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  1. this whole time it was a.i. Gore... not al the capitals were deceiving....
  2. it came out of nowhere.... another tonight probably it was building up, building up, then boom at least 50mph wind rain. tons of treason down
  3. Strange radio signals from nearby star

    its Howard Stern messing with us.
  4. idk bro... she was confident cocky n dominant... now she's whacked scared hairless n shy????
  5. interesting... even more interesting is that the Don WILL click n follow the white rabbit, seriously he probably will. i wouldn't be surprised if like Podesta, Hilary password was covfefe or Password1
  6. maybe it's just me... some cloud fare warning hmmm. crazy on and off...
  7. 7 i hope trump does something to this creep... just look at him
  8. GLoP and fLOP both down.....

    I'mgoing to reply that some people won't go, or go back to glp... which means one day shep, the government aides that hire people to troll on there will come to you and be like hey ukshep... join us and well pay you... I'm waiting fur that day for you to shut them down p.s. to another post, on android here.
  9. JFK footage

    https://youtu.be/Mwy6Q9_cUwc?t=1m45s Any footage... choose... its very odd in hd they look like yellow daisies but were and what the F
  10. JFK footage

    Guys what is this green looking plant thing in between gov. Connelly and his wife? Is it alien... i watched alot of footage and this green monster, Oscar the grouch looking thing, seems unnoticed before today.
  11. No... unfortunately it's common to wake up to 90... and i wake up early... the low tommorow 84 Local... http://www.azcentral.com/weather/ scroll down to hourly
  12. Sunset is at like 820.... and sunrise 5am
  13. Living it... it's 720pm... how hot is it...108
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