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  1. https://youtu.be/-99JI0Bjq14 These guys are nuts

    Feminization of the world


    Feminization of the world

    Exactly that's a great example and I still hear complaints on how men dominate all areas.

    Call Your YouTube Channel an Art Channel

    Either you missed the op message or your just a troll
  5. I see a pattern of women taking over leading roles in almost everything over the last year or more.Before I'm called a pig I have two children both girls and all I want for them is the best I want them to be equal to men and have all the same opportunities. What I see is someone wants women to be above men which isn't equal I know men were over women for along time but to reverse that isn't right or equal. I think it is to destabilize the family structure that God put in place which is the foundation of society.This feminization of America is across the board I notice it in most things I see now not only that but men are made to look stupid now or animal like. I have a lot more ideas on this but I have to go for now What are your thoughts I know it isn't just me. LOVE
  6. Quick question who in their right mind puts a nuclear plant on a volcano

    Oprah for President

    Why does everyone think a woman has to be president can't we just pick a real leader based on morals and intelligence
  8. That's awesome thank you for this
  9. This is happening because the masses have let it happen
  10. Thank you they haven't said much about it here in the u.s.a
  11. Well I read about it sometimes seems fishy what could they do with this what is their plan because it's never to better humanity. I guess that's why I had to agree with those long ass terms on this site i was wondering why that was
  12. I feel stupid asking but what is this gdpr
  13. So they put money above a babies life wow funny to see them admit it
  14. You seem upset is all the typing in all caps necessary

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