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  1. winter squash

    Chinese smartphones security risk sold on US bases

    I think the stone site mentioned that they didn't have the back doors like the others (?) , I VAGUELY recall (?).
  2. Here's what really gets me about all of these incidents, the COMPLETE disregard and disrespect to life: human, animal, whatever. As witnessed with the story coming out about the cop trainer promising mind blowing sex after their first kill. It is sickening, and I cannot believe I am on the same planet as these sadists. All covered up and protected from punishments or prosecutions- justice is NOT served and it makes me feel like the kid who is swinging his arms wildly, while the bully holds him at arms distance, laughing at the futile motions of his victim.
  3. Good find, brings more meat to the argument of fake news and corruption.
  4. So now, not only do you have cops with bullets actively killing citizens, but cops with phones passively killing as well.
  5. winter squash

    Trump Loses Base Support

    IDK, nobody does (?) I just keep remembering the selfies that the secret service tweeted out standing next to sleeping "Lil" Trump last year. To me, that seemed like a threat, that is the only thing that could possibly make sense. If that is the case, then as Kadosh states, SHINE THE LIGHT!
  6. winter squash

    5 Privacies You Didn't Know You Lost

    Well, that was depressing...
  7. This reminds me of Kevin Costner's "Water World".
  8. Really, Austin has been Austin for as long as I can remember. It has always had the "keep Austin weird" vibe that the above poster mentioned. It is nothing new.
  9. winter squash

    I am out of the U.S. by the end of the year

    Cinn, you are just so damn cool. You're probably one of the smartest and most level headed people I have ever encountered online. Thanks for all, and I hope you continue this journey with us as your companions.
  10. Maybe already is, think on China, cargo ships with bodies, and processed "chicken" returned to us.
  11. Yay, so the plebs don't have to focus on corruption, and revolutions, and how they are getting screwed over, and stuff.
  12. One thing about USPS competing against other package shipping companies is that they can keep better tabs on the consumers' affairs (?). That could be one motivation to subsidizing the package side of their operation. This is only speculation on my part.
  13. I hope more of this comes out. He deserves justice.
  14. It' the newest "you're racist" card.

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