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  1. Trump has been compromised, IMO since what was said to what is happening, its rare to see a man turn so quick (i know he is Pres now & not some 2 bit construction builder.) Shep was right, but what I say is, the tribe threatened him with his family even though he is part of the tribe now. Very unfortunate for all.
  2. Nice to see you weathered the storm Cinn.
  3. And that is just what we are hearing about, we know the majority of what is happening is being covered up. What is happening in Germany is outright deplorable, nay it is beyond words....
  4. I've just been wondering about how long the term 'Deep State' has been around?
  5. That jew might have died for divulging that info. Prob a plane crash. Wrong thread, sorry.
  6. I send President Trump energy to assist him to overcome the tribe that has threatened him. That includes his daughters friends. ^This is the angle......it took a long time to realise that we bombed the railroad tracks that lead to malaria & thinness. OK, f**k you Trolls. None of this "Nazi" crap anymore. Because it was a created meme to program you. A Jew said it. " we laugh, we created Nazi to forward our agenda." So whilst you struggle with Antarctica you haven't yet dealt with the past.
  7. And the only reason there is a ANZIS is because your McArthur realised our diggers/Kiwi brothers are tougher and smarter than both your regulars and Marines. Suffer.
  8. Is Aus & NZ still friends? From the kiwi pov.
  9. Oh, the Island I'm seeing is using water to make power, so i guess the packets of powder aren't going too last long except f**k everything on the way through. Like Atlantic Salmon. Don't f**k with Aus Atlantic Salmon. Serious!
  10. Who eats flouride toothpaste? Since I expect most spit it out the residue counters the flouride levels in the water? How much is a 1kg of flouride?
  11. Were they "Nazi" camps? Or US camps of Krouts & Japs?
  12. Old-new tech? Colloidal's & fresh veg?
  13. We scammed Obongo to take our "boat people" Lol. But. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_fluoridation_in_Australia And so the more i read tells me wiki is Pro fluro. One problem here, Celts are found dug up with excellent teeth. So f**k off.
  14. Didn't they also use it to reduce libido in soldiers back in the day?