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  1. Most of my stuff probably is https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DTs03RZV4AA8pxa.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DTmiffIVAAAoecP.jpg
  2. periclymenoides

    Thankful I Waited

    This kind of drama is still a month away for me. My star magnolia and asian plum trees got crushed as usual. Just another year in paradise at the the hilltop hacienda.
  3. Mission accepted http://memecart.com/uploads/memes/EdfNYVA33.png http://memecart.com/uploads/memes/6WQyKDd1N.png
  4. periclymenoides

    Eat SH!T Trump and your F'ing PPT [Merged]

    seized assets from actions initiated by the executive orders being used to prop up the markets..so the story goes http://memecart.com/uploads/memes/mb2pu6mVZ.png
  5. periclymenoides

    Best conspiracy theory ever

    Docanon several months ago tells story of Seth Rich at the hospital , post op and recovering nicely, dead by morning..fits https://media.8ch.net/file_store/baaf9a7ce8a9840f9aea73a676c83a2f7473303ecaa754c02b962f1aa6906324.jpg We may never find out on this one, but this scenario is fun to ponder.
  6. periclymenoides

    “Q is NOT real.”

    QAnon fag reports in: Been so busy over there I've neglected my dear COP friends. Very wary very skeptical eye here took a minor in philosophy which was a waste of time mostly besides the Critical Thinking class. What this OP article neglects completely is the extraordinary means that team Q took to establish their credibility. This effort earned them the right to say 'Trust Sessions...Wray'...whoever. If you are not aware of these efforts to establish credibility then it is understandable you would have your doubts or assume the whole thing to be bogus. That there are now roughly 1.5 million posts on four different boards (at least) including 4chan and 8 chan is an indication that people have seen enough evidence to be convinced. The current quality of poster on the research thread (besides the clown shill bot types) is indicative of authenticity after several months and 1000+ threads. It's not a bunch of idiot goons. Well yes it is to a degree, but there are also multitudes of high quality posters, bakers, memefags, archivists, etc still hanging in contributing quality material, time, and effort. Squadrons of capture the flag type autists waiting in the wings, lurking, ready to strike. I feel like the tone of Q posts changed in January. I don't know what it means, but there have been several good efforts to confirm the non-larpiness of the board since and so for me at least it's still game on. I have made a definitive call inside my head, with evidence. Simplest, easiest , check the file name on the photo: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/928325667556548608?lang=en Or My first meme (home run if I may say so) : https://media.8ch.net/file_store/9778397ec47664e508e7855d8d6426f7ed454231a28fe44147a77b338199848e.jpg
  7. periclymenoides

    UkShep and Cinnamon, Are Always on Here

    Shep days Cinn nights, some overlap, occasionally not on schedule. Yep, day in day out. Dedicated. lurk more, you'll see it delta time zones
  8. periclymenoides

    Off-Topic Repository

    Is it too harsh? Sheep is pretty bad too. I like being a wizard. What's my station in a world of sheep?
  9. Don't know if this is pertinent or appropriate , didn't watch, likely won't Thought you might be interested
  10. periclymenoides


    This subject deserves a club with daily updates or hot topic alerts. Thanks.
  11. https://twitter.com/MikeTokes/status/919320608885784576 Muzzle flash from helicopter video
  12. periclymenoides

    Off-Topic Repository

    That's extremely interesting, the PH / calcium / magnesium/ drainage issue. I got my flying dragon from Mike Dirr. Also have three or four other specimens in the yard from a horticulture school field trip to UGA 16 years ago including a super cool chartreuse green Calycanthus 'Athens'. Flying Dragon lists as a zone 7 and I've got it up against the foundation of the south side of the house in a solid zone 5. I use the fruit mostly for gin and tonics, though I try other things as well. Hope to make a marmalade one of these days. I covet the impenetrable hedge I've seen described as a use for Flying Dragon...deadly thorns. I'd hate to have this plant as a weed .. No cannabis grown here (this year) , found baby dragons. I also do wild simulated Ginseng and play with the native stock as well. I used to do a slew of common perennials , but backed off toward more long term crops around 2010. Pretty stagnate now besides the ginseng and weeding the azalea fields. Will get the greenhouses banging again one of these days when my confidence in the markets and my salesmanship perks up. Ever heard of indoor figs? Just dug one up off the south foundation that was growing well but would not fruit in our short season. Divided it up and stuck it in some mammoth pots. Will join the citrus collection inside this winter.
  13. periclymenoides

    Off-Topic Repository

    What do you grow? (excitement here as Harvey hits , found seedlings under our flying dragon, 6. Now I won't have to root cuttings)