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  1. ARLINGTON: The Army is dialing up its lasers, from 5 to 10 kilowatt weapons that torched quadcopters in successful tests to 50 to 100 kW weapons that could kill helicopters and low-flying airplanes — and, possibly, blind cruise missiles as well. Given rising anxiety over Russia’s Hind gunships, Frogfoot fighters, and Kalibr missiles, the technology is timely. http://breakingdefense.com/2017/07/army-boosting-laser-weapons-power-tenfold/
  2. I love this article I hope you do. Saturday, July 15, 2017 Re-Post: They will kill you for a Big Gulp - count on it... **Note 7/15/2017** A reader posted this today out on the net, so I figured I'd re-post it here since it is even more relevant today than when originally posted. In the Age of Trump the Leftists are feeling pressure to spool-up their power grabs, and are using violence and coercion to bully people to bow to their whims. Threepers have been meeting the Anarchists and Antifa fcuks across the nation and will continue to do so. The longer President Trump is able to remain in office, the more violent the Left will become - the more heavy-handed, the more they will use violence to get their way - from street violence to bureaucratic and administrative violence. Here's the original piece: From time to time I am asked (usually by new readers) why I don't cover more of the day-to-day events that impact the Liberty sphere. We are beyond the Event Horizon. The Rubicon has been crossed. It's on, right now. The Enemies of Liberty have engaged and now only the big questions, the big events, matter. Everything else is Sparklies. All else are arrows that will not kill you, so they should be dismissed. If you are waiting for your suburb to look like a Mad Max movie before you will accept that the fight is already begun, you'll miss the entire show. This war for Liberty will be just like the two primary wars before it - RevWarI and RevWarII (aka the Civil War or the War between the States). Only a small percentage of Americans will ever pick up a weapon to fight in this war, just like before. Most will stay at home, and never even lose cable. Commerce will continue, just like in our other wars. There will be disruptions and shortages, there will be pockets of starvation and ruin, but 90% of your fellow Americans will not ever pick up a weapon for either side in this fight. And there will be those who make fortunes while others fight in the streets for food scraps, for principles, and all the other reasons men fight. If you don't recognize that you are already in the fight, I can't help you. If you don't recognize that States moving to ban nearly all 2A is an attack, I can't help you. If you don't realize that .Gov buying all of the fighting ammo in the country is an attack, I can't help you. And if you don't understand why your fellow Americans cleared out the entire national retail and wholesale inventory of fighting weapons, ammo and mags in about 30 days after Sandy Hook, I simply can't help you. Why comment on the headline today that the Governor of Massachusetts will fine and/or imprison you for up to a year for driving your vehicle in a snow storm? Either you understand which side of the Liberty line that act is on, or you don't. Why comment on the Mayor of NYC banning you from buying a Big Gulp if you want a Big Gulp? If you don't already know which side of the Liberty/Slavery line that act is on, I can't help you. And these are the same people who want you disarmed. If you are still not getting to "Huh! The fight is already on!" then you are behind the curve of many, many millions of Americans who have bought all the guns, bullets and magazines you will need to defend yourself from the people who will imprison or kill you for a Big Gulp. "Ha! They won't kill you for a Big Gulp!" Really? Follow this, it is simple: You as a store owner decide to sell Big Gulp-sized soda in defiance of the Mayor. What happens? You get a letter in the mail, probably a cease & desist, maybe accompanied by a fine. What if you refuse to pay the fine? Then more letters go out, higher fines, and eventually a court date. What if you don't show? Men with guns come to get you. What if you go to court, lose, and are ordered to stop selling big drinks - you either comply, or continue. If you defy the Judge, men with guns will come to get you. more at link http://iiipercent.blogspot.com/2013/02/we-will-kill-you-for-big-gulp-count-on.html
  3. Although both texting and holding a cellphone to your ear while driving are already banned in Washington, the new regulations will outlaw composing or reading any message, taking pictures, and ultimately holding a phone for any reason other than calling 911—even when sitting at a stoplight. Penalties under the new DUI-E law will include a $136 fee for first-time offenders, a $234 fee for second-time offenders, and a $99 fee for “grooming, smoking, eating or reading while behind the wheel.” While the fines might not seem outrageous at first glance, Toni Matous, an agent with Magnolia Insurance Agency Inc. in Seattle, told Q13Fox that insurance companies were some of the top lobbyists for the new distracted driving law—and that is not by mistake. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/state-dui-e-illegal-driving/ I agree that driving and cell phones don't mix but this is going to far. Someone needs to use this law to the letter and start suing the company's who put up advertising that deliberately distract drivers as well as the local gov. for all the distracting road signs. This also means that reading a road map will get you a fine as well. Or can you use it in a court of law by saying I'm sorry judge I did not read that speed limit sign because reading and driving is against the law. Maybe then they will stop this oppression by law but I doubt it.
