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  1. All roads lead back to the lovely tribe!
  2. An interesting book and theory about ufos from Jacques Vallee is 'Passport to Magonia'. Ties in many sighting and experiences from centuries ago to fairly recent, the theory is that many sightings and experiences are multidimensional and are possibly linked to the faerie realm. Im half way through the book and quite enjoying it. Is a free PDF.
  3. Its coming up to ANZAC day, and I can barely stand that the best of us died because of a white feather. f**k you Zog.
  4. Com'n goy, you feel the guilt, lets all be fodder for Zog.
  5. Addendum: Right or wrong you have to back your mates. Im not sure the Yanks will back us but we'll keep our word.
  6. What a ********. I guess the reason is ANZAC day. It would take a lot of nukes to get us. Cmon Ill.
  7. Trump is now the WHipped boy of the tribe. Make no mistake, he is more dangerous than Obozo.
  8. Thats why they're not (ASAS.)
  9. I've stayed the course to Shep, I hate that this appears to be another coat hang.
  10. Remember the Liberty! Always trust your closest friends.
  11. Im one of those odd Aussies, right down the bottom on the island of Tasmania ( wonder if im the only from here to visit the site?) I mostly just come here now. A few others but mostly here.
  12. What does he need nukes for when he has millions of nice refugees ready to unleash upon Europe?
  13. And when normally people are arseholes, situations like this at the shops make people so nice, because they think its a chance they will meet their maker.