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  1. Metro Goldwyn Meier" hahaha. I know it's demeaning to think that no matter where you look the same names keep presenting themselves. Go Figure new peeps.
  2. Release, withhold.....mind fvckery. Concentration more than ever.

    I would hardly call it Trumps fault for expressing what the US voted for, sounds to me Bush is stating that America's- the peoples opinions are costic?
  4. This is what MegaAnon said she would be brought down with. Then when she's down pile the rest on so all the Lefties can carry their shame for ever.
  5. End of an era

    Not really Cinn, been de-nuting us around the same but the last 6 yrs we have been hit hard, our automotive industry is nonexistent now, GMH even though US aligned, like Ford, we made our own designs. Now we'll make em on a computer.
  6. End of an era

    General Motors Holden closes doors. Detroit 10.0 http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/end-of-an-era-the-last-holden-car-made-in-australia/news-story/5ea0fe7c407adcf7290c999be591dac7
  7. Florida alt right live feed

    Like we have have been saying for years now, dialogue cannot be had with these fools. I mean the man is up there trying to communicate and this stupid "woman" asks him how it felt to be punched in the face!? Faaaark! The retort was good though, 'I hope you feel proud.' But then 75% fully believe in free speech in the US, so these wankers are going to get their Punch in the Face soon enough. Did you see the Pizza bit? Hahaha
  8. Nothing suggesting anything here couldn't be done with strings, still interesting.
  9. What is so offensive???

    Yeah I'd say because you hit on the 6.000.000 nerve ending. http://balder.org/judea/Six-Million-140-Occurrences-Of-The-Word-Holocaust-And-The-Number-6,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php
  10. TONIGHT: Uranus Visible To Naked Eye...

    Hahaha, serious though, can it be seen from the southern hemisphere? I'm no astronomer
  11. Florida alt right live feed

    Also how often Hitler, jews & and Israel was brought up shows how deeply (((their))) propaganda runs. Oh man, still trying to clear my head from all the shit background noise.
  12. Florida alt right live feed

    Got to watch a bit in the middle and 20mins of the end. One thing is true, the children of the left are helping to validate the Pro White platform.
  13. Haha, add the Bronies - teenage boys & men that are into My Litte Ponies- and society becomes even more Fvcked up.
  14. Im not backing religion but so much science is based on theory you are basically in the same boat friend.
  15. Are they still alive? So many survivors....6million? Got any proof Bunbun? You do know the dastardly Germans are OCD. EVERYTHING must be dotted and signed. To date nothing from the Reich has ever been presented showing any sort of plan for mass extermination.
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