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  1. I'm near Del Mar, CA right now and it's pouring. Tree branches fell on the house I'm staying at. Good strong winds earlier. Everyone I'm staying with are like deer in headlights. Coming from Denver, I'm like, let it rain!
  2. My friend's business brokers deals like this from candy factories to farms. They haul nerds to chicken farms. Yoghurt to cows. And so much more. They tell me stories that when the trucks of yogurt show up to the farm, the cows go crazy and get excited.
  3. That was the funniest protesting I've ever seen.
  4. Ha. I never thought about this angle. What would be their next steps after an EU crash? I haven't been watching Deutsche lately, but saw they're cutting bonuses, I believe. Tick tock.
  5. I see a lot of those threads being pulled as well. I imagine it'll come as an EMP/cyber attack which can shut down anything and launch the global financial meltdown.
  6. I agree. Any theories on triggers? I imagine they'll want to pull it in Spring to not give Trump any time to shuffle the deck, but have him in office just enough to point the blame.
  7. Im afraid he won't touch the FED unless he wants his term cut short by lead. He would have to create enough of an uprising against the money owners to do it. Would a crash cause enough incentive?
  8. These people are messing with everyone. They have 10,000 psyops going on right now all to make us afraid and distract us. I have no idea who's working for who anymore. Trust no one but the palm in front of your face when it hits you. Even then, it may not have been your fault because they have us so brainwashed.
  9. Trudeau did exactly this and won the hearts of millions. If Pence loosened up a bit, he could easily win their hearts and switch a ton of libs.
  10. The tables have turned. Wonder what kind of dirt he'll be slingin for the Schmidts.
  11. http://www.theonion.com/slideshow/19-tweets-from-the-audubon-societybarack-obama-twi-32625#0 get your lol on.