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  1. The issue of inborn quality

    Haha no worries! I'm like that as well And I always learn new things when I talk to myself. Lol.
  2. The issue of inborn quality

    @John Galt I always love the way you think, however, I will have to disagree with this idea. You can see the ego as a second you, a second you which knows and understand your inner workings better than yourself. It is deceitful, and if you try to play with it, it will burn you. Know thyself Kill the ego
  3. The issue of inborn quality

    Those traumas, they weren't manifested, nor caused by you. That is not what I meant. I am simply highlighting the predestined and karmic nature of the incidents in itself. In order to gain, one has to lose. The universe works by this principal. Let me put it that way. You are in the middle of a heated argument with one of your friends. Then somehow, your friend loses control and punches you in the face. By doing so, your friend gains bad karma, and you gain good karma. By losing, you are winning. But out of ego, you just can't let your friend get away with it and you decide to punch him back. By doing so, you're giving him back his piece of good karma and vice versa. Neither have gained anything. Kill the ego, it will trap you on this rock for eternity.
  4. The issue of inborn quality

    Thank you, I appreciate. You are a true humble man, Vonlud. I admire that.
  5. The issue of inborn quality

    That state is blissful. When I reach it, I intuitively feel the connection to everything, I feel warped by the genuine, meek love of the creator and the calmness of its comprehension, truth and wisdom. For a few seconds at most, I know and feel everything. But it is such an overwhelming experience that upon ''waking up'' and coming back to Earth, I have forgotten everything. Well... Not entirely everything. There's always a small piece of pure wisdom that sticks with me after such a moment. You are right about walking barefoot. I have also found out that I naturally cut my hair less and less frequently as I get older.
  6. The issue of inborn quality

    One thing I have understood is that there are many ways to meditate aside from the classical sitting down with eyes closed. One type of meditation that I truly enjoy to practice is walking in nature. When walking, your heatbeat sychronizes with your footsteps, so will your mind, and so will your thoughts and their nature. You'll also get to naturally heal yourself with the good energy from the trees and the plants and naturally radiate some good enery as well. That's what makes us a thing. We are an element of the universe just as any other thing. Your skin may appear to you as the barrier between you and the outside world yet it really is a very sensible entry and connection to it. Fundamentally, what I am getting at here is that everything is composed of 99,9% of empty space. Separateness is merely an illusion. Everything is in constant communication at all times. The Kingdom of Heaven. That is what where we are heading. These abilities have no use whatsoever in ordinary human society. They certainly won't help with paying the bills. Why is that so? Because ordinary human society is not based on natural principals, while these abilities are natural. In truth, these abilities are mundane to what you can really accomplish once reaching the kingdom of heaven, because they are limited to this dimension. Therefore, seeking them is not only useless, it really is fruitless as seeking is intent. That is what I mean when I say to stay clear of intent. Meditating with the intent of developing such abilities, or with intent at all will not only stop you from developing them in the first place, it will render your hard time spent on this rock totally useless. I have often talked about how everything is built of truth, compassion, goodness, tolerance and endurance. The cultivation and embodiment of these values, while staying clear of intent is the highest purpose in this life. And you will be surprised at all the revelations that will come your way while on your path! That is how the kingdom of heaven is reached.
  7. The issue of inborn quality There are more than 10 thousands of what would be called supernormal abilities that are of known of. In truth, there is an infinite numbers of supernormal abilities and they all are unique to the person developing them. These abilities are natural, and innate to any of you. In fact, they are only called supernormal abilities because their nature, workings, and implications are out of the realm of conventional thought. Some people can sit down and within a minute they naturally will fall into a deep and relaxing, meditative state. While to some, the simple task of sitting down eyes closed and slowing down the stream of thought requires an enormous amount of focus and concentration. Does that mean that for this person, meditation may not be practiced? No it doesn't. But why is that so? One must understand that not everyone is of the same inborn quality. Remember that it's not about the journey, it's about the destination. I have written extensively on the subject of the nature of your manifestation here in this dimension, the cultivation of your mind and heart nature, and how one must undertake such cultivation. It is simply about attuning oneself to the true nature of things around you. Remember that you are a thing, a thing that is very out of the touch with the other things surrounding you. No matter the level of inborn quality, one must pursue a genuine cultivation way in order to attain a better inborn quality within the next physical manifestation. Once that understanding has been reached, it gives room for another issue to arise. The issue of intent For the contrary will makes the motion... This is from one my other threads: In the French language, the word ''spirit'' translates as ''esprit''. The word ''mind'', also translates as ''esprit'' The word ''sportsmanship'', translates as ''esprit sportif'', which translated back to the English language becomes ''sportive spirit'' See where I am heading here now? It is an esoteric truth that mind/spirit/will/intent are one and the same. In the first part above, I have used meditation as an example because meditation is a great way to clear oneself of intent and harmonizing with the true nature of things around you. That is why while in a meditative state, some people are able to tap more intuitively into their abilities. It is because for that brief moment where they are in that meditative state, and therefore, more attuned to the nature of things, matter and it's physical properties will restrict them less and less. Some will also reach a certain state. In the chinese tradition, they call this state the state of ''wuwei''. I call it the state of perpetual stillness. In truth, everything should be done in the state of perpetual stillness, because that is where everything you've been desperately seeking for resides. We can also talk about another way that some abilities may manifest themselves. And that is by repaying karmic debts. As multidimensional beings, the karma that we accumulate is an intricate part of our nature. Therefore, it also plays an intricate role in how much matter will restrict you. In this physical dimension, karmic debts will be repaid by physical means. Hardships, traumatisms, accidents, near death experiences, etc... This is a subject that has been discussed on many occasions here by some people who have experienced such traumatisms and accidents, and feel that they now have unlocked new parts of their self that were inaccessible before, or developed some new abilities that they did not have before. That is how the mechanics of the universe works. I also have extensively written about the intelligence and personality of matter, and how it is matter that is restricting you. As I always do I will finish this thread with my usual saying: There is much to discover, hidden within those words for those truly seeking! It's not about the journey, it's about the destination!
  8. Right under your noses

