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  1. iOS 11 apparently had a bug that a lot of people noticed. When typing in any app, the letter I would be automatically replaced with the letter “A” Mine turns it into a I️ Apple chose not to comment and immediately had people update to 11.11 as the main fix. There was no way to go into the keyboard added words and delete it. Here is the support page. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208240 Get it? @Ukshep From I to A... A.I. And 11.11
  2. Because it’s fun to fall down rabbit holes and connect dots. Whether anything comes of it or not, who cares. Some of us have hobbies, as I’m sure you do where I would ask “why.” But I respect everyone’s views, so I don’t ask. I just smile and go on with life.
  3. Nootropics is a new area. People are stacking all kinds of stuff, but it takes time and research, and due diligence in order to know what chemicals effect your brain and how. Everyone is different and all these bullshit one pill wonders don’t do anything. If you really want a kick in the head, look into some stuff called Noopept and piracetam. Developed decades ago and is fairly safe from my research and experience in the past. Helped me to get through some foggy times
  4. Keep cranking these out. This hole is getting bigger and bigger.
  5. Oklahoma has been the talks of the next big FF. it’s also one of the pins on the map in I pet goat.
  6. Do you need survial maunals?

    You could create a random email account and have anyone who is interested in downloading the files to contact you there and then give them the direct link.
  7. Continued collusion of the fake news campaign. No one will know what’s fact or fiction by the time this is all done.
  8. They all play dumb because 80% of their audience has a below 8th grade reading comprehension level. And part of it is a show to keep pissing everyone off. I suggest eating more popcorn. The crunching sound can block out their voices.
  9. Natural systems eventually balance themselves out. We’re a part of that system and Gaia has a pretty good way of cleaning things up. Always has, always will.
  10. Maybe they need to just open the bridge in Antarctica and let us through to the other side where there are more continents.
  11. I tried vaping in order to help quit. it made me more addicted to nicotine because I could vape anywhere anytime. And who knows what that fluid does to your lungs? And the cost is crazy more expensive than cigs.
  12. No wonder I always feel weird when I visit there. You can keep it. And Bill can keep his dumb city too.
  13. AI singularity next week

    This interview ties so much together regarding recent events. Where’s John Connor when we need him?
  14. Ok, just wondering. I can see their trending business model from a quick search. Wondering how it will stack against Tesla and other companies in the same space.