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  1. LuckyBolt

    Twitter meltdown over Trump And Kanye West

    Now, if his wife Kim jumps on board, she has 100+ million followers... This will kill the Demo-rats black voting demographic.
  2. LuckyBolt

    Twitter meltdown over Trump And Kanye West

    This is awesome. Kanye is red-pilling 27 million of his followers. oh, and apparently Twitters anti-trump censorship algorithms turned on Kanye and dropped his followed-by numbers to like 17 million. And everyone caught it. Oops. I guess that whole censorship thing is real. I don’t have enough popcorn. Someone pass me some kernels
  3. 5g plus this: http://www.dataasylum.com/mindcontrol-chemtrails-summary.html = crazy sci-fi CT. But not impossible. Summary: BioAPI being installed in us through chemtrail nano fiber-tech.
  4. Look into TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) insteadof ECT. I was diag BP and thrown on a bunch of meds. I finally decided to just get off of everything and got TMS. Changed my life.
  5. I do. You can also make it for super cheap. There’s a kit on Amazon. It’s very easy to do. And you actually want to because the stuff you buy in the store is practically worthless. I’ll take it if/when I get sick and when I do any detoxing or cleansing. Also use it for cuts on me and my dog.
  6. There is good in this world fighting against it. And people are waking up to it.
  7. LuckyBolt

    Office of Foreign Assets Control

    I think this is a little more complicated than a linear battle. We have factions of Trojan horse cells all over the country. If we ignore them, they can be used against us as we try and cut the head off as you say. Take away their money, then they can’t operate and recruit. It’s one move forward towards the snake. LOTS of weeds to move through.
  8. I totally get it, and agree with you. Just keeping an eye on things. It’s very hard for us to know exactly what’s going on. I’ll have a good idea when the market crashes and how they handle it. That’ll be the ultimate tell.
  9. LuckyBolt

    Office of Foreign Assets Control

    Can’t cut the head off until you’ve cleared a path through the weeds where the snakes lays.
  10. Letter from Keith Ranier on the current situation, the NXIVM Scandal. Posted at NXIVM web site. "The sorority" ? “As much as we might be part of the problem...” He admits it right there.
  11. The twitter link only has Mack’s indictment. The other one includes Reneire also. They probably have a separate charge file for him since he was the leader of this thing. This is the beginning of unmasking pizzagate. If Q is actually for real, others will fall soon. But Q mentioned that 60% of the names will probably stay hidden for our sake. They can’t just come out guns blazing and arrest everyone at once and announce it. People will riot in the name of fascism. This is also a big time for FF. If the hammer is really coming down on the pedo elites, they won’t go down easy.
  12. If what the Q threads are saying are true, then Kim has had the chains broken from the deep state. The last picture of him was standing in front of a broken chain. He was an actor for the CIA. So that tells us he can operate as he wishes. Pelosi’s ignorant comments on NK missile sales gave us clues as well. Speculation of course. Still keeping my eye wide open on this whole thing. Apparently Iran is next. Armenia just had the same thing happen.
  13. LuckyBolt

    Office of Foreign Assets Control

    We certainly have to question everything. But if we do acknowledge that radical cells have been installed in this country over the last decade or more, then the easiest way to shut them down is by taking their wallets.
  14. https://www.treasury.gov/ofac/downloads/sdnlist.pdf This list of persons/entities of property/assets blocked/seized by US due to Trump EO. There are over 100k names on the list. Feel free to search These are considered enemy of the State enablers or affiliated (Lots of Abdullah’s, Akmeds and Mohammed’s)
  15. LuckyBolt

    Why do I love garlic so much?

    Look into and grow some Japanese Garlic. I have some in the garden now. http://www.thenaturalhealthonline.com/Healing_Effects_of_Japanese_Garlic.html