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  1. And these 'High Treason' Criminal's still lost the election.. makes you kind of sick to use Google.. Facebook.. (buy) Amazon Washington Post..buy Apple, Ford or Kelloggs ... watch Hollywood movies or watch ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN, MSNBC morning ' talk the talk' shows or their national evening news..yet? At times it almost seems that We should have sunk into Hillary's Socialist Regime.. and this would be the only way her 40 million 'useful-idiots' would ever wake up.
  2. https://aim4truth.org/2017/11/24/absolute-proof-obama-not-russians-rigged-elections/ We also know.. while the Soros Marxist Mafia was rigging his voting machines ( DOCUMENTED) and Hollywood and their 'left-stream' Media was also working their act of 'treason' to help Killary.. the 'Silicon Valley Sewer' ..Amazon Washington Post.. Facebook.. MSN... Yahoo... Apple.. Ford... Kellogg's... were also involved in this criminal act. But they and their 'Democratic Pedophile Party' know that they have nothing to worry about.. as long as 'turncoat' deep state AG Sessions is in charge of the DOJ.. Sickening!
  3. This was a act of 'HIGH TREASON' and everyone involver should be arrest and executed. This act has put Our nation and All Our citizen's (Including Liberal ) at risk for total annihilation! http://imgur.com/a/66RUn Whenever AG Sessions wakes up... He needs to know this too.. http://thehill.com/homenewss/administration/361276-fbi-informant-gathered-years-of-evidence-on-russian-push-for-us AG Sessions lack of service to Our nation is beginning to take a toll on the Trump Administration and making it look weak in that department. And when will Sessions realize that his 'buds' ..Comey -Mueller & Rosenstein are using him as a 'sucker' to their advantage to take down President Trump...... Or is Sessions really on their side ( becoming more evident each day ) Sessions needs to be kicked OUT...ASAP!
  4. Yes the date I posted was wrong.. sorry. The information about gathering of the 'left-wing' weasel's was secretive and not made public for people to respond until the commie's went home to nest.
  5. How sick is this?...Only a few miles from Our US Marine Base of Camp Pendleton! http://freebeacon.com/issues/secretive-liberal-donor-summit-increases-security-changes-itinerary-following-free-beacon-report/ These arrogant politically stupid, useful-idiot, sicko's really know how to rub your nose in it. And they will continue this and other destructive crimes as long as AG Sessions does 'NOTHING!'