.