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  1. Blipkints

    Dogs and emotions

    Yes Shep, All animals. I looked into a snakes eyes once thinking, just a predator creature, i was wrong, there was more there.
  2. Blipkints

    Dogs and emotions

    Mine is just recovering from a massive day in the bush, yes she pissed off with her friend. Found her limping back after a 11hr stint, she was knackered...2 days recovering. Ive always wondered what pooches dream about because for the last 2 nights she hasn't dreamed like usual...shakes, growles, whimpers etc. Maybe such deep sleep that like us when worn out it's a deeper sleep. I think they feed of our emotions too.
  3. Blipkints

    Back to Korea

  4. Far from a hoax or the best ever! Older beliefs will tell you the truth, then go back further and find more. Jesus is another man god. Let the universe speak.
  5. Blipkints

    Inside Bennett's Shell Game

    I used to play shells at school. Didn't last long.
  6. Blipkints

    Debunking Right wing rhetoric

    All I know, is the "Right" is a touch smarter.
  7. Blipkints

    A Tale of Two Green Girls!

  8. Blipkints

    American Fruit Companies in Latin America

    Yeah big boys club, whilst the C.I.A was jacking "democracies" little brothers of the house work the angle, perks too....
  9. Blipkints

    33 : The Devils number explained

    Yeah the great trick is homosexual, two 3's butting together. If you are a Templar you are a butty boy.
  10. A underlying precept, it appears to move in both curved and straight movements. What do the old books say of this?
  11. I reckon this should shut everyone up.
  12. Blipkints

    Remembering the End of the World

    Yeah! I'll polarize Q against The flat plane societies and come up Trumps!

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