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  1. I wonder he gets hurt brushing his teeth.
  2. So much to link to in this thread, but I don't have time right now. All good arguments on either side. I worked in the weed industry in CO. Got out because it wasn't really my passion, and the market is getting saturated already. There are more dispensaries in CO than there are Starbucks. Bottom line and IMO: State weed legalization and a little regulation is good. Get it out of Fed hands. This is a medicinal plant, and along with other medicinal plants, should be allowed to be grown and used for any purpose what-so-ever. We haven't even scratched the surface on all of the chemical properties, functions, etc. of weed. Every strain has different chemical makeups and slight adjustments that are amazing. We need to research the fvck out of this plant and give big pharma a giant middle finger. CBD cured my friend's cancer. THC eased the ALS symptoms of my father figure during his decline. I won't even mention the other hundreds of useful properties of just Hemp. No brainer. The bad part is, once it goes fully legal, large corps are going to gobble it up along with small growers. They'll GMO it and patent different strains, etc then turn it into shit and control the market. So....Know your farmer or grow your own. It's a weed, stick it in a pot and water the damn thing. If you're scared of it hurting your children, then regulate them yourself and teach them about it's uses, properties, function. It's like teaching them to drive a car, shoot a gun, or listen to their damn music on the earbuds at high decibels. If they're smoking weed and you let them and they're fvcking up in life, that's your problem, not ours. P.S. I hardly smoke it now. Once a month maybe and recreational. I did use it for medicinal purposes, insomnia, focus, attention. I had a period of erectile dysfunction because they had me on some stupid meds that messed with my testosterone and libido. Perked me right up! I love a good smoke before heading into the garden. Relaxes me and keeps me focused. But again, rarely and in moderation.
  3. Headaches, dizziness, ears ringing for me too last couple days. I'm in San Diego...
  4. I vote child Master Bater Ginsburg.
  5. It's called "there's an app for everything" generation.
  6. @Tarmalen is right (at the present moment). This is 12D chess. Wait, watch, keep prepping, and stay out of the liberal path of fire.
  7. Re: Hillary and jail. I think he needs to be careful in approaching this. If he just locks her up, the left will literally blow shit up. If he opens a case against her and they have nothing to pin her down, the left will again, blow shit up. She's losing money now and is not a big player anymore. Let her do her thing and maybe make a mistake or two. She might even lead them to bigger fish. Who knows. He really needs to move cautiously at this point. Get rid of the assholes who are actually running this country and protecting her. Then put people in who are going to take her and the whole house of cards down. Wishful thinking of course.
  8. The private prisons need to stay for now until we clean everything up. The state/fed prisons are at capacity if not more. Until a prison infrastructure bill is in CONgress, they can't build new ones in order to phase out the private ones. Gotta dance with the devil in the mean time. Short answer to it, and maybe I'm wrong. So, Trump never really indicated or said that he would crack down. Spicer's announcement was his opinion, and that's it. Unless I'm missing something. I agree with the marijuana thing, but here's also my take on it; corporate wolves are surrounding the MJ biz and are wanting to crush small growers in order to take over the entire operation. If they fully legalized it tomorrow, Monsanto/Bayer and Cargil will come in and GMO the fvck out of it and destroy the whole industry. They need to be cautious in allowing this industry to open up. Slow and steady....
  9. We should try a "prison island" where all inmates go to live self sustainably. They will have to learn to shelter, grow their own food, make their own medicine, defend themselves, etc etc. Call it Cast Away Program. Only security there is to keep people in and keep people out.
  10. Not even slippery, downright vertical. Yeah, maybe not use the gov to do it - that'll only add to their Orwellian spin. Just let citizen journos keep doing their thing while we slap people in the faces for watching MSM.
  11. This will pick up steam. He just needs some relevant leaks that are up to date. I wonder if Trump is in anyway funding him. If I were Trump, I would build an army of Veritas. He can use the newly appoint "Ministry of Truth" to do so.
  12. Prince is rocking out in heaven.
  13. maybe @Ukshep can reverse the audio on this and we can see what the evil tw*t is really saying.