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  1. I love you guys here at COP - don't visit enough I know - busy modding at The-Fringe and other life boring stuff.. I just posted something at the-fringe that I thought I'd share over here - and see the temperature of the water - so to speak... What do you think people - can we have a forum HUG - in the face of those who want to tear us down?
  2. Munchaab

    Off-Topic Repository

    Testing my aptitude - or lack there of to post an image: OK - got it!
  3. Munchaab

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    . .
  4. Munchaab

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    No probs sleep well!
  5. Munchaab

    Off-Topic Repository

    LOL - bbc IS active... That's not quite what I typed - but I put some stuff in [ ] ... Test: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/tntOCGkgt98/maxresdefault.jpg Nope - still got me!
  6. Munchaab

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    I don't see a wysiwyg editor... I see buttons for etc... I guess image embed is just not an option, as it would be on other platforms! No biggie - just trying to familiarise myself with the format.
  7. Munchaab

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    I would not advise enabling html in posts - but is it not possible to enable bbcode? I'm not familiar with this type of forum - just mybb and phpbb - so maybe not!
  8. Munchaab

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    2nd link should be .gif not .jpg - I can't embed them, have to go through a mod? Imgur.com btw is a good site to quickly upload imgs for free without having to register - particularly good if you want to display screen shots etc... I guess just finding a picture online and trying to use it as a smilie is a no-no too!
  9. Munchaab

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    No imgur.com on that list...
  10. Munchaab

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    TEST: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ObeseMediocreDiscus-poster.jpg https://zippy.gfycat.com/ObeseMediocreDiscus.webm Nope - beyond me at this time of day!
  11. Munchaab

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    g fy cat ? Even as member only img posts were bad? Can't blame you for doing it - if I think of a solution I'll PM you!
  12. Munchaab

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    How do you post imgs here? Just use [ img ] [ /img] tags? Or is it <> html?

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