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  1. Ok , I'll look forward to your movie trailer reviews with a profound new sense of respect
  2. I do mind. You are not explaining yourself worth a shit. Only video I see is I Pet Goat. If that's your evidence, Fruit loops gonna fruit loop.
  3. only thing I'm sucking is the dinner stuck in my teeth tweets said it went down yesterday Just because you got an early head ups is no proof of evidence, there were already 6000+ retweets on that.. So what's your evidence that she was Q? Got none? Of course. Because she isn't.
  4. This woman is not Q. That's just silly shep. It really underscores your lack of sifting through dozens of threads that you could jump to this conclusion. If you jumped on the disinformation bandwagon, well But that doesn't seem like you. Perhaps a scapegoat patsy Q...or Q's photographer... Cryptic don't mean mystic, you ain't got shit. Spit it out. And also maybe you could explain how Q has posted several times since she was reported to have been removed form the grounds kicking and screaming. She's no signals lady.
  5. Enjoy the last night of freedom!

    I've already got cut speeds and jacked up prices. I trust that anything that happened before the last year was for the worst. To hell with your pessimism
  6. Rare phenomenon happens twice in one week

    I immediately thought of all the accusations of weird plasma ray guns and such lighting fires out there..
  7. Still not on Drudge GLP or 8chan Now CNN on google news: Omarosa to leave White House By Dan Merica and Jim Acosta, CNN Updated 12:35 PM ET
  8. Posted 2 hours ago Omarosa is Q! No , I don't think so, and quit trying to dox Q fag! She could have taken pics for Q though...jes sayin' Did she go to Asia? Or was she busy rallying the black community of Alabama to vote Moore? Also, was that wikipedia link not in your bump post you sly old rascal?
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/12/13/former-apprentice-star-omarosa-manigault-newman-to-leave-white-house/?utm_term=.3096d930c43c