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  1. North Korea’s Sohae Satellite Launching Station: Facility Upgrades Continue By 38 North 18 May 2017 New Construction Activity Over the past few months, North Korea has constructed new roads throughout the Sohae launch facility. In October 2016, construction of a new road leading west along the ridge line from the VIP Observation Building to a newly graded circular position was first observed. The following month, upgrades began to a small dirt trail leading uphill from near the launch pad to the new location, turning it into what appears to be a utility right-of-way (for communications, electricity, etc.). By April 22, the utility right-of-way extended to the new location and another dirt trail, also running uphill from near the launch pad, was upgraded into a road. No equipment or construction activity is noted at the new position itself. While it difficult to determine the purpose of this new area, its location would suggest that it will be used as an observation, telemetry or guard position. http://38north.org/2017/05/sohae051817/
  2. Yep this is not a time to loose you're head lol.
  3. You are correct they also believe that this is the time for the return of there so called prophet and that makes them even more determined to prove there worth through war.
  4. Does this count? lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH_OEFWUfLI
  5. Naw I was safe I had my space shield on.
  6. I'm glad they got 83 and hope they get more the gangs seem to be growing all over. Now if they could just get off there ass and do this in DC. This is going to get worse as the summer get's hotter.
  7. Sounds just like our government and they get there info from a THINK tank lol.
  8. Wow I did not know that, I was glad to see he walked away though. And that reminded me of when I was a kid we were at a local track watching midget racing and one lost a tire that got hit by another driver that sent the tire into the stands and it hit a woman just down from us. Well it turned out that the woman was pregnant and the wife of the driver that lost the tire. Don't know if he ever raced again but his wife and child did not get hurt bad. The tire was the right rear and that's the biggest tire on the car it could have killed her.
  9. Skip to the 50 sec. mark, I love the billboard as well.
  10. This person needs to be caught. Sorry it's just a link but it would not let me copy any text. 16 people were taken to the hospital. http://www.livetrucking.com/police-are-looking-for-a-reckless-driver-who-caused-a-crash-between-an-oversize-semi-and-a-school-bus/
  11. I wana say thanks bill gates. But that's not PC so I wont.
  12. Prison is to good for these people I say they should be staked over an ant hill and covered with honey and left in the sun till nothing but bones remain.
  13. Now I need a strong drink, what is going on with this world they make me sick to my stomach how about you? http://www.esquire.com/style/mens-fashion/news/a55081/romper-for-men-romphim/?src=social-email
  14. You're welcome. I thought they were pretty much done as we have not seen them all winter then last week or so they started again wife and I have been feeling a little sick sense but this cant have anything to do with it lol.
  15. I cant hear vids (no speakers) and cc is always a question so don't know how much truth is in this but thought it was worth a share.