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  1. The "telescope" at glp is a mental mind control device/mental telepathy device. I think it might work something along the lines of "being john malkovich" type thing, from what I have read of the movie synopsis since I have never seen it. They also have a registered pedophile on the payroll. The malware and the fraud and the other bs aside..their choice of the company they keep shows their true colors.
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    I apologize. It did end up posting after a while, and it must have been outside interference and need to be not so quick to assume.
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    You might possibly be having an outside hacker because when I posted the "what on earth is going on" that you were upset about, this is the place it was at, and now both it are gone and your response is edited. I know it is not me doing it, and don't want to accuse anyone, because given the tavistock stuff, they could be hacking. maybe they are trying to drive a wedge between me and this entire community because I know too much, in which case it would be giving in to evil to let them succeed.
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    I don't understand. Can you please point out to me specifically where I made any accusation that said that you personally were in collusion with pedophiles? I merely made a response on this thread about the article. I am under psychic attack and mentioned that on another thread. I don't recall making any accusation at all along those lines though, and if you would show me specifically where I did so, will immediately apologize. edit: someone is messing with my own posts and it isn't me, and I am not accusing you. It is possible that there is outside interference. I do know the "what on earth is going on" that you just posted was not originally in this thread, but was in response to a different thread entirely.
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  6. If you guys can't help, I give up. This is real, the part about psychic attacks is what is being done to me right now, and please someone show me there is a human being here and post about the psychic attacks because it is not letting me quote it.
  7. There is more on that same page that I just quoted from but it is NOT LETTING ME POST IT NORMALLY! If I have any people that have been through this, they need to understand what I am fighting, because it is the same damn thing as this! it is guitar doc's post about PSYCHIC ATTACKS! Will someone else please post it because THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE IS TORTURING ME RIGHT NOW TO PREVENT IT BEING POSTED.
  8. I have to skip a lot. I think these are the most important stuff. These posts prove that Tavistock and Godlike Productions are evil. But I can't figure out the damn multiquote and quote buttons right or the computer is deliberately not working right becuase of tavistock. Look, the nobody bullshit, i even joked about it, everybody is a nobody. The thing is thousands and thousands of people are sitting behind computer desks being paid by govt agencies to kill people by driving them to despair. My own personal opinion is when you say that it is their fault for hoping to be saved from something that they can't point to but know is real, then you are joining in the very tavistock chorus by saving they don't DESERVE to be saved but are too lazy and shouldnt' even drream of being saved, then that means you too have applied their programming in yoour own heart. I think EVERYONE SHOULD BE SAVED. And only evil people say they don't deserve it or are too lazy. I am trying to share what you have put together but I am also under attack. It doesnt' help when I read something that says even the person exposing it blames the people tavistock is torturing for their torture. but that's okay, divide and conquor is everywhere. I believe WE SAVE EACH OTHER. or not at all.
  9. and it's the only way I can truly communicate with others, too. I will not voluntarily isolate myself any further than I already am, and only evil wishes me to get off the internet. I am exposing it, so of course they want me to go away. Unless they kill me or further harm me to the point I am not able to communicate, I am here. I will also continue on.
  10. I am having a great deal of difficulty with my computer and with using simple feartures EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to post on this thread, and I know it is them, the evil mind control monsters at Tavistock. It is the Tavistock institute still f**king with me.
  11. I remember when that happened at give me gossip forums and I thought someoen had actually kiled themself. Just like I was gullible enough to believe the whole scam about someone really being dying of cancer in england that money was raised for. There was a lot that I was gullible enough to believe, but I do know one thing. The mind games going on at godlike productions and run by tavistock made ME personally suicidal, I have no doubt they did it deliberately, and I think it is not just speculation that while they may have fictionalized a suicide, that they have caused many real ones.
  12. I'm having a great deal of difficulty in posting for some reason, and I know why but will keep going. The Truth is important.