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  1. The Donald is at it again! [Merged]

    so if someone where to cia this and dress up like "north Koreans" and Taliban a fake bombing on u.s. ground would it get beleived as a true state sponsor event or an authentic terrorist attack... eer.re.gaurd.less it would warrant a response from Trump of clubs.
  2. Mainstream News reports 2 Suns at Sunrise

    where was this photo taken... like get as detailed as you feel comfortable... u.s., north America, earth, or 13459 w. Franklin dr
  3. shouldn't this plain be bottom view.

    even the moon orbiting on flat earth would not have a perfectly straight overhead to horizon view. duh, that Angkor would be curved? on fiat earth because it dies circular orbit. on a round earth it would have a straight line from overhead to horizon.. literally a straight line on round earth. on on flat earth it would have a curve as it rotated circular
  4. shouldn't this plain be bottom view.

    so a plane in that same direction must be let's say miles away and also more curved this being belly view on curved earth. but it's not it's side view?
  5. on flat earth with moon above us wouldn't this photo require the plane to be viewed from underneath earth sideways? If I was staring directly up with moon close to directly above me, the plane would be expected to be bottom view on fiat earth... here is the photo in reference, This plane flying wing down towards my flat earth https://www.reddi for any part of the top half,the plane to show, on round earth, with curvature, shouldn't I always see the belly of the plane
  6. Trump's Saturday Tweet Storm

    yes n at same time we still have to hear Hillary crap every few days, if she'd won, lol, I'm sure he would have dissaf**kingpeared. It's like 2x crap now.
  7. he just agreed to testify... If he drops a bomb or a firecracker, he still ulfilled his duty to testify, not add a bomb shell
  8. anyone winder if Hilary in office now, instead of Trump, the TIMING OF THESE HARASSMENT CLAIMS? Matt Lauer, Harvey, Russell. If female President and this happens, imagine the laws being passed today!!! No rubbernecking, hound whistling, abd butt smacking... all illegal.
  9. well he can testify whatever... where's the proof. and how the duck couldNSA, FBI, CIA, homeland NOT FIND THE DATA TRAIL!!!! THINK ABOUT IT. If you pirate a movie, they know, but cannot find a long TRAIL of data from us to Russia? on the last 11 months, they couldn't find it? if this is true, n then the alphabet agency sux, abd find nothing "then they suck", quote me. they suck then. they know when I pay for a hooker online but not when a 2000 mile email accurs. p.s. most of us here beleav e they are reading these posts as we speak so why would lmfao Michael Flynn lmfao ever be smarter than EYE.
  10. maybe it's just me... some cloud fare warning hmmm. crazy on and off...
  11. LOL NASA Fakery

    https://justpaste.it/15xi4 Wanted to try a site that didn't offer subscription... let's c