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  1. It kind of reminds me of what the old tabloids, the Star, the Globe, do frequently when they post salacious stories about elderly or dead movies stars...."the sordid conspiracy around MARILYN MONROE"...shit like that. I think not only is the current sex outing a diversion....I think it's a tactic to further cloak those who actually are STILL Predators and Pedos and that these people are very much in control of Hollywood, politics and the media. The current allegations are sacrifices of those who no longer produce sufficient rewards to the SYSTEM.
  2. They know we're onto their games, especially the pedophilia so they're offering up the old lions to shut us up and try to convince us that they're "purifying" themselves when nothing could be further from the truth. If it were genuine, they would be outing current or recent people and events, including people who actually BRINGING IN MONEY!
  3. It occurs to me with seeing all these repeated allegations for the past few weeks that almost ALL of them are anywhere from 20-40 years old. The only one who's remotely current is Harvey Weinstein and I think that's just because there were SO MANY attacks by him. Where are all the CURRENT and ongoing attacks that fall within the statute of limitations for sexual crimes? Surely everyone in Hwood - or the media - or politics - didn't grow wings and a harp within the past 10 years? These patterns of behavior are ONGOING and there are many victims right now and within the past few years, in all these areas, and yet no one current comes out. We don't need these ancient allegations, we need new stuff that can be actually taken to court or used to take down real power players who are hurting people NOW. I had to laugh at some gay guy accusing George Takei of grabbing his ass in 1981!!! Can anyone believe that the very gay Sulu hasn't grabbed an ass since 1981????? Most of the people being accused or affected by this are old people - Dustin Hoffman, Richard Dreyfuss - or people on the outs financially who aren't bringing in any money. Clooney and the Afflecks for example (for both doing stuff and covering it up). And where are all the PEDO accusations????? Except for Corey Feldman, NO ONE is coming out! And that is an enormous area of activity and there are a lot of victims, past and present. So all of this congratulatory revelations are just Hwood and the media doing another form of virtue signaling about how they're willing to out people who have largely....already been outed. Did anyone NOT know that Kevin Spacey was gay? Or now, John Travolta? This is more fakery and diversion to cover up REAL sexual abuse and crimes by people operating RIGHT NOW.
  4. She's terrified of Trump. Truly desperate and I think she's gone insane.
  5. I think you're absolutely right about North Korea being a Deep State proxy. I also had come to that conclusion that Kim was being paid to be their boogeyman. I am not too concerned about how far HE will go, but I think he may not understand the game and realize that they are perfectly willing to kill HIM and destroy his country if it suits them, just like Noriega, Hussein, Shah of Iran, fill in the blanks. He's young and arrogant and possibly somewhat naive - maybe he thinks there is honor among thieves and of course, there isn't. I also agree about Talal, I think he makes Soros look like a piker, and he's been all the more effective because he's been HIDDEN. Soros has this dark side that I think has been very open but what do people really know about Talal? The media has been kissing his ass - and we can understand why - for decades. I don't agree about Mueller because he has been involved in cover-ups before, like 911. He's pretty dirty. I don't know if he'll play with Trump but we shall see. If he doesn't, I think he'll get burned anyway. Trump will prevail. And he's not as alone as he may seem.
  6. Thank you, apache, much appreciated. My internet is very slow today so don't know how much I'll be posting. I'd love to get someone looking into this angle.
  7. Here are some more ideas. I'm still refining these and coming up with evidence, but sometimes the theories come first. It's a big game of connect the dots. Now I would assume that Bin Talal not only financed Obama through Harvard Law School, an expensive proposition even then, but why would he stop there when he has a black seemingly Islamic protege on the hook for him (Obama has always shown preference for the Islamic culture if not the religion and I've seen no similar inclination from him with Christian religion or culture, except for the anti-American, anti-Semitic Jeremiah Wright)? What if Bin Talal was behind Obama's meteoric rise right along - not necessarily alone, of course, but a major financial force. Perhaps THE major financial force moving Obama ahead towards the presidency? Consider - Obama was only in politics for 11 years before running for President. His background before his political rise in 1997 (as an Illinois Congressman) was the famed "community organizer"....that doesn't appear to be the kind of background that gets people ultimately elected President, especially after only 11 years in politics and only 4 of those at the national level (as a Senator). So the issue of backing and who pushed Obama forward politically all those years is an important one. He didn't spring out of the ground like a mushroom. I think we've always assumed it was the CIA and their connections - and who knows if and how they might be connected with Bin Talal - but maybe there are other forces involved that have been kept well hidden.
  8. Here is a video featuring the Wall Street Journal reporter, Kimberly Strassel, who made the allegation about Obama having secret diplomatic missions with William Miller WHILE he was a candidate (violation of Logan Act). As I say, Miller has, of course, denied this, but I would like to see - ho ho - a real investigation of this. But there is SO MUCH to investigate I don't know where we'd begin. I think an examination of Barack Obama's true loyalties upon revelation of his hidden mentors would be very useful and would explain much of his behavior and policies, especially in regards to Iran. It would also explain why he seems to have betrayed what we thought were his Saudi Arabian backers/handlers - because his real backer was Alwaleed bin Talal.
  9. I don't know how bin Salman's efforts are going to turn out. He says he'd like to modernize both Saudi Arabia and Islam, and maybe he will. But he's doing something in SA that Trump has to do in the US - drain the swamp. I guess bin Salman is draining the desert. My main concern at this point is what Obama was up to (along with Clinton, etc) and how it ties to US foreign policy and other decisions. I think a lot has been dominated by bin Talal and Iranian concerns when certainly Obama should have been focused on the US.
  10. I hope people don't mind that I keep posting on my own thread but thoughts and info keep occurring to me. I have to also wonder if Iran's welfare was not at the heart of Obama's Russian reset (along with the money to Clinton and God knows who else as well). Russia being an apparent ally of Iran, or at least not an adversary, might possibly be willing to send them the American uranium for their nuke programs that they got through the convoluted Uranium One deal...or project.
  11. Here is an interesting charge that CANDIDATE Obama may have sent a secret emissary to Iran during the 2008 election. The allegation involves him sending diplomat William Miller to Iran in 2008. Miller denies this but considering that such an action could be considered (and should be considered) as a violation of the Logan Act, that would not be surprising. From the article about Miller's background: "Miller does have extensive experience with Iran, starting out as a diplomat there in the 1950s and 1960s. President Jimmy Carter chose Miller to be a lead negotiator during the 1979 hostage crisis, while Miller was serving as staff director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. And as a private citizen, he played a role in the release of American hikers who were imprisoned in Iran from 2009-11." Considering also the Obama Admin's reputation for veracity i would not be at all surprised if Miller DID go there in 2008, which would again, show Obama's obsession with this country... http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2017/jun/02/kimberley-strassel/did-obama-seek-back-channel-talks-iran-during-his-/
  12. In short, I am saying that Obama was likely Bin Talal's personal secret agent and puppet in running this country (which does not preclude Obama from having his own pet projects like Obamacare and transgenderism) and that Bin Talal may be the one man most behind many of the extremist liberal media such as Twitter and other things we can't see. His influence may actually be MORE pernicious than Soros because it has been largely undetected (in a specific way).
  13. I mentioned in passing in the post above about Bin Talal owning the top 4 floors of the Mandalay Hotel, which I believe was (and maybe still is referred to) as the Four Seasons Hotel. This would be 35-39. One has to wonder if there is any connection between Bin Talal's ownership and the recent bizarre occurrence in Las Vegas - as well as his surprising arrest this weekend. One wonders if something was planned or interrupted during this event.