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  1. Contrarian scholar, Dr Robert Schoch, has worked both by himself and with other scholars on the puzzles of pre-history or the time when written records did not survive or did not exist. http://www.robertschoch.com/plasma.html His theories dove tail with Dr. Paul Laviolette's timing of the last galactic super wave. He has also done ground breaking research on the Spinx , that moves its origin back to 10,000 + B.C. due to extreme weathering on its body. The short of it is this, the last superwave erupted some 14,000 to 12000 years ago. At it interacted with the sun, it caused a surge in electromagnetic energy that resulted in a massive plasma storm from the sun that greatly impacted the earth. There are many relics of this plasma storm all over the planet. Plasma and electrical discharges hitting the surface of Earth may have been responsible for the vitrification (melting into crude glass) of ancient stone structures seen in some parts of the world, such as various hill forts in Scotland (to the right are some photos showing vitrification at an ancient Scottish hill fort, along with the ground plan of such a fort--the vitrification is shown by the dark shading). People cowered for their lives; they sought shelter in caves, under cliffs, in dwellings built of thick stone or carved into mountainsides. Perhaps Göbekli Tepe was intentionally buried in an attempt to protect it from on-going plasma events, as I suggest in my new book. Humankind was thrown into a dark age for thousands of years, only to reemerge (amidst megalithic monuments belonging to a much earlier period) with scattered memories and nascent abilities. Ironically, we are just putting the pieces of the past together just in time for another super wave !?!?!?!?!
  2. .................Butt I was jumped and taken ransom by a vicious gang of Golden Retrievers...... You know how mean they can be......they had me fetching sticks 18 hours a day ................. ......I got away when I chased the stick around the corner and kept running ........................... Great Forum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arf!
  3. Do you dig a pony? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j70Bg19AAzU
  4. TEE VEE has all sorts of hidden and overt mind and emotion control mechanisms. Now with HD TEE VEE, it has gone to the next level of mind control...... I watched TEE VEE for the first time in years when we had my brother-in-law a vietnam vets staying with us. We wanted to keep him from the bar so we watched the Stupor Bowel with him......................YIKES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. This is the celebrated study because USA scientists did it . There have been numerous Russian Scientific studies concluding the same thing, many dating back to the early 80's and 90's Giving a firm date for it to commence is stupid........ From what science knows about earth/sun driven climate change, it can happen in less that one year, so they might be very late on the 2020 date or very early.
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