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  1. I do not like the fact that Trump is friends with Erdogan, and the fact that he called to "congratulate" him for making the country less free, in essence. It does not bode well at all.
  2. You are not allowed to even speak of this massacre of millions in Turkey.
  3. That's the definition of obscene to me. Not the naked woman's pussy, but the oppression and the hiding of it is what obscene is.
  4. The video that is more relevant you mentioned, if you have a link.
  5. "the descendants"??? No, people should NOT be "held accountable" for what their ancestors did. Each and every human being should be held accountable for what they could do in their own personal lives given what they have had to work with. Real accountability too includes taking everything into account. Like the fact that you are saying that the people who abuse children pass this evil down to their children by blood. That's a lie and sounds almost like to me that you could if you wanted to try and use it to justify what should never be justified.
  6. or try to control him? A lot of scientists love playing God..who better to do it with than a clone of his son.
  7. Outage in LA was also at the Port of Long Beach. NY hit the subway too I think.
  8. How do we even know it's just those three cities?
  9. I have no doubt at all that there are attacks in the US that are being covered up. Like what happened in Fresno. But it can only be covered up for so long.
  10. just as planned, too. order out of chaos and all that.
  11. Evil likes to make examples and targets of those who do good to prevent others from doing good as well.
  12. I hope someday that all the kids that man has abused are heard and believed and get the healing they deserve. I hope that they are not blamed and that someday they find love instead of abuse. and I hope the pedophile monsters are caught and exposed and shown for what they are.