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  1. Hello everyone! Meet my Daughter Arabella Rose!

    Congratulations, she is beautiful.
  2. Russian Mafia. Curious..if it ties to Trump being guilty of hiring a hit on him and not Clinton, would it be researched and/or believed if that is what the facts show?
  3. yes. Then they mix in lies like a mars base or say the abuse is going on in a restaurant when it is going on in the homes, so that way the abuse won't be believe. That is the real purpose of it all..the foulest of "disinfo"..that which allows the continued harming of children.
  4. shouldn't the focus be on the fact that children are being abused and need to be rescued and saved from a life of horror and torment?
  5. There are very few things in reality in this world that are cut and dried, black and white, and plain and simple, boiling down to just RIGHT AND WRONG. GOOD AND EVIL. Those who harm children by sexually abusing them..they ARE the most evil, period. This is the kind of evil that all other evils ..compare but don't come close in pure monstrosity. To defile innocence..to steal that..to take that away..that is the biggest "sin". So yeah, with me it's pretty simple, you are either for helping children and helping to end their abuse.. or are on the side of their abusers by default. there are no other choices.
  6. This is why I left a state with stupid laws against cannabis, and why I won't go back until they are changed. My weed keeps me alive, and I won't go anywhere I have to risk prison to keep taking what keeps me alive.
  7. Thanks, I hope they make it.
  8. What is the condition of the officers?
  9. I do not like the fact that Trump is friends with Erdogan, and the fact that he called to "congratulate" him for making the country less free, in essence. It does not bode well at all.
  10. You are not allowed to even speak of this massacre of millions in Turkey.
  11. That's the definition of obscene to me. Not the naked woman's pussy, but the oppression and the hiding of it is what obscene is.
  12. The video that is more relevant you mentioned, if you have a link.
  13. "the descendants"??? No, people should NOT be "held accountable" for what their ancestors did. Each and every human being should be held accountable for what they could do in their own personal lives given what they have had to work with. Real accountability too includes taking everything into account. Like the fact that you are saying that the people who abuse children pass this evil down to their children by blood. That's a lie and sounds almost like to me that you could if you wanted to try and use it to justify what should never be justified.
  14. or try to control him? A lot of scientists love playing God..who better to do it with than a clone of his son.
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