    It works in this very post.
  9. How Long Has it Been?

    Hmm I'd say no more than five minutes ago, when I was dancing like a crazy to my favorite music while prepping breakfast and watching the snow fall slowly upon the trees and the houses. What a beautiful, calming scenery. Now i'm sitting at my desk, eating this delicious breakfast and hanging with my friends that I love at Conspiracy Outpost. What could I ask more? Today is gonna be a great day where I will learn and discover lots of new things, and will be put on the path of many opportunities to help myself and others around me. Tell me, where does anger, where does stress, where does fear will lead you?
  10. More Strangeness

    I guess it depends on where you are located. In winter ground temperature is normally warmer than ambient air. It's the heat of the Earth. If you reside in a relatively warm location going through a short term cold spell than the ground temp will remain above freezing point and snow precipitations will melt in a matter of a few hours. Also car tires on the streets produce a lot of friction which turns to heat and it clears the main roads pretty quickly. Here in Quebec, the soil freezes down to a depth of 6 feet during winter, that's what makes the snow stick to the ground until Spring comes. Even then, main roads will become fine in a couple of hours. So it all comes down to your location in my opinion.
  11. They want you to suffer!

    That's beautifully said, YidakiSun.
  12. They want you to suffer!

    No offense taken, @londonorchar and @YidakiSun. Thank you for caring, in fact. But that's just yet another ever present duality. If an evil act can be a compassionate one, than surely a good deed can in truth be a bad one also. Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. I never said that evil in itself is good. I mean that evil can be used to perform good deeds. Who are we to judge the Lord ways? Surely he knows better. It's simply about attuning yourself with the true nature of things around you. In order to fully understand who you are, and where you are heading, you need to understand where you come from. Remember that you are an eternal, multi dimensional being. Here is not your place. The creator is the most good, compassionate, benevolent and tolerant. That's the wisdom of the creator. And that's what he breathed into everything. It permeates the whole cosmic body and everything in existence is built upon this very characteristic. Cultivating this characteristic should be the main focus of your presence here. In no ways am I approving the disgusting wickedness of this world and its perpeprators.
  13. They want you to suffer!

    Suffering is part of the learning experience. When someone chooses good over evil, I believe that his ''enlightened nature'' has emerged. Developing this thought is most precious. From now on, you may endure some hardships. In order to gain, one has to lose. That is a characteristic of the universe. Once that understanding has been reached, one can now see that what we perceive as evil really is a compassionate act. Everything is going according to the creator's plan.