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  1. AgedLace

    Faith in God? What Have You to Lose?

    While I was trying to figure out the purpose of your post (are you making a statement? asking a question?? neither??) the following Scripture came to mind.
  2. I was just thinking why would they subpoena him when he was volunteering to testify. Weird.
  3. Exactly right. It is possible for anyone who has the Holy Spirit to immediately recognize the difference.
  4. Yep ... I've done the research on this too. I will still check it out, though. Have also researched the Kundalini stuff - Andrew Strom has some great material on it, as well. EDIT - I see your research is from Andrew Strom as well! Still, thanks for sharing ... I like to make sure I have all the facts possible on these things in order to be able to make good decisions.
  5. AgedLace

    Flood of Death

    Glad you're safe! I *totally* understand ... and is the reason I don't drive anymore.
  6. I pray it's just wishful thinking on their part. That being said, he is on my 'short list' of people to watch. Edit: Since when did Obama become passionate for science???
  7. I have done a bit of sleuthing around. While I haven't found a specific pagan holiday that was 'christianized' to coincide with Pentecost, I have found some pagan customs subsequently being used in celebration of it. https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/common/whit-sunday I also learned that the experience of "speaking in tongues" is said to have originated in many cultures a very long time before the giving of the Holy Spirit according to to the Book of Acts. I have found pagans performing 'moon rituals' who believe that what they experience in this ritual is identical to what they experienced while they were a part of the United Pentecostal Church. This research actually answers a lot of questions for me. I have been in churches where what was supposed to be "Tongues" and "Interpretation of Tongues", etc., most definitely were not from the Holy Spirit. I know this because 1) His Spirit quickened my spirit to know it was not of Him; and 2) the "Word" did not line up with the Bible. In another incident, an "interpretation" given was not the actual interpretation of the "Tongue" - I know this because He had given me the actual interpretation. Before I could speak the word given me, the other person spoke the false interpretation. Again, my spirit was quickened, and the given interpretation did not line up with the Word of God. One of the many reasons we are told to "test the spirits".
  8. I have never heard of the festival of Floralia. However, it is my understanding that the Jewish Feast of Weeks falls on the same day as the Day of Pentecost. https://www.thoughtco.com/feast-of-pentecost-700186
  9. I understand that there are those who are doing these studies privately - I am perfectly fine with that because the whole point is for people to be taught by the Holy Spirit personally. I would just like to know if we still need more time on this first set of questions before moving on to the next? Again - there is absolutely no hurry; we will take as long as needed to get through the material as there is a LOT in this chapter and I do not want to rush anyone. Just looking for some feedback - thank you for your time.
  10. AgedLace

    WAKE UP COP>>>>

    ohhhh ... secret Drill Seargent, are we????
  11. Three guesses, first two don't count???
  12. I wasn't redefining the word idol at all. I have no idea what you believe I was changing the meaning of idol to. What I said was exactly what you quoted from an online dictionary ... An idol is indeed any image, object, person, or thing which is regarded with admiration, adoration or devotion ... i.e. worship As @Dr. Evil explained above, the Bible clearly teaches anything [or anyone] which takes the place of God, Who is to be the only Object of our Worship, is an idol, and anyone doing such a thing is committing idolatry.
  13. This probably isn't going to be the answer you are looking for. That being said, what God continually brings to my mind during my similar questions to Him as you ask above is that both sides have agendas. Just now, He tells me both sides have both "public" agendas, and secret, hidden, "private" agendas. No one's motives are 'pure', regardless of what it may look like at the present time. They throw us a few bones here and there to keep us hoping and hanging on, but ultimately, their true colors eventually emerge. While praying, God repeatedly gives me two things ... a Trojan Horse - i.e. a fatal trap disguised as a gift-horse the Pied Piper - i.e. a very charismatic enchanter leading people astray Both sides are master manipulators - they skillfully play on people's emotions; even going so far as to purposely trigger people into not only emotional rants, but even pushing unstable people over the edge. They use people to further their agenda, then they get rid of them when they are no longer useful. In my humble opinion - no one in positions of power can be trusted wholly because, as the old adage goes .... "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Just my .02.
  14. In my opinion, an idol can be anything that takes the place which God alone should occupy; after all, He is the Creator and we are His creation ... not the other way around. I know this for certain, if you honestly seek the truth, He will reveal it to you. Each of us has our own journey ... no two are alike for we are all different. I wish you well on your journey!

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