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  1. I'm sure it was deliberate, and it shows how vulnerable Alexa and these other things are to, even casual, hacking. I can't imagine why people would want one of these eaves-droppers in the house.
  2. I bet Sessions answer to this though, would be that he's only following President Trump's priorities....and that's probably true. Also, pressure is good but if he's being compromised, as I suspect, those pics of him and whoever are probably a lot more powerful than anything we can say.
  3. I'll go along with this. Maybe also post from different towns so they can't track back. Sad we even have to think like this. So, by all means, let's pressure Granny Jeff.
  4. I think that's why we have to focus on Congress and the Senate because it's harder to totally own hundreds of people than it is to own just one. They can get to the POTUS, maybe they can't get to the rest completely. We tend to focus too much on the POTUS when we see with Trump now how he can be effectively blocked by the Legislature.
  5. Strike while the iron is hot.....or before it's taken away. This may have been our one chance to clean up the Clintons and Obama and the Podestas and all these other incredibly evil people, and the Repubs too. Also the pedos, and I see nothing done except Granny Sessions fussing over drugs when the biggest drug dealers are the ones sitting in Congress and running for office.
  6. I understand the political ramifications, but that's part of the job. They're going to hate him no matter what he does. They're going to go after him no matter what he does. So it's critical for us - and for HIMSELF - that he do the right thing. I think the POTUS can tell the AG what to do in any admin, and I'm sure they all do, even if it's just informal or even illegal. The AG works for the POTUS. Even if he feels he can't tell Jeff Sessions to do anything specifically, he CAN fire him for any reason. I think refusing to pursue corruption in public officials is a more than legit reason for firing someone. He could force Sessions out. If Sessions is compromised, which is keeping him from doing any real prosecuting, than Trump could use the same material to force Sessions out. But he's got to get rid of this useless sonofabitch unless Trump WANTS someone in there who's a do nothing. Sessions and the DoJ have made it very obvious for months now that they not only have no interest in not pursuing public corruption cases, they will create OBSTACLES against those who do. Judicial Watch is having a fit over Sessions and the DoJ blocking them right now from getting info. There is NO excuse for this and Trump can't hide behind Granny Sessions' skirts.
  7. I'm listening to Trump in Alabama right now, trying to control my urge to puke. OMG, I just heard the "speak to Jeff Sessions line" - that's is so appalling and insulting!!!! Frankly, he's starting to sound like Grandpa relaying his old war stories..."and then I grabbed the rifle out of his hands and shoved it up his left nostril!!!!".
  8. There's a lot of truth to that, but I think we can have a bigger effect on statewide levels. We have to focus on Congress and Senate runs. I'll tell you one thing though....unless Trump runs against Clinton again in 2020, I won't be voting for him again. Fool me once, as they say. But....we didn't have a choice. Lesser of two evils again.
  9. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    I regularly have ear problems anyway, but they've been much worse in the past few days. I just assume it's the coming of fall and the cold, rainy weather, but maybe it's more. Really bothering me.
  10. Facebook thinks you're a moron

    Welllllll.....most of their users ARE morons.
  11. Hopefully the people of Alabama are not fooled by Trump's bullshit and actually DO vote for Dr. Moore. We don't need more friends of Mitch McConnell in there.
  12. Personally I've already gone post Trump. I see that there are just things he's not going to do, mainly pursue corruption. He's not putting any of these people in jail - they're gonna skate yet again. I think he did a great service in preventing Hillary from being elected (because I think the elites ultimately and deliberately decided against Clinton as too physically and mentally unstable and actually did a surprise rigging in favor of Trump) and he's made so many people and organizations reveal themselves in their psychotic reactions to him. But that's about it. If we want REAL change, we've got to start thinking Post Trump and start putting in reps in 2018 who DO reflect us and what we want. It's going to be tough as the Dems will do everything to confuse the election. Here in Mass for example we're going to have a fake candidate named Shiva in the Republican primary who's obviously there to knock off the real conservative Republican, Jeff Diehl. THere's going to be a lot of that kind of thing. But we've got to get involved and start at that level and consider who will be our next POTUS. Trump should be only one term.
  13. Maybe that's all he is. Sigh. We needed a Samson to bring down the Temple and I guess it ain't him.
  14. I don't think we need Bombard to tell us what that means....he's not going to do anything about this and he probably just wishes we'd shut up. I'm just so angry about this. It's the only thing I REALLY REALLY want is to see the Swamp drained - even if he can't finish it or they try to stop him, I want to see the ATTEMPT at justice. We don't need walls, we don't need Wall St...what we need is JUSTICE for all and if we don't have the same standard of justice for everyone, then we truly DON'T have country. We have a corporation.
  15. Well, he told Hillary to her face that she should be in jail. I don't remember the rallies themselves. But if he has any real interest in pursuing actual justice in America, one law for all, than he has to PERSONALLY commit to this as Jeff Sessions obviously is completely unwilling to pursue anything but a drugs agenda. Sessions is obviously compromised.
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