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  1. Zireael

    13 Foods That Fight Acid Reflux

    My opinions on acid reflux are as follows. There is no substantial theoretical research involved in the process, rather they come from me listening to what my own body has to say. Most people suffer from acid reflux without realizing it. I separate acid reflux into a long term and a short term category. Short term acid reflux is principaly located in the esophagus. Long term acid reflux takes root in the stomach area but quickly invades the esophagus. Some acidic foods will produce a very alkaline substance in the gut area once fully metabolized, while some alkaline foods will produce an acidic substance once fully metabolized. Now that these 5 points have been properly laid out, I will expand on my experiences and observations. My relationship with acid reflux has taken a new turn when I started applying some changes to my dietary habits, approximately two years ago. At that time I was eating from 4 to 5 meals a day, which were mostly composed of fast food, processed food, and generally accompanied by either a tall glass of milk, or a can of Moutain Dew. Then at some point I turned to a fresh, fruit and veggies, nuts and essential oils based diet. I completely cut the milk, and the Mountain Dew. I stopped eating fast food and processed food altogether as well. I started to exclusively drink water, and since then no other beverage has ever entered into my body. Lol. While acidic in their nature, most fruits will produce an alkaline substance once metabolized. A good example of that would be lemons. Beware, though, that metabolism and weight plays a part in this, and that results are actually different for every person. On that day, something magical happened. I started to feel so great! Then some day I decided to eat some fast food because I was too lazy to go to the grocery store. And on the next day I suffered from acid reflux all day long. The connection was easy to make, and I quickly realized that I actually suffered from acid reflux for all my life. I just doidn't know it because I was accustomed to the sensation. Now everytime that I go and eat at someone's else house or at the restaurant, I always get nasty acid reflux for the next 24 hours. Every single person that I know, who suffers from acid reflux, has some bad dietary habits. From that point on, two solutions are offered to them, the short term solution versus the long term solution. The short term solution consists of keeping the same dietary habits, and to go for the quick fix. The quick fix is usually in form of pills, or Tums. This usually is the prefered solution, for some obvious reasons. However, what I always recommend to people is to take control of your own life and change your dietary habits for the better. With the help of a proper diet and some other tricks, as the use of Sodium Bicarbonate in some cases, it is really easy to alkalinize the gut area of the body. While eating an acidic fruit, you may get an acidic response in the esophagus area for a while, but on the long term, your body will thank you, because it will alkalinize your gut area once fully metabolized. While a glass of milk may momentarily stop acid reflux in your esophagus area, once metabolized by your body it will become highly acidic and your problems will never come to an end. This is the whole premise behind the short term versus long term that I mentioned in the intro. My recommendations on foods to avoid: Pork and red meat altogether. All sodas. Milk. Processed foods. Fast food. Bread and all grain based food as well. Fish is alright. Eat fresh! Eat lively! This was the perfect solution for my body. The golden rule is, and always will be, listen carefully to your own body!
  2. As if those blue dunes were anything new... People are repeating the same errors again and again when it comes to Mars! Electrical Blue Dunes on Mars: https://imgur.com/3kgGpDQ https://imgur.com/BeQ5ze6 https://imgur.com/1YqELjb https://imgur.com/euQb2qF https://imgur.com/MHOT5Y8 https://imgur.com/wQNpARZ https://imgur.com/Ib1OvbO
  3. Spirituality is not something that should be practiced. That's where the deception lies at. Out of cultivation, and practice, emphasis is always being put on practicing, while it should be the contrary, in fact. One could spend his entire life practicing and never make any advancements whatsoever, because he isn't a good cultivator, but one could also never do any practice and reach an incredible state of being. In fact, you success in practice is determined by your level of cultivation. Sure, by practicing and exercising, you will rediscover some natural, innate skills, you can even purify and prepare your physical body through a set of spiritual and physical exercises. You may even develop and intimate relationship with nature, as well. The testimonies on light and tetrahedral geometry are interesting, and truthful. Here's some reading on tetrahedral geometry and hyperdimensional physics; https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/luna/luna_darkmissionbook02.htm http://vortexmaps.com/planets.php But you will always be stuck where you are stuck now. You need to cultivate your innermost being. Assimilate yourself to the highest characteristic of the universe. Your true nature as a light. It is the only genuine way of elevating your plane of being. See the universe is like a diamond/lozenge. On one end there is pure love, pure light. On the other end there is pure darkness. Both are always chasing the other, balancing each other out, so things get entangled in the middle of this spirit dance without beginning nor end, creating this reality. The astral realm is no different than the physical realm in this regard. It sits right in the middle of it all. So you are still entangled. It's simply another layer, and a magical one, that is. Where eveything is done symbolically. However, it remains an external experience. You've always been operating in this realm without knowing it. I do everything internally. In silence, without any movement. I travel into the space within my own body, my own universe, where everything resides. I uncover the secrets which I forgot while entangling myself, manifesting in the flesh. I operate in any dimensions at all times, my thoughts, words, and actions are like ripples on water. They start off feeble, with short timed impact in this entangled world, but by the time they have reached heaven, the infinte universes have been turned upside down many times! I am a soul, immaterial, and immortal. I am, because I am.
  4. Zireael

