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  1. Anyone else banned from glp right now?

    I haven't typed anything over there in about a year. If I sign in I'll be banned because I dropped a Jason Lucas tavistock dig in the karma comments the first day of the karma system back in 10 or 11 . It's still there as far as I know. Jasper. I lurk
  2. memo leaked? Q confirm?

    They both suck. Sounds like cheesy porn music. How about https://genius.com/The-stone-roses-fools-gold-lyrics
  3. UkShep and Cinnamon, Are Always on Here

    Shep days Cinn nights, some overlap, occasionally not on schedule. Yep, day in day out. Dedicated. lurk more, you'll see it delta time zones
  4. memo leaked? Q confirm?

    Chan's calling it fake.
  5. memo leaked? Q confirm?

    01/21/18 (Sun) 14:06:20 No.47 ---- Q 1 of 22
  6. memo leaked? Q confirm?

    Good eye. The memo is supposed to be drawn from the OIG report, and is supposed to be a synopsis or highlights reel. The reason they are taking 19 (yeah right) days to release it is that the the OIG report is about 1.3 million pages in length. They don't want to compromise the credibility of the OIG report by releasing a memo associated with it that may have an error or false bit of information or disinformation designed to discredit the OIG report. So they have to reference a 1.3 million page report to cross check. Could take months. I don't thoroughly understand why the OIG report can't be released in it's entirety , but maybe having something to do with protecting non criminals named in it and not burning assets. Jordan Sather covers this well in his 1/21 report. I don't know that I'd declare it fake based solely on the DOJ heading, but the language in that second sentence is downright juvenile. This can't be real.
  7. memo leaked? Q confirm?

    looks like the right amount of space for 12 individual's names or 10 minus Brennan and Clapper .
  8. Leaked Document on FISA

    saw this document when the shit hit the chan looks pretty legit good post
  9. memo leaked? Q confirm?

    Chan calls it fake with glee and wild name calling and reports of malware on (old)OP link https:/ DeadlinkOP. http://www.memecart.com/uploads/memes/UwfUhmWwX.png NEW LINK < == screenshot meme page one? Looks pretty legit, we'll find out in 19 congressional work days, or about two months maybe. Robert david steel claims there are two memos. Whatever. Doesn't matter, probably limited hangout anyway. release the OIG report! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DT7gTXIU0AAk8iY.jpg Q quote -----> http://www.memecart.com/uploads/memes/wBO8DMjOM.png 01/21/18 (Sun) 14:06:20 No.47 <---- Q post in full 1 of 22 = Q 1 of 22 = OP Reports of malware(NEW LINK) or something connected to the memo (rectified) link at top, I've probably got it from the first encounter, page seized up. No issues since w/ page opened multiple times.
  10. Guess This Is My New Home

    Satellite gives us time to wander outdoors while videos load.
  11. Turkish attack on Afrin Syria

  12. I've been around 13 months and I haven't noticed a single time you've done any super human predicting. You don't know squat about the future. You are not the owner of truth. The burden is on you to prove your fantastical claims and you consistently don't. Nothing but fluff and bluster is what I've seen. Regardless of how good you think are at predicting things, it's the causal claims (that you are causing events to happen) you make that I find most egregious and downright embarrassing. I consider myself to have a pretty good track record of predicting some things as well, though it's not perfect enough to go around claiming I'm always right. And then when challenged you resort to name calling and degrading as your fail safe debate technique, an impropriety which is further compounded by your position as admin of the board. It is abuse of power on top of just plain wrong.
  13. You bother so we can all see how wrong you are. Up for it? https://books.google.com/books/about/Logic_and_Philosophy_A_Modern_Introducti.html?id=i9hf-gJg27EC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button#v=onepage&q&f=false I love this book^^ it was my textbook for my Critical Thinking class as I took a minor in philosophy and religion back in '98 Can't believe how expensive it is, that sucks. /ThepersonwhohasnodelusionsaboutcausingeventsthatIwitness