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  1. Its the cut that makes two flat earts, would make it a triune system.
  2. Na, that's just London mate! The rest of the Country is.
  3. A video about no mans land...

    What does she think she is in the trenches of WW1.lol.
  4. Yep, I call patsie. (Autism, psych problems etc) Fits the narative perfect. Crazy young White male.
  5. Whoa! How radical feminism ruined lives

    Thats your job now, stop thinking sadly.
  6. Whoa! How radical feminism ruined lives

    Isn't it amusing that people still jump up and down crying out that the Protocols are fake etc, when this garbage is exactly what is written within them?
  7. We also know that he studied the Kabbalah.
  8. No one? Surely someone has an opinion on this.
  9. Because of the hold over the Psyche of many. Hearts & Minds remember.
  10. Well this sounds like good sheeit. Go Rep for Wis!
  11. WINNING: Texas Selling Crude to the Arabs!

    7 posts and Hitler comes up. Didn't the Reich start using shale-oil to be independent due to necessity?
  12. Hahaha, that's a funny vision man. And said leprechaun will be wearing Tesla/spacex patches.
  13. How many Japs would know do you reckon that they were used as a live test for the Bomb?