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  1. Well hi all im new today.. God bless us all amen.... i wanted to add that this year up by port huron ,Michigan,, there have been chinook 47 choppers..aka troop transports in and out of the old selfridge air base on a daily basis for some time now. Also there are numerous DHS license plated vehicles in and out of that same base... there has also been reports of much activity up in camp Grayling , Michigan.. with what looks like a big burial site that has been levelled off due north of camp grayling.... there has also been a lot more military jet fighter traffic and also black painted military blackhawk choppers in the past 4 to 5 monthes... will keep this site updated when and if i see anymore suspect goings on here in Michigan.. im in s e, Michigan. GOD save our Republic!!! Amen.. thanks for forming and putting together this website. God bless you!!!!
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