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  1. Well I guess watching a dog cleaning it's stuff is better than listening to a political pretender.
  2. Nah! Don't let division separate us, you know that is the true enemy....separation.
  3. What, 12 pointers tempting the bull bar?
  4. Nah, we just have to consolidate remember Shep, let no division in, yeah!😀
  5. This term was never anywhere, its for you debunkers like Cap'n Sheps ship to equalism, baaaahaaaaa. DEEP STATE! oooh, you all lost it then, because that term doesn't exist.
  6. Not going to watch it. So they Slovakia, Slovenia until they took Drakool &...... his brother, whom stayed with them. Why do you think he put robbers on sticks in front of the muz forces?. To Put the Fear into Them.
  7. Pastiche and nitro, yeah!
  8. We do.
  9. Which means? Settle down boss, i explained you were correct.
  10. Why do assume that i do?
  11. Are you scared of holding up your sight?