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  1. Im in Tassie and it is wet wet wet, no hurricane though infact at the moment no wind at all. Poured down all yesti and last night.
  2. Obama - Spy Tapes

    True but doesnt have big family backing apart from the deep state. "Anyone can be President."
  3. Vaccinations what's happening in Australia

    Sorry but are just c....s!
  4. They're all going to burn, so will a lot of numpties for their life stream. Get to the bush if you can.
  5. Sparks, we have thech to go to stars, this tech is obviously necessary, so to call it Downfall - as others say - to me is ridiculous.
  6. And before this gets moved to Hardcore, this is the proof in the crap boarding house pudding. You want to go rabbit hole? The main warren leads straight to You Know Who.
  7. When it gets down to the depth of trickery - millions of white men killing each other, yes I know many others died too. But go back and think. Strong compassionate white men makes the jew shit themselves. That is the war.
  8. Correct Lucy & John, Does this ring a bell, "The jewish problem?" Now before the shills jump in - if they dare. You see I have a couple of mates that call themselves "jews" but in no way are the religious, but I have called them out and asked, "do you do kol-Nidre?" Now the answer is interesting, "na man I dont do that shit." So even though they don't go to temple they know what goes on in temple! So thats for all that say "it's not all jews" because they are ALL aware!!!!
  9. Re Ricthofen, we (Aus) apparently have one of his boots in the National War Museum. The story goes that he was eventually brought down by a Digger (Aus trooper) with a 3.03 rifle.
  10. Germany. But of course so lets not piss around with the fact that german soldiers did somewhat the same in France & Russia etc. But as I understand orders were for German soldiers doing rape and otherwise, were to be executed, not inversed and to rape your way through Europe like the jew run Bolsheviks were told to do.
  11. If as you say about the US, Hitler would have perceived it's fall into corrupted decadence. Knowing the inverted jew mind and the present situation I would call that clear perception.
  12. You know as well as I and others here that the real genocide was against the Germans at the end of the war. (Not looking at ww1) Why was Patton ordered to halt and the Bolsheviks were ordered to rape their way through to Berlin. Then you have the POW's left to rot in open air prisons. Get f**ked, this true history triggers me hard!!!!
  13. Ok, but why the distinct and eternal hate against the people of the father land? And Europe further?
  14. Yep & people wonder why the hate for Germany. Put aside the programming. You will see that Germany was the culture that repressed the nefarious jew. There is no doubting. Pretty easy to see once you look.
  15. Then we modify. As Pericly suggested, we make it ours.