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  1. Planet X on livecam right now!

    Lol FLAT EARTH bwahahahaha
  2. That's not the same girl if you remove the glasses they don't look so similar
  3. I agree I believe the original group is long gone and it is now what you say
  4. Don't let all the negative energy get to you bud there is so much positive energy out there,seek that and you will start to see no matter what they throw at us we will be just fine 😃
  5. I thought seal team six died in some plane crash or something like that
  6. Please don't lose faith in God he was our Creator
  7. This country is very entertaining atm
  8. I think alot of people don't understand the meaning of deep state.Look up the definition
  9. The real question is why do people that value privacy even use Facebook i deleted my account 4 years ago
  10. It's our right to a PEACEFUL protest they can't stop that
  11. Are you positive hes not part of it I mean come on you can never be sure
  12. America First, Switzerland Second!

    I think every country should put itself first take care of their own if every country took care of their self first there would be less problem
  13. Food Shortages Have Begun!

    This is obvious fear mongering get smart and notice it!!
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