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  1. It kind of reminds me of what the old tabloids, the Star, the Globe, do frequently when they post salacious stories about elderly or dead movies stars...."the sordid conspiracy around MARILYN MONROE"...shit like that. I think not only is the current sex outing a diversion....I think it's a tactic to further cloak those who actually are STILL Predators and Pedos and that these people are very much in control of Hollywood, politics and the media. The current allegations are sacrifices of those who no longer produce sufficient rewards to the SYSTEM.
  2. They know we're onto their games, especially the pedophilia so they're offering up the old lions to shut us up and try to convince us that they're "purifying" themselves when nothing could be further from the truth. If it were genuine, they would be outing current or recent people and events, including people who actually BRINGING IN MONEY!
  3. It occurs to me with seeing all these repeated allegations for the past few weeks that almost ALL of them are anywhere from 20-40 years old. The only one who's remotely current is Harvey Weinstein and I think that's just because there were SO MANY attacks by him. Where are all the CURRENT and ongoing attacks that fall within the statute of limitations for sexual crimes? Surely everyone in Hwood - or the media - or politics - didn't grow wings and a harp within the past 10 years? These patterns of behavior are ONGOING and there are many victims right now and within the past few years, in all these areas, and yet no one current comes out. We don't need these ancient allegations, we need new stuff that can be actually taken to court or used to take down real power players who are hurting people NOW. I had to laugh at some gay guy accusing George Takei of grabbing his ass in 1981!!! Can anyone believe that the very gay Sulu hasn't grabbed an ass since 1981????? Most of the people being accused or affected by this are old people - Dustin Hoffman, Richard Dreyfuss - or people on the outs financially who aren't bringing in any money. Clooney and the Afflecks for example (for both doing stuff and covering it up). And where are all the PEDO accusations????? Except for Corey Feldman, NO ONE is coming out! And that is an enormous area of activity and there are a lot of victims, past and present. So all of this congratulatory revelations are just Hwood and the media doing another form of virtue signaling about how they're willing to out people who have largely....already been outed. Did anyone NOT know that Kevin Spacey was gay? Or now, John Travolta? This is more fakery and diversion to cover up REAL sexual abuse and crimes by people operating RIGHT NOW.
  4. Ho Hum, more deranged stammering from Pelosi

    McCain hates Trump for a lot of reasons, that's probably the second biggest, LOL. I think the first biggest is that he won the Presidency, whereas I think McCain laid down in 2008 for Obama (I always thought that's why he picked Palin - to guarantee a loss). I guess someone like McCain whose whole life is built on lies is bound to hate someone who is at least marginally committed to honestly saying what he actually thinks. You might be right about Pelosi, and the kuru folks might be right too...but considering her age and that this really seems to have emerged in the past year or so, I think it's dementia. It might be both. Whatever it is, someone with her unspecified but obvious disorder should not be allowed in a position of public trust.
  5. Ho Hum, more deranged stammering from Pelosi

    It's very sad that politicians with such obvious and serious health issues as Pelosi and McCain do not have the grace to remove themselves from their public positions and that no recall mechanism seems to exist (as it does for the POTUS, for example). People in such bad mental or physical health cannot be relied upon to make reasonable policy decisions for the public and we can see that graphically with McCain just voting because he literally hates Trump and is jealous. Maybe he'd always do that even if younger and in good health, but sickness and impending death can't help. Pelosi's case is particularly sad as no one in the MSM will even mention the "D" word....DEMENTIA....even though it's not uncommon at her age, and she obviously is having ongoing serious cognitive and speech problems. When will someone openly say it's time for her and maybe some of these other really aged politicians, to step down?
  6. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    I regularly have ear problems anyway, but they've been much worse in the past few days. I just assume it's the coming of fall and the cold, rainy weather, but maybe it's more. Really bothering me.
  7. If they don't mind reading, Eustace Mullins wrote tons of stuff on different topics and much is available on Scribd. Just do a trial membership.
  8. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    Now if someone were really evil.....that would be a great thing to broadcast during Game of Thrones when so many tens of millions are watching...........
  9. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    I have chronic tinnitus anyway but it's been roaring for the past day or so. about a day and a half. Not sure what's causing it, none of the usual things. I'm sure we all react to things in our environment especially to electro magnetic energy - it's part of what we are, how can we NOT react to it!
  10. Yup, but I like to make them uncomfortable anyway, LOL!!!! It's my ornery side.
  11. We live in a time of Revelation, Shep, all the bad folks are revealing THEMSELVES. No one is actually doing it to them, they're doing it to themselves. Their fear and anger and hatred and envy make them vulnerable in ways they don't understand. The best defense is a pure heart.
  12. It's funny how he can't seem to get the idea of having a place for actual DISCUSSION, lol.
  13. That's a creepy dude from a creepy place. You should ask him, Shep, why they ban anyone who says that various terrorist events like the Nice truck bomb or Manchester are false flags or hoaxes. That is something that should be discussable on a conspiracy site!
  14. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    Isn't that strange, Shep!!!! I've had ear problems though for the past 7 years but it's been worse this year and now it's both ears, not just one. Definitely noticed this difference in the past 3 months or so. Pressure problems, feel like I'm under water. I thought it might be allergies, but not this long.
  15. Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    As for me, I have ongoing inner ear problems that have been a lot worse this year and especially in the past month or so. Frequently feel like I'm under water or having pressure problems in both ears. Wouldn't be surprised if it were connected to bizarre weather patterns or earth changes - we're more interconnected than we realize.