  4. Thanks for the pin. This was in an article I was reading about this vid. quote Police cameras have a feature that saves the 30 seconds of video prior to activation, but without audio. When the officer is first in the alley, there is no audio until 30 seconds later. Does any one know if this is true? If so that means the cam records before it is turned on and if that is the case then why do they have to activate them? source of quote http://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/baltimore-cop-caught-bodycam-planting-drugs-crime-scene/203109
  5. I don't think the cops should be able to turn there cams on or off, they need to be caught in more of there lies.
  6. Same browser crap here Shep all day eastern Kan. Thanks in advance
  7. This was posted 5 days ago at 38 north, it has good imagery : Construction Activity at Launch Pad Approximately 50 meters southeast of the launch pad, an open area (approximately 5,000 sq. meters) was excavated throughout 2014-2015. This activity ceased in mid-2015 and unexpectedly resumed in March 2017, continuing intermittently since then. The latest imagery shows excavations for a building’s footings and support columns, suggesting a structure of approximately 920 sq. meters. It is too early to determine if the suspended excavation activity in 2015 was related to this new structure’s originally intended construction, or if this is an entirely new development. While the planned purpose of the new structure is unknown, its proximity to the launch pad suggests it is related to launch operations support. http://www.38north.org/2017/06/sohae061617/
  8. At least 1 injured in shooting on Fort Carson, 1 in custody http://www.kktv.com/content/news/BREAKING--428735753.html
  9. This was published on june 1st 2017 ISIS has delivered Paris a terrifying final ultimatum – warning to follow a list of demands in seven days or face a “bloodbath” leading to its total “destruction”. It warns: “French police, if you continue to obey your government blindly, in oppressing as well your people that the Muslims, be aware that your bullet-proof vests and your pistols do you not suffice in the face of our Kalashnikov and our seat belts of explosives.” The telegram concludes: “Oh the French people, you have just to elect a new President supposed to represent you. “The latter has 7 days to respond favourably to our requests by making a formal declaration. “In the case of refusal, these next 5 years are likely to be the last that you will live. “Because the next wave of attacks which will hit the France will be much more appalling than the previous ones. And this will be the last war that you will steer… http://archive.is/e7bFo#selection-843.0-859.162
  10. Just ran across this sorry I can't give a breakdown of the contents as my speakers don't work and cant trust close caption.
  11. North Korea’s Sohae Satellite Launching Station: Facility Upgrades Continue By 38 North 18 May 2017 New Construction Activity Over the past few months, North Korea has constructed new roads throughout the Sohae launch facility. In October 2016, construction of a new road leading west along the ridge line from the VIP Observation Building to a newly graded circular position was first observed. The following month, upgrades began to a small dirt trail leading uphill from near the launch pad to the new location, turning it into what appears to be a utility right-of-way (for communications, electricity, etc.). By April 22, the utility right-of-way extended to the new location and another dirt trail, also running uphill from near the launch pad, was upgraded into a road. No equipment or construction activity is noted at the new position itself. While it difficult to determine the purpose of this new area, its location would suggest that it will be used as an observation, telemetry or guard position. http://38north.org/2017/05/sohae051817/
  12. Yep this is not a time to loose you're head lol.
  13. You are correct they also believe that this is the time for the return of there so called prophet and that makes them even more determined to prove there worth through war.
  14. So what is your dream gun to own.

    Does this count? lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH_OEFWUfLI
  15. And you thought you had a bad day

    Naw I was safe I had my space shield on.
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