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  1. I guess they had enough paper to print the stupid flyer. Open Source the budget. I'm sure we can find some cuts somewhere in order for the admin to wipe their ass enough to get their heads out of it.
  2. I'm more uncomfortable with the name they came up with. "Fingopay" - Seriously? why not DigitDebit. Or PointerPay. KnuckleBucks? Vein-Omatic? I guess this is coming from the country that names French fries, chips. I got the name finally... FacePalm.
  3. Definitely this... And my dog is staring at my phone now wondering what creatures are trapped inside. oh, and the OP vid sounds like wolves to me.
  4. How do you destroy someone's image?

    TPS. "Tiny Penis Syndrome" It all starts in kindergarten when they're picked last for kickball, and then continues on until they're sitting in the dark basement at mom's yelling to her for more mac n cheese. I offer to those with this syndrome to unzip your pants and stare long and hard in the mirror, wondering where your manhood went, and how you'll never amount to anything in life. Good luck.
  5. Anyone Use Wood Heat?

    Saw a few of these built and working. Super efficient, cleaner than a traditional stove, and cheap to make. Plus they look cool. Tons of designs.
  6. Wonder if they're firing up the 5g network and testing it out on individuals. Just a thought. Or maybe it's not my thought and they're controlling me right now with it. [Queue spooky horror movie soundtrack].
  7. Where Were You 16yrs Ago Today?

    I was being indoctrinated further into slavery.
  8. nice logo... It's as if Obama, the UN, and China had a three way baby and drank some pepsi.
  9. "Here Lays Ted - he had a big presence in all aspects above and below"
  10. All you really need are some bat houses. 1 little brown bat can eat anywhere from 600-1,000 mosquitoes.... in one hour. A female bat that is nursing her babies will eat around 4,500 of them. Free labor. And more quiet. Plus. More bats = more owls and hawks which = mouse and rat control. Nature is pretty amazing when we work with it.
  11. Just woke up. Thought this said ABs. Time for coffee clearly.
  12. In the time it took me to view the petition and sign it, it went up 300 signatures.
  13. Gotta ask where the NK emp FF is at this point too. If I were a dick, I'd drop it during all of the commotion. Whether Kim does it, or it's produced internally. So, we have hurricanes in the south (let's not forget Irma is building up too). Maybe she'll curve up the coast. Potential NK hits on the west. Since that's where they seem to be aiming.
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