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  1. Oh, okay, I'll check it out. Glad to hear she's doing well!
  2. LOL, I still appreciate your comment. How is the new kitty coming along?
  3. You're saying there are no objective standards and the reality is, there are. What she does IS disgusting. Possibly what YOU did is disgusting as well. I don't know. But presumably you at least had some ideals and goals that perhaps were not met in actuality. There are no ideals or goals in being a whore. It's just not a respectable line of work, it's inherently disgusting, especially for a mother. Would you want your daughter to be a whore? I certainly wouldn't. And YES, I DO judge her, just as Jesus DID. He said "Go forth and sin NO MORE." and that's exactly what I'd say to Stormy. I think she could have a better, cleaner way of life than she has, being the butt end of sex jokes just as she's been on this thread and many others. The overwhelming majority of people who think of Stormy Daniels think of her as, at minimum, someone that no one could take seriously, and certainly not someone you would want to introduce as your wife or girlfriend. She's the kind of woman that men visit in secret and then lie about later. What kind of life is that? I'd like to see her do something better for herself, but she won't if everybody keeps lying to her about the kind of life she's living. She needs to be sl*t shamed!
  4. This could be some interesting research, let's check into it! I'd love to get rid of the drops. Although I think one of the drops may also help with my blood pressure, which is always a good thing in these political times, LOL!
  5. Thank you all for your responses. I'm all out of likes, but I appreciate each of your comments and thoughts!
  6. I have never personally had stocks as I never had any money and I really hate gambling. So I never studied up on how the DOW actually works but everyone gets so worked up about it. Someone here said it was only an index of 30 stocks - supposedly "representative" stocks, I would guess - that are picked to reflect the economy's general health at any point. Is this true? And is the DOW any really legit marker of what is REALLY going in the economy or more specifically, stocks? Is it a canary in the coal mine? Or just another load of bogosity that we're fed to get us to react on cue? Like the "unemployment" figures that don't reflect real unemployment (including under Trump as the calculation has not been changed) - as they exclude certain classes of people like long term unemployed who've given up. How legit IS the DOW?
  7. Thanks for posting this, Amanda! I tried to tweet about this when it first came out but no responses. I think there have been SO MANY Clinton scandals that people just can't keep tracking of them. We'll need a warehouse just to hold all the Clinton crime data. Hillary Clinton is the biggest crook, perhaps in Western history. We should give her some recognition for that when we hang her.
  8. Damn, that's old! There was probably an 8 million year old man riding him too.
  9. Then again.....I don't want to limit her. She could go into seafood for instance. Stormy's Crab Shack is a natural.
  10. DEFINITELY Stormy's Pie!!!!! Stormy's Body Shop is just too suggestive.....
  11. I wonder if that would help with glaucoma too? I could get MJ for that, but I don't want to smoke anything and not looking to get high. A pill might be a good alternative, I hate the drops!
  12. Thanks for the info, markovian!
  13. That's a good idea....she could call it Stormy's Pie.
  14. I can't imagine that at this point Stormy HAS any secrets!
  15. The 4 corners area supposedly has a lot of cryptids too, like small T-Rexes and goatmen and pteradactyls - all kinds of strange beasts. Dogmen too, probably skin walkers. JC Johnson, who passed recently, knew tons about the Cryptids of 4 Corners and has some YouTube videos out there about them. He was a fascinating guy. If you can find any interviews with JC, they're always worth a listen. He would do tours and guide work down there, I think originally for Big Foot but they kept finding all kinds of other strangeness. EDIT: I would LOVE to see a pterodactyl or small T-Rex, but I'm afraid it would be the LAST thing I'd see. Once up here in Massachusetts, down the street from me, there's a small wood, and my husband and I - separately and together - have heard strange piping coming from there. Like music on a pan pipe but we couldn't identify it. There's no one around there but the little people like pipe music. There's an Indian name for them around here, but I can never remember it. I just think of them as the little people.