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  1. Bomb Threat at Sky Harbor Today

    Probably pissed off Diamondback fans looking to take down the Dodger jet when it lands
  2. Gold is artificially kept down. Should’ve been at 5000/oz years ago
  3. Evidence of Another Shooter At A Lower Floor?

    Mandalay Bay has 34 floors. 35 and up is actually The Four Seasons. And it has its own entrance.
  4. Houston Mayor: Evacuation Would Create Nightmare

    http://imgur.com/a/gOWKI not sure why the image doesnt come up, IMGUR used to work. Is there a preferred pic sharing site?
  5. Houston Mayor: Evacuation Would Create Nightmare

    no they now have a real evac plan BECAUSE of Rita. This mayor has blood on his hands. http://imgur.com/a/gOWKI
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