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  1. Throw her in a vat of acid. I heard that's a new thing now.
  2. I'd rather listen to a rake being dragged across a chalkboard.
  3. This is a tasty red pill to share. Extra links: https://thedailycoin.org/2017/05/25/angry-mother-exposes-dead-daughters-pic-used-manchester-event-video/ http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-40010376 http://www.rocketnews.com/2017/05/missinginmanchester-the-fake-images-circulating-online/ http://www.news.com.au/world/aussie-mum-rachel-devine-one-of-many-caught-up-in-sick-manchester-pranks-as-trolls-share-fake-news/news-story/d15412372ffab4f07b82634e2bab42e0 Of course, the narrative is leading to "trolls" and "fake news," firing yet more ammo at the internet and not blaming the dumb ass who ran with the story.
  4. This is the only way. But my skepticism of Trump leads me to believe this will end up being our own problem to fight on the streets. I'm getting into some new home defense tools this weekend that have a little more range and stopping power than what I currently have. CA is such a pain in the ass for gearing up.
  5. Maybe they're throwing a party to celebrate covering up the Rich story so well.
  6. You're right. That would take too long, at least 3 or 4 generations.
  7. Then you're right. 100% fvckery.
  8. I thought this came from the Onion.
  9. AFP articles are probably chosen and written by AI. The system gathered that "panda" was a trending keyword and so they opted to run with it to gatherosclerosis clicks. Or yeah, they're shitting in everyone's face and rubbing it in.
  10. Date the women, breed them out.
  11. Market crash then taken out by a crazy "right winger" $10 - any takers before the dollar collapses?
  12. Looks like that brand new Saudi extremist global watch system is working great.
  13. I have never in my life seen lightening like that. So mesmorizing.
  14. My thoughts exactly. More doom porn for the masses. Time for them to get scared that their food sources will end soon and we will have no way to feed the world. Get ready to see yellow-spectrum libtard. Wonder what red will look like.