    If you vote, you're a Sheeple

    Yeah that's true. But this is exactly what is happening here. If I remember correctly participation count at the last major election was of around 50%. It would be easy being led to believe by this fact that people are waking up, and getting sick of it, but it's the exact opposite. People are being desensitized, they do not care anymore about what's happening around them, and that's very dangerous, if you ask me. That's exactly what the people in position of power want, and now they do not even have to work for it.
  5. Zireael

    If you vote, you're a Sheeple

    I think this post should have got way more play. It is a legitimate and genuine question to ask oneself, what would happen if every single citizen would exercise it's right to not vote? What better way is there to highlight the corruption in place? Would it finish in a rock, paper and scissors contest in between the candidates? Surely not. But atleast it would be the smartest of the group that would win. Lol. I think BacktotheShadows has the right answer. And I'd bet my left nut that in the end, it's the same candidate that would've been voted in anyway that would be put in place. This is how powerful and successful the social engineering and indoctrination process has been throughout time. Here in Quebec the brainwashing in order to promote voting starts as early as elementary school. The trigger phrases being pushed are as follows: Voting is a right that should be exercised. Voting is not only a right, it should be seen as a duty. It is by voting that we shape the future of the world. While true in their essence, because it's by voting in the same dumbasses over and over that we end up f**king up the place, those statements are very deceitful and full of illusions. Here in Quebec, most political parties are pushing towards making voting mandatory by law. That would be dangerous. I find it funny because back in the mid 1900's, voting was only allowed to wealthy, caucasians land owners. The game was rigged, because they were probably all freemasons and/or prominent business mens looking out for each other and makin sure they were alone at the top. Now everybody 18 years old and older has the right to vote, yet the game is more rigged than ever. Why? We all know why! I am proud to exercise my right to not vote, every time that there is an election. Whether provincial, or federal. I like to get involved in local elections, though, for some aforementioned reasons by other posters. However, with that being said, truth is never white or black. So my premise is not to encourage people to stop voting and caring altogether, my premise is, and always has been; That no man should ever be governed, we are all free and responsible for our actions, and that freedom starts in the mind. In fact, my vision of a society is not global. It is tightly knit local communities, built on love, compassion mutual aid, and devotion to others. Now of course, this is not possible in the current state of humanity. But it would be possible if everyone would take a honest look at themselves, better themselves and then slowly but surely, progress towards genuinely looking out for each others. And it starts with a proper education at home. If all the children of the world would get a proper practical, theoritical and spiritual education starting at home, bathed in the values of the Creator, trust me, we would move mountains.
  6. Zireael

