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    How do you add an image in a post Not a link but the actual image I know dumb question but hey
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    Thanks guys
  3. They will never admit their wrong and in my opinion this flat earth b.s is just been installed in people's minds to distract us all from the real problems in this world.Obviously were all here on this site because we know were being lied to so by me and you and others taking our time to debate something like the earth being flat is exactly what they want us to do. I mean come on do you guys really think the earth is flat thats hard for me to grasp.
  4. The most used "flat earth" map is just one of many Azimuthal maps ive noticed almost all Fe use the one that has ice caps encircling the map is this to help support them saying that people can't "fall off the edge" because there a giant ice cliffs keeping us from seeing the edge? That seems very convenient. The Azimuthal maps are used by radiographers why have the Fe people picked out one Azimuthal map and stuck with just that one?
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    Hi im new here didn't know if there is somewhere to say I'm glad to join your community.