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  1. Plebiscite

    They should have just said! Gay? or Nay?
  2. Plebiscite

    Aus against/for vote.. .plebiscite gay marriage. We will now get ballot papers.
  3. Then he is a 2nd minor, he'll be done in the first wave.
  4. If I understand this right, the Militias are watching very close. Their patience is excellent. It's not L or R, it's freedom thats on the line. God bless Patriots & and bless those that love freedom!
  5. That's why the South teach teach their girls to be Artemis, not a tit to get cut off, get over it. To be Archers.
  6. Beware the Umbrians, the'll take yr quarter just like they did the Romans, under a fools moon.
  7. Honestly Shep, what do you think with the eclipse?
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