    Having a BBQ

    I am so happy to see that you are doing good and that you are enjoying your time! Talk to me about having such a fresh and positive mindset and attitude. We can only imagine what you will accomplish with this newly adopted line of thinking. This sounds like a very good meal, as well. You sure are a better cook than me. Cooking has been a newfound activity for me lately, slowly but surely I am gaining some skills and developing my own recipes. This post might seem petty to you, but without knowing it, you are drawing inspiration in many people's life, this I can assure you my friend. Have a great evening, Backtotheshadows, we love you too.
  7. Zireael

    Reality isn't Real

    Great stuff, @JOHNJOHN. I really like your post. It is well thought out, and you sure seem knowledgeable in many interesting areas. I invite you over to this thread, where you will certainly stumble upon some interesting reading, and where we happily and thoroughly discuss all of this so called, but very real nonetheless, crazy stuff as well!
  8. Zireael

    Real or Fake? Teleportation / Time Travel

    @Full Throttle I would be highly interested in reading your story as well, if you might share. And as a general rule in life, if one person goes out and ask a question, then it means that atleast ten other people have kept it to themselves. Thank you.
  9. Zireael

    How the Brain Rewires Itself

    We're all guilty! Lol. I have all the books at home, and yes, I am a fan of the series. Good catch, El Duderino.
  10. Zireael

    How the Brain Rewires Itself

    I agree, and this is entirely true. Just like simply practicing will not be enough, simply visualizing will not be enough either. Instead, a good and continuous balance between the two will turn you into a master of your own art. Thank you for your interest!
  11. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_brain33.htm Your thoughts are more powerful than you have ever imagined until now! I want to link this great thread created by poster @Amanda Lee, because it ultimately goes way much deeper than just the brain. A recent Harvard study as demonstrated that a small, daily period of meditation will actually trigger changes in gene expression. These studies are corroborated by the science of Epigenetics. Here's a link to the study; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29616846 Article: http://www.wbur.org/commonhealth/2018/04/06/harvard-study-relax-genes Amanda Lee's thread: Since Epigenetics have been mentioned I want to dress a quick parallel with the conscious/subconscious duality of the mind. It is directly linked to the wiring of the brain. you can see your physical mind as being 90 to 95% subconscious, programs, and only 5 to 10% being the conscious, creative side. The subconscious does not think, it does not project itself into the future, it does not solve problems. That's the creative side job. The subconscious simply records everything that is going on around you, good or bad. Even what your conscious mind is not picking up because you're directing your attention elsewhere will be stored. In a world of distractions, where we spend most of our time projecting ourselves into the future, and solving problems, the conscious mind finds itself to be easily saturated, and operating functions are then relayed to the subconscious. In order to fully operate at the conscious level, one must completely detach his self from distractions, focusing only and at all times on the present moment. Actually, your brain is in a constant, perpetual state of remodeling itself according to the environment it is part of. So what will you program yourself with, today? Even your time spent on Conspiracy Outpost is brainwashing you. But it's up to yourself to determine whether it is positive brainwashing or not! We all know that the brain is the laziest organ of our body and its always looking for shortcuts or easier/faster ways of doing the same things. In fact, studies have shown that when going on about their daily routines, humans are only operating at the conscious level for about 10 minutes out of an hour. This represents about 17% of your time. Here's a quick example of how it sometimes plays out; https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/unconscious-determinants-free-decisions-human-brain.pdf The sole goal of this thread is to make you realize that you are only one thought away from starting to create the perfect existence that you have ever dreamt of! You already have every required tool within yourself! You just have to think about it!
  12. Zireael

    Off-Topic Repository

    You are right about the eyes on the plate being an integral part of the process. I am, because I am, and it is, because it is and that's the beauty of it. My previous post describes well the end result of the experience. Edit: Thanks for the link of the paint, I was looking for it this whole time! Lol.
  13. Zireael

    Off-Topic Repository

    @VonLud Well with my new pair of eyes, the grass is always green. Thank you. And that's a cool song by the way!
  14. Zireael

    Off-Topic Repository

    Love you too, buddy. It's good to see you back posting more.

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