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    I apologize. It did end up posting after a while, and it must have been outside interference and need to be not so quick to assume.
  2. Kira

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    You might possibly be having an outside hacker because when I posted the "what on earth is going on" that you were upset about, this is the place it was at, and now both it are gone and your response is edited. I know it is not me doing it, and don't want to accuse anyone, because given the tavistock stuff, they could be hacking. maybe they are trying to drive a wedge between me and this entire community because I know too much, in which case it would be giving in to evil to let them succeed.
  3. Kira

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    I don't understand. Can you please point out to me specifically where I made any accusation that said that you personally were in collusion with pedophiles? I merely made a response on this thread about the article. I am under psychic attack and mentioned that on another thread. I don't recall making any accusation at all along those lines though, and if you would show me specifically where I did so, will immediately apologize. edit: someone is messing with my own posts and it isn't me, and I am not accusing you. It is possible that there is outside interference. I do know the "what on earth is going on" that you just posted was not originally in this thread, but was in response to a different thread entirely.
  4. Kira

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