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  1. Wasserman Schultz and the IT guy... Oh look. North Korea. Problem solved.
  2. Same goes for dollar bills, checks, IOUs, gold, silver, diamonds, and anything someone has assigned value to. Every form of currency is simply a note that determines the amount of time one has spent to gather resources and render services. Doesn't matter if that note is paper or digital. We can assign anything to be a "currency" that is used to trade "time." If I work one hour, give you a dollar bill and tell you it's worth that one hour, you then owe me something that is worth an hour of your time, or an agreed upon trade value. Gold has no intrinsic value beyond a grain of sand or salt. It just looks more pretty and is a tool of economics, same with bitcoins. If the market one day decides that gold or dollar bills or no longer worth using, then the value will fall and be traded to some other form of currency. Money is a construct to keep us enslaved by those who render the value of said money.
  3. 100,000 Pages of Chemical Industry Secrets

    I bet Hillary set fire to that woman's house. Seems to be her MO.
  4. This is exactly why we have an entire movement of people fighting and are against the current president. The MSM "translated" Trump's speeches into soundbites that made him out to be the biggest idiot, yet if you listened to his most of the speech, the narrative was entirely made up. And it was all in English. Miscommunication is one of the biggest problems we have because people don't take the time to understand the message and instead create their own narrative to justify their thoughts that feed their ego.
  5. If a dog shits in the house, they don't know any better because it's just natural for them to shit where they please. Yet, we tell them it's wrong and punish them for it. How would you like it if I hit and scream at you for farting in the room? Judgement of others' actions is subjective and typically a projection of our own faults and need of controlling others. What's wrong to you is not naturally wrong to some. And the seeking of positive acceptance stems from huge social pressure to be who you're not. Goes both ways, gay or straight. Don't force your beliefs onto others. In this guy's case, don't be an asshole. Accept the rules that you can't smoke on a plane.
  6. I have to agree with @Unchained@SA on this one. No where in the video is there any reference to him being gay. Flamboyant acting, sure. But the article goes from some stupid video of someone being an asshole who wants to smoke on a plane, to assuming he's gay and therefore because he's gay he's being "more demanding" in a sense. Pick any race, creed, color, gender, and have them do something stereotypical, and watch everyone lose their shit on them. If the Marlboro Man wanted to smoke on the plane and wasn't allowed to and then called the Russians stupid, I'm guessing he would be called some white supremacist these days. Because...he's white. It's what @Ukshep has been preaching a lot about lately on the division. The hatred in this world is rising, and no one has the patience for anyone anymore. I think this guy learned a lesson. But now watch how the left and lgbt groups will gain on this and act out even more. People need to learn to just not give any attention to people like this. Ignore their antics like you would ignore a screaming kid who wants ice cream. Hate, violence, and fear, only breeds more when used to fight them.
  7. I imagine a civil war would erupt here long before any of that happens, and Mexico would send in every cartel member to take it over. If the dems want to exit, they better build a big wall. Oh...wait...
  8. At Hawaii’s Volcanoes Nation Park;

    Looks like and probably feels like my ass after a late night ending with an Atomic Burrito.
  9. Feel the bern interns were also paid $12/hr, campainging for the $15. Seattle is fvcked. The businesses left over from not shutting down because of this, Amazon will create evermore retail space to swallow them up.
  10. The force of stupidity is strong here. I can't wait to bump into ballot pushers. I've been needing to vent lately.
  11. He stole the thunder from double rainbow guy.
  12. I drove uber for a bit to see what the fuss was all about, and when I was having insomnia. Got 2 separate dates, and made out with another girl. It was fun for a while then got old.
  13. How many penis drawings made with MS Paint and left on the screen at school. Can't begin to count...
  14. Pro-sack? Get it? I crack myself